Harry Potter Magic Awakened Tier List [Aug 2023]

The Harry Potter Magic Awakened Tier List ranks all the cards by placing them in different tiers from the best to the worst.

Welcome to eXputer’s definitive Harry Potter Magic Awakened Tier List. If you are looking to unravel the game’s meta and build an unbeatable deck, then this ranking is the best landing place. Players in this recently released mobile game are looking for the best strategies, and this tier list can help you curate one.  

We have ranked all the cards from S Tier to D Tier in helping you make informed decisions by knowing which cards to prioritize. I will strive to keep it updated, taking into account any updates from the developer to the cards and the adjustments that they will make.

Important: The Harry Potter Magic Awakened tier list is based on patch version V.3.0.21788.
Key Takeaways
  • All cards in Harry Potter Magic Awakened are ranked in this tier list with respect to the recent patch notes, which introduced many new game modes, and now certain cards are easier to get.
  • Our tier list has ranked these characters from the S Tier (Strongest Cards) to the D Tier (Weakest Cards)
  • In the S Tier, you will find the likes of Avada Kedavra, Baby Antipodean, Tebon, and many more Harry Potter Awakened legendary cards.
  • In the weakest tier, you will find cards like Portkey, Troll, Fwooper, and others.
  • The latest version of Harry Potter Magic Awakened is V.3.0.21788, and the tier list has taken into account the changes made during this update.

All Harry Potter Magic Awakened Cards Ranked

Here is an overview of all the cards in Harry Potter Magic Awakened and their classes.

SpidersCommon Cards
StupefyCommon Cards
Swelling SolutionCommon Cards
Essence of DittanyCommon Cards
HowlerCommon Cards
OppugnoCommon Cards
PortkeyCommon Cards
Protego TotalumCommon Cards
Acromantula VenomCommon Cards
CentaurCommon Cards
Cornish PixiesCommon Cards
Bewitched SnowballsRare Cards
Blast-Ended SkrewtRare Cards
Bombtastic Bomb BoxRare Cards
BroomstickRare Cards
EpiskeyRare Cards
ExpulsoRare Cards
Fire CrabRare Cards
Acromantula’s NestRare Cards
AguamentiRare Cards
Atmospheric CharmRare Cards
Side-Along ApparitionRare Cards
The Monster Book of MonstersRare Cards
NebulousRare Cards
GlaciusRare Cards
InflatusRare Cards
MatagotRare Cards
ConfringoEpic Cards
ExpelliarmusEpic Cards
Glacius MaximaEpic Cards
IncendioEpic Cards
NifflerEpic Cards
OccamyEpic Cards
Prior IncantatoEpic Cards
SectumsempraEpic Cards
Stack of Monster Book of MonstersEpic Cards
AccioEpic Cards
AshwinderEpic Cards
Baby ManticoresEpic Cards
BludgerEpic Cards
VentusEpic Cards
Weasley’s Firework BoxEpic Cards
Weasley’s Wildfire Whiz-BangsEpic Cards
TeboEpic Cards
Three-Headed PuppyEpic Cards
Time-TurnerEpic Cards
UnicornEpic Cards
PhoenixLegendary Cards
Piertotum LocomotorLegendary Cards
Protego DiabolicaLegendary Cards
FiendfyreLegendary Cards
Norwegian Rideback EggLegendary Cards
Orb of WaterLegendary Cards
ThunderstormLegendary Cards
Avada KedavraDark Cards
CrucioDark Cards

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Tier List Breakdown

The overall tier list can be sorted in the following order.

SAvada Kedavra, Baby Antipodean Opaleye, Crucio, Essence of Dittany, Hermione Granger, Malfoy Gang, Norwegian Ridgeback Egg, Orb of Water, Phoenix, Piertotum Locomotor ,Protego Totalum, Occamy, Tebu, Time Turner
ABlast-Ended Skrewt, Bombtastic Bomb Box, Cassandra Vole, Expelliarmus, Fiendfyre, Glacius Maxima, Incendio, Ivy Warrington, Lottie Turner, ncarcerous, Nebulus, Niffler, Protego Diabolica, Ron Weasley, Sectumsemptra, Stack of Monster Book of Monsters, Swelling Solution, Thunderbird, Thunderstorm, Weasley’s Firework Box,Weasleys’ Wildfire Whiz-Bangs
BAccio, Acromantula Venom, Aquamenti, Ashwinder, Atmospheric Charm, Baby Manticores, Bewitched Snowballs, Bludger, Confringo, Daniel Page, Episkey, Fire Crab, Frey Twins, Glacius, Grawp, Kevin Farrell,Matagot, Prior Incantato, Rubeus Hagrid,Spiders, Three-Headed Puppy, Unicorn, Ventus
CAcromantula’s Nest, Broomstick, Centaur, Cornish Pixies, Erumpent, Expulso, Grawp, Howler, Inflatus, Kevin Farrell, Monster Book of Monsters, Oppugno, Robyn Thistlethwaite, Stupefy
DFwoopers, Portkey, Side-Along Apparition, Troll, Whomping Willow

S Tier 

S Tier Characters of Harry Potter Magic Awakened Tier List
S Tier Characters

In Harry Potter Magic Awakened, certain cards reign supreme, and they are must-haves. These exception cards are indispensable for most players. Acquiring these cards should be a top priority, as with these cards, you can soar to new heights in Harry Potter Magic Awakened.

Avada Kedavra

SAvada KedavraAmong the three curses she is the most powerful one. Each opponent you defeat using this curse, increases its damage by 25%. After you defeat 4 opponents in a row, the curse will defeat the next target it hits instantly.

Baby Antipodean Opaleye

SBaby Antipodean OpaleyeAn aerial unit that can be a source of decimation for the opposition. It has a low MP cost for example in comparison to a similar card, Phoenix. It is expensive and not as good as Antipodean. It is an aggressive card and a must have in your decks.


SCrucioOne of the best spells in the game. It has a a power of 754. Crucio and Avada Kedavra together unlock the dark wizal spells.

Essence of Dittany

SEssence of DittanyA powerful healing agent. It restores the health of friendly units within range. Can be easily turned into a master card at 7500 proficiency.

Hermione Granger

SHermione GrangerA valuable companion card. Can act as a clone and fights beside you and cast same spells as you. Fits into many decks and a very versatile card.

Malfoy Gang

SMalfoy GangAnother good companion card. A summon card that aids you in your battles. Better than many companion cards in the game.

Norwegian Ridgeback Egg

SNorwegian Ridgeback EggThe special power of the egg makes it special. When it reaches a health of 100% it releases a Baby Ridgeback that kills random enemies. It starts at a health of 40%. Regeneration is the key.

Orb of Water

SOrb of WaterThe card has a legendary rarirty. Significant damage increase as you level it up. Targets ground and air enemies.


SPhoenixIt has a high mana cost but worth it if you have the means. The best healing card in the game. It heals at the cost of its own health.

Piertotum Locomotor

SPiertotum LocomotorIt deals a good damage and has a good defence and It costs less. Best value to money card in the game.

Protego Totalum

SProtego TotalumShields your units. Blocks enemy spells. One of the best cards for PvP situations.


SOccamyIt is a great card in ranged damage. Its cost is fair for an epic card. Keeps enemies busy for long. One of the best at this.


STeboIt has exceptional combat prowess. One of the best attacks in the game. Can be a strategic barrier if you don't use it in the correct deck.

A Tier 

A Tier Characters
A Tier Characters

These cards in Harry Potter Magic Awakened Tier List are exceptional as well. They are not at the pinnacle of desirability like the cards in the S Tier, but you don’t get everything you ever want. Thus these cards are worth your time and effort as they can be of great value in your deck.

Blast-Ended Skrewt

ABlast-Ended SkrewtA good card to have. Gives good value for what it costs. Not very powerful but surely will go in any deck.

Time Turner

ATime TurnerAn underrated card. Like the mysterious role in the harry potter universe, this card is mysterious in the game too. Works flawless in some decks while in other it doesn't.

Bombtastic Bomb Box

ABombtastic Bomb Box
Good range of attack. One of the best in the game at it. Deals a high damage but it takes high damage too.

Cassandra Vole

ACassandra VoleBase health of 774, damage of 129, one of the best companion card. Good attack range of 50. Not on the S Tier because of slow movement.


AExpelliarmusA powerful charm. Summons creatures. One of the best magic cards.


AFiendfyrePut it in the backline and protect it well. This strategy can win you many matches. With spell cards it deals maximum damage.

Glacius Maxima

AGlacius MaximaDeals massive damage. Works best with Frey Twins. Good with low cast spells.


AIncendioBeautiful animations. Its charm is very hard to control for the opponent. Good damage boost.

Ivy Warrington

AIvy WarringtonEnergetic, confident witch with excellent wand skills. Curious past, advanced spells, and a pug Patronus. Carries a shimmering green locket as her prized possession.

Lottie Turner

ALottieSupport Card. Restores 3 mana instantly. Restores mana points 5 seconds after entering the arena.


AIncarcerousRenders opponent immobile. A common card but deals a lot of damage. Slow in attacking is its weakness.


ANebulusSummons thick fog to envelop an area. The invisibility effect is canceled if there are enemy units in the fog. All your units within the fog become invisible and recover health.


ANifflerNifflers can help restore magic points. Magic points help in finding treasures within the game. Helps witches and wizards in the game.

Protego Diabolica

AProtego Diabolica
Legendary spell. Costs 5 mana to cast it. One of the best dark charms.

Ron Weasley

ARon WeasleyCompanion Card. He attacks both Ground and Air targets with an Attack Speed of 2 seconds. With high Health, Damage, and DPS ratings. Gathers and transform enemy units, and summon a chess King piece.


ASectumsempraMassive damage to the first target it strikes. It then hits multiple targets a maximum of four times. It is effective against multiple enemies, regardless of their distance.

Swelling Solution

AThunderbirdApplies lightning balls to 4 friendly units periodically. These balls explode and deals a rang damage. Use with other summon cards in a pair.


AThunderbirdApplies lightning balls to 4 friendly units periodically. These balls explode and deals a rang damage. Use with other summon cards in a pair.


AThunderstormFifteen random thunderstorm strikes to opponents. It costs 6 mp. Low cost but highly effective.

Weasley’s Firework Box

AWeasley’s Firework BoxFront Type character. Best against both ground and air enemies. It costs 3 mana.

Weasleys’ Wildfire Whiz-Bangs

AWeasleys' Wildfire Whiz-bangsWhiz-bangs deal significant damage to all opponents in the target area. They are difficult to extinguish and explode when hit with a Stunning Spell. They work well with Crowd Control Cards and Hermione's Echo.

B Tier

B Tier Characters of Harry Potter Magic Awakened Tier List
B Tier Characters

These cards in Harry Potter Magic Awakened Tier List may not be as remarkable as the cards in the higher tiers, but they are solid performers in various situations. If you come across better and more desirable cards, then you may swap these cards out. Keep an eye to update your deck with time, and while you look out, these can be solid cards for the time being.


BAccioImmobilizes opponents. It is a versatile spell that allows for strategic repositioning and control over the battlefield. Accio can only pull wizard units to the center line of the battlefield, but there is no such restriction on other enemy units.

Acromantula Venom

BAcromantula VenomPower of 496, a powerful spell. Can give you a good tactical advantage. Range of attack is bad.


BAguamentiPowerful spell. High-powered water jets as projectiles. Continuous casting of spells but low damage to the opponents.


BAshwinderIts fiery attacks can deal significant damage to your enemies. With Matagot, Spiders and Ashwinder you can have a strong backbone in the offense. Upgrading path of Ashwinder is not good.

Atmospheric Charm

BAtmospheric CharmStrong thundercloud to deal damage to opponents. Healing received to opponents is blocked. Thundercloud only effects one enemy within range.

Baby Manticores

BBaby ManticoresMenacing in numbers. Good magical abilities. Average summoning card.

Bewitched Snowballs

BBewitched SnowballsThey have special snowballs. They explode when enemy units touch it. Freezes the enemies with it.


BBludgerHit and return, damaging enemy units along the way. Catch and redirect up to 5 times. Last hit deals high damage and knocks back enemies.


BConfringoA Versatile spell with low cost. Deadly when combined with Hermione's presence. Alone it is weak.

Daniel Page

BDaniel PageRare companion card. Good healing abilities. Being such a rare card it ideally shouldn't deplete its health by a lot while healing ally units.


BEpiskeyThe spell Episkey allows players to heal themselves, allies, and creatures, providing essential support during battles. Episkey is a channeled ability that requires concentration and can be interrupted by enemy attacks. Hard to play with at times, at requires a lot of attention.

Fire Crab

BFire CrabPowerful offense:, Inflicts significant damage with fiery attacks. Defensive resilience, Resistant to fire-based spells and attacks. Susceptible to water-based abilities, limiting its effectiveness.

Frey Twins

BFrey TwinsCan be useful in the early stages of the game. Not particularly exceptional or unique compared to other cards. Overall a good alternative if you are low on mp.


BGlacius Maxima:More companions the better Glacius Maxima will do. Strategic timing is vital as it is sluggish at times. Good against some spells.


BGrawpGives a lot of damage to ground enemies. Takes time charging. DPS rating is low.


BInflatusInflate attacks cause enemies to go into the air for 4 seconds. Inhibiting their movement. Against wizards this is a bad move.

Kevin Farrell

BKevin FarrellGood against both air and ground enemies. High DPS rating. Overreliance on normal attacks.


BMatagotLow damage spells multiplies its cat. Good against low power spells. Very good against high power spells too.

Monster Book of Monsters

BMonster Book of MonstersSteadily consumes opponents health. A good pressure card. Can deal speed attacks in a 2v2 optimized deck.


BOppugnoConserves mp. Deals good damage. A good special ability, using 6 canaries hovering around the player.

Prior Incantato

BHermione GrangerGood attack speed but bad range. Low DPS rating. Slow movement.


BSpidersPowerful venom attack. Slows down enemies. Good against fast enemies.


BStupefyOne of the best common car ds in the game. Good for aggressive tactics. Great special ability.

Three-Headed Puppy

BThree-Headed PuppyExplosive damage. Works good with low cost spell cards. Good in 2V2 situations.


Only target ground enemies. 11 seconds are needed to cast it but has rapid movement.


BVentusEpic Card. Good for gaining control. Damage statistics are subpar.

C Tier

C Tier Characters
C Tier Characters

The cards in this tier of Harry Potter Magic Awakened Tier List may struggle to hold up against formidable cards. They have a usage in specific situations, but generally, they lack a lot. If you happen to have a C Tier card in your deck with a specified purpose, then there is utility attached to it. But I would advise you not to rely on them and look for better alternatives.

Acromantula’s Nest

CAcromantula’s NestRare Card. You can call it good enough. Nothing great but an overall bang average card.


CBroomstick40 Damage and a 200 range. You are unable to use any card while riding the broomstick.


CCentaurA summon card which targets ground and air units with a subpar special ability.

Cornish Pixies

CCornish PixiesCan be used at initial levels. Overall a bad card. Better summon cards out there.


CErumpentOverall a bad card. Can be used in certain decks. Better summon cards out there.


CGrawpA companion card with no special abilities but it is immune to control effects while charging, which is a small plus of having it.


CHowlerA spell card with a good defense. But it deals very less damage.

Whomping Willow

CWhomping WillowGood for a defensive approach. Can deal some damage. You may call it the best card on C Tier.

D Tier

D Tier Characters of Harry Potter Magic Awakened Tier List
D Tier Characters

These cards can be labeled as practically useless and avoidable. They are ineffective, and I suggest that you steer clear of these cards as they can be a reason for hindering your progress in Harry Potter Magic Awakened. Don’t develop these cards; focus on acquiring higher-tier cards.


DExpulsoNo special abilities. Costs 2 manas. A basic ability that is very weak.


DFwooperGood for Forbidden Forest. Overall a below average card. Makes your over rely on spell cards.


DPortkeyOverall a bad card. Avoid like a plague. One of the top 3 worst cards in the game.

Robyn Thistlethwaite

DRobyn ThistlethwaiteCosts zero mp. Nothing special about the card. Bad statistics.

Rubeus Hagrid

DRubeus HagridWeak against the enemies in the air. Low DPS rating. Average movement speed and range is low.

Side-Along Apparition

DSide-Along ApparitionA rare spell card with nothing special about it.


DTrollEven the name says something? Avoid it. One of the worst cards in the game

Harry Potter Magic Awakaned Patch

This tier list is based on the latest patch Update dated July 25, 2023. The Harry Potter Magic Awakened Tier List from eXputer provides an in-depth overview of all the cards available. Some cards are exceptional, while others just fall short of the summit. But there are good value cards, and then there are specific cards good for certain situations. While in Harry Potter Magic Awakened, you will find cards that should be avoided

We tried to rank them all in tiers, and hopefully, you will put this tier list to good use. Thanks, do let us know if you have any comments in the section below.

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