Civ 6: How To Win Diplomatic Victory [All 10 Methods]

Learn about all the unique tips and tricks to earn diplomatic victory in civ 6!

Civilization 6’s expanded version of Gathering Storm comes with an additional feature called the diplomatic victory. Decision-making can be quite difficult while playing the game because of how dauntless it can be at times; despite its daring nature, one method to emerge victorious in the game is by achieving “Civ 6 diplomatic victory”.

Key Takeaways
  • Civ 6 diplomatic victory can be achieved by obtaining diplomatic victory points, normally about 20 on standard speed.
  • Players can earn diplomatic victory points in civ 6 by:
    1. Building wonders.
    2. Researching Seasteads
    3. Discovering Global Warming Mitigation 
    4. Engaging in competitions
    5. Make use of Trade Routes 
    6. Becoming Suzerain of a city-state
    7. Try to avoid war 
    8. Pick the right leader
  • Diplomatic victory points are an essential part of gaining advantages of alliances and shaping the World Congress for securing a diplomatic victory.

1. Wonders For Diplomatic Victory 

Some of the best structures a player can construct in any Civilization game are wonders. They can be advantageous in every area, including warfare, research, and religion. Some wonders assist a player by awarding them with free diplomatic victory points as soon as they are built. 

  • 2 Diplomatic Victory points for constructing the Mahabodhi Temple.
  • 1 Diplomatic Victory point for constructing the Potala Palace.
  • 4 Diplomatic Victory points for constructing the Statue of Liberty.
Wonders in Civilization 6

2. Make Use Of Technology

The only man-made structure that can resist the power of tidal waves is a Seastead, which is only accessible during the game’s final stages. It can not only help you bring a major improvement in cities located in coastal areas but is also a great way of earning diplomatic victory points since researching upon it awards you 1 point.

Seasteads for coastal cities
Seasteads for coastal cities

3. Discovering Global Warming Mitigation

The Carbon Recapture initiative can be unlocked by learning about global warming mitigation, which also grants 3 Envoy Envoys and 1 Diplomatic Victory point.  Although the Diplomatic Victory point is invaluable, Carbon Recapture will also enable you to triumph in Climate Accords competitions later on.

Natural Disaster occuring in CIV 6
Natural Disaster occurring in CIV 6

4. Engage In Competitions

CIV 6 is a game filled with exciting and thrilling competitions, and these competitions aren’t just for fun; they help you in earning points well. If a player wants to win diplomatically, they must be vigilant and try to win diplomatic victory points strategically.

Two Diplomatic Victory points are awarded for receiving the best score in a competition for aid requests (or military aid requests). One Diplomatic Victory point is awarded for taking first place in a non-emergency-scored competition.

Competitions in CIV 6
Competitions in CIV 6

5. Role Of World Congress

The World Congress plays a major role in Civilization VI by providing a platform for diplomatic interaction between the various civilizations in the game. Through the World Congress, players can propose and vote on various resolutions, which can have a significant impact on the game world.

One Diplomatic Victory point is awarded for selecting the victorious Outcome/Target combination of a World Congress Resolution that can change the whole political landscape of the game.

Elections for the position of World Leader will take place later on during normal World Congress sessions. To vote for a player to either earn 2 Diplomatic Victory points or lose 2 Diplomatic Victory points, each player can spend a Diplomatic Favour.

World Congress Session in CIV 6
World Congress Session in CIV 6

6. Best Civ For Diplomatic Victory

In Civilization VI, becoming a Suzerain of a City-State can help you earn Diplomatic Victory points through the use of Envoys. As the Suzerain, you get a vote in the World Congress and receive diplomatic favor every turn. Additionally, you can gain Diplomatic Victory points by finishing City-State quests.

Suzerain of a city state in CIV 6
Suzerain of a city state in CIV 6

7. Make As Many Alliances As Possible

You earn Diplomatic Victory points through a variety of means by forming alliances in Civilization VI. Here are some ways in which forming alliances proves to be useful:

  • Alliance Points: Each time that you establish an alliance with a different community, you receive points. The number of points you receive each turn depends on the kind of coalition you join.
  • Shared Visibility: When you join forces with an ally, you both receive access to the game world, which can reveal important information.
  • Joint Wars: If you create a Military Alliance, you can declare Joint Wars with your ally. By defeating adversarial nations in these conflicts, you can gain Diplomatic Victory points.
  • Aid Requests: You can submit an aid request to an ally in need to help them out and gain Diplomatic Victory points.
  • Alliance Competitions: Lastly, alliances can participate in these unique challenges, which award Diplomatic Victory points as a prize.
A Military Alliance in CIV 6
A Military Alliance in CIV 6

8. Make Use Of Trade Routes

Trade routes produce gold, give people access to resources and products, enhance diplomatic ties, boost tourism, and offer tactical advantages like promoting religion and boosting city allegiance.

Trade lines, however, can also be attacked and need to be protected. To use trade routes as efficiently as possible in your game, it’s crucial to take into account both their prospective advantages and vulnerabilities.

Trade Routes in CIV 6
Trade Routes in CIV 6

9. Make Sure To Pick The Right Leader

A player who wishes to achieve diplomatic success will benefit greatly from selecting the right leader. Players should take into account the leader’s skills, agenda, chances of winning, playstyle, and special civilization powers when selecting a leader in CIV 6.

Make an informed decision and position themselves for success by being aware of how these variables may affect gameplay. When choosing a leader, players should take into account their preferred playstyle, the victory condition they want to seek, as well as the leader’s special skills and how they fit with their objectives.

Civilization 6 Leader
Civilization 6 Leader

10. Try To Avoid War

In Civ 6, several ways avoiding warfare can help you win diplomatically. By avoiding war, players can win the goodwill of other civilizations and city-states, gain diplomatic favors, and avoid penalties and other adverse effects that might otherwise hinder their ability to achieve a diplomatic victory.

Players should strike a balance between this strategy and other factors like developing a robust economy and keeping a potent military to protect their society.

Diplomatic Victory achieved in CIV 6
Diplomatic Victory achieved in CIV 6

Civ 6 diplomatic victory points are essential for securing a diplomatic victory, influencing the World Congress, winning friends, leveraging the abilities and agendas of leaders, and gaining the advantages of alliances.

Your odds of winning the game diplomatically can be greatly improved by strategically managing and accumulating diplomatic victory points. Though diplomatic ties require one to be patient, and often, at times, decision-making might seem confusing, with the help of our guide and consistent practice, your dream of achieving Civ 6 diplomatic victory might come to reality soon.

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