God Of War Ragnarok: All Lake Of Nine Artifacts [Locations]

Here are all 3 Lake of Nine Artifacts in God of War Ragnarok and all other loots you can get at the Lake.

God of War Ragnarok’s immersive storyline is filled with amazing loot and artifacts you can get. One of the best locations to get loot in God Of War is the Lake of Nine. The Lake of Nine is filled with amazing artifacts and loot that you can find all around the location. These items are very valuable and will prove beneficial for you throughout the game. Here are all the Lake of Nine Artifacts in God of War Ragnarok

Key Takeaways
  • The Artifacts in God of War Ragnarok can be used to advance the game’s lore and help in completing the progression in Midgard.
  • You can get the three artifacts, including a rusted knife, a glorious dagger, and a sculpture in different locations on the map.
  • The first artifact can be found inside the cave behind the Giant Helmet.
  • The second artifact is near a Raider stronghold, across the Golden Bridge.
  • You’ll need to get under the Golden Bridge to get the third artifact.

Lake Of Nine Artifacts 

The Lake of Nine Has three Artifacts that are unique to the location and can not be found at any other location. These artifacts can help you complete the Midgard realm completely. 

Artifacts are useful in advancing the lore of the game and giving you a better experience of the game through in-depth storytelling. You can also sell these artifacts at the Shop to get some quick Hacksilver after learning all the lore related to it. 

Here’s a brief summary of the artifacts: 

First Artifact LocationRusted knifeA cave behind the Giant Helmet
Second Artifact LocationGlorious daggerAcross the Golden bridge, near to the Raider stronghold
Third Artifact LocationA Sculpture from the Southern landsLocated under the Golden bridge, behind the Glorious dagger

First Artifact Location

Lake of Nine First Artifact God of War Ragnarok
God of War Ragnarok First Lake of Nine Artifact Location – Image Captured by us
Artifact Rusted Knife.
Location Inside the cave which is behind the Giant Helmet.

Once you get to the Lake of the Nine you need to look around the area for a Gaint helmet. If you open your map you will find a helmet shape drawing to the right of the Lake. If you are looking at the helmet the cave that holds the artifacts will be directly behind you.

Once you head inside after breaking the ice wall you will find some random loot but as you move farther you will find a corpse. In the Palm of the corpse will be the artifact you desire. The Artifacts are indicated by a purple glow so can easily identify them. The First Lake of Nine artifacts in God Of War Ragnarok will be a rusted knife but it’s still pretty good. 

Second Artifact Location

 Lake of Nine Second Artifact
God of War Ragnarok Second Lake of Nine Artifact Location – Image Captured by eXputer
Artifact Glorious dagger.
Location Found near Raider stronghold, across the Golden Bridge.

Once you have obtained the first artifact you can start your journey toward the second one. Wander further toward the right of the helmet on the map. You should be on the top of the raider stronghold on the map for this one. Once there, look for the Golden Bridge.

Once you are near the bridge you should look around to find a staircase in the structures surrounding the area. Once you reach the top, you will find the corpse of another fallen soldier. Next to it will be a glorious dagger.

Third Artifact Location

Lake of Nine Third Artifact
God of War Ragnarok Third Lake of Nine Artifact Location – Image by eXputer
Artifact A Sculpture from the Southern Lands.
Location Right behind the second artifact, under the Golden Bridge.

The Third Artifact in the Lake of Nine is right behind the second one. Once you descend the staircase head towards the Golden Bridge once again. Keep moving towards it until you are right under the bridge. 

Once you are under the bridge look around and you should see a golden glow. You will have another brutally murdered corpse on the platform and next to it will be the artifact you seek. The artifact is a sculpture from the Southern lands and it is pretty well made. 

After learning all the locations of the Lake of Nine Artifacts in God Of War Ragnarok you are ready to complete the Mid-Gaurd realm. If you are looking for any other missions or side missions you need to complete check out our Complete Mission List to help you find anything you have missed.  Also if you are looking for some crafting items to help you with upgrades or crafting we have a list of all the crafting materials and their locations in our All Crafting Materials & Locations guide. Check it out if you need help. 

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