Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List [June. 2022]

Our Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List will teach you how to create the perfect squad in both PvE and PvP game modes with the best cookies. Cookie Run: Kingdom is a city-building combat simulator and role-playing game. The game is primarily played by constructing the Cookie Kingdom and acquiring Cookies using the game’s gacha to battle in various game modes. While you’re at it, consider reading Mario Strikers Battle League Tier list

World Exploration, the main story mode, has numerous levels that are completed in order. Similar to earlier Cookie Run games, each level is played by utilizing a team of Cookies to battle several opponents and, on certain levels, make their cookies jump to earn coins.

Players may become puzzled as to which character to select from such a wide range of characters. In our Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List, It’s easy for gamers to pick a character based on

  • S+: Overpowered Cookies!
  • S: Brilliant performance with no major problems.
  • A: A good performance with a few issues.
  • B: Average performance.
  • C: Below-average/Worst Performing Cookie.

Let’s take a look at the Tier List without wasting any time.


Cookies from S+ Tier
Cookies from S+ Tier

The S+-tier of our Tier list contains cookies that are the strongest to pick from. This tier of cookies is the most effective, strong, and valuable of all the levels, as well as the most adaptable.

Cotton Cookie

Cotton Cookie comes in the S+ tier because she is one of the best cookies in the Cookie Run Kingdom. She ranks S+ Tier overall in both PvE and PvP modes. She is from the Support Class, can heal her teammates, and increase the total amount of summoned creatures’ ATK.

Pure Vanilla Cookie

Pure Vanilla cookie is the best Healing Cookie in the game, capable of healing at least half of a teammate’s health while simultaneously applying Shields to benefit the entire team. This cookie ranks S+ in both the PvE and PvP game modes. The best toppings to use with her are CD(for quick healing purposes) or full ATK(for more healing)

Sorbet Shark Cookie

The Sorbet Shark Cookie is one of the strongest middle-line units to use in PvP. It ranks S+ overall in both the PvP and PvE game modes. It is from the Ambus Class, and Area Damage is this cookie’s skill.

Sea Fairy Cookie

Sea fairy Cookie also ranks S+ in both game modes, she does well in the middle position, and she is a bomber in this game. She causes immense damage and stuns X5 nearest opponents with a stream of water. A full moon-shaped pool of water generated underneath the targets surges up with the might of eternity after a specific length of time, causing severe DMG.

Eclair Cookie

Eclair cookie is an epic-grade cookie, and she falls in the S+ rank in both the PvP and PvE game modes. This Cookie analyzes and finds the opponent’s weakness using all of her expertise and study accumulated over the years. Unleashes the weakening effect/debuff on X3 opponents with the highest ATK (targets cookies first), increasing the Damage they receive and inflicting DMG. All friendly forces obtain an HP shield if the opponent is defeated while under the Weakness debuff.

The duration of Eclair Cookie’s weakness debuff is replenished by adding more stacks; one stack lasts 10 seconds, while two stacks extend it by 8  seconds.

Dark Cacao Cookie

The Dark Cacao Cookie gets an overall ranking of S+ in both the PvP and PvE game modes. The Dark Cacao Cookie is from the Charge class and leads in the front position, and its skill is Solemn Judgment.

Dark Cacao Cookie swings the Grapejam Chocolate with incredible power, causing thunder and lightning to strike opponents in range, dealing DMG. This potentially reduces the foe’s ATK/DEF and delivers Zap and damage. Hurt foes’ maximum HP will be reduced, and the wound debuff ignores immunity and dispelling effects, except injury particularly. When Dark Cacao Cookie uses his skill, he becomes temporarily immune to interrupting attacks.

WildBerry Cookie 

The Wildberry cookie is of Epic rarity; this cookie is from the Defense Class and does well in the front of the battle arena. It ranks S+ in both the PvP and PvE game modes.

Clotted Cream Cookie

The Clotted cream cookie is of a Super Epic Rarity and is from the Magic Class. She does well in the middle of the battlefield. The clotted Cream Cookie ranks S+ in both the PvP and PvE game modes in this game.


Cookies from S Tier in our Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List
Cookies from S Tier

These Cookies are an excellent choice because they are ferocious on the battlefield and have no drawbacks.

Pumpkin Pie Cookie

The pumpkin Pie Cookie ranks an overall S in this tier list. However, in the PvP mode, it has the ranking of S, and in the PvE mode, it falls in S+. It is a middle-positioned cookie, and this cookie is from the Magic class. The Pumpkin Pie Cookie deals great Melee Area Damage, and it increases the ATK Speed of all the allied summoned creatures.

Holly Berry Cookie

The Holly Barry cookie ranks S in our tier list, but in the PvE mode, it ranks S+, and it ranks S in the PvP game mode. The Holly Berry Cookie Charges ahead, absorbing a part of the Damage taken by all of her Cookie friends, except continuous and indirect Damage. Hollyberry cookie becomes immune to interrupting effects when utilizing her ability.

Frost Queen Cookie

The Frost Queen Cookie ranks an overall S, but it ranks S in the PvE game mode and S+ in the PvP game mode. Frost Queen Cookie is from the Magic class. She can Damage her enemies by freezing them.

Strawberry Crepe Cookie

The Strawberry Crepe Cookie ranks S in this tier list; however, in the PvP game mode, it has a ranking of A+, and it has a ranking of S in the PvE game mode. She can decrease the Damage received by X2 cookies with the smallest max HP, and she can damage the surrounding area. You should get the (damage resist topping) to get the most out of this cookie.

Parfait Cookie

In our Cookie Run Kingdom tier list, the Parfait cookie ranks an overall S. She is a rear-positioned cookie and plays a support role in this game. She can heal, provide resistance to debuff to her allies, and Increases the Defence.

Caramel Arrow Cookie

The Caramel Arrow Cookie is a ranged front-positioned cookie. She ranks S+ in the PvP game mode and ranks S in the PvE game mode. When the twin blades transform into a bow, few foes can retain their cool! Caramel Arrow Cookie attacks from a distance (targets cookies first) and leaves an Arrow Mark on the opponent’s hit.

When Caramel Arrow Cookie rushes towards the target after the ranged attack, the Arrow Mark bursts, delivering Damage according to the enemy’s maximum HP (this DMG is capped at 300K). Caramel Arrow Cookie obtains a perk that makes her resistant to debuffs throughout the ranged Attack. Caramel Arrow Cookie will grow immune to interrupting effects while performing her ability.

Crunchy Chip Cookie

Crunchy Chip Cookie is a front-positioned cookie. He is from the charge class, and he is of the Super Epic Rarity. The Crunchy Chip Cookie is ranked an S on our tier list.


Cookies from A Tier in our Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List
Cookies from A Tier

In the A-tier, we have cookies, and we have cookies that give a good performance but have a tiny bit of a problem.

Cherry Blossom Cookie

Cherry Blossom Cookie is a rear-positioned cookie with the Ambus role. Prepare for a downpour of cherry blossoms! Cherry Blossom Cookie lines up to rain cherry blossoms down on her foes, creating area Damage. Non-Cookie opponents will take additional Damage, and all friends’ Attacks will be increased. The extra value will be determined by how many foes are hit by the ability.

Black Raisin Cookie

Black Raisin Cookie has the Ambush role and is a middle-positioned cookie. Her biggest strength is Area Damage. We recommend you use the Full Attack Build/Searing Raspberry Topping.

Affogato Cookie

The Affogato Cookie is a middle-positioned bomber in the Cookie Run Kingdom. She uses her skill “Sweet Scheme” to curse her opponents in secrecy with the highest Attack (Targets cookies first). For a certain period, the cursed target cannot get to any buff effects (limited to buff effects that can be dispelled).

The cursed target will further suffer increased debuffs and will spread poison to surrounding adversaries and themselves, causing periodic DMG. If poison is dispersed, it deals a lot of damage to close opponents.

Cream Puff Cookie

Cream puff is a cookie that is in the support class. she stands in the back of the battle arena. Her primary ability is replenishing the health of her allies. Her Jellius Extremus ability summons a tornado of Jellies that causes area damage over a vast area. The spell’s power replenishes her teammates’ health.

Tea Knight Cookie

The Tea Knight Cookie is an Epic Rarity Cookie. Tea Knight Cookie deals Damage to the nearest enemy (targets Cookies first) and leads the battle, buffing his allied troops and allies. There are numerous types of buff effects available; each type is applied to the Cookie that meets the requirements.

The wrath of the commander effect is activated after a friendly unit cookie is eliminated. The Commander’s Wrath is unremovable and stacks up to four times. Tea Knight Cookie will become immune to interrupting effects at maximum stacks.

Cocoa Cookie

The Cocoa Cookie is a front-standing cookie, and she is from the defense class. Cocoa Cookie dives into a massive cocoa cup and spins about for a certain amount of time, hitting the adversaries. Simultaneously Cocoa Cookie restores the HP of all allied cookies, excluding summoned minions like Pompon, and makes them resistant to the effects of stun.

Cocoa Cookie will become briefly resistant to disrupting effects when performing her skill. The standard attack of Cocoa Cookie heals X3 teammates with the lowest health.

Kumiho Cookie

Kumiho Cookie is a front-line unit that specializes in dealing damage to opponents. It exists in two variants: marshmallow fox and cookie. Cookie form deals area damage and charms foes in the close surroundings (enemies affected with the charm effect would not be able to unleash any offensive action). Kumiho’s appeal is merely temporary; it only lasts a few seconds. On opponents, the fox forms flames.

Vampire Cookie

Vampire Cookie is an epic-rarity rear-line cookie character notable for its life steal ability, which deals DMG while also restoring HP. In both PvE and PvP, this is indeed an awesome unit.

Mint Choco Cookie

The Mint Choco Cookie is a rear-standing cookie that has a support role. This cookie can heal its teammates and increase the Attack Speed.

Herb Cookie

In the Cookie Run Kingdom, Herb Cookie is one of the healers. It is “Epic” in terms of its rarity. A competent healing character would be essential in your squad, especially in PvE, as healers specialize in restoring teammates’ HP and eliminating debuffs. Herb, in our perspective, is a top-tier healing cookie. This cookie not only heals allies but also removes their debuffs.

Latte Cookie

Latte Cookie stands in the middle of the battlefield. Her main power is CC (Crowd Control); players may earn a Latte Glyph by using her abilities. The opponents will be drawn to the center of the latte glyph, where they will be dealt harm and silenced.

The glyph generates DoT (damage over time) on both the inner and outer surfaces. You may enhance Latte Cookie’s DMG by upgrading this ability.

Dark Choco

Dark Choco is a frontline cookie that is among the best tank characters in the game. Its skill can reduce opponents’ defense and do a lot of damage.

Licorice Cookie

You should assign this cookie a slot in your team if you’re seeking a mid-line damage dealer like the Espresso Cookie. Licorice Cookie is recognized for its magical abilities, which include summoning minions to deal damage and casting a powerful spell to boost the party’s protection. Licorice is one of the top-tier epic-grade middle-line characters in the Cookie Run Kingdom game.

Milk Cookie

Milk Cookie is one of the leading cookie characters. It is noted for its tanky performance in both PvP and PvE game types. It stands in front and helps by inflicting area damage, “taunting enemies” to defend teammates, and reducing incoming damage.

Mala Sauce Cookie

Mala Sauce Cookie is a front-standing character who is from the charge class. She uses her skill Spicy Mala Strike striking her mace to hit the ground, breaking it, and inflicting AoE Damage. L Slava will erupt from the crack, applying the burn debuff to the opponents and dealing DMG over time.

Additionally, the CRIT percent of the two friendly units with the greatest CRT stats is increased by this ability.

Twizzly Gummy Cookie

Twizzly Gummy Cookie is a ranged rear-standing cookie. She overloads her electrojelly gun and unleashes a devastating laser beam. Twizzly Gummy Cookie’s CRIT DMG increases as she uses her ability, and opponents struck by her laser beam are zapped.

This is a non-stackable debuff that deals with periodic Damage and disables the HP shield for a short time. Twizzly Gummy Cookie will temporarily become immune to interrupting effects while charging it later.

Tiger Lily Cookie

Tiger Lily Cookie is a highly regarded epic-grade cookie in the game, known for paralyzing enemies, inflicting damage, and allowing for quicker regular attacks with active skill.

Almond Cookie

Almond Cookie is a support class rear line cookie. The Almond Cookie utilizes magical handcuffs to arrest the opponent with the lowest maximum Health and apply the Damage link debuff, which distributes a part of the Damage dealt with the apprehended foe among connected adversaries. It can’t be stopped; handcuffs wouldn’t work on summoned enemies.

Mango Cookie

Mango Cookie is a middle-positioned cookie in the Cookie Run Kingdom. She can increase the attack of teammates and deal good damage.

Raspberry Cookie

Raspberry cookie can deal damage to an opponent and reduce the damaged opponent’s attack with her abilities. She does need toppings to survive longer.

Squid Ink Cookie

The Squid Ink Cookie is a middle-standing cookie in the Cookie Run Kingdom. This cookie is from the Magic class and specializes in inflicting damage to her opponents.

Rye Cookie

Rye is an epic-level rear-line damage specialist with the ability to target and damage the opponent with the most HP. This is a solid unit. Exceptionally effective against booses.

Madeleine Cookie

The Madeleine Cookie is an epic-rarity front-positioned cookie that has the defense role. This Cookie is recognized for its high health and defense attributes. With its “Commander” skill, it restores health and attacks from a distance instead of the normal ones. When this skill is being used, this cookie becomes invincible to debuffs.

Espresso Cookie

Espresso Cookie is recognized for its ability that deals with AoE Damage and CC. This Cookie’s Grinding ability creates a whirlwind that drags foes into the center while simultaneously doing damage. It has a middle location and the role of “magic Damage.”

Moon Rabbit Cookie

Moon Rabbit Cookie is a front-positioned epic-rarity cookie from the defense class. She specializes in AoE damage and self-healing; she can also heal allies by eliminating foes by using her abilities.

Snow Sugar Cookie

The Snow Sugar Cookie is a middle-standing cookie from the Magic Class. She can decrease the attack speed of frozen adversary and deals AoE damage. This Cookie can do good in some scenarios.

Pomegranate Cookie

Pomegranate Cookie is an epic-level support character that stands in the back row and helps the team in battle by buffing their attack. Great asset for boosting teammates’ ATK power.


Cookies from B Tier in our Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List
Cookies from B Tier

In the B-tier, we have cookies that are neither too good nor too terrible, and they give an average fight.

Chilli Pepper Cookie

Chili Pepper Cookie is an epic-level cookie in the Cookie Run Kingdom with the ability to do area damage to the enemy’s rear line; Chillie Pepper cookie is an average one in the game.

Lilac Cookie

The Lilac Cookie is a center-positioned cookie that is from the support class in the Cookie Run Kingdom. Lilac Cookie increases teammates’ usual attack damage proportional to their attack speed Boost Rate.

Poison Mushroom Cookie

The Poison Mushroom Cookie is middle-positioned. This cookie specializes in poison damage, and she does well in fighting guild bosses. It ranks at the B-tier in our Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List.

Werewolf Cookie

Werewolf is one of the epic-rarity front-line characters noted for its wolf form; when you use his ability, the cookie transforms into a wolf. The cookie has higher HP and damaging power in this form. He isn’t worth your time and effort.


Cookies from C Tier in our Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List
Cookies from C Tier

The Cookies in the C-Tier do not perform well at all. They are below average and are not that resourceful.

Purple Yam Cookie

Purple Yam Cookie is an epic-rarity front-line character who is noted for its damage-over-time ability. It does not give a good performance at all.

Sparkle Cookie

Sparkle Cookie is a healing cookie in the Cookie Run Kingdom. This Cookie is not the most effective; neither many people like to run this cookie.

Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List Criteria

Our Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List has taken a lot of time and work to create. Each character’s abilities and skills to succeed in gameplay were thoroughly researched. This Tier List was made to assist newbies to the game in selecting the best Cookie for them.

In fact, we strive to create tier lists that are as neutral as possible, based on the character’s combat capability and potential in the battle arena. While tier lists are primarily subjective, our team puts a lot of time, effort, and experience into assessing a character’s potential and allocating them to ranks. Let us know who your favorite cookies are in the comments section below.

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