Hades Best Builds [Top 16]

This guide enlists some of the most powerful weapons builds for Hades that you should definitely try out!

In Hades, to defeat the countless shades and difficult enemies as the runs become harder, you will require the greatest builds. Roguelikes thrive on experimentation, and there are a wide variety of feasible builds. However, a select few builds stand out as the ideal options for the trickiest runs. It will be essential to brainstorm builds in Hades if you want to stay alive while you struggle through confrontations. You may make numerous builds into almost-guaranteed ideas to assist you in escaping from hell with the use of particular Boons and Keepsakes.

Key Takeaways
  • With the aid of specific Boons and Keepsakes, you may turn a number of builds into nearly certain ideas that will let you escape from hell.
  • The Hera’s Bow is a fantastic build for disarming adversaries and defending Zagreus, the Hera Aspect is a DPS powerhouse that can carry you to victory with the right setup.
  • The Guan Yu build is one of the best builds in the game but it has to be completely upgraded.
  • If you want to play conservatively in the game then Shield of Chaos is the most sensible option for you.
  • The first weapon you can use in Hades is the Stygian blade, it has two variants: Poseidon Aspect and Aspect of Arthur.
  • Eternal Spear is one of Hades’ best hybrid weapons but Your base health is decreased by this aspect by 70%.
  • Slugger Sowrd build is the perfect option if you’re sick of cast-based builds that need precise movement and frantic dodging and want builds that can deliver a ton of damage in a short amount of time.
  • Friendly Fire build’s impact is undeniable. Your attack damage will increase by 75% by this build.
  • Talos, the Aspect of Twin Fists, grants you the amazing Magnetic Cutter heavy attack.
  • The Aspect of Chiron, which is the best build in the game, causes all special shots to instantly target the victim of Zagreus’s most recent strike.

Here are the best builds for every different weapon in Hades:

No.WeaponsAspectDaedalus Hammer UpgradesIdeal Gods
1Hera’s BowHeraPerfect Shot, Explosive Shot, Triple ShotAthena, Aphrodite, Poseidon
2Glass TankBeowulfSudden Rush, Minotaur Rush, Unyielding DefensePoseidon, Dionysus, Athena
3Heart-Seeking BowHeraExit Wounds, Quick Reload, Trippy ShotArtemis, Dionysus, Hermes
4LifestealGuan YuMassive Spin, Quick Spin, Winged SerpentPoseidon, Ares, Athena
5Shield of ChaosBeowulfTempest Strike, Flood Shot, Tidal Dash, Any Ares BoonsPoseidon, Ares
6Stygian BladePoseidon, ArthurExit Wounds, Tempest Strike, Flood Shot, Thunder Dash, Sea StormZeus, Artemis, Poseidon
7The Spear Of 1000 CutsHadesExtending Jab, Chain Skewer, Serrated PointArtemis, Ares, Athena
8Eternal SpearGuan YuDrunken Dash, Rare Crop, Ravenous Will, Trippy Shot, Nourished SoulDemeter, Dionysus
9Slugger SwordArthurDash Noa, Double Nova, Greater ConsecrationPoseidon, Ares, Athena
10Lightning-Fast PunchesTalosConcentrated Knuckle, Colossus Knuckle, Long KnuckleZeus, Artemis, Dionysus
11Twin Fists Of MalphonDemeterTempest Strike, Tempest Flourish, Flood Shot, Typhoon’s Fury, Hydraulic MightPoseidon, Zeus, Dionysus
12Boss Buster SwordPoseidon Dash Nova, Super Nova, Double NovaAphrodite, Ares, Demeter
13Adamant RailLuciferDivine Strike, Divine Flourish, Phalanx Shot, Brilliant Riposte, Divine DashAthena
14Friendly FireErisDelta Chamber, Explosive Fire, Cluster BombZeus, Artemis, Ares
15Block And SmackChaosExplosive Return, Ferocious Guard, Minotaur RushZeus, Athena, Aphrodite
16Homing InChironRelentless Volley, Concentrated Volley, Piercing VolleyZeus, Demeter, Artemis

1. Hera’s Bow

Hades Best Builds
Hera’s Bow in Hades
Daedalus Hammer UpgradesPerfect Shot, Explosive Shot, Triple Shot
Ideal GodsAthena, Aphrodite, Poseidon

The Hera’s Bow is an excellent tool for disengaging foes and protecting Zagreus. With the appropriate build, the Hera Aspect is a DPS powerhouse that can take you to victory. Although the Aspect of Rama build is excellent, this build makes greater use of the cast ability, which is underutilized. This build uses retained casts to instantly inflict a great level of damage. You may hold onto casts and then release them with your charged attack when using the Heart-Seeking Bow with the Aspect of Hera.

Based on Zagreus’ casting, this build was built. You may deliver both the bow’s damage and the cast’s effect in the following shot by using Hera’s bow. Though several of the cast protagonists are effective for this build, Athena’s Phalanx Shot cast is a sure bet. Phalanx Shot may deflect strikes in addition to dealing some more damage early on, allowing you to maintain your aggressiveness.

The cornerstone of this build is the Parting Shot duo boon, which gives your cast the same additional damage you receive while attacking an enemy from behind. When you load your casts, Demeter’s Snow Burst, which does area damage and causes Chill, will activate. Athena’s Blinding Flash exposes foes who are hit by damage that is deflected.

2. Glass Tank

Weapon:  Aegis
Daedalus Hammer UpgradesSudden Rush, Minotaur Rush, Unyielding Defense
Ideal GodsPoseidon, Dionysus, Athena

This shield is one of the finest weapons in the entire game. It was the only weapon that provided an unequaled balance of offensive and defense. The shield remains a useful weapon even after being nerfed with the appropriate builds. Use The Aspect of Beowulf, the last unlocked shield aspect, for this build. You will take 10% more damage with this shield, so it might be risky, but the benefits are frequently more than enough to make up for it.

This build, like Hera’s Bow, emphasizes a powerful spell. You will frequently use the shield’s Dragon Rush ability to load your casts into the rush and go directly into danger.

3. Heart-Seeking Bow

In Hades: Heart Seeking Bow Build
Heart Seeking Bow In Hades
WeaponHeart-Seeking Bow
Daedalus Hammer UpgradesExit Wounds, Quick Reload, Trippy Shot
Ideal GodsArtemis, Dionysus, Hermes

Rama is the Heart-Seeking Bow’s Hidden Aspect, and he possesses tremendous attacking potential. Wearing Aspect of Hera, which enables you to put your Cast Shards in your Bow, is advised. With the Exit Wounds Boon from Artemis and a faster reload time provided by this Aspect, you can virtually always deliver triple Cast damage in addition to your normal attack damage. This speeds up if you have Hermes’ Quick Reload. While area-of-effect boons like Dionysus’ Trippy Shot let you target numerous foes at once.

Every monster in the Underworld becomes a piece of cake if you are fortunate enough to discover a Daedalus Hammer with an Explosive Shot or Triple Shot. It boosts the damage and quantity of projectiles thrown, respectively.

4. Lifesteal

AspectGuan Yu
Daedalus Hammer UpgradesMassive Spin, Quick Spin, Winged Serpent
Ideal GodsPoseidon, Ares, Athena

Since the complete release of the game, the Guan Yu spear has been a subject of controversy among the Hades community. The Guan Yu build, according to some players, is the best build in Hades so far. While others claim it is one of the worst weapons in the game. Guan Yu may be quite strong, but it has to be completely updated. This is due to the fact that at level 1, employing it reduces Zagreus’ overall life gain by 70%. This debuff is only reduced to a pitiful 50% by the level cap.

Despite these shortcomings, the weapon has several desirable characteristics. “Frost Fair Blade,” a special move set that Guan Yu delivers, gives the spear a fantastic spin attack version and modifies the special. A second push of the special button recalls the spear, which is often launched with the special attack. Guan Yu, on the other hand, pierces adversaries and detonates in midair, dealing much more harm. The spin attacks launch a vortex that can recirculate and restore 1 HP to Zagreus with each strike. Guan Yu’s finest moves are these two.

5. Shield of Chaos

Shield of Chaos Build In Hades
Shield of Chaos In Hades
WeaponShield of Chaos
Daedalus Hammer UpgradesTempest Strike, Flood Shot, Tidal Dash, Any Ares Boons
Ideal GodsPoseidon, Ares

Most gamers dislike the Shield of Chaos since it is one of Hades’ bulkier weapons. However, if you want to play conservatively, it is the most sensible option. The Beowulf Aspect, which is similar to Hera in that you may load your Cast into your strikes, is the Shield of Chaos’s Hidden Aspect. Bull Rush is this build’s standard attack, allowing you to rush toward foes and inflict a ton of damage. But Beowulf transforms this skill into the far more potent Dragon Rush.

There are several choices for boons in this situation, but if you can combine Poseidon knockback boons with Ares’ Doom buffs. You will be able to deflect incoming blows while relying on continual Doom damage to gradually incapacitate your opponents. Although it is the quickest method to play. It is also unquestionably the safest because you may quickly Dragon Rush your way to safety if a mob overwhelms you.

6. Stygian Blade

Weapon Aegis
AspectPoseidon, Arthur
Daedalus Hammer UpgradesExit Wounds, Tempest Strike, Flood Shot, Thunder Dash, Sea Storm
Ideal GodsZeus, Artemis, Poseidon

The first weapon you can use in Hades is the Stygian blade. However, two of its forms stand out well above the others. It is dependable, doing steady damage and giving you a fair bit of discretion over how you wish to attack your opponent.

The first is its Poseidon Aspect, which enables you to assault your opponents and force Cast shards from them. In particular, Exit Wounds from Artemis’ Boons, which delivers 100 damage for each shard that is dislodged, when combined with this. You can deal out an absurd amount of damage, and monsters in particular become much simpler to defeat.

However, the Aspect of Arthur gives you a powerful assault that boosts damage output inside a specific radius. It is the strongest kind of Stygian Blade. combined with Zeus’s lightning-based Boons and Poseidon’s knockback ones, as well as, if you’re lucky, their Sea Storm Duo Boon. Even Hades should be a frustratingly pointless competitor in comparison to your ability to cope with amazing zones of impact and environmental destruction.

7. The Spear Of 1000 Cuts

In Hades: The Spear of 1000 Cuts Build
The Spear of 1000 Cuts In Hades
Daedalus Hammer UpgradesExtending Jab, Chain Skewer, Serrated Point
Ideal GodsArtemis, Ares, Athena

This Hades build is not exactly categorized as meta, unlike many other builds. It is, however, a lot of fun to mess around with, much like many other builds players like. If you don’t enjoy getting your hands filthy, you won’t appreciate this build because it is undoubtedly one of the most aggressive. It comes out that Zagreus’s opponent is Hades. Although the two are always battling, Zagreus is utilizing his father’s spear, the Apsect of Hades, in this build.

Zagreus may increase his attack and special damage by 150% for the following 10 seconds by utilizing one sweep. When dealing with monsters that often operate as strong barriers, this can be a game-ending move, especially if you manage to seize a god’s finest gift.

8. Eternal Spear

WeaponEternal Spear
Aspect Guan Yu
Daedalus Hammer UpgradesDrunken Dash, Rare Crop, Ravenous Will, Trippy Shot, Nourished Soul, Strong Drink, After Party, Positive Outlook, Premium Vintage
Ideal GodsDemeter, Dionysus

Although the Eternal Spear is one of Hades’ best hybrid weapons, it is also one of his most challenging Infernal Arms to master. The positive aspects of this weapon are all present, but the Guan Yu concealed aspect is what will make you an expert.

This Hades build reduces your base health by 70%, negating the benefit of any subsequent health boosts. You will therefore start your runs with just 30 HP, even if your starting health is 100% at maximum. As long as you mix aggressiveness with evasion. You will be able to do enough damage to wipe out enemies before they can reach you. On the other hand, if you can obtain Boons from Demeter and Dionysus, you will gain your healing potential and general survivability.

9. Slugger Sword

In Hades: Slugger Sword Build
Slugger Sword In Hades
Daedalus Hammer UpgradesDash Noa, Double Nova, Greater Consecration
Ideal GodsPoseidon, Ares, Athena

This Aspect of Arthur critical strike build is the perfect option if you’re sick of cast-based builds that need precise movement and frantic dodging and want builds that can deliver a ton of damage in a short amount of time. You can transfer the typically quick-footed Zagreus into a slow-moving offensive slugger by this build, despite the fact that it is quite popular among players.

The sword is often an all-purpose weapon, but the Arthurian aspect transforms it into a powerful, albeit slow-moving, great sword. Because of the Nerf to his movement speed, some of you may start to despise this weapon, but if you build it properly, Arthur’s sword may definitely feel like a one-hit monster.

10. Lightning-Fast Punches

Daedalus Hammer UpgradesConcentrated Knuckle, Colossus Knuckle, Long Knuckle
Ideal GodsZeus, Artemis, Dionysus

The Twin Fist build in Hades aims to assist the player in following Muhammad Ali’s advice to “fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee” in combat. What your eyes cannot perceive, your fists cannot strike. This build emphasizes swift mobility, even faster attacks, and a ton of misery for the shades attempting to hold Zagreus down.

When using a special attack with this build, your regular attack will gain a 50% boost for 6 seconds. With this enormous amount of damage, any bonuses or upgrades can help you even more. Since there is a great rotation that you can gain between the single major strike and the minor strikes, most gods can become valuable.

11. Twin Fists Of Malphon

In Hades: Twin Fists of Malphon Build
Twin Fists of Malphon Build
WeaponTwin Fists
Daedalus Hammer UpgradesTempest Strike, Tempest Flourish, Flood Shot, Typhoon’s Fury, Hydraulic Might, Razor Shoals, Breaking Wave, Wave Pounding, Second Wave, Drunken Dash, Thunder Dash, Sea Storm
Ideal GodsPoseidon, Zeus, Dionysus

One of the top builds is the Twin Fists. Even yet, Talos, the Aspect of Twin Fists, grants you the amazing Magnetic Cutter heavy attack. The Aspect of Demeter is your best choice if you wish to use this weapon aggressively. Additionally, if you’re employing the Twin Fists, your gameplay should be aggressive.

You can unleash Giga Cutter, which deals with more powerful strikes if you have used the Aspect of Demeter for 12 straight hits. Also, you may enhance this so that each time you Special, you immediately deal the damage from your usual heavy strike plus an additional five points.

You will be able to one-shot the majority of foes by uppercutting them into walls when combined with Poseidon’s knockback Boons and Rapture effects. Additionally, you should enhance your Dash as much as you can. Anything that does lasting harm, such as Zeus’ Thunder Dash or Dionysus’ Hangover Dash, is great. This is due to the fact that you will continuously be rushing, assaulting, and escaping. If you are lucky, you’ll be able to upgrade the Twin Fists to the Breaching Cross, which provides an incredible 900% additional damage against armor, making Elysium a piece of cake.

12. Boss Buster Sword

Daedalus Hammer UpgradesDash Nova, Super Nova, Double Nova
Ideal GodsAphrodite, Ares, Demeter

Many of these builds emphasize rapidly and efficiently eliminating swarms of adversaries. They may occasionally struggle with the several terrifying bosses Zagreus may encounter while traveling through the Underworld. Since numerous challenge runs will make the bosses harder, this build may make these cinematic encounters just a little bit simpler.

You’ll benefit most from Poseidon’s sword aspect. Focus on creating a strong cast and repeating it as often as you can if you want to build that. Poseidon’s sword can dislodge casts with successful special hits, allowing Zagreus to rapidly recover them and launch them back into the enemy hordes.

13. Adamant Rail

In Hades: Adamant Rail Build
Adamant Rail In Hades
WeaponAdamant Rail
Daedalus Hammer UpgradesDivine Strike, Divine Flourish, Phalanx Shot, Brilliant Riposte, Divine Dash, Athena’s Aid, Bronze Skin, Holy Shield, Binding Flash
Ideal GodsAthena

One of the most damaged Hades builds is the Adamant Rail with the Luciferian Aspect buried within. It emits a jet of lava known as Hellfire that melts anything in its path.

With this weapon, boons are largely irrelevant, although Athena’s boosts are reliable. You can be both aggressive and defensive at the same time. If you can melt or deflect every missile that is in your way. The only thing to keep in mind is to be cautious when reloading, even if the Infinity Chamber weapon upgrade would provide you endless ammo with slightly reduced damage.

14. Friendly Fire

Daedalus Hammer UpgradesDelta Chamber, Explosive Fire, Cluster Bomb
Ideal GodsZeus, Artemis, Ares

The basis for this build in Hades is straightforward. Just make sure Zagreus uses his special once every four seconds on himself. This build’s impact is undeniable. Your attack damage will increase by 75% by this build. Enemies will melt when combined with Artemis or Zeus. It is not like this is doing any damage because Zagreus’ special does not truly harm him. Furthermore, a 75% damage boost makes it quite tough to argue against this, considering one of the greatest builds for Exagryph is this one.

15. Block And Smack

Daedalus Hammer UpgradesExplosive Return, Ferocious Guard, Minotaur Rush
Ideal GodsZeus, Athena, Aphrodite

It seems to sense that the Shield of Chaos’ build would make use of the Chaos Aspect. The pattern is roughly as follows: charge up Bull Rush while deflecting any strikes. And then release the move and utilize the special at melee range afterward.

Repeat each of these actions until you win the conflict. Blocking is usually a good idea. But Zagreus can use his special to blast off five shields due to the Chaos aspect. All will hit and quickly return to him if used at melee range.

16. Homing In

In Hades: Homing In Build
Homing In Build
Daedalus Hammer UpgradesRelentless Volley, Concentrated Volley, Piercing Volley
Ideal GodsZeus, Demeter, Artemis

The Aspect of Chiron is one of the finest builds in the game. It causes all special shots to instantly target the victim of Zagreus’s most recent strike. It deals as much direct damage as it does, even outperforming the renowned Lucifer build in terms of DPS.

Once fully improved, the special only loses one arrow, which is almost nothing considering that it basically ensures each shot is successful. With the gods’ gifts, it is difficult to make a mistake. Because every stacking boost or damage boon would be beneficial.

For each weapon, here are some of the finest builds in Hades. See what works for you by evaluating them and experimenting with them. Just keep in mind to select your boons according to your weapon. And focus on creating a cogent build as you move through this underworld. Different things work for different individuals.

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