Best Weapons In Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Survival in the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey can be difficult if you do not have the right weapons to fight off all the deadly enemies you come across. To encounter these creeps and bandits in Greece, we have made it easier for you to equip yourself with the best weapons that will protect you against them and help you fight them off. There are multiple categories of weapons with plenty of variations in each section. It often gets confused about which weapon to select in this wide range. Hence, get ready to take notes as we offer you a complete guide on the best weapons in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey of each category. 

Key Takeaways
  • While playing Assassin’s Creed Odyssey it is important to get your hands on some of the Best Weapons in the game early on.
  • AC Odyssey features 7 Types of Weapons which are; Swords, Daggers, Bows, Heavy Blunt, Heavy Blade, Spear, and Staff.
  • Some of the strongest weapons in the game that players can go for are:
    • Sword of Damokles: The Sword has 2599 DPS.
    • Dagger of Kronus: The Dagger contains 4591 DPS.
    • Fanged Bow: The bow contains 2110 DPS.
    • Mallet Of Everlasting Flame: This Heavy Blunt has 2599 DPS.
    • Minotaur’s Labrys: This Heavy Bladed weapon has 8257 DPS.
    • Poseidon’s Trident: This Spear has 2599 DPS.
    • Olympian Torch: This Staff has 2599 DPS.
  • Xiphos of Peleus, Arachne’s Stinger, Hades Bow, Hammer Of Jason, Polyphemos Cyclops Bludgeon, Black Thorn, and The Rod Of Asklepios are some of the other options that players can opt for.

Here are the stats comparison between the Best AC Odyssey weapons:

WeaponTypeDamageOther Engravings
Sword of Damokles
Sword- 15%+ Warrior Damage
- 15%+ Sword Damage
- 20%+ Adrenaline per crit
- 10%+ for all Adrenaline acquired
Xiphos of PeleusSword- 25%+ Assassin Damage
- 20%+ Damage for Rush Assassinate
40%+ Adrenaline per crit
Dagger of KronusDagger- 25%+ Warrior Damage
- 30%+ Damage for Daggers
- 40%+ Damage for back attacks
Arachne’s StingerDagger- 15%+ Assassin Damage
- 20%+ Poison Damage
Weapon damage transforms into Poison Damage
Fanged BowBow- 25%+ Assassin Damage
- 40%+ Poison Damage
Normal Arrows turn into Poison Arrows
Hades' BowBow- 25%+ Warrior Damage
- 40%+ Fire Damage
Normal Arrows turn into Fire Arrows
Mallet of Everlasting FlameHeavy Blunt- 25%+ Warrior Damage
- 40%+ Fire Damage
Weapon damage becomes Fire Damage
Hammer of JasonHeavy Blunt- 25%+ Warrior Damage
- 30%+ Heavy Blunt Weapon Damage
- 20%+ Damage for Shield Break
Minotaur’s labrysHeavy Blade- 25%+ Warrior Damage
- 50%+ Crit Damage
-1 Adrenaline Cost for OP abilities
Polyphemos Cyclops BludgeonHeavy Blade- 25%+ Assassin Damage
- 30%+ Damage for Heavy Bladed Weapons
- 25%+ Damage against Bosses & Elites
Black ThornSpear- 25%+ Warrior Damage
- 50%+ Crit Damage
20%+ Crit chance with Charged Heavy attack
Poseidon’s TridentSpear- 25%+ Warrior Damage
- 50%+ Crit Damage
Breathe underwater
Olympian TorchStaff- 25%+ Warrior Damage
- 40%+ Fire Damage
50%+ Elemental Buildup with warrior abilities
Rod of AsklepiosStaff- 25%+ Assassin Damage- 30%+ Adrenaline per hit
- Transform crit chance to damage

AC Odyssey Weapon Categories

Weapons Inventory Of AC Odyssey

There are a total of seven main categories of weapons in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, which are mentioned below.

  • Sword 
  • Dagger 
  • Bow
  • Heavy blunt 
  • Heavy bladed
  • Spear 
  • Staff

Our best weapons guide has listed the best weapon of each category, along with its stats and abilities that will help you select the right gear according to your choice. So, let’s get into it.

Best Swords

Swords are close-range weapons that deal considerable damage. This versatile weapon has decent swing speeds to deal significant damage to enemies. They are reliable gear to equip in a fight due to their handling and average damage. They are considered a balanced weapon type in the game. Swords are generally used when the area is not too hot, and you are dealing with limited enemies. Here are some best types in the swords category.

Sword of Damokles

The Sword of Damokles is one of the best weapons in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. This sword has the highest weapon stats in the game. This weapon is suitable for fighting multiple enemies when you need to unleash unique combos and quick attacks. While equipping the Sword of Damokles weapon, you get an additional perk of an extra boost of Adrenaline which assists you in your special attacks and moves.

Best weapons in Assassin's Creed Odyssey
Stats and Features of Sword of Damokles

This mighty sword has a DPS of 2599 with a boost in +15 percent Warrior Damage and +20 percent Adrenaline per CRIT, and an overall +10 percent boost in total Adrenaline. When you defeat the Cultist Deimos in the final episode of the storyline, you will get the Sword of Damokles weapon as a reward. Whether you decide to kill Deimos or spare him, you will automatically receive this sword in your arsenal after passing the stage.

Xiphos of Peleus

If you want to kill cultists and captains without being noticed by the guards or keepers, then Xiphos of Peleus is the perfect weapon for you. However, you need to put in some effort to find this weapon by heading over to Kos, where you will find the Artemisia Fort. Inside the fort, you will find a legendary chest that holds this weapon. The damage increase of Xiphos of Peleus weapon is fantastic, coupled with the ability Rush Assassinate.

This weapon comes with a DPS of 2599 with a +15 percent boost in assassin’s damage and +20 percent adrenaline per CRIT.

Best Daggers

Daggers are short-range weapons with a fast speed used for quick and sudden attacks in one-on-one battles with your enemies. With a fast swing speed and lightweight, daggers deal severe damage to the opponent in a single hit. But, due to its limited size, it can only be used in short-range and while taking one-on-one battles. Daggers are not recommended when fighting off several enemies simultaneously. Use it while going stealth mode and want to make quick attacks while going unnoticed. The mentionable daggers in-game are listed below. 

Dagger of Kronus 

Taking down a fort full of enemies with the least amount of trouble is not difficult with Dagger of Kronus. Its stats show 40 percent damage from behind and a 15 percent bonus for dagger and warrior damage, making it an ideal weapon for a stealthy player. Equip Dagger of Kronus to make one-on-one battles and taking down forts a bit more exciting. To get this dagger, you need to complete the story mode progression and the mission Ashes to Ashes.

Dagger of Kronus
Stats and Features of Dagger of Kronus

Dagger of Kronus has a DPS of 4591 with a boost in +19 percent warrior damage. It is recommended to use this weapon in sneaky attacks as it increases the damage by +40 percent when used from behind. It also reduces the Adrenaline cost by one bar for Overpower Abilities.

Arachne’s Stinger 

Arachne’s Stinger is also a top-notch firearm. You can find this weapon by finding and battling the high-ranking mercenary “The Weaver.” The battle will be intense, but the aftermath is worth it as you get access to a weapon that turns your weapon damage to poison. While equipping Arachne’s Stinger, it will not be required to gain skill points for acquiring the evil attack’s ability to debuff your enemies with deadly combos.

Arachne’s Stinger is a deadly dagger with a DPS of 2599 and gives a boost of +15 percent to a warrior’s damage. It also has the remarkable ability to turn weapon damage into +20 percent poison damage.

Best Bows

Bows are mid to long-ranged weapons that can damage opponents from a distance. The weapon uses arrows as ammunition to hit off its enemies, so it is advisable to have plenty of them while equipping a bow. Although bows come in the ranged weapons category, they have limited damage range as the arrows travel in a trajectory. You have to calculate the drop of the arrow while shooting toward a distant target. The arrow comes in unique and special variations, such as fire and poison arrows. Some mentionable bows in the game are.

Fanged bow 

The Fanged Bow is a top-tier weapon that releases poisoned arrows. It makes a perfect combination with poison-based armors such as the Snake Set. With its impressive stats, this legendary bow has a lot to offer and is most easy to find. The multifaceted bow is handy for military camps, conquest battles, and skirmishes at forts, among other things. You get the full benefit of this firearm as it can become poisonous too. The unique abilities and the multi-shot skill of the Fanged bow make it an ultimate attacking firearm. It can be found in the Mt Zas Cave on Axos Island, tucked inside a legendary chest.

Best weapons in Assassin's Creed Odyssey
Stats and Features of Fanged Bow

The Fanged Bow has a DPS of 2110 with a +15 percent assassin’s damage increment as this bow releases poison arrows, so it also gives +20 percent poison damage.

Hades Bow 

Hades Bow is a legendary weapon with the unique ability to turn regular arrows into fire arrows. It’s a mighty bow to have one, but it is hard to get. It involves some RNG, so you will have to work on increasing your bounty level until “of the Ashen Wake” mercenary appears. You will have to kill them, and only then can you loot their remains to find this weapon. Hades bow doesn’t have poisonous engraving like a fanged bow; instead, it has fire, which helps light up oil jugs and your enemies, making it a perfect weapon for ranged attacks.

Hades’s bow has a DPS of 2260 and grants +15 percent Warrior Damage with +20 percent Fire Damage, which increases the overall damage of the weapon.

Best Heavy Blunts

Heavy Blunts are destructive weapons of the game that deal enormous damage in close-ranged combats. This weapon type comes in the heavy weapons category and requires both hands to equip it. Although they are short-range weapons, they can do a considerable amount of damage in one blow and take down your enemy this weapon type is heavy to wield, so it slows down the assassin’s movement to some extent. But despite having reduced speed and short range, heavy blunts are worth wielding due to the severe damage.

Mallet of Everlasting Flame 

Mallet of Everlasting flame is considered one of the best weapons in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey under the heavy blunt category. This is a high-level weapon recommended for those who like to kill their enemies with fire; this is an excellent choice as it turns weapon damage to fire damage, and coupling it with hades bow makes it outclass to take down your enemies. It turns the weapon damage into Fire Damage which proves beneficial when encountering multiple enemies at a time. As the name suggests, this weapon throws an everlasting flame that continues to deal damage over time.

Mallet of Everlasting Flame
Stats and Features of Mallet of Everlasting Flame

Mallet of Everlasting Flame has a DPS of 2599 and grants +15 percent Warrior Damage along with +20 percent Fire Damage, which increases the overall damage of the weapon.

Hammer of Jason

Offering 20 percent more damage with a shield and an unbelievably large size makes Hammer of Jason fun to wield and carry around with you in the game. It works well with the shield and adds to it with a 20 percent damage boost. To get Hammer of Jason, you will have to reach the building in Korinthia in Mycenae Fort, where it can be found hidden in a legendary chest. This weapon also has a DPS of 2599.

Best Heavy Blades

Heavy Bladed weapons are also kind of melee weapons that are stronger and deal more damage with a little bit more range. They also come in a heavy weapon type category as they can deal significant impairment in one blow and swing around you to take out the enemy from all directions. It also requires two hands to wield his weapon and slows down the character’s speed by ten percent. You can use heavy blades when multiple enemies are in close range. Some mentionable blades in the game are.

Minotaur’s labrys

The minotaur’s labrys packs a proper punch for someone who intends to use heavy weapons in Assasin’s Creed Odyssey. This weapon is handy for hot combats, especially in Conquest Battles and sustained fights. The crit damage offered by Minotaur’s labrys is at 20 percent, along with the reduction in adrenaline cost for overpowered attacks. Again, the progression of the story mode is required to attain this weapon as it becomes accessible only by completing the Minotaur quests.

Best weapons in Assassin's Creed Odyssey
Stats and Features of Minotaur’s Labrys

Minotaur’s labrys heavy blade has a massive DPS of 8257 with a +25 percent assassin’s damage increment. Other than that, it offers +50%percent CRIT Damage and reduces the adrenaline cost for Overpower Abilities by one bar. It gives the additional perk of a +50 percent boost in Melee Charging Speed.

Polyphemos Cyclops Bludgeon 

You again have to go through many quests to gain Polyphemos Cyclops Bludgeon, including traveling to long places. Such as the journey to achieving this weapon starts with Kythera island which is the far end of the map and has to be traveled to, and then comes the mission “God Among Men” completion of these two tasks leads you to the next one. Before unlocking this weapon, the next and last mission is the “stairway to Olympus” in the forgotten isle cave, which you have to travel to again. As soon as you finish the previous mission, the weapon is unlocked. Hurray! Now you can enjoy all the damage advantages you gain from this weapon.

Polyphemos Cyclops Bludgeon is one of the best weapons in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. This weapon holds a lot of damage boost. The stats increase assassination damage by 15 percent and boost your damage on bosses and elite enemies by 25 percent.

Best Spears

The Spear is a high-damage weapon that destroys any target coming within its range. With a decent swing speed, spears can prove beneficial in close-range combats as it does not allow any enemy to come near you and blow significant hits with multiple hits. Some worth mentioning spears of the game are listed below.

Black Thorn

The Black Thorn is also a destructive spear with sharp barbs surrounding its spear tip. The weapon has a vicious look with significant damage. This weapon boasts the CRIT chance and increases the attacking power significantly to encounter opponents and deadly enemies. Black Thorn legendary Spear can be purchased from the Helix Store for 250 Helix credits.

Black Thorn
Stats and Features of Black Thorn

Black Thorn has a DPS of 2599 with a boost in +15 percent warrior damage with +25 percent CRIT damage. It also has the ability to provide +25 percent CRIT damage during charged Heavy Attack Ability and reduces the Adrenaline Cost by one bar for Overpower Ability.

Poseidon’s Trident

Poseidon’s Trident is a deadly spear with unique abilities as wielding this weapon will grant you the perk of breathing underwater. This ability of the Spear makes it a perfect gun for underground fights. You can use Poseidon’s Trident in regular combats too. You can loot this weapon hidden inside a chest on the Island of Triton.

Poseidon’s Trident has a DPS of 2599 with a boost of +15 percent warrior damage with +25 percent CRIT damage, allowing you to breathe underwater due to its unique ability.

Best Staffs

Staffs are long-range weapons that can be used to encounter enemies from a distance. They come in the light weapons category and are easy to wield. It does not slow down the assassin’s speed and allows it to hit enemies swiftly. Most of the Staff has relatively low damage as they are ranged weapons. It is recommended to use Staff when enemies are common in number, and you want to take them down without getting close to you. The best Staff in the

Olympian Torch

The Olympian Torch is a flagship-level staff that boosts your Elemental Buildup significantly while you are using Warrior Abilities. Sculpted with portraits of Olympians, the wand’s head is made of gold that gives a shining glow in the sunlight and burns away all those that come in its way.

Best weapons in Assassin's Creed Odyssey
Stats and Features of Olympian Torch

Olympian Torch has a DPS of 2599 with a boost in +15 percent warrior. It also grants +4 percent Fire Damage and +50 percent Elemental Buildup with Warrior Abilities.

Rod of Asklepios

This legendary staff has a unique ability to turn the CRIT Chances into Damage. It can be paired with an armor set to make a perfect set that boosts your CRIT Chance. Other than that, Rod of Asklepios provides a boost to Assassin Damage with additional Adrenaline gain on each hit. You can get this Staff by defeating and looting the Cultist “Lokaste the Seer” in the Petrified Islands.

Rod of Asklepios has a DPS of 2599 with a boost in +15 percent warrior damage and +15 percent Adrenaline boost per hit.

That is pretty much everything you need about the best weapons in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey from each category. Which has been your favorite weapon so far in the game? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.   

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