8 BEST Harry Potter Magic Awakened Decks

The Harry Potter Magic Awakened Best Decks guide will showcase the best cards, spells, creatures and companions to use!

Harry Potter Magic Awakened allows players to mix and match their cards, using some of the best spells available while pairing together some of the best companions to annihilate opponents. Players might want to know many Harry Potter Magic Awakened Best Decks. Therefore, 8 options for players might be sufficient! 

Important: Players must summon some of the cards through gacha to build their decks completely.
Key Takeaways
  • The Best decks in Harry Potter Magic Awakened enable players to annihilate any opponents that are in front of them. 
  • Most decks will feature spells and creatures and can be paired with companions. 
  • Players can pick 3 companions to assist them in combat, allowing for ease of victory during battle. 
  • The spell cards can range from having damage-enhancing abilities to providing healing, crowd control, AoE damage and more! 
  • Some of these decks can help in 1v1 battles, while others can help with 2v2 battles. 

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Best Decks 

Below is a summary of all the best Harry Potter Magic Awakened decks with their associated cards and companions from Awakeneddb:

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Best DecksCardsCompanions
Solo DuellistTroll, Erumpent, The Monster Book of Monsters, Sectumsempra, Inflatus, Bewitched Snowballs, Acromantula Venom, Boomtastic Bubble BlastsRobyn Thistlethwaite, Rubeus Hagrid, Daniel Page.
Duo DeckSpiders, Troll, Occamy, Acromantula's Nest, Sectumsempra, Broomstick, Nebulus, Protego TotalumRobyn Thistlethwaite, Frey Twins, Lottie Turner
Offense/Defense DeckIncendio, Acromantula Venom, Atmospheric Charm, Inflatus, Spiders, Bewitched Snowballs, Broomstick, AshwinderRobyn Thistlethwaite, Daniel Page, Rubeus Hagrid
Deadly AshAshwinder, Inflatus, Oppugno, Expelliarmus, Expulso, Three-Headed Puppy, Stupefy, Bewitched SnowballsLottie Turner, Robyn Thistlethwaite, Hermione Granger
Fiendfyre CenteredFiendfyre, Matagot, Spiders, Swelling Solution, Atmospheric Charm, Episkey, Confringo, Cornish PixiesLottie Turner, Robyn Thistlethwaite, Daniel Page
Beastly BludgerA Bludger, Atmospheric Charm, Matagot, Incarcerous, Erumpent, Blast-Ended Skrewt, Golden Snitch, ConfringoRobyn, Ivy, Lottie Turner
Ashwinder-Based DeckExpulso, Essence of Dittany, Expelliarmus, Oppugno, Nebulus, Broomstick, Priori Icantatem, Bewitched SnowballsGrawp, Frey Twins, Daniel Page
Snape DeckIncarcerous, Howler, Oppugno, Priori Incantatem, Time-Turner, Phoenix, Accio, Golden SnitchKevin Farrell, Frey Twins, Daniel Page

1. Solo Duellist 

HPMA Solo Duellist
Solo Duellist [Image Credits: eXputer]
The Solo Duellist deck is one of the first Harry Potter Magic Awakened Best Decks recommended quite a lot. 

  • It uses spells and creatures such as Troll, Erumpent, The Monster Book of Monsters, Sectumsempra, Inflatus, Bewitched Snowballs, Acromantula Venom, and Boomtastic Bubble Blasts. 
  • The deck is centered around using Troll as a shield and spells that allow for crowd control, stun, and great damage output. 
Spells And CreaturesEffectsMana Cost
TrollTrolls effectively have high HP, allowing them to be used as a shield to intake more damage5
ErumpentErumpent can head towards the nearest opposing person and deal AoE damage and stuns them.5
The Monster Book of MonstersHeads forward and causes the first opponent it attacks to take knockback.3
SectumsempraThrough this, you can annihilate opponents with higher health, even if located away.4
InflatusPlayers can control opponents that threaten you as well as interrupt spells that end up requiring channeling.3
Bewitched SnowballsAs your distance increases, the overall damage dealt by Bewitched Snowballs also increases.3
Acromantula VenomYou can continuously damage opponents and apply Slow, making it useful against immovable opponents.4
Boomtastic Bubble BlastsIf a unit carrying blast attacks, it flies to the first enemy that is hit and explodes.3

As far as the companions of choice here are concerned, they are listed as follows: 

  • Robyn Thistlethwaite: Summon Robyn, through which she can hit a location to cause AoE damage and continue to deal more damage. 
  • Rubeus Hagrid: He can grant extra movement cards when he is summoned, increasing the movement speed and being able to damage enemies while hitting them. 
  • Daniel Page: Daniel can grant healing in a larger area while entering the battlefield.

2. Duo Deck 

HPMA Duo Deck
Duo Deck [Image Credits: eXputer]
Moving on, the next of the Harry Potter Magic Awakened Best Decks that players can use is the Duo Deck, which makes use of the cards as follows: 

  • The deck mainly focuses on releasing Spider Nest and cards like Occamy to keep your enemies occupied and then casting Protego Totalum to deal damage. 
  • The spells and creatures used will include Spiders, Troll, Occamy, Acromantula’s Nest, Sectumsempra, Broomstick, Hebulus, and Protego Totalum. 
Spells And CreaturesEffectsManacost
SpidersSpiders can work against enemies that will deal single-target damage.3
TrollTrolls get higher health and can be used as a shield to intake damage.5
OccamyTypically positioned at the back, it can deal AoE damage from a greater distance.4
Acromantula’s NestSpiders that hatch leave behind venom for enemies when they are defeated.5
SectumsempraIt can murder opponents with higher HP, even if they are at a distance.4
BroomstickWhile on the broomstick, players can damage opponents but can’t use other cards.2
NebulusThose in the fog will become invisible, not being visible to opponents and making it difficult for them to be noted.2
Protego TotalumEnemies won’t be able to approach you, and there is a shield that needs to be destroyed to attack the player.2

With the Harry Potter Magic Awakened Best Cards being out of the way, the companions that players can use are as follows: 

  • Robyn Thistlethwaite: Robyn can cause opponents to intake damage using her basic attacks being AoE damage. 
  • Frey Twins
  • Lottie Turner: She can restore mana points for the player. 

3. Offense/Defense Deck 

HPMA Offense Defense Deck
Offense Defense Deck

Next, another deck option players might like provides a solid mix between attack and defense. 

  • Players can use the deck to dish out continuous damage or be able to sustain themselves while in the middle of the battle. 
Spells And CreaturesEffectsManacost
IncendioPaired best with Control cards to absolutely annihilate opponents.4
Acromantula VenomContinues to dish out consistent damage to opponents and also slows down enemies, making it best when facing opponents that can’t move.4
Atmospheric CharmBest used against opponents that can’t move or have been slowed.4
InflatusPlayers can control opponents that threaten them and can interrupt spells that end up requiring channeling.3
SpidersWorks spectacularly against enemies that will deal single-target damage.3
Bewitched SnowballsThe control-based card allows for greater damage with greater distance.3
BroomstickPlayers can damage opponents near you but can’t use other cards.2
AshwinderSummons forth an Ashwinder to help you during battle.3

With the companion’s players can use these companions to aid them during combat: 

  • Robyn Thistlethwaite
  • Daniel Page
  • Rubeus Hagrid

4. Deadly Ash 

HPMA Deadly Ash
Deadly Ash

As far as the next deck is concerned, players will be able to use the Harry Potter Magic Awakened Best Decks to make Ashwinder your priority for its deck. 

  • The deck will also be combined with cards that typically have a lower mana cost, therefore being able to use, and it can be combined and used in a 2v2 battle easily. 
Spells And CreaturesEffectsManacost
AshwinderIt brings forth an Ashwinder to help you, and while it is active, it can bring along a smaller ashwinder.3
InflatusIt can be used to control opponents that target you and can interrupt spells too.3
OppugnoIf there is only one enemy close by, the Oppugno can deal a hell of a lot of damage.2
ExpelliarmusDamage and control-based card.3
ExpulsoIt can be used to deal AoE damage at a larger radius and can also end up causing knockback to opponents.2
Three-Headed PuppyWhile using spell cards, will decrease the overall mana power cost for the Three-Headed Puppy.14
StupefyStupefy can come in handy to interrupt opponents that are casting or are advancing summons.3
Bewitched SnowballsThe damage being dealt to opponents gets increased by distance.3

For companions, use the following three options: 

  • Lottie Turner 
  • Robyn Thistlethwaite
  • Hermione Granger

5. Fiendfyre Centered

HPMA Fiendfyre

Next up, players shouldn’t miss out on another deck centered around using the Fiendfyre towards the back of the battlefield. 

  • While using this deck, players typically want to use their other units to protect it and then fight against enemies
  • Keep up Fiendfyre as much as possible to make it dish out even more damage. 
  • The companions that can be used here include Lottie Turner, Robyn Thistlethwaite, and Daniel Page.
Spells And CreaturesEffectsManacost
FiendfyreIt's best paired with spiders to increase its attack since it ends up being pretty weak when it’s own.7
MatagotOpponents that launch low-damage attacks against Matagot will be useless, as Matagot ends up splitting up further.4
SpidersIt works incredibly well against enemies that inflict single-target damage towards the player.3
Swelling SolutionPlayers can use Swelling Solution towards their friendly units as much as they want.2
Atmospheric CharmIt works well against enemies that have been slowed or can’t move and can reduce movement speed.4
EpiskeyThe healing-based card needs proper channeling otherwise, it can get interrupted badly.3
ConfringoOpponents grouped together can be assassinated using Confringo due to its great damage.5
Cornish PixiesAerial units can be used against enemies whose attacks won’t affect airborne units.3

6. Beastly Bludger 

HPMA Beastly Bludger
Beastly Bludger

Keeping things going, the next deck that you can use is centered typically around the Bludger, and it has some of the Harry Potter Magic Awakened Best Cards. 

  • The Bludger itself can deal massive amounts of damage and is used to murder any and all kinds of enemies and consistently destruct everything. 
  • As for companions, Robyn, Ivy, and Lottie Turner can work pretty well. 
Spells And CreaturesEffectsManacost
A BludgerIt can be useful, but it can use up movement cards.4
Atmospheric CharmWorks pretty well on opponents that have been slowed or can’t move properly.4
MatagotMatagots can split into smaller matagots if attacks are launched at them. Therefore, lower damaging attacks are useless.4
IncarcerousUsed to pull in opponents towards a radius with negative effects.3
ErumpentIt charges towards the player that is opposing and is closest and ends up dealing AoE damage.5
Blast-Ended SkrewtThe overall MP cost can be decreased if movement cards are used with it.15
Golden SnitchMP regeneration-based card.5
ConfringoEnemies that have been grouped together can intake enhanced damage.5

7. Ashwinder-Based Deck 

HPMA Ashwinder Based Deck
Ashwinder Based Deck

The next of the Harry Potter Magic Awakened Best Decks will be centered around Ashwinder mostly, as players will be focusing on using Ashwinder as well as a few other cards that have low-cost. 

  • The deck will also end up providing players with higher damage output that can come in handy to render enemies useless. 
  • For companion options, you can go for Grawp, Frey Twins, and Daniel Page. 
Spells And CreaturesEffectsManacost
ExpulsoIt can deal AoE damage to opponents and cause them to take knockback and Aerial Units.2
Essence of DittanyHealing card that can be used to heal friendlier units.3
ExpelliarmusThe control-based cards can be handy, which disarmed units cannot attack.3
OppugnoIf there is one opponent close by, the Oppugno can greatly damage it.2
NebulusUnits that are present in the fog will end up becoming invisible, making it difficult for opponents to see them.2
BroomstickWhile using it, you can damage enemies, but other cards can’t be used while airborne.2
Priori IcantatemDefeating an enemy using the Avada Kevada curse can add to the stacks.0
Bewitched SnowballsAs the distance increases, the damage increases.3

8. Phoenix Deck 

HPMA Phoenix Deck
Phoenix Deck

Moving on, when it comes to the next deck, you might want to look into a deck built around Harry Potter Magic Awakened Best Cards, like some from the Incarcerous, Howler, Time-Turner, Phoenix, and more. 

  • Players can use Kevin Farrell, Frey Twins, and Daniel Page as companions.
Spells And CreaturesEffectsMana Cost
IncarcerousHas the ability to pull enemies into areas that have negative effects.3
HowlerControl and damage-based card.4
OppugnoIf there is one enemy close by, the Oppugno can damage it.2
Priori IncantatemDefeating an enemy using the Avada Kedavra curse can also add stacks.0
Time-TurnerSummon forth your clone behind your enemy’s back row, through which it can decrease their movement options.5
PhoenixThe healing-based card has a powerful area effect and works well with Dragon Eggs and Unicorns.7
AccioIt can pull enemies far away, allowing you to deal with units in the back row.4
Golden SnitchMP regeneration-based card.5

And that’s just about it! All that players need to know about the Harry Potter Magic Awakened Best Decks, and with that, let’s wrap up the guide! While you’re here, why not read up on the Harry Potter Magic Awakened All Wands, which covers all the wands and their effects and acquisition? The Harry Potter Magic Awakened Reroll guide will tell you everything you need to know about rerolling and how it works!

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