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Navigate the Complexities of War Weariness in Civilization 6 to secure a positive victory!

What Is War Weariness?

War Weariness is a mechanic in Civ 6 that represents the psychological effects of war on a civilization. As a civilization engages in prolonged military conflict, its citizens become increasingly tired, frustrated, and unhappy. This causes War Weariness, which can lead to decreased productivity, lowered loyalty, increased likelihood of rebellions, and other negative consequences. Players need to balance their military objectives with the well-being of their citizens by managing War Weariness through various strategies.

War Weariness Civ 6
War in Civ 6
Key Takeaways

War Weariness is a mechanic in Civ 6 that represents the negative psychological effects of prolonged warfare on a civilization’s citizens.

  • Consequences: Decreased productivity, lowered loyalty, increased rebellions.
  • Factors: Duration of war, casualties, proximity to conflict, WMDs, enemy spies.

Factors Increasing War Weariness

Here are some factors that can increase war weariness:

Duration Of War:

  • As a civilization remains in a state of war, its citizens become increasingly exhausted and frustrated with the ongoing conflict.
  • The longer a war goes on, the higher the War Weariness levels will become.
  • This can lead to negative consequences such as decreased productivity, decreased loyalty, and increased unrest.


  • The more casualties a civilization suffers in a war, the higher the War Weariness levels will become.
  • When citizens see their fellow countrymen and women dying in combat, it can cause them to become increasingly disillusioned with the war effort.

Proximity To Conflict:

  • Cities and districts that are located closer to the front lines of war will experience higher War Weariness levels.
  • Cities that are farther away will experience lesser war weariness.
  • This is because citizens in these areas are more likely to witness the destruction and devastation of war firsthand.

Nukes And Weapons Of Mass Destruction:

  • The use of weapons of mass destruction, such as nuclear bombs, can cause a significant increase in War Weariness.
  • The devastating effects of these weapons can cause citizens to question the morality of the war effort and become increasingly disillusioned with their leaders.

Enemy Spies:

  • Enemy spies can cause civil unrest in a civilization, leading to an increase in War Weariness.
  • These spies can spread propaganda and misinformation, leading citizens to question their government’s motives.
  • This makes the citizens increasingly unhappy with the ongoing conflict.

How Does War Weariness Affect Amenities?

War weariness negatively affects the number of amenities in a city. Every 400 war weariness points that accumulate reduce amenities by 1. The game then spreads the total negative amenities across a player’s cities based on certain criteria. Here’s how the spread of negative amenities due to war weariness works:

  • Negative Amenities from War Weariness affect cities near battles.
  • Cities founded by the player cannot receive more negative Amenities than required for contentment.
  • Conquered cities can receive up to 4 times the negative Amenities from War Weariness.
  • War Weariness is allotted to the city with the highest priority. A city is prioritized based on origin, Citizen Population, and proximity to combat or death sites.
  • War Weariness may accumulate beyond the negative Amenities cap, leading to temporary ignorance of excess.
  • Players rarely exceed the negative Amenities cap, especially when conquering enemy cities.

War Weariness point work on per turn basis. The points that you have accumulated in one turn will be converted to negative amenities. The remaining will be reset to zero at the beginning of the next turn.

How To Reduce War Weariness?

There are several ways to reduce War Weariness in Civ 6:

Make Peace:

  • The most effective way to reduce War Weariness is to make peace with your enemies.
  • This will immediately halt the accumulation of 2000 War Weariness points and give your civilization a chance to recover.
  • When you are at peace with other civilizations, war weariness points decrease by 200 per turn.

Avoid Nuclear Weapons

  • The use of these weapons can cause a significant increase in War Weariness.
  • To avoid this, players should use conventional weapons and tactics whenever possible.

Avoid War Near Your Cities

  • Cities and districts that are located closer to the front lines of war will experience higher War Weariness levels.
  • Players can reduce War Weariness by moving their troops and combat away from their cities whenever possible.

Use Certain policy Cards

  • Players can use certain policy cards, such as Martial Law Policy and Propaganda Policy cards, to reduce war weariness by 25 percent.
  • If players have a communist government, they can also use the defense of the motherland policy card to eliminate war weariness.

Casus Belli

  • Casus Belli refers to a justification or reason for a civilization to declare war on another civilization without suffering diplomatic penalties or warmonger penalties.
  • By using Casus Belli, players can more easily justify their wars and avoid negative diplomatic consequences.

Increase Amenities

  • Players can increase amenities through different sources, such as building entertainment complexes and setting up trade routes can increase amenities.
  • These additional amenities will cancel the effect of negative amenities as a result of war weariness.

By taking these actions, players can manage War Weariness. This will help them keep their citizens content and productive even amidst the chaos of war.

Summing It Up

War Weariness is a complex mechanic that can have significant negative impacts on a civilization’s citizens and productivity in Civ 6. Players can manage War Weariness through various strategies, such as making peace, avoiding weapons of mass destruction, using policy cards, increasing amenities, and using Casus Belli.

By taking these actions, players can mitigate the negative effects of War Weariness and keep their civilization thriving even amidst the chaos of war. So, go ahead and use these strategies to manage War Weariness, and lead your civilization to greatness!

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