Civ 6: BEST Religion Beliefs [Top 13 In 2023]

 Take a look at some of the best religious beliefs, including Follower, Founder, Worship, and Enhancer Beliefs in Civilization 6. 

If you are one of the players looking for a religious victory, you will want to pick some of the best religious beliefs with the strongest perks and raw power. The players will get to choose from one of the best Religion Reliefs in Civ 6 after selecting a pantheon and getting a Great Prophet for their civilization. The beliefs you will choose when founding your religion will ultimately impact the benefits you will get from it as well. But before they can choose beliefs, they need to find a new religion and have a great prophet as well as a pantheon to start. 

Key Takeaways
  • The players will be able to choose between four different types of Religion Beliefs in Civ 6. 
  • These beliefs are characterized as Enhancer Beliefs, Worship Beliefs, Follower Beliefs, and Founder Beliefs.
  • The players will be able to select only one of these beliefs depending upon the religion they have found and the Victory Path they want to choose. 
  • Each of these beliefs comes with a set of perks and bonuses that can help players expand their religion and civilization. 
  • The best Founder Beliefs include Feed The World, Jesuit Education, and Choral Music. 
  • In worship beliefs, some of the best beliefs are Gurdwara, Wat, Mosque, and Cathedral. 
  • Founders’ beliefs like World Church, Tithe, and Cross-Cultural Dialogue are great in Civilization 6. 
  • In enhancer beliefs, Religious Colonization, Defender Of The Faith, and crusades are the best ones to choose from. 
Important: Before the players can select a belief, they will have to find their religion by getting a Great Prophet and a Pantheon.

Best Religion Beliefs 

After founding a new religion, you will be able to select a belief too. The players be able to pick out some of the best beliefs from four different types, namely Enhancer Beliefs, Worship Beliefs, Follower Beliefs, and Founder Beliefs in Civ 6. However, keep in mind that you will only be able to select one belief from each type available in Civilization 6. 

Make sure that you choose after careful consideration, as the bonuses and perks these beliefs come with will ultimately impact your gameplay. You must consider the beliefs that align with your Victory Path and play style. Furthermore, it is also important to choose beliefs that will give you bonuses that will actually benefit you when you are up against your enemies

Here’s summarized information on the best religion beliefs: 

Choral MusicFollowerTemples and Shrines give Culture equal to their intrinsic Faith Output.
Feed The World FollowerIn Gathering Storm Shrines and temples provide "+3 Food and + 2 Housing"
Jesuit Education FollowerMay purchase Theatre Square District Buildings and Campus with Faith.
CathedralWorship"+3 Faith"; 1 slot for religious art.
MosqueWorship"+3 Faith" Missionaries and Apostles gain +1 Spread Religion charge.
WatWorship"+3 Faith"; "+2 Science".
GurdwaraWorshipIn the Gathering Storm "+3 Faith" ; "+2 Food; +1 Housing".
Cross Cultural Dialogue FounderIn the Gathering Storm "+1 Science" for every 4 Followers of this religion.
TitheFounderIn the Gathering Storm "+3 Gold" for each city following this religion.
World ChurchFounderIn the Gathering Storm "+1 Culture" for every 4 Followers of this religion.
CrusadeEnhancerCombat units gain "+10 Combat Strength" near foreign cities that follow this Religion.
Defender Of The FaithEnhancerCombat units gain "+5 Combat Strength" near foreign cities that follow this Religion.
Religious ColonizationEnhancerCities start with this religion in place if founded by a player who has this as their majority religion.

Follower Beliefs 

Below are some of the best follower beliefs in civ 6. 

Choral Music 

In follower beliefs, many people tend to choose choral music as it will provide you with the best culture and faith output which will ultimately lead you to both religious and cultural victory paths in Civ 6.

Civ 6 Best Religion Beliefs
Setting up Religion Belief -Image Captured By: eXputer

Every shrine and temple you set up under choral music will give you an equal amount of yield of both culture and Faith, which can be very beneficial if you are opting for an ideal civilization.

  • With choral music, you will be able to build a strong base for your civilization in the religious faction. It might not seem too powerful, but it is definitely one of the best follower beliefs out there. 
  • No matter what civilization you are playing and the victory path you want to go down, you will always want to have the greatest culture yield if you want to win in the game. 
  • This is because culture is very important for setting up your civilization and increasing your chances of Victory. The more your culture yields, the stronger your civilization will be.
  • We will recommend that you go for choral music if you are setting up civilizations like Poland, Vietnam, or even Indonesia.
  • This is because these civilizations will need a lot of cultures early on in the game if they want to progress in the most efficient way possible.

Therefore, if you are going for a civilization that focuses on building a lot of holy sites, then this follower belief is the best for you. 

Feed The World 

Another great follow belief to choose is Feed the World, which focuses basically on housing and food.

Follower Beliefs
Follower Beliefs -Image Captured By: eXputer

Feed the World follower belief grants the players +3 food and +2 housing when the shrines and temples are built.

  • In Gathering Storm, this belief is probably one of the best ones. This is because you will be able to make use of the housing and food it provides.
  • Therefore, you will be able to expand your civilization effectively as your cities will grow at a faster rate.
  • If you are setting up a civilization that has a lot of difficulties when it comes to food production for its citizens, then we definitely recommend choosing this belief.
  • Civilizations like Canada or Russia will get the most benefit out of feeding the World. 

Jesuit Education 

When you have obtained this belief, you will be able to set up the Theater Square District as well as campus buildings by using Faith.

Civ 6 Best Religion Beliefs
Other great Follower beliefs-Image Captured By: eXputer

Civilizations that rely most on Faith Output will benefit the most from Jesuit education.

  • Civilizations like Khmer and Ethiopia would benefit the most as they have great faith output in civilization 6.
  • You can also use the belief in civilizations like Indonesia or Arabia that mostly focus on religion.
  • Also, civilizations that have their base strong on religion but are going for Victory Paths like cultural or scientific can also use Jesuit education.
  • If you are focusing on climbing up the civics tree, then you should definitely select Choral Music Belief due to its bonus to temples and shrines in civilization 6.
  • In case you want to go down the culture victory path, then we highly recommend using Jesuit Education as it will allow you to build theatre squared district and Campus Buildings.

Furthermore, you will also be able to increase your production in civilization 6 through belief. If you are looking to expand your civilization, then Feed The World is the belief to go for. 

Best Worship Beliefs 

When it comes to worship beliefs, almost all of them are great, but some of them have benefits and bonuses that can help out your civilization a lot. Below are some of the best Worship Religion Beliefs in Civ 6.


Most of the players will always go for the cathedral no matter what their civilization is when choosing a worship belief.

Worship Beliefs
Worship Beliefs -Image Captured By: eXputer

This is probably because it will grant the players with +3 in Faith, and it has a specified slot for Religious Art. If you are one of the players who are looking to get Cultural Victory in Civilization 6, then Cathedral is definitely the best choice to go for.

  • It can highly increase Tourism Output for a Holy Site.
  • Therefore, you will be able to get cultural Victory quite fast when choosing a cathedral. This is because it uses great works of religious Art, which increases tourism output.
  • Keep in mind that it correlates to the Great Artists you have obtained so far for your civilization as well.
  • So whatever output the great work of religious Art you will obtain is dependent on the great artists you currently have.
  • You will be able to acquire only Six great artists that will create 12 great works of religious Art.
  • Many people will argue that these are better suited to art museums which makes the cathedral not so good choice when it comes to worship belief.
  • But this very ability will help you obtain the cultural victory path the fastest out of all worship beliefs.
  • You can try to use some relics inside your temple and make sure to have the best worship building if you want to generate more Tourism Output.

So if you are considering getting more out of this worship belief that you should definitely make use of relics as much as you can. 


This belief can allow you to get +3 in Faith, and every single apostle and missionary will obtain a + 1 Spread Religion Charge in your civilization.

  • If you are looking to spread your religion fast and as much as you can, then you should definitely go to Mosque.
  • This will allow you to get the religious victory path since the religion will be expanding at the Maximum Rate. 
  • The best part about Mosque is that you will only need one to get Religious Victory in civilization 6.
  • Therefore any other religious buildings that you can build in the game won’t provide you with as much benefit as Mosque will in just one building.
  • This makes it a cheaper option as compared to others.
  • However, if you want to, you can set up more Religious Buildings later on in the game, but you can get the maximum benefit from just one as well.

Mosque has the most synergy with Orator Promotion as well as Hagia Sophia. Any boosters you have in your civilization will get +7 Religion Spread Charges In the game. 


The religious building will help the players to get +2 in Science and +3 in Faith.

  • You will be able to significantly boost the scientific research of your civilization when you set up Wat.
  • Through this worship building, your holy sites will produce maximum Scientific Research Output, which you might not find in any other beliefs in civilization 6.
  • It is no doubt that it is quite unusual for a worship building to grant such scientific research perks, but it is definitely worth it in case you are not going for Religious Victory in the game.
  • You can choose this belief for every civilization you have, and it works even if you don’t have a strategy planned out for your early game.
  • It is great to choose if you are looking for other victory paths than religion.
  • If you are playing as Arabia, then you might want to consider choosing Wat as your worship religion belief as it focuses heavily on both Science and religion in Civ 6.

If you want your civilization to have maximum Science and scientific research, you can choose this religious belief. 


With Gurdwara, the players can expect +3 in Faith and +1 in housing as well as a + 2 in food.

Best Religion Beliefs in civ 6
Setting up Religious Sites -Image Captured By: eXputer

If you are one of the players focusing on the expansion of your civilization, then this is the worship belief to look for. By setting up the worship building, you will increase not only your city’s growth but also food production. 

  • Furthermore, if you are looking to increase your housing capacity in the civilization as well, then you should definitely go for Gurdwara’s religious belief. 
  • If you have civilizations in areas like deserts, tundra, and plains, then you will want to set up a gurdwara as your religious belief.
  • This is because the food production in these areas is very low and extremely scarce. So you will want to get the benefits from Gurdwara if you want to win the game.
  • Furthermore, if you are interested in setting up civilizations like India, then go for Gurdwara, thanks to its housing bonus.
  • Make sure you have a proper strategy planned; otherwise, it can do you more harm than good. You will also get one extra housing when you select Gurdwara in Gathering Storm.
  • Therefore, you will be able to expand your cities, and it is optimal for players looking to build more populous cities. 

If you are looking to get cultural Victory, then the cathedral is definitely the best choice. However, if you are looking to go down the religious victory path in civilization 6, then we highly recommend choosing the mosque worship belief. If you want to get food and housing bonuses, then Gurdwara is a great option to choose. 

Founder Beliefs 

Civilizations that have found the religion themselves will benefit from the founder’s beliefs in the game. You might find the bonuses and perks from founder beliefs quite weak at the beginning, but eventually, the bonuses will increase with each city you convert and each new follower you gain. Below you will see some of the best founder beliefs in civilization 6. 

Cross Cultural Dialogue 

With every four followers you get for this religion, you will get a +1 Point in Science.

Founder Beliefs
Founder Beliefs -Image Captured By: eXputer

So this belief will help you get a massive output of Science and help your civilization if you are looking to get a scientific victory in civilization 6.

  • You won’t get much benefit out of it during the early stages of the game.
  • However, during the late game, you will truly benefit from the bonuses it has as it would allow you to get the maximum output of Science.
  • Civilizations like Arabia, which focus heavily on religion as well as Science, can benefit from the cross-cultural dialogue the most.
  • You will be able to obtain Scientific Victory as well as religious Victory through this founder’s belief. 


The follower belief is great for increasing Gold Production as it will allow the players to get +3 gold for every city they convert into following their religion.

  • It is definitely one of the best founder beliefs if you want to get an increased output of gold production for your civilization.
  • Furthermore, in gathering storm, the production will be increased significantly.
  • If you are setting up a civilization that needs the maximum gold output, then you should definitely consider the tithe founder belief.
  • This belief is best for civilizations that don’t have many methods to earn gold for themselves.

Furthermore, this belief can also help civilizations like CIV 6 Byzantium and Scythia as they require a lot of investment when it comes to maintaining their armies and other important factions. 

World Church 

With world church, you will be able to obtain a + 1 culture point with every four new followers you obtain for this religion.

Best Religion Beliefs in civ 6
World Church -Image Captured By: eXputer

This is very similar to the Cross-cultural dialogue belief, but instead of yielding massive science output, it will give you a lot of cultural output instead.

  • This belief can do exceptional benefits for civilizations like Khmer, Poland, and even Russia. This is because these civilizations are rich in both culture and religion and can go down both Victory Paths. 
  • Therefore, if you are one of the players looking to get science victory in Civilization 6, then you should definitely go for the cross-cultural dialogue. It will definitely help you improve in the technology tree as you move up by obtaining maximum science yields. 

However, got if you are one of the players that want more gold yield for their civilization, then you will want to prefer the tithe belief in civilization 6. For cultural Victory, you can always go for the world church as it will yield culture for every follower you get. 

Enhancer Beliefs 

In civ 6, Enhancer beliefs can increase the defense of religion and help it spread in faster way. Below you will see some of the best enhancer beliefs that you can choose to amp up your gameplay experience. 


The crusade enhancer belief will allow the players to gain +10 Combat Strength whenever a city follows their religion.

  • Therefore, you can make you’re military more strong by choosing this enhancer religious belief.
  • Any foreign cities new your civilization that except crusade will help you gain + 10 combat strength.
  • It is great for civilizations like Byzantium. 

Defender Of The Faith 

Civilizations choosing Defender of the Faith as their enhancer belief will ultimately gain +5 Combat Strength for any friendly cities that will follow the religion.

Best Religion Beliefs in civ 6 guide
Defender of The Faith Belief -Image Captured By: eXputer

Following are some features of the belief.

  • While the boost that Defender of the Faith offers is not as big as a Crusade, it is still great for making your combat units stronger in the game.
  • You can choose it if you are surrounded by more Friendly cities than Foreign.
  • Make sure that you have a proper strategy planned and that you have observed your map carefully before you choose any belief. 

Religious Colonization 

If a player has this religion as their main religion, then the cities will start with religious colonization if they are residing in the same place founded by the player.

Best Religion Beliefs in civ 6 to choose
Enhancer Beliefs -Image Captured By: eXputer

It might not be the best option, but it is definitely better than other enhancer beliefs in the game. It can definitely help you expand your religion quickly and allow you to spread it to new cities and territories. 

  • If you want to make you’re military more strong to expand your civilization, then you might want to choose a crusade, as it will provide you with + 10 combat strengths.
  • However, with the increase in combat strength, the maintenance of your military will increase as well. If you have one of the civilizations that do not produce much gold, then this might cause you more harm than good.
  • Therefore you might want to choose Defender of the Faith for an optimal boost to your military and combat strength.
  • If you are looking to spread your religion in a faster way, then definitely go for religious colonization, as it will allow you to convert more cities into the game. 

Selecting The Best Belief 

 Before you can select any belief, you will need to find a religion for your civilization in the game.

Civ 6 Best Religion Beliefs
Choosing Pantheon -Image Captured By: eXputer

There are a few steps before you can set up a religion, and that includes obtaining a Great Prophet as well as selecting a Pantheon for your civilization. 

  • Keep in mind that before you can get the great prophet, you will have to accumulate enough points.
  • These points can be obtained through different methods like getting control over holy sites, which will allow you to get great prophet points. 
  • After that, the players will have to select and establish a pantheon.
  • Fortunately for the players, the pantheon will be created automatically after you have obtained enough faith points in the game.
  • Usually, you will be able to create a pantheon by getting 25 Faith Points.
  • After you have both a great prophet as well as a pantheon, you will be able to set up a religion in any of the Holy Sites you have captured in the game.
  • Then you will be able to choose between four different types of beliefs depending on the bonuses and perks you are looking for. It is also important to see if the beliefs synergize with your civilization or not. 

Make sure that whatever civilization you are going for has beliefs that are compatible with both religion and the victory path that you are looking forward to obtaining.

Summing It Up

With this, we conclude our detailed guide on the best religious beliefs in Civ 6. While you are at it, don’t forget to check out our Civ 6 tier list, where we rank all 53 civilizations and leaders.

We have also formulated a Civ 5 tier list that you can check out. Check out our guide on secret societies as well, where we list all of them and their role in the game.

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