Civ 6 Warmonger Penalty [Everything To Know]

Protect your Diplomacy and Strategy by avoiding the effects of The Warmonger Penalty in Civ 6!

The Warmonger Penalty Civ 6 can significantly affect your diplomatic relationships with other civilizations. It has a great impact on diplomacy and strategy, There are various factors that contribute to the warmonger penalty. Players can follow different tips and insights to help them control this penalty and achieve success in Civ 6. It is crucial to understand how the warmonger penalty works and how to avoid it. 

Key Takeaways
  • The Warmonger Penalty has a negative impact on the gameplay in Civilization 6. This penalty affects your relationship with other civilizations.
  • Players need to understand the effects of the penalty and avoid it to maintain positive relationships with other civilizations.
  • The penalty can have negative effects on diplomacy, productivity, trade opportunities, reputation, and more.
  • The penalty does decrease over time, but repeated warmongering can lead to a cumulative effect.
  • Tips to overcome the Warmonger Penalty include using spies, diplomacy, and Casus Belli, taking cities one at a time.
  • Players can also avoid civilian casualties, improve relationships with other civilizations, and invest in culture and tourism to avoid warmonger penalties.

What Is Warmonger Penalty In Civilization VI?

The Warmonger Penalty is a game mechanic in Civilization 6 that imposes a diplomatic penalty on players who engage in war or capture cities.

The penalty is applied to all other civilizations in the game that are not at war with the aggressor, and it makes them less likely to form alliances or engage in trade with the warmonger.

The severity of the Civ 6 warmonger penalty is based on various factors, such as:

  • number of cities captured
  • the use of nuclear weapons
  • the circumstances of the war

Understanding the Warmonger Penalty and learning how to avoid it is crucial to maintaining positive relationships with other civilizations and achieving success in the game.

Warmonger Penalty Civ 6
War In Civ 6

What Are The Effects Of Warmonger Penalty?

The Warmonger Penalty can have several negative effects on a player’s civilization and their relationships with other civilizations in the game. Here are some of the most significant effects of this penalty:

Decreased Diplomacy

The warmonger penalty makes it more difficult to maintain positive diplomatic relationships with other civilizations in the game. This can even lead to hostility or distrust.

Increased Unrest

The longer a war goes on, the higher the War Weariness levels will become, leading to increased unrest and decreased productivity among your own citizens.

Loss Of Trade Opportunities

The warmonger penalty can make other civilizations less likely to engage in trade with you, reducing your access to vital resources and hurting your economy.

Increased Hostility

If you are seen as a warmonger, other civilizations may become more aggressive and may even form alliances to oppose you.

Lowered Reputation

Repeated warmongering can lower your reputation and make it difficult to establish positive relationships with other civilizations in future games.

Overall, the Warmonger Penalty can make it more challenging to achieve victory in Civilization VI, particularly if you rely heavily on military conquests. Understanding the effects of the Warmonger Penalty and taking steps to avoid it can help you maintain positive diplomatic relationships and improve your chances of success in the game.

warmonger penalty in civ 6
Warmonger Penalty (image credit: Reddit User smacfan)

Does Warmonger Penalty Decrease Overtime?

The Warmonger Penalty does decrease over time. The penalty is highest immediately after a war or city capture, and gradually decreases over time as the conflict recedes into the past. The length of time it takes for the penalty to fully dissipate can depend on various factors, including the severity of the conflict, the length of time the war lasted, and the relationship between the civilizations involved. Here is how the penalty decreases in civ 6.

  • Warmonger penalties can naturally decrease over time at a rate of 5 points per turn.
  • The decrease rate is applicable unless the player does something to increase it in the previous turn.
  • Liberating a city that was previously conquered by another civilization can immediately reduce all warmongering penalties.
  • Liberating a city provides a small diplomatic bonus for each leader
  • Returning a conquered city to its original owner can refund the penalty that was earned for conquering that particular city.

Tips to Overcome Warmonger Penalty

Here are some tips to help you overcome the Warmonger Penalty:

Use Spies

Spies can help you gain information about other civilizations and prevent them from discovering your war plans. This can help you avoid the Warmonger Penalty and maintain positive diplomatic relationships.

Use Diplomacy

Instead of relying solely on military conquests, try to use diplomacy to achieve your goals. Establish trade routes, form alliances, and make deals with other civilizations to avoid conflict.

Use Casus Belli

Casus Belli is justification for war that can help reduce the Warmonger Penalty. Use them wisely and make sure your reasons for going to war are legitimate.

Take Cities One At A Time

Instead of trying to conquer multiple cities at once, focus on taking one city at a time. This can reduce the Warmonger Penalty and make it easier to maintain positive relationships with other civilizations.

Avoid Attacking Civilians

Civilians and religious units can be a major source of the Warmonger Penalty. Avoid attacking them whenever possible, and try to limit civilian deaths during battles.

Establish Positive Relationships

If you’re already at war, try to improve your relationship with the civilization you’re fighting against. Offer peace treaties and gifts, and avoid attacking them unnecessarily.

Invest in Culture and Tourism

Improving your civilization’s culture and tourism can help you overcome the Warmonger Penalty by making other civilizations more likely to view you as a cultural powerhouse rather than a warmonger.

By following these tips, you can reduce the impact of the Warmonger Penalty and maintain positive diplomatic relationships with other civilizations, while still achieving victory in Civilization VI.

Summing Up

In conclusion, the Warmonger Penalty is a vital mechanic in Civilization 6 that players must understand to maintain positive diplomatic relationships and achieve victory. The penalty can have various negative effects on your civilization, including decreased diplomacy, increased unrest, loss of trade opportunities, and lowered reputation.

However, by taking steps to avoid the punishment, such as using spies, diplomacy, and Casus Belli, as well as investing in culture and tourism, you can overcome the Warmonger Penalty and still achieve success in Civ 6. Remember to form strategies, be mindful, and always weigh the consequences of your actions to avoid displeasing other civilizations and improve your chances of victory.

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