God Of War Ragnarok: Complete Mission List

Learn about the Complete Mission List of God of War Ragnarok including Main and Side Missions.

God of War Ragnarorok has lots of Main and side Missions. We have listed all the Main Path Quests and also Side Missions or “Favors” as the game calls them. God Of War Ragnarok is quite a big game and has nailed the details and storytelling. But that comes at the cost of time. Ideally, you will need 30-35 hours to complete the main quest and a few side missions, and it will take nearly 60 hours to complete 100% content.

NOTE: We will try to give you a brief overview of the Quest with as few Spoilers as possible, but there might be some heavy ones as well. Read at your own discretion.

Key Takeaways
  • There are 18 Main Missions in God of War Ragnarok which include:
    • Surviving Fimbulwinter.
    • The Quest For Tyr.
    • Old Friends.
    • Groa’s Secret. 
    • The Lost Sanctuary.
    • The Reckoning.
    • The Runaway.
    • Into The Fire.
    • The Word Of Fate.
    • Forging Destiny.
    • Unleashing Hel.
    • Reunion.
    • Creatures Of Prophecy.
    • Unlocking The Mask.
    • Hunting For Solace.
    • The Summoning.
    • The Realms At War.
    • Beyond Ragnarok.
  • The main storyline is about 30-35 hours, while the complete story, including side missions, is more than 60 hours. 
  • Players can also opt to play the side missions as they progress in the main story so they can get more XP and Rewards.

Main Path Missions

The Main Path in God of War Ragnarok is the Main Missions you will have to play to progress the storyline of the game and finish the game. There are 18 Main Path Missions in the game. They are exhilarating and suck you into the World of the game.  Moreover, you will have to go through the Main missions completing them one by one to finish the game. 

Here is a list of all the Main Missions in God of War Ragnarok. 

Main Mission Location Rewards
Surviving FimbulwinterUpper Wildwoods500 XP-Kratos, 250 XP-Atreus
The Quest For TyrAurvangar Wetlands750 XP-Kratos, 375 XP-Atreus
Old FriendsSindri's House750 XP-Atreus
Groa’s Secret The Strond- Alfheim1500 XP-Kratos, 750 XP-Atreus
The Lost Sanctuary Ironwood-Jotunheim2,000 XP- Atreus
The Reckoning Lower Wildwoods-Midgard 2,500 XP- Kratos
The RunawayUpper Wildwoods-Midgard 2,250 XP- Atreus
Into The FireBurning Cliffs-Muspelheim2,500 XP- Atreus
The Word Of FateSindri's House4,500 XP- Kratos, 4,500 XP- Freya
Forging DestinySvartalheim5250 XP points for both Kratos and Freya
Unleashing HelHeilheim3000 XP- Atreus
Reunion Midgard3500 XP- Atreus,
7000 XP- Kratos
Creatures Of ProphecyVanaheim4000 XP- Atreus,
8000 XP- Kratos
Unlocking The MaskNiflheim4500 XP- Atreus
Hunting For Solace Midgard5000 XP- Atreus,
10000 XP- Kratos
The SummoningMuspelheim7500 XP- Atreus,
15000 XP- Kratos
The Realms At WarThroughout Asgard and Midgard20000 XP points for both Freya and Kratos
Beyond Ragnarok MidgardNone

All Side Missions (Favors)

God of War is already a long game but if you really want to get your money’s worth you want to play the Side Missions. The game calls them Favors” and they are great to learn about the characters and really immerse yourself in the game’s world. You also get XP and insane rewards like Armor to use in the main missions and progress more easily. Moreover, Side Missions are an important part of the game and you will need to do them to have a better experience. 

Here is a list of all the Side Missions in God of War Ragnarok. However, these are in no particular order

Side Mission (Favors)Location How to Unlock Rewards
The Final Challenges MuspelheimComplete 6 additional Crucible challengesThe "Trials by Fire" trophy
The Crucibles MuspelheimComplete all 6 trials10,000 XP- Kratos, 2,500 XP- Atreus
A Viking Funeral SvartalfheimComplete the last chapter "The Realms at War"The "Funeral for a Friend" Trophy
The Broken PrisonNiflheimReturn to Niflheim after completing the main game3000 XP- Kratos, 1000 XP Freya
Defend Your ValorMuspelheimComplete the story 4000 XP- Kratos, 4000 XP- Freya, The Queen’s Armour, The Queen’s Roar
The Last Remnants Of AsgardNine RealmComplete the Main Story Walkthrough10000 XP- Kratos , 2500 XP- Freya, Remnants of Asgard
The Nine Realms In BloomNine RealmObtained During the Forging Destiny Main StoryThe "Florist" trophy
Fit For A KingNine RealmUnlocks During the Fit for a King FavorThe "Grave Mistake" trophy
A Stag For All SeasonVanaheimApproach any Stag in the Crater or Talk to Ratatoskr4,500 XP-Kratos, 1,125 XP- Atreus, Whispering Slab, Rond of Disruption
The Lost LindwyrmsSindri's House Complete the Main Mission: Tbe Word of Fate4,500 XP-Kratos, 1125 XP-Freya, Lindwyrm Scales, 6 Gale Spark, Rightful Place 
Hel To PlayNine RealmClose the Hel-Tear in The Gleaming Bale4,500 XP- Kratos, 1,125 XP- Atreus, Escence of Hel, Frozen Spark
Born From FireNine RealmDiscover the Burning Craters4,500 XP- Kratos, 1,125 XP- Atreus, Sovereign Coals, Chaos Spark
The Eyes Of OdinNiflheimAccess to all Realms10000 XP- Kratos, 2500 XP- Atreus, Niflheim’s Justice Amulet Enchantment, Hilt of Forsbrandr
The Desert DoorAlfheimComplete Freyr's Gift Favor2,400 XP- Karatos, 750 XP- Freya, Dragon Claw, Skirnir's Gambanteinn, Alfheim's Fortune
Freyr’s GiftAlfheimApproach Freyr's Statue1000 XP- Karatos , 250 XP- Freya, Invoke the storm
The Elven SanctumAlfheimOpen the Door in the Barrens1000 XP- Kratos, 250 XP- Freya
Song Of The SandsAlfheimComplete Secret of the Sands1500 XP- Kratos, 375 XP- Atreus
Secret Of The SandsAlfheimComplete Groa's Secret1500 XP- Kratos, 375 XP- Atreus
Freya’s Missing PeaceVanaheimComplete The Reckoning Main QuestFreya-XP 1,500, Mardoll, Steel Harmony, Royal Vanir Garments
Conscience For The DeadVanaheimSpeak to Gunhild500 XP- Kratos, 125 XP- Freya, Savartafheim's Honour
Garden For The DeadVanaheimSpeak to Astrid500 XP- Kratos, 125 XP- Freya, Savartafheim's Safety
The Mysterious OrbVanaheimReturn to Freyr's Camp after The Reckoning1000 XP- Kratos, 250 XP- Freya, Linda's
Trail Of The DeadVanaheimComplete the Return of the River favor3000 XP-Kratos, 750 Atreus/Freya XP, Dragon Claw, Bonded Leather, Purified Crystalline, Sigil of Doom
Casualties of WarVanaheimComplete Creatures of Prophecy500 XP- Kratos, 125 XP- Freya
In Plain SightVanaheimComplete favor: Scent of Survival 3000-XP Kratos, 750-XP Atreus, Hunter’s Brand, Eir’s Armament Amulet Enchantment
The Burning SkiesVanaheimComplete favor: Scent of Survival 3000 XP- Kratos, 750-XP Atreus, Dragon Claw
Quaking HollowVanaheimComplete favor: Scent of Survival 4500-XP Kratos, 1125 XP Atreus, Regenerating Essence Amulet Enchantment, Dragon Claw
Path Of DestructionVanaheimFlood the Crater (Complete Favor: Return of the River)4,500 XP- Kratos, 1125 XP- Atreus, Dragon Tooth, Dragon Claw
In The Dead Of NightVanaheimReturn to The Plains at night after completing Return of the River1500 XP Kratos, 375 XP-Atreus, Dragon Tooth
The Burning SkiesVanaheimAccess to The Crater (Complete the favor: Scent of Survival)3000 XP- Kratos, 750 XP- Atreus, Dragon Claw
Quaking HollowVanaheimAccess to The Crater (Complete the favor: Scent of Survival)4500 XP-Kratos, 1125 XP- Atreus, Regenerating Essence Amulet Enchantment, Dragon Claw
Path Of DestructionVanaheimAfter Passing Through a Gap6375 XP- Kratos, 1625 XP- Freya,
Dragon Claw, Purified Crystalline
In The Dead Of NightVanaheimReturn to The Plains at night after completing Return of the River1500 XP- Kratos, 375 XP Atreus, Dragon Tooth
Return Of The RiverVanaheimEnter the Jungle and View the Dam500 XP- Kratos, 125 XP Atreus
What Lies BelowVanaheimWitness the Dreki Ambush1500 XP- Kratos, 375 XP Atreus, Dragon Tooth
For Vanaheim!VanaheimReach the Crater3000 XP- Kratos, 750 XP- Atreus, Rond of the Nine
Scent Of SurvivalVanaheimFinish Creatures of Prophecy1000 XP- Kratos, 250 XP- Atreus, Access to the Crater
Nocturnal PredatorVanaheimAccess to The Crater (Complete the favor: Scent of Survival)3000 XP- Kratos, 750 XP- Atreus, Hunter’s Brand, Gale Flame
TreasureSvartalfheimSpeak to the Wayfaring Spirit3000 XP- Kratos, 750 XP- Freya, Svenfthorn, Emblem of Illusion
Spirit Of RebellionSvartalfheimSpeak to Durlin3000 XP- Kratos, 750 XP- Freya, Mountain Splitter
The Weight Of ChainsSvartalfheimDuring The Quest for Tyr1000 XP- Kratos, 250 XP- Freya
In Service Of AsgardSvartalfheimGet to Svartalfheim's tavern500 XP- Kratos, 125 XP- Atreus, Nidavellir Ore
Guiding LightMidgardInteract with Tyr's Statue Wreckage750 XP- Kratos, 200 XP- Freya, Breastplate of the Guiding Light, Gauntlets of the Guiding Light
Animal InstinctsMidgardAttack a Kol Raider Camp1000 XP- Kratos, 250 XP- Freya, Besties Silver Trophy, Crackle of Bilskirnir
Sigrun’s CurseMidgardGo to either The Oarsmen or the Derelict Outpost1,500 XP- Kratos, 375 XP- Freya
Across The Realms MidgardReach the Eternal Campfire1000 XP- Kratos, 350 XP- Freya, Meal of Comfort

Final Words

That was all the overviews of the Missions in the God of War Ragnarok Mission List. After Learning all the missions and knowing a bit about the missions, you can choose which side mission you what to do first and get prepared accordingly.  However, if you want to perfect your Preparation check out our recommendations for THE Best armor in God of War Ragnarok.

You will also need to access Muspelheim to play all the Favor in that Realm, but it’s locked. However, you can learn how to unlock it in our How To Get Muspelheim Seeds Guide.

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