Der Eisendrache Bows: Unlock Bow & Upgrades Guide

Call of Duty Black Ops III Awakening DLC brought new multiplayer maps and remade a map from Call of Duty Black Ops II. However, the Der Eisendrache, a zombies mode map, got the attention of many players back to the game. Interestingly, the Der Eisendrache bows, an impressive bow with four upgrades/variations, became a point of interest in the COD Black Ops III community after the DLC’s launch. We have curated this guide to break down all steps involving unlocking the bow and one out of four weapon’s upgrades. 

How To Obtain Der Eisendrache Bows

Acquiring the Wrath of the Ancients or Eisendrache bows (given the name after the map) will require you to complete a series of tasks. The first one allows you to receive the main weapon itself and the others are just to get upgrades. There are a total of four upgrades or upgraded bows for the Wrath of the Ancients bow. We have mentioned the complete process of unlocking the weapon and its upgrades below.

Feed The Three Dragons

To unlock Wrath of the Ancients, players need to feed at least eight zombies to three dragons located on the map. These dragons are hinged at walls and only awake when you kill a zombie right below them. Once you do that, the dragon breaks out of its stone form, and stars feeding on the zombies you killed below it. Here are a few images for reference.

Der Eisendrache Bows
Resting Dragon
Der Eisendrache Bows
Feeding Dragon

As shown in the images, you need to repeat the same process with three dragons to move on to the next step. Here are the key locations in the Der Eisendrache map where you can find all the dragons. There is no order while finding and feeding all the dragons, so you can do it in whatever manner.

First Dragon

Starting from this factory look-a-like building, turn right and climb up the stairs.

Der Eisendrache Bows
Room leading to stairs
Der Eisendrache Bows
Stairs leading to gate

You will see a gate closing you off from going into the next area. Open the gate and go a little further; you will spot the dragon on the wall at your left. Here are images for reference.

Der Eisendrache Bows
Gate leading to 1st dragon’s location
Der Eisendrache Bows
1st dragon location

Second Dragon

To find the second dragon, start at this wooden bridge with the first dragon appearing at your right. Go straight, and you will encounter floating debris. Clear it and move past it.

Der Eisendrache Bows
2nd dragon starting point
Der Eisendrache Bows
Debris blocking entrance

Then you will reach another gate that will also cost you to opening it. After going through the gate, reach the lever area as shown in the image. Pull the lever, then turn left to find a door leading you outside the building.

Der Eisendrache Bows
gate leading to lever
Der Eisendrache Bows
interact with lever

Once you are outside, move past these green symbols on the floor and then take the stairs going down. Once you are there, go through the opened door, and you will find the second dragon. Again, repeat the same process of feeding eight zombies to the dragon.

Der Eisendrache Bows
stairs leading to church door
Der Eisendrache Bows
church door
Der Eisendrache Bows
2nd dragon location

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Third Dragon

For the third and final dragon, start from the door located on the left side of the room you entered to feed the second dragon. The door entrance leads the players to two more underground levels via stairs. After reaching the main hall in the underground room, you’d find the third dragon.

Der Eisendrache Bows
3rd dragon starting point
Der Eisendrache Bows
3rd dragon location

Feed it eight zombies and take the stairs to go back one level. You will see the Der Eisendrache bows or Wrath of the Ancients weapon available right beside where a knight is resting.

Der Eisendrache Bows
Wrath of the ancient bow location

The Storm Bows Upgrade In Call of Duty

In order to unlock the Storm Bows upgrade, players must follow the steps mentioned below. All of the steps can be done by a single player, and any further help from online friends is not necessary. Moreover, the Storm Bows upgrade contains 75 arrows as opposed to 60 of the base weapon. Other than that, the upgrade also fires very similarly to the base weapon: single and charged shot. However, the charged shot consumes two arrows as opposed to single-firing shot. Here is the complete breakdown to unlocking the Der Eisendrache bows Storm upgrade.

Turning On the Death Ray

The first and foremost step is to turn on the Death Ray. It can be found at the open courtyard space before which we moved past after pulling the lever. Activating the Death Ray will cost 1000, so make sure you have enough to spend. 

Der Eisendrache Bows
Death Ray

Shooting the Weather Vane Using Arrows

After activating the Death Ray, turn left, and you will find Weather Vane on top. Shoot it using the Wrath of Ancients bows only, otherwise, the progression will not count further. Once you have shot it, it will start spinning and will drop blue arrows. You need to pick up that arrow in order to begin the questline of unlocking Der Eisendrache bows Storm upgrade.

Der Eisendrache Bows
Shooting the Weather Vane

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Shoot Three Bonfires

After picking up the blue arrows, you need to shoot three bonfires using the bows fired from the Wrath of the Ancients weapon only. All three bonfires are located outside the map, and there is no way to reach them. However, you can see them from a distance and aim your shot keeping the trajectory in mind. Here are images for reference to find all three bonfires.

Der Eisendrache Bows
1st Bonfire Location
Der Eisendrache Bows
1st Bonfire Alternative Image
Der Eisendrache Bows
2nd Bonfire Location
Der Eisendrache Bows
2nd Bonfire – Alternative Image

The first two bonfires are pretty easy to find from the images attached here. However, the third one can be seen after you teleport using the machine.

Der Eisendrache Bows
3rd Bonfire

Wall-Running Over Five Blue Symbols

After lighting all the bonfires using the Wrath of Ancients weapon, the next step is to do a wall-run over five symbols when anti-gravity is activated. Once again, you must use the teleport device to reach the wall-run room (image attached).

Der Eisendrache Bows
Wall-run room

After reaching the room, the zombies will start appearing, and the pyramid at the center will begin glowing blue, indicating the commencement of anti-gravity. You must wall-run on the five blue symbols without touching the ground; otherwise, the progression will not count. After successfully pulling off the wall-running task, the anti-gravity will be disabled, signaling the completion of the mentioned task.

Der Eisendrache Bows

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Kill Zombies Near Three Electrified Urns

The next step involves killing zombies near three electrified urns located in the Der Eisendrache map. You need to kill at least six to eight zombies near the urn. Once you do that, you will see blue orbs flying off from zombies towards the urn, counting towards the Eisendrache bows Storm upgrade progression. After pulling this off, the blue orbs will no longer come out of dead zombies, indicating the completion of this step.

Der Eisendrache Bows
Urn Location – Near Bonfires

Charge Arrows At Urns & Shoot Bonfires Again

After charging three urns with blue orbs, the next step involves shooting the three bonfires again. However, this time players must use an urn to charge every bow arrow with electricity.

Der Eisendrache Bows
Arrow Charging From Urn
Der Eisendrache Bows
Shooting Bonfire With Electric-Charged Arrow

Shoot Weather Vane Again

Once you have shot all three bonfires again with electricity-charged bows, head back to the location of the weather vane. You will find there an electric fog. After interacting with the fog, reshoot the weather vane to receive reforged arrow.

Der Eisendrache Bows
Electric Fog
Der Eisendrache Bows
Reforged Arrow

Place Arrow in Pyramid and Kill Zombies

The next step involves reforging the Wrath of Ancients bow by upgrading it at the Pyramid room. This room is where you fed the last dragon and received the Der Eisendrache bows itself. So head over there and start killing 16-20 zombies. Once again, you will see the blue orbs flying off from zombies towards the glowing top of the pyramid. Pulling off the task will spawn the Kreema’ahm la Ahmahm, also known as Storm bow.

Der Eisendrache Bows
Kreema’ahm la Ahmahm, a.k.a Storm bow

This brings us to the end of Storm bow upgrade. We will cover the remaining three bow upgrades in the upcoming post. Which weapons has been your favorite in Call of Duty Black Ops III: Awakening DLC? Let us know about it in the comments section below.

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