Runescape: Best Non Degradable Armors [Top 5]

The nondegradable armor does not break & can be reused. Our guide entails Best non degradable armors in Runescape players must try.

When it comes to choosing weapons and armors in Runescape, you have plenty of options to go for. In order to defend yourself against the enemies, there are several armor options you have at your disposal. With the passage of time and extended usage, the equipped armor could degrade and be destroyed forever.

Fortunately, in Runescape, there are also a set of armors that do not expire or degrade no matter how much you use them. Our guide entails the best non degradable armors in Runescape players need to know.

Key Takeaways
  • In RuneScape, quality armor is vital, with Non-Degradable armor being highly valued for its durability.
  • Non-Degradable armor boasts exceptional defensive stats, ensuring longevity.
  • Choose armor based on resources, affordability, and gameplay preferences.
  • Melee Armor provides both defense and offense, crafted from metal.
  • Mage Armor enhances magical capabilities for varied attack options.
  • Bandos Armor is pricey but more accessible.
  • Dragon Armor is popular for its aesthetics and additional benefits.
  • Ranged armor enables long-range attacks for high damage output.

Best Non-Degradable Armor In Runescape

All nondegradable armors in Runescape come with high defensive stats and require a higher defense level as well so that your character can equip it. Like all other items, nondegradable armor also comes in plenty of variations. The selection of the right equipment is dependent on the player’s playstyle, choice, and overall application. However, if you’re still confused about which one is the best armor in Runescape that will suit you more, then our curated guide should clear your confusion.

Melee Armor

Melee armor is generally made of metal and can be used for defensive and offensive purposes. We think Anima Core of Zaros is one of the best non degradable armors out of all melee armors.

Anima Core of Zaros Non Degradable Armors in Runescape
Anima Core of Zaros armor

There are two ways to acquire this melee armor in Runescape. The easiest method will be to get it by visiting the Heart of Gielinor, which is also termed as The God Wars Dungeon Two. Another way to get your hands on Anima Core of Zaros melee armor is to craft it. For this, you will need Crest of Zaros and Dormant Anima Core. Once you have both of these items, you can craft this non degradable armor in Runescape.

In order to wield this melee armor in the game, the character’s defensive stat must be greater than level 80. Moreover, the stats of Anima Core of Zaros armor are more or less identical to the Torva equipment. Although this melee nondegradable armor does not provide bonuses or life points, its most significant advantage is that it cannot be degraded and can be used without worrying about breaking down.

Mage Armor

As opposed to the best melee and ranged non degradable armor in Runescape, the mage nondegradable armor offers magical abilities to your character. Wearing magic armor may hinder a player’s accuracy, but it will increase the magic capabilities, allowing players to lead the offense in their own playstyle.

Best non degradable armor in runescape
Ancestral Robes armor

We think the Ancestral Robes is one of the best non degradable armors in the mage category. It is also one of the highest levels of non-degradable magic armor in the game that requires a defense level of at least 75 or above in order to equip it. The only problem associated with this armor is that it is a very rare find and is not easy to acquire, unlike the melee non degradable armor one. 

However, an alternate to Ancestral Robes mage armor will be the Anima Core of Seren Armor. Obtaining the latter is relatively easier than the former and is also very efficient non degradable armor in Runescape while fighting the enemies.

Best non degradable armor in runescape
Anima Core of Seren Armor

The easiest method to obtain the Anima Core of Seren Armor is to visit the Heart of Gielinor. You will need to scale the defense at level 80 or above in order to wield this armor in the game. A bit exhausting method to get Anima Core of Seren Armor will be to acquire two pieces and craft the non degradable armor. You will need Crests of Seren and Dormant Anima items to craft this best non degradabale mage armor in Runescape.

Bandos Armor

Bandos armor is arguably the expensive armor in Runescape. However, players can also get it as a drop from General Graardor and his bodyguards while playing the God Wars Dungeon. Even if you acquire non degradable Bandos Armor in the game, you will realize that it does offer a significant upgrade when it comes to dealing high damage per second. However, this non degradable armor is not famous for high DPS but for experience per hour.

Bandos Armor best non degradable armor
Bandos Armor best non degradable armor

While doing the slayer tasks, if you equip the slayer helmet, the strength bonus your character gets while equipping the non degradable Bandos armor allows you to finish tasks quickly. This ultimately gives you the advantage of racking more experience on per hour basis. This is one of the many reasons why Bandos armor is expensive to buy in Runescape.

In order to equip the non degradable Bandos armor in the game, players must at least have Defense level 65. When it comes to offering strength to its wielder, non degradable Bandos armor is slightly better than the Dragon armor.  

Dragon Armor

The most sought out Dragon armor is another fine addition to the list of non degradable armors. The associated Dragon equipment shines the overall potential of Dragon armor. Even if you do not equip the Dragon Armor with Dragon equipment, the end results of the former are still better than without the latter.

Dragon Armor best non degradable armor
Dragon Armor

Dragon armor requires players to have at least Defence level 60 in order to equip it. The striking feature in terms of the visual appeal of Dragon armor is that they have distinctive red color that pops out from the rest of non degradable armors. This is why obtaining Dragon armor in the game is not an easy task as you can either buy it at a heavy price or have a low chance of receiving it from a high-level boss. 

As mentioned earlier that the Dragon armor is by far the most sought out armor type in Runescape. Mostly, the mid-leveled players go for this armor as it has the necessary perks to provide decent defense and also has a good visual appeal as well. 

Ranged Armor

Ranged armors in Runescape provide high-ranged attack damage and bonuses associated while doing offense from a distance. They are usually made from leather and tanned monster hides of animals such as cows, yaks, snakes, and dragons. Players can collect the hides of mentioned animals by slaughtering them first and collecting the loot.

Ranged armor is a great non degradable armor that offers maximum protection against magic-based attacks. However, its effectiveness lacks severely when your character is up against melee attacks.

We think Anima Core of Zamorak deserves a spot in the best ranged non degradable armors in Runescape by far. In terms of the properties and stats of this ranged armor, it is considerably lightweight compared to other heavy metal and stone melee armors in the game.

Best non degradable armor in runescape
Anima Core of Zamorak armor

Similar to the Anima Core of Seren Armor and Anima Core of Zaros, this ranged non degradable armor can also be found at the Heart of Gielinor dungeon. However, even if you acquire the armor, you must at least be of level 80 defense or above to wield it. Another way to acquire this armor is to craft it by combining Dormant Anima Core Helm with a Crest of Zamorak.

Its stats are similar to that of the Pernix cowl. It does not provide any prayer or life point bonuses, but it does not degrade as well.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about the degradable armors in Runescape. What has been your go-to non degradable armor in the game? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.

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