GTA Online: CEO Guide

Here's everything you need to know about being a CEO in GTA 5 online mode and what activities can you expect to do.

Corruption in GTA Online just got bigger than ever, With the new CEO opportunities released with some other adventures in the Finance and Felony update. This took the concepts of the previously introduced VIPs further by expanding them so that the players can develop a city-wide piracy delivery assistance.

The best thing about being the CEO is that you’ll run your very own monarch by employing staff. This will make you feel literally like a real CEO. Destroy your rivals across Blaine Country and Los Santos with ease from the help of your own business.

Key Takeaways

To become a CEO in the game:

  1. Purchase an Office, a prerequisite for registering as a CEO. Offices can be expensive:
    • Maze Bank Tower: $4 million
    • Lombank West: $3.1 million
  2. Owning an office and a warehouse makes you eligible for buy-and-sell missions.
  3. CEO status unlocks various perks for both the CEO and their associates.
  4. The difficulty of buy missions correlates with the number of Special cargo purchased, with 1 being the easiest and 3 being the hardest.
  5. Warehouses can be sold for extra cash when needed.
  6. Local Los Santos gangs may attack your warehouse, but not other players.
  7. Defend your warehouse if attacked, as losing means losing all your progress.
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Being CEO in GTA Online

In order to become a CEO in GTA Online you’ll have to buy an office, then you’ll have to target buying a warehouse too for your own contraband. Once you get your hands on an office and a warehouse, buy-and-sell missions will be available now for you to run them.

Before we go further in the details, the main thing you’ll always have to keep in your mind is that there’s only one CEO role, these missions are created to be played as a team, very much similar to Heists. You won’t have a good time making money as a solo player because shifting one crate at a time isn’t easy.

All of this occurs because the risks are too high and you’d have to rely on a very situated team to secure the loot, store it and cut it loose at the delivery destination. A lot of things can go wrong because there’s a massive competition out there in GTA Online including Los Santos police and local gangs.

If you want things to go smoothly, you’ll have to put all of your firepowers on the tables. Here’s how to do it:

How to make yourself a CEO in GTA Online

The first step is going to be the office. You’ll have to buy an office in order to register yourself as a CEO. There are a total of four offices to choose from and to get them on sale, browse through your phone and navigate to Dynasty 8 Executive on your phone in GTA. These offices aren’t cheap so make sure you have plenty of money before buying an office.

GTA Online: CEO Guide

Here are the locations with their respective prices

Maze Bank Tower: $4 million
Maze Bank Tower: $4 million
Lombank West: $3.1 million
Lombank West: $3.1 million
Arcadius Business Center: $2.25 million
Arcadius Business Center: $2.25 million
Maze Bank West: $1 million
Maze Bank West: $1 million

At this moment you can also customize the office with a safe, gun locker, decor and living quarters. You can hire an Executive Assistant to cover up the miscellaneous matters like calling Pegasus vehicles, getting a carpool wherever you are or ordering free snacks and etc.

Registering Yourself As The CEO

After you’ve bought an office, you can successfully register yourself as the CEO as shown in the video below:

YouTube video

After you’ve made yourself a CEO, you can now recruit associates as well, very similar to the previous VIP privileges.

There are a lot of benefits to being a CEO, some of them are listed below:

GTA Online CEO Benefits

  1. VIP/Bodyguard advantages carry over to CEOs and Associates.
  2. Buying property (offices, warehouses) unlocks new special vehicles.
  3. CEOs with an associate workplace receive additional benefits, including permanent CEO status, no cooldown, and no bank balance requirement.
  4. Associate Benefits:
    • Loyalty bonus for completing Special Cargo missions.
    • Increased Health Regen cap.
    • CEO proximity RP bonus increased.
    • Associates earn wages, increasing with each consecutive Buy or Sell mission completed by the CEO (up to $10,000).
  5. The office comes with a SecuroServ computer for managing warehouses.

Here’s everything you need to know about warehouses:

  • Own up to 5 warehouses simultaneously.
  • Trade missions originate from the warehouse.
  • Warehouses store Special Cargo obtained from Buy missions.
  • Small warehouse: 16 Special Cargo crates.
  • Medium warehouse: 42 Special Cargo crates.
  • Large warehouse: 111 Special Cargo crates.
  • Vehicles in the warehouse can be upgraded at the workbench with armor, higher speed, etc.

Buying Special Cargo

In order to buy special cargo, you’ll have to start a Buy mission from the SecuroServ computer in your office. Make sure you have Associates with you beforehand, as the missions are multi-parted. Each and every buy missions ranges in difficulty and depends on how many Special Cargo crates you want to buy; one (very easy), two or three (hardest).


  • There are 20 buy missions in total, each varying in difficulty.
  • You’re only rewarded for undamaged crates remitted to your warehouse.
  • After completing a number of Special Cargo shipments, you’ll get the option for a Special Item crate. These are more challenging but yield higher profits.
  • Special Items involve valuable items like diamonds, rare hides, pocket watches, etc., and you can only possess one per warehouse.
  • Only one player can carry one Special Cargo crate at a time, so strategize accordingly.
  • Collecting Special Cargo alerts all players on the map, so ensure adequate defenses.
  • Utilize CEO and Associate privileges like Ghost Organisation and Remove Authorities.
  • Your Executive Assistant notifies you about Special Items and mission updates.
  • There’s a five-minute cooldown following a Buy Special Cargo mission.

Keep in mind that you can always sell your warehouse as well, whenever extra cash is needed, go ahead on your laptop in the warehouse you’ll see different offers on the table, whenever you are agreed on a buy you’ll have three ways to deliver your goods via Land, Sea or Air missions.

Don’t forget to defend your warehouse

Luckily your warehouse can’t be attacked by other players. However, they can be attacked by the local gangs of Los Santos. So always keep an eye on your warehouse. If you have special cargo stored in a warehouse, that warehouse is most likely to get attention so never store good cargo in a warehouse for too long.

Whenever you get a warning of your warehouse being attacked, defend it with everything you have because failing it would be a deal breaker and all of the hard work and time spent will get wasted.

Good Luck!

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