God Of War Ragnarok: Complete Mission List

Learn about the Complete Mission List of God of War Ragnarok including Main and Side Missions.

God of War Ragnarorok has lots of Main and side Missions. We have listed all the Main Path Quests and also Side Missions or “Favors” as the game calls them. God Of War Ragnarok is quite a big game and has nailed the details and storytelling. But that comes at the cost of time. Ideally, you will need 30-35 hours long to complete the main quest and a few side missions, and it will take nearly 60 hours to complete 100% content.

NOTE: We will try to give you a brief overview of the Quest with as few Spoilers as possible, but there might be some heavy ones as well. Read at your own discretion.

Key Takeaways
  • There are 18 Main Missions in God of War Ragnarok which includes:
    • Surviving Fimbulwinter.
    • The Quest For Tyr.
    • Old Friends.
    • Groa’s Secret. 
    • The Lost Sanctuary.
    • The Reckoning.
    • The Runaway.
    • Into The Fire.
    • The Word Of Fate.
    • Forging Destiny.
    • Unleashing Hel.
    • Reunion.
    • Creatures Of Prophecy.
    • Unlocking The Mask.
    • Hunting For Solace.
    • The Summoning.
    • The Realms At War.
    • Beyond Ragnarok.
  • The main storyline is about 30-35 hours, while the complete story, including side missions, is more than 60 hours. 
  • Players can also opt to play the side missions as they progress in the main story so they can get more XP and Rewards.

Main Path Missions

The Main Path in God of War Ragnarok is the Main Missions you will have to play to progress the storyline of the game and finish the game. There are 18 Main Path Missions in the game. They are exhilarating and suck you into the World of the game.  Moreover, you will have to go through the Main missions completing them one by one to finish the game. 

Here is a list of all the Main Missions in God of War Ragnarok. 

  1. Surviving Fimbulwinter.
  2. The Quest f.or Tyr.
  3. Old Friends.
  4. Groa’s Secret.
  5. The Lost Sanctuary.
  6. The Reckoning.
  7. The Runaway.
  8. Into the Fire.
  9. The Word of Fate.
  10. Forging Destiny.
  11. Unleashing Hel.
  12. Reunion.
  13. Creatures of Prophecy.
  14. Unlocking the Mask.
  15. Hunting for Solace.
  16. The Summoning.
  17. The Realms at War.
  18. Beyond Ragnarok.

1. Surviving Fimbulwinter 

Surviving Fimbulwinter God Of War Ragnarok Missions List
First Mission Surviving Fimbulwinter – [Image credit: eXputer]
Kratos wakes up to find Atreus missing and heads out to search for him. He encounters a few small enemies and then has the first boss fight of the game. After the fight, Kratos is reunited with his son and they head home. At their place they encounter Odin and Thor, they have a small chat that leads to a fist fight and you fight the God of thunder. The Fight ends in a no contest and Kratos starts to head home with his son.

They encounter another creature in the woods that ends up being a boss but is easier than the other two fights. When they reach home they encounter Sinfri who offers them a safe place knowing their situation. They accept and he opens a mystical door. 

2. The Quest For Tyr

Second Mission The Quest for Tyr
God Of War Ragnarok The Quest for Tyr – [Image credit: eXputer]
At the start of chapter two “The Quest For Try” players are introduced to some important elements of the game such as the Realm between Realms and the Mystical door. Moreover, you also might Brok and gain access to the workshop of the two dwarfs. So, You are now able to get craft and upgrade all your Armor and Weapons and even sell artifacts. 

You will have to travel to the mine where after solving a bunch of puzzles and fighting a lot of enemies, you free Tyr. After you have freed Tyr, you will take the will to Sindri home, and that will mark the end of “The Quest For Try”.

3. Old Friends

Second Mission Old Friends
God Of War Ragnarok Old Friends – [Image credit: eXputer]
The third mission is a short one but is the first solo mission in which you play as Atreus. After returning home Atreus sneaks off to find an old friend and get some answers. He takes Sindri on the adventure and the two set off to find Freya. 

You will climb through the cliff, run across the terrain, and defeat monsters in search of Freya. But when you fill her she is still upset about the whole, killing her son thing. So, she wasn’t willing to talk to Atreus. You return home empty-handed. However, Kratos has decided to head to Alfheim in search of Groa, the keeper of knowledge. So, you prepare and head to the Mystical gate where you will find a Cute new friend. 

 4. Groa’s Secret 

MIssions List God Of War Ragnarok Groa’s Secret
God Of War Ragnarok Groa’s Secret – [Image credit: eXputer]
You travel through the gate to Alfheim and you will follow Tyr around. You will be in a cave/ mine in the beginning and spot the “The Tower of Light”. As you make your way to the tower you will run into Light elves who are quite a strong enemy. 

After some puzzles and fighting some challenging enemies, you find out Groa’s Secret. Turns out, Groa lied to Odin about Ragnarok. You head home with this new information but not before defeating waves of enemies.

5. The Lost Sanctuary 

Fourth Mission The Lost Sanctuary
God Of War Ragnarok The Lost Sanctuary – [Image credit: eXputer]
You will be playing as Atreus in  “The Lost Sanctuary”. At the start of the mission, you will learn that Atreus has dreamed himself of ironwood wood. You will encounter some wolves and meet a new character named Angrboda. You will fight alongside her and help her with a problem. Although the mission is quite fun, it’s a lot of fights and exploring. Atreus learns the truth about his fate and is confused about what to do.

Toward the end of the mission, you will have to fight Angrboda’s Grandmother who is quite a powerful old woman. You awaken back at your home in Midgard where you are greeted by an Angry Kratos. However, the scolding is interrupted by a few enemies and finally leads to a boss fight with a creature. The Vanadis will be your toughest fight yet so be ready. After the fight, you meet Freya Brok arrives and opens a Gateway and the Mission ends. 

6. The Reckoning 

Mission List The Reckoning God Of War Ragnarok
God Of War Ragnarok The Reckoning – [Image credit: eXputer]
The Sixth Mission is “The Reckoning”  and it revolves around freeing Freya from her curse. You will explore the Vast forest and turn to locate the Socure of Freya’s cruse which binds her to Midgard. Also, You will discover Freyr’s Camp on the journey and unlock some new Armor. You will run into the Forest Ancient, a powerful enemy with a unique playstyle. After defeating it you will run into a few more tough enemies you will encounter a Gigantic Beast. 

You need to work together to Defeat Nidhogg which is quite a complex task. Moreover,  it is made even more difficult considering Nidhogg has two phases. After defeating the Nidhogg Freya locates the curse, frees herself, and forgives Kratos. Once freed of the curse you head back to the Camp with Freya.

7. The Runaway

Seventh Mission The Runaway
God Of War Ragnarok The Runaway – [Image credit: eXputer]
Once you return to Sindri’s home as Kratos you get into a heated argument with Atreus. By the end of the argument, Atreus decides to run off into the Mystical Gateway in search of a way to reach Asgard. Once he gets through the Gateway you will be playing Atreus.  After exploring for a bit you will reach Freya’s house and you go in and build a small fire. A cutscene will start and at the end of the cutscene, you will be in Asgard.

You follow Odin’s Raven and come across a young man whose name is Skoldr. You then Find a way to get to the top of the Hrimthur’s Wall. After figuring out a way and climbing to the top you will meet Heimdall at the Summit. Heimdall agrees to take him to Odin who is not phased that Atreus wishes to trick him. He shows Atreus what he believes is the source of all Knowledge.

8. Into The Fire

Mission Eighth Into the Fire
God Of War Ragnarok Into the Fire – [Image credit: eXputer]
The eighth mission is about Atreus’s journey into Muspelheim, the Realm of Fire. You are in search of answers so you use the Mask you received from Odin and see where it will lead you. You are accompanied by Thor on the Journey to keep an eye on you. It’s a Missions filled with tense energy and two people who don’t argue with each other working together. 

In the end, you will reach Surtr’s shrine fight some monsters, and will finally find a path blocked by rumble. Thor will clear the path and you will find a piece of the Mask. He is wrapped back to Odin and reports his findings to him. 

9. The Word Of Fate

Mission Nine The Word of Fate
God Of War Ragnarok The Word of Fate – [Image credit: eXputer]
After defeating “The Traveller” and a few other weak enemies you will run into “The Forest Phantom”. After the fight, Kratos is found in a dream world where you have to outlast a few enemies and wait for the next cutscene to play. Once you are out of that dream-like world you will accompany Freya on a Kelpie and reach the Norn’s lair. At the Lair, you learn that Heimdall plans to Kill Atreus. 

10. Forging Destiny

Mission Ten Forging Destiny
God Of War Ragnarok Forging Destiny – [Image credit: eXputer]
After escaping the tunnel, you find a forge where you will receive your new weapon. However, the path to the forge is broken. You can look around and search for the material required to fix the door and once you have them all Brok will find it for you. Once inside you meet another new and exciting character who will craft you the Draupnir Spear. You will learn how to use the spear as you make your way back home. 

11. Unleashing Hel

Mission List Unleashing Hel God Of War Ragnarok
God Of War Ragnarok Unleashing Hel – [Image credit: eXputer]
After the usual fights and puzzle-solving, Atreus discovers and Gigantic Hel-Hound bounded by chains. Atreus decides to release the Hel-hound even though Thrud didn’t think it was a good idea. They free the Hel-Hound However they were unable to find the mask and return empty-handed.  After a heated exchange with Heimdall and a chat with Odin Atreus find himself back at Midgard and travels to Sindri’s House through the Mystical Gateway.  

12. Reunion 

Missions Twelve The Reunion
God Of War Ragnarok The Reunion – [Image credit: eXputer]
Kratos and Atreus reunited at the beginning of the twelfth Mission but have to set off again to stop the Hel-Hound Arteus just released since it is wreaking Havoc. They will head to Helheim where Gram rushes past them and runs off. The pair run after in hot pursuit fighting anyone who comes in their way. Until they finally reach it however the hard part is yet to come. 

Gram is a powerful enemy with multiple phases who just refuses to die. Gram fights up close and personal and even from far away gaining the high ground. Once you grab his chain and kill him, you start returning home. However, Gram comes back to life and is quite mad. You can not kill him and must stun him so Atreus can stay him with his Knife. The Knife transfers Fenrir’s soul to Gram’s body and he calms down.

13. Creatures Of Prophecy

Mission thirteen Creatures of Prophecy
God Of War Ragnarok Creatures of Prophecy – [Image credit: eXputer]
You will go and recuse Freyr but there will be a few Boss fights in this mission. The most interesting Fight will be against the Norse God, Heimdall. Once you defeat Heimdall in a breathtaking cutscene you will venture forward. After some climbing and fighting small enemies you will regroup with Freyr and his Allies. You help them out of the prison and escort them to safety and make your way home. 

14. Unlocking The Mask

Mission List Unlocking the Mask God Of War Ragnarok
God Of War Ragnarok Unlocking the Mask – [Image credit: eXputer]
For the fourteenth Main Mission, you are back in control of Artemus and trying to unlock the Mask. You go talk to Odin who instructs you to find Thor. After locating him you will head to Niflheim in search of the next piece mask. You’ll use the Mask to navigate and with Thor’s help, you find your way around quite easily.

After you assemble the mask Thor tries to kill you to avenge his sons. However, you escape and teleport to Kratos. Once at Sindri’s home, you take control of Kratos and head inside. Upgrade some Armor while you are here and then listen to Tyr’s plan which marks the end of this Mission. 

15. Hunting For Solace 

Mission Fifteen Hunting for Solace
God Of War Ragnarok Hunting for Solace – [Image credit: eXputer]
While on the Hunt Atreus and Kratos have a heart-to-heart conversation and decide to go and find Sindri. Atreus leads the way as he has an idea of where Sindri might be and we get to Sindri on our Sledge pulled by our wolves. However, things don’t go according to plan since Sindri is furious at Kratos and Atreus since you are responsible for the death of his brother. You try to convince him but go to him empty-handed and start preparing for War. 

16. The Summoning

Mission Sixteen The Summoning
God Of War Ragnarok The Summoning – [Image credit: eXputer]
Kratos and Atreus head to Muspelheim to recruit Surtr for their army. Upon finding him, they try to convince Surtr to become Ragnarok. You follow Surtr’s instructions and do as he says. Once you combine them Surtr falls in the Mist and you are attacked. You will have to defeat the valkyries once you do you return to the mist. There you talk to Surtr who is now Ragnarok and tells you he awaits your call. 

17. The Realms At War

Mission List The Realms at War God Of War Ragnarok
God Of War Ragnarok The Realms at War – [Image credit: eXputer]
You fight Thor here and convince him to side with your side. Odin soon arrives and he is furious with Thor for not killing you. Shortly, after Thor denies Odin’s command Odin Kills Thor. You then fight Odin and Freya come and Bonds Odin. Odin then Teleports everyone to the Rift and tells Atreus to where the Mask and Look inside the Rift.  Atreus reject the offer and with the help of Kratos, Freya and Sindri they defeat Odin. 

18. Beyond Ragnarok 

Mission Eighteen Beyond Ragnarok
God Of War Ragnarok Beyond Ragnarok – [Image credit: eXputer]
The Final Mission in the List is more of a Closure Mission, you see the aftermath of the war and talk to everyone involved. Atreus goes around talking to Thrud and everyone involved. Atreus meets Angrboda and she tells him she wanted to show Kratos and Atreus something. Angrboda takes them to a painting that reveals the full story of Faye. Atreus reveals that he has want to go on his own journey and Kratos gives him his blessings.

After Atreus and Angrboda leave, Kratos is met by Freya and Mimir and she asks him what’s next. Kratos tells her he plans to help the people and rebuild the Nine Realms and asks her to join him. She does and that’s where the game ends both looking into the distance from the edge of a cliff. 

All Side Missions (Favors)

God of War is already a long game but if you really want to get your money’s worth you want to play the Side Missions. The game calls them Favors” and they are great to learn about the characters and really immerse yourself in the game’s world. You also get XP and insane rewards like Armor to use in the main missions and progress more easily. Moreover, Side Missions are an important part of the game and you will need to do them to have a better experience. 

Here is a list of all the Side Missions in God of War Ragnarok. However, these are in no particular order

  1. The Final Challenges
  2. The Crucibles
  3. A Viking Funeral
  4. The Broken Prison
  5. Defend Your Valor
  6. The Last Remnants of Asgard
  7. Nine Realms in Bloom
  8. Fit for a King
  9. A Stag for All Seasons
  10. The Lost Lindwyrms
  11. Hel to Pay
  12. Born From Fire
  13. The Eyes of Odin
  14. The Desert Door
  15. Freyr’s Gift
  16. The Elven Sanctum
  17. Song of the Sands
  18. Secret of the Sands
  19. Freya’s Missing Peace
  20. Conscience for the Dead
  21. Garden for the Dead
  22. The Mysterious Orb
  23. Trail of the Dead
  24. Casualties of War: The Toy
  25. Casualties of War: The Hourglass
  26. Casualties of War: The Stein
  27. Casualties of War: The Scroll
  28. Casualties of War: The Brooch
  29. In Plain Sight
  30. The Burning Skies
  31. Quaking Hollow
  32. Path of Destruction
  33. In the Dead of Night
  34. Return of the River
  35. What Lies Below
  36. For Vanaheim!
  37. Scent of Survival
  38. Nocturnal Predator
  39. Treasure
  40. Spirit of Rebellion
  41. The Weight of Chains
  42. In Service of Asgard
  43. Guiding Light
  44. Animal Instincts
  45. Sigrun’s Curse
  46. Across the Realms 

1. The Final Challenges 

Mission List The Final Challenges
God Of War Ragnarok The Final Challenges – [Image credit: eXputer]
So “The Final Challenges” are the last six crucibles that you have to complete in God of War Ragnarok. You will have to have Muspelheim Realm unlocked to complete them as they are in the Realm of Fire. These challenges are one of the toughest in the game and each is more difficult than the next. At each level, you will have to defeat more enemies and tougher Bosses. You will have to be well prepared and skilled to complete this so save it for the end game. 

2. The Crucibles 

Similar to The Final Challenges, The Crucible Challenges are actually the pre-requisite to unlock The Final Challenges. You will have 3 rooms that you will have to go to and do a total of 6 challenges. These challenges are really fun and a fresh breath of air from the usual intense boss fight or weak enemies. You have time-limit challenges or skill challenges where you can’t take any damage. Although they can be a bit tough they are quite fun. 

3. A Viking Funeral 

Favor A Viking Funeral
God Of War Ragnarok A Viking Funeral- [Image credit: eXputer]
God of War Ragnarok developers have truly put a lot of thought into the game. After the loss of a dear friend in our journey we are given the option to attend his funeral. At the funeral, we find saw familiar faces sharing their favorite memories of him and get a chance to say goodbye to our dear friend. We travel to the Sverd Sand where we send him off in true Viking Fashion. 

4. The Broken Prison 

Favor The Broken Prison 
God Of War Ragnarok The Broken Prison – [Image credit: eXputer]
One of the Postgame missions in the game is The Broken Prison. You head to The Raven Tree in Niflheim with Freya to find something in the Prison. You search the prison fighting enemies and checking every corner of it till you find what you are looking for. After solving a bit complex puzzle you finally reach a cell where you find him. The Real Tyr and you free him and tell them about Odin’s Fate. He requests some space to reflect on the information he has just received and you leave him be. 

5. Defend Your Valor

Mission List Defend Your Valor God Of War Ragnarok
God Of War Ragnarok Defend Your Valor – [Image credit: eXputer]
In Muspelheim you will find Location marks with a question Mark. On arriving at this location you are attacked by a Valkyrie who is quite angry with you. The Valkyrie turns out to be the true Queen of Valkyries and you will have to defeat her. She is quite a tough opponent much like the Valkyrie fight in the first game. After you defeat her you will get an achievement that will mark the End of the ” Defend Your Valor” favor. 

6. The Last Remnants Of Asgard

Once you finish the Main Path “The Last Remnants Of Asgard” Favor is automatically Triggered. You can travel across the Realms and visit all the Wreckages and collect Hardened Ruins to attach to your Equipment. The Wreckages are crawling with enemies and Asgards monsters so do be Careful when you approach them. Once you collect all the Remnants the quest will end and you are finally free of Asgard. 

7. The Nine Realms In Bloom

You can earn a Florist Trophy in God of War Ragnarok, however, to earn it you must complete The Nine Realms In Bloom Favor. To Begin the Favor you must find a flower that you can pick up in each of the Realms. Once you pick up one of these flowers the Favor begins and you can travel all the realms to find the Nine flowers Scattered in the Realms. You might have to explore a lot since these are specific flowers at specific spots which might be hard to find. 

8. Fit For A King

Favor Fit For A King
God Of War Ragnarok Fit For A King – [Image credit: eXputer]
You will need to get ready for the “Fit For A King” Favor as it will be a long and challenging one. You will have to Find 12 Berserker Soul gravestones and Interact with them. Each Gravestone will trigger a fight with a Berserker and you must defeat 11 to be able to fight the Final boss in Midgard. He is a Bit Tough than the others but not that different. You should be well-trained after fighting the first 11 bosses and should take him out quite easily. 

9. A Stag For All Season

You must find the four Seasonal Stags in favor of Ratatoskr. The Stags feed on the World Tree and keep it from overgrowing and collapsing. So, you can see how this is one of the more important Favors in the game. You get a special feed to calm the Stags and stop them from running away. Once you calm them down teleport them back to the Realm between Realms to Ratatoskr. 

10. The Lost Lindwyrms

After killing the Nidhogg in a Quest to free Freya you accidentally release children across the Realms. There are Six Lindwyrms in total and you will have to capture each one of them to complete the quest. You use a Lindwyrm trap provided to you by Ratatoskr which comes in handy to capture the little creature. You don’t really get many rewards for completing the quest but considering you caused the problem it’s only fair. 

11. Hel To Play

You will need to close all the Hel-Tears caused by your new best friend in the game. Though it sounds simple enough it’s tougher than it sounds. There are four Hel-Tear locations and you have to hold off the herds of Hel- Walker and defend Freya as she closes the Tear. However, that is easier said than done, and after a while, you feel like the enemies never stop coming and it’s taking forever. The Mission seems to get tougher with no end in sight but just hang in there.

12. Born From Fire 

In “Born From Fire” you will have to close 6 Draugr Holes. Born for Fire is one of the easier Favors and you just have to locate the Draugr holes. You will encounter a Draugr named the hateful at these holes but he is the same at every hole. However, he does spawn different enemies in carrying amounts at each hole. But that’s still not enough to make the Mission Challenge and you should breeze through it. 

13. The Eyes Of Odin

Favor The Eyes Of Odin
God Of War Ragnarok The Eyes Of Odin – [Image credit: eXputer]
You might not like The Eyes of Odin Favor depending on your love for crows but for most, it is an easy way to get rewards. You will need to find and kill 48 crows in God of War which is a lot and will take you some time to find them all. Some of the crows are quite difficult to find and you might need some help to locate them. You get different rewards through the mission but once you are complete you unlock a Chest at the Raen Tree. 

14. The Desert Door

One of the more quicker Favors in the game is The Desert Door. You will have to locate the two halves of the key which will be located in the Forbidden Sands. Once you get them head to The Desert Door on your map and unlock the Door. A Gravel Belly will emerge from inside the door and you will have to fight it to the death. Once you defeat it the Favor is completed and you gain your rewards.

15. Freyr’s Gift

The “Freyr’s Gift” will be triggered once you approach Freyr’s Statue in Alfheim. You will then need to locate some hive matter and crystals and destroy them. After using the crystal to complete the mission you can head down where you will find your reward waiting for you. 

16. The Elven Sanctum

Mission List The Elven Sanctum God Of War Ragnarok
God Of War Ragnarok The Elven Sanctum – [Image credit: eXputer]
You are asked for a favor by two elves at Freyrs’s camp after returning from your Main Quest “The Reckoning” There’s not much to the Favor, you head to the Elven Sanctum and find a way inside. You will find Consul’s Journal and you will take it with you and exit the Sanctum. While you try to leave you will encounter an enemy and trigger a boss fight. You must Defeat the Enemy to Complete the Favor. 

17. Song Of The Sands

To play “Song Of The Sands” Favor you must first unlock the Forbidden Sands Location. The Location is unlocked by completing the “The Reckoning” Main Quest. Once you enter the Forbbiden Sand the Favor will be triggered. You will have to destroy some Hive Matters in the Favor. Once you complete it you will get your rewards. 

18. Secret Of The Sands

You will have to complete Groa’s Secret Main Path mission to unlock the Secret of the Sands quest. Secret of the Sand quest is one of the longer ones on the List but is quite Similar to the Song of the Sand Favor. It’s like a longer version of the above-mentioned Favors and you will have to complete a few puzzles and destroy Hive matters to complete it. 

19. Freya’s Missing Peace

Favor Freya’s Missing Peace
God Of War Ragnarok Freya’s Missing Peace- [Image credit: eXputer]
The “Freya’s Missing Peace” Favor takes place in the River which can be unlocked by playing the Mysterious Orb Quest.  Freya’s Missing Peace Quest is unlocked at the end of the Reckoning and you can play it if you wish. On completing the Mission you gave a new weapon for Freya you can use in combat. 

20. Conscience For The Dead

To start the “Conscience For The Dead” Favor you must talk to Gunhild, you can do that in the Mysterious Orb Quest. Once you talk to the spirit you must eliminate the Seidr Fanatics, as the game calls them. You must eliminate them all and make your way back to Gunhild to Finish the Favor. 

21. Garden For The Dead

To start the “Garden For The Dead” Favor you will need to head to Noatun’s Garden and talk to Astrid. By doing the Favor you can clear all the Poisonous areas in your surroundings. This turns out to be quite useful in the upcoming fights in the area. You can also get quite good rewards and find items to build Armor. 

22. The Mysterious Orb

The Mysterious Ord is located in Vanaheim’s Veiled Passage. You will have to interact with the Relic Plate which will unlock the area leading to the Orb. You will need to head to travel downriver in a boat and reach Goddess Falls. Finally, you will find The Orb in the cave and you can pick it up to complete the Quest. 

23. Trail Of The Dead

Favor Trail Of The Dead
God Of War Ragnarok Trail Of The Dead – [Image credit: eXputer]
One of the Most Exciting Favors in the game is Trail of the Dead and its start automatically when you encounter the Dragon in the Jungle. You will have to play Return of the River to be able to play this favor so we suggest doing that. In Trail of the Dead, your main objective is to kill the dragon in the jungle. Once you slay the beast you will end the Favor and collect your rewards. 

24-28. Casualties of War

All of the Casualties of War are pretty much the same but you are finding the object mentioned in the name of the quest in each one. You will have to Travel across the Realms to locate these items such as the toy and the hourglass etc. You will reach XP on completing each individual Favor and also receive enchantments and even other rewards. 

29. In Plain Sight

In Vanaheim you will come across a deer kill and upon inspection figure out there is something wrong. Interacting with the dead Stag will trigger the “In Plain Sight” Favor. You will travel the lands to find more unexplained Stag kills. You eventually are into a Soul Eater who is behind the killing and you take it out to complete the Quest. 

30. The Burning Skies

You will activate “The Burning Skies” quest while playing the Main Path so you don’t need to go out of your way to trigger it. You have two main objectives in the game. Firstly you will need to locate an entrance to the dragon’s Liar. After you have done that you must kill the Ash Tyrant to complete the Quest. 

31. Quaking Hollow

When you are exploring the sinkholes in Vanaheim you will hear the tremors which will trigger the “Quaking Hollow” Favor. You will need to have access to the Crater so for that, you need to complete the “Scent Of Survival” Favor. You will have to explore a bit and fight enemies until you reach the source of the tremors which turns out to be a Drake called Crag jaw. Defeat it to complete the Favor. 

32. Path Of Destruction

Another Favor for which you will need to have completed the “Return of the River” favor is the “Path of Destruction”. YOu will have to lure a Drake and Slay a Slag Horn in the missions but these are both easy tasks for the God Of War. In the end, you receive your rewards after slaying the Slag Horn.

33. In The Dead Of Night

The final Favor that has the “Return Of The River” favor as a pre-requisite is going to be “In The Dead Of Night”. You have two main objectives in “In the Dead of Night”. The first is to track down the Dreki which is quite simple cause you can find its lair easily. Secondly, you will have to Slay it, compared to the others this should be a simple and easy Favor. 

34. Return Of The River

Mission List Return Of The River God Of War Ragnarok
God Of War Ragnarok Return Of The River – [Image credit: eXputer]
As previously mentioned, “Return of the River” is a pre-requisite for a lot of favors in the God of War Ragnarok Mission List. So you should complete it as soon as possible. Your main objective for the Favor is to Flood the Crater. You will have to ascend the dam and defeat two enemies to open the Gates to start the flow of water. Once you Flood the Crater the Favor will be complete.

35. What Lies Below

What Lies Below is the exact same mission as “In the Dead of Night” and all you have to do is locate and Slay the Dreki. The fights are going to be quite similar too, the only difference being that you will be fighting this dreki in Vanaheim. 

36. For Vanaheim!

The Last mission that “Scent of Survival” unlocks is “For Vanaheim” which is triggered automatically after completing the Scent of Survival Favor. The Favor revolves around locating and refusing Birgir. After searching for him and locating him in Vanaheim, we will have to defeat the Red Dragon to save him. Once he is safe we will send him through the Mystical Gateway and recuse him. 

37. Scent Of Survival

After you complete a Main Quest Mission “Scent of Survival” WIll be triggered and you can complete it anytime. However, since it is a requirement for a lot of other Favors so you might want to get it done as soon as possible. You have just a few small objectives which are done fairly quickly and unlock a new location called the Crater. 

38. Nocturnal Predator

A quick little side mission is the “Nocturnal Predator” and will encounter three Wisps in Vanaheim at night. Once you capture one of them the Favor will become. Capture all three and make your wake to the Sigil. Once at the Sigil you will have to fight a Flame Phantom. Defeat it to end the favor. 

39. Treasure

The favor “Treasure” has multiple objectives but a pre-requisite for the mission is you need the Draupnir Spear. The mission is quite rewarding as you get multiple rewards while playing it and then receive more for having completed the mission. You talk to a spirit to start the mission and have to locate his son and some treasure. Once you have done both return the son to the Father spirit and collect your rewards.

40. Spirit Of Rebellion

YOu will also require the Draupnir Spear for the “Spirit of Rebellion” mission. You will receive the favor from Durlin. To complete the Favor you will have to mow down all enemies in your way and retrieve a hammer. Once you have acquired the Hammer you must return to Durlin and Give it to him to complete the Quest. 

41. The Weight Of Chains

Favor The Weight Of Chains
God Of War Ragnarok The Weight Of Chains – [Image credit: eXputer]
“The Weight of Chains” Mission revolves around trying to free a ain’t creature which Odin had trapped. You free the Beast of its chain but to your disappointment, it doesn’t move. Upon Traveling to its eye we learn that the Beast has grown accustomed to its chains and does not wish to move. Mimir is heartbroken since its kind of his fault. 

42. In Service Of Asgard

A Favor you get quite early in the is “In Service Of Asgard” from Durlin. You have to go and destroy the Oil rigs which are polluting the river. The oil rigs were put in by Odin and Mimir who admits it was his mistake. You can go to the area and destroy the Rigs and also gain a Muspelheim side while you are there. 

43. Guiding Light

You will have to Explore the Wreckage of Tyr’s statue where you learn quite a bit about what happen to the Statue. It’s a pretty simple Mission and you just examine different parts of the statue. Once you are done you get the XP and some cool rewards which are quite good considering it is such a simple mission. 

44. Animal Instincts

In the “Animal Instincts” Favor you will have to eliminate all the enemy Raider’s Strongholds and Forts in the area. There are 4 Raider locations in told and they have to go since they are a threat to wildlife. You can take them out relatively easily and return home to your wolves.

45. Sigrun’s Curse

In “Sigrun’s Curse” you win learn about Sigrun’s past and the truth about his Treasury. You unlock this favor once you enter the Lake of the Nine while playing the Main Path. Sigrun’s Cruse is one of the easier and calm Favors, it’s more about puzzle-solving and learning the truth than FIghting. Though there are a few fights is quite easy and fun. 

46. Across The Realms 

Favor Across The Realms
God Of War Ragnarok Across The Realms – [Image credit: eXputer]
Another chill and relaxing Favor is “Across the Realms” in which Kratos takes a break from everything. Kratos decides to have a meal and gather ingredients from different Realms to make the best dish he can. Once he has acquired all the required ingredients, he gets to cooking, and Mimir tells a story. This is a very wholesome and rare moment in the game where you just relax and have a nice meal. 

Final Words

That was all the overviews of the Missions in the God of War Ragnarok Mission List. After Learning all the missions and knowing a bit about the missions, you can choose which side mission you what to do first and get prepared accordingly.  However, if you want to perfect your Preparation check out our recommendations for THE Best armor in God of War Ragnarok.

You will also need to access Muspelheim to play all the Favor in that Realm, but it’s locked. However, you can learn how to unlock it in our How To Get Muspelheim Seeds Guide. Also, check out God of War Walkthrough to get a grasp of the game. 

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