Dragon Blox Codes [WORKING September 2023]

This guide includes all details about Dragon Blox Codes, how to redeem them and where to get even more codes!

Free money, in real life or in-game, is always welcomed with open arms. Getting free money, alongside a tonne of other free rewards in Dragon Blox, can be done with the help of codes, which can be redeemed for cool rewards. This guide includes all details about Dragon Blox Codes, how to redeem them, and how to get your hands on even more codes!

Key Takeaways
  • Roblox Dragon Blox has a tonne of codes, each of which can be redeemed for its own rewards.
  • Rewards include Skill Reset Points, Golden Zenny, and other cool rewards!
  • Dragon Blox has new codes released every week of every month and on milestones.
  • To redeem codes, navigate to the Redeem Codes tab in the Settings Menu. Enter your codes and press Redeem to get the rewards.
  • If there are any issues whilst redeeming codes, check out the Ultimate Game Code Guide. Here you will find the solutions to any issues that can occur.
  • To find even more codes, join the Official Discord & the Developer’s Roblox Group. Here all new codes alongside news for the games can be found.
  • Also, follow the developer’s Twitter to find more codes whenever they are released.
  • Bookmark this page, and check back later on for more active codes!

List Of Active Codes

  • Last Checked On September 11, 2023.

Codes expire pretty quickly, and finding an active code is a very big hassle. No one wants to do this hassle and find active codes from inactive ones so that task has already been done! In the below list, you will find all active Dragon Blox Codes.

500MPLAYS!Redeem this code and get your hands on Stats Reset, Skill Reset, and EXP +100,000.
UPDATE16.5ISHERE!Use this code and get rewarded with 150 Currency, 10 Premium Currency, and EXP +2,500.

List Of Expired Codes

The below list includes all expired codes for Dragon Blox. These codes cannot be redeemed for any rewards, and are essentially a waste of time. It is recommended to stay away from these codes. 

JUNE2023REBIRTH&GOLDCODEWeek2Valid for 2 Rebirths and 25 Gold Zenny.
JUNE2023REBIRTH&GOLDCODEWeek1Valid for 2 Rebirths and 25 Gold Zenny.
June2023FREEREBIRTH!Valid for 2 Rebirths.
June2023FREESKILLRESET!Valid for 3 Skill Resets.
UPDATE16ISHERE!Valid for 3 Rebirths, 15 Gold Zenny, and 3 Skill Resets.
400MPLAYS!Valid for 3 Skill Resets and 2 Rebirths
May2023REBIRTH&GOLDCODEWeek4Valid for 2 Rebirths and 25 Gold Zenny.
May2023REBIRTH&GOLDCODEWeek3Valid for 2 Rebirths and 25 Gold Zenny.
May2023REBIRTH&GOLDCODEWeek2Valid for 2 Rebirths and 25 Gold Zenny.
May2023FREEREBIRTH!Valid for 2 Rebirths.
May2023FREESKILLRESET!Valid for 2 Skill Resets.
May2023REBIRTH&GOLDCODEWeek1Valid for 2 Rebirths and 25 Gold Zenny.
100KYTSUBSValid for 5 Rebirths, 3 Skill Resets, and 25 Gold Zenny.
April2023REBIRTH&GOLDCODEWeek4Valid for 2 Rebirths and 25 Gold Zenny.
MARCH2023REBIRTH&GOLDCODEWeek4Valid for 2 Rebirths and 25 Gold Zenny.
MARCH2023REBIRTH&GOLDCODEWeek3Valid for 2 Rebirths and 25 Gold Zenny.
MARCH2023REBIRTH&GOLDCODEWeek2Valid for 2 Rebirths and 25 Gold Zenny.
MARCH2023FREEREBIRTH!Valid for 2 Rebirths.
MARCH2023REBIRTH&GOLDCODEWeek1Valid for 2 Rebirths and 25 Gold Zenny.
MARCH2023FREESKILLRESET!Valid for 3 Skill Resets.
FEB2023REBIRTH&GOLDCODEWeek4Valid for 2 Rebirths and 25 Gold Zenny.
FEB2023FREESKILLRESET!Valid for 3 Skill Resets.
FEB2023FREEREBIRTH!Valid for 3 Rebirths.
BeastReleaseValid for 20 Gold Zenny.
FEB2023REBIRTH&GOLDCODEWeek3Valid for 2 Rebirths and 25 Gold Zenny.
FEB2023REBIRTH&GOLDCODEWeek2Valid for 2 Rebirths and 25 Gold Zenny.
FEB2023REBIRTH&GOLDCODE#1Valid for 2 Rebirths and 25 Gold Zenny.
2023REBIRTHValid for 5 Rebirths.
GOLDCODE#2Valid for 50 Gold Zenny.
JAN2023FREEREBIRTH!Valid for 2 Rebirths.
JAN2023FREESKILLRESET!Valid for 3 Skill Resets.
XMAS22SECRETCODE!Valid for Stat Reset, 5 Rebirths, and 50 Premium Currency.
XMAS22CODE!Valid for 5 Rebirths, 50 Gold Zenny, and 3 Skill Resets.
FREE5REBIRTHDAY!Valid for 5 Rebirths.
2023ISALMOSTHERE!Valid for a Gold Zenny.
DEC2022FREEREBIRTH!Valid for a Rebirth.
DEC2022FREESKILLRESET!Valid for a Skill Reset.
FREE3SKILLRESETS!Valid for 3 Skill Resets.
5REBIRTHSValid for 5 Rebirths.
1MGAMEFAVORITES!Valid for 100 Golden Zenny.
NOV2022FREEREBIRTH!Valid for 2 Rebirths.
NOV2022FREESKILLRESET!Valid for 3 Skill Resets.
300MPLAYS!Valid for 2 Rebirths and 3 Skill Resets.
1MGROUPMEMBERS!Valid for Random Rewards.
OCT2022FREEREBIRTH!Valid for 2 Rebirths.
OCT2022FREESKILLRESET!Valid for 3 Skill Resets.
SEPT2022FREEREBIRTH!Valid for 2 Rebirths.
SEPT2022FREESKILLRESET!Valid for 3 Skill Resets.
AUG2022FREEREBIRTH!Valid for 2 Rebirths.
AUG2022FREESKILLRESET!Valid for 3 Skill Resets.
JULY2022FREEREBIRTH!Valid for 2 Rebirths.
JULY2022FREESKILLRESET!Valid for 3 Skill Resets.
JUNE2022FREEREBIRTH!Valid for 2 Rebirths.
JUNE2022FREESKILLRESET!Valid for 3 Skill Resets.
MAY2022FREEREBIRTH!Valid for 2 Rebirths.
MAY2022FREESKILLRESET!Valid for 3 Skill Resets.
APRIL2022FREEREBIRTH!Valid for 2 Rebirths.
APRIL2022FREESKILLRESET!Valid for 3 Skill Resets.
200MVISITS!Valid for 2 Rebirths and 3 Skill Resets.
MARCH2022FREEREBIRTH!Valid for 2 Rebirths.
MARCH2022FREESKILLRESET!Valid for 3 Skill Resets.
FEB2022FREEREBIRTH!Valid for 2 Rebirths.
FEB2022FREESKILLRESET!Valid for 3 Skill Resets.
January2022FREESKILLRESET!Valid for 3 Skill Resets.
January2022FREEREBIRTH!Valid for 2 Rebirths.
HAPPY150KLIKES!Valid for Free Rewards.
FREE2REBIRTH!Valid for Free Rewards.
FREESKILLRESET!Valid for Free Rewards.

How To Redeem Codes

Redeeming Dragon Blox Codes.
The screen displayed when redeeming Dragon Blox Codes.

Now that you have acquired active Dragon Blox codes for yourself, the next task is to redeem them! Thankfully, this is a fairly easy task that only takes a few steps. Follow the steps below, and redeem your codes!

  1. Launch Dragon Blox on Roblox.
  2. Enter the Menu by pressing the icon on the left-hand side of the screen.
  3. Press the Settings button.
  4. Navigate to the Redeem Code option in the bottom right corner.
  5. Paste your working code from above.
  6. Press Redeem.
  7. Enjoy your Rewards!

What Is Dragon Blox?

Dragon Blox is a Roblox title that has been inspired by the Dragon Ball Z Anime. Your player will be able to Punch, kick, and all other attacks possible in the anime. The aim of the game is to gain as much power as possible and become stronger in fights. Codes for Dragon Blox can be used to acquire Gold Zenny, the in-game currency that can be used to purchase items in the store. 

That is all there is to know about Dragon Blox Codes, so make sure you use the active codes above as soon as you get your hands on them! If the codes do happen to expire, there is no need to worry. New codes are added frequently, and as soon as a code is available, it will be added to this page. 

Whilst you wait, check out other guides such as the Most Popular Roblox Games and find yourself a newer Roblox Game to play. Also, check out the Dragon Ball Z Tier List, a game similar to this one. Leave a comment down below of any guide you may want, and I will hop on the case!

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