Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List [September 2023]

Players may become puzzled as to which cookie to select. In our Cookie Run Kingdom Tier list, It's easy for gamers to pick a character.

Our Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List will teach you how to create the perfect squad in both PvE and PvP game modes with the best cookies. Cookie Run: Kingdom is a city-building combat simulator and role-playing game. The game is primarily played by constructing the Cookie Kingdom and acquiring Cookies using the game’s gacha to battle in various game modes. 

Key Highlights
  • Whether you opt for PvP or PvE arena, Cookie Run Kingdom features more than 90 Cookies for players to choose a perfect playing squad from. 
  • We have ranked all the Cookies of the game based on their overall effectiveness and strength across every Cookie Run Kingdom level and how much of a chance of success they offer. 
  • Cookies that tend to perform best in any situation and hence are the most valued options available include Eclair, Sea Fairy, Sorbet Shark, Pure Vanilla, Cotton, Clotted Cream, WildBerry, Moonlight Cookie, and Dark Cacao Cookies
  • If not the above, we recommend choosing Black Raisin, Poison Mushroom, Licorice, Pomegranate, Blueberry Pie, Stardust, or Rye Cookie. These are the best for contesting in the Arena And Guild Battles of Cookie Run Kingdom. 
  • On the other hand, Cookies that rank as below-average picks are Sparkling, Purple Yam, Onion Cookie, Ginger Brave, Wizard Cookie, Alchemist Cookie, and Angel Cookies
  • The more high-ranked Cookies you build your team with, the more adaptability to crucial levels you will experience.

Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List

Players may become puzzled as to which character to select from such a wide range of characters. In our Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List, It’s easy for gamers to pick a character based on

  • S+: Overpowered Cookies!
  • S: Brilliant performance with no major problems.
  • A: A good performance with a few issues.
  • B: Average performance.
  • C: Below-average/Worst Performing Cookie.

Let’s take a look at the Tier List without wasting any time.

Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List Cookies Ranking Table



S+ Tier Eclair Cookie, Sea Fairy Cookie, Sorbet Shark Cookie, Pure Vanilla Cookie, Cotton Cookie, Clotted Cream Cookie, WildBerry Cookie, Dark Cacao Cookie, Moonlight Cookie, Blueberry Pie Cookie, and Stardust Cookie.
S-Tier Strawberry Crepe Cookie, Frost Queen Cookie, Pumpkin Pie Cookie, Holly Berry Cookie, Oyster Cookie, Crunchy Chip Cookie, Caramel Arrow Cookie, Parfait Cookie, Beet Cookie, and Captain Caviar Cookie.
A-Tier Black Raisin Cookie, Cherry Blossom Cookie, Pastry Cookie, Cream Unicorn Cookie, Financier Cookie, Kumiho Cookie, Cocoa Cookie, Tea Knight Cookie, Cream Puff Cookie, Affogato Cookie, Dark Choco, Latte Cookie, Herb Cookie, Mint Choco Cookie, Vampire Cookie, Tiger Lily Cookie, Twizzly Gummy Cookie, Mala Sauce Cookie, Milk Cookie, Licorice Cookie, Rye Cookie, Squid Ink Cookie, Raspberry Cookie, Mango Cookie, Almond Cookie, Pomegranate Cookie, Snow Sugar Cookie, Moon Rabbit Cookie, Espresso Cookie, Madeleine Cookie, Princess Cookie, Adventurer Cookie, Avocado Cookie, and Prophet Cookie.
B-Tier Werewolf Cookie, Poison Mushroom Cookie, Lilac Cookie, Chilli Pepper Cookie, Devil Cookie, Knight Cookie, Blackberry Cookie, Gumball Cookie, Cherry Cookie, Pancake Cookie, Custard Cookie III, Carrot Cookie, Clover Cookie, Ninja Cookie, Muscle Cookie, Space Doughnut.
C-TierSparkling Cookie, Purple Yam Cookie, Angel Cookie, Wizard Cookie, Ginger Brave, Alchemist Cookie, and Onion Cookie.

Cookie Run Kingdom Comparison Table

For your convenience, we have also added a comparison table showcasing the Stats of every Cookie:

Cotton CookieS+SupportEpic2,816473.0766.0
Pure Vanilla CookieS+HealingAncient3,410527.0960.0
Sorbet Shark CookieS+Ambush AmbushEpic2,1511,0281,137
Eclair CookieS+Support SupportEpic2,396955.0683.0
Dark Cacao CookieS+Charge ChargeAncient5,624955.01,709
Carol CookieS+Healing HealingEpic2,957422.0833.0
Sherbet CookieS+Ranged RangedSuper-Epic2,6621,1971,504
Caramel Arrow CookieS+Ranged RangedEpic4,1861,0791,403
Black Pearl CookieS+Ambush AmbushLegendary2,4681,4781,020
Stardust CookieS+Ambush AmbushSuper-Epic2,4461,2851,245
Blueberry Pie CookieS+Magic MagicEpic2,3451,0411,281
Moonlight CookieS+Magic MagicLegendary2,2681,467980.0
Oyster CookieSSupport SupportSuper-Epic2,7921,051855.0
Pumpkin Pie CookieSMagic MagicEpic1,2691,179796.0
Clotted Cream CookieSMagic MagicSuper-Epic2,3931,2861,124
Vampire CookieSAmbush AmbushEpic1,966989.01,049
Wildberry CookieSDefense DefenseEpic5,598637.01,646
Strawberry Crepe CookieSDefense DefenseEpic4,796431.01,644
Sea Fairy CookieSBomber BomberLegendary2,2041,3501,187
Parfait CookieSSupport SupportEpic2,855473.0793.0
Squid Ink CookieSMagic MagicEpic1,9961,194977.0
Milky Way CookieSCharge ChargeEpic5,056497.01,486
Milk CookieSDefense DefenseEpic5,365492.01,754
Crunchy Chip CookieSCharge ChargeEpic4,327612.01,549
Licorice CookieSMagic MagicEpic1,8201,072964.0
Herb CookieSHealing HealingEpic2,401398.0618.0
Captain Caviar CookieSBomber BomberEpic2,0841,0901,055
Beet CookieSRanged RangedCommon1,248637.0672.0
Financier CookieADefense DefenseEpic5,638540.01,657
Purple Yam CookieACharge ChargeEpic4,841568.01,675
Frost Queen CookieAMagic MagicLegendary2,3911,4181,187
Cream Unicorn CookieAHealing HealingEpic2,894419.0733.0
Cherry Blossom CookieAAmbush AmbushEpic2,392951.01,116
Affogato CookieABomber BomberEpic2,1411,0801,080
Macaron CookieAMagic MagicEpic1,9651,072993.0
Cream Puff CookieASupport SupportEpic3,271509.0760.0
Tea Knight CookieACharge ChargeEpic4,604807.01,670
Latte CookieAMagic MagicEpic2,0821,1791,080
Mala Sauce CookieACharge ChargeEpic5,264802.01,899
Twizzly Gummy CookieARanged RangedEpic1,9781,0771,076
Tiger Lily CookieARanged RangedEpic1,345980.0922.0
Mango CookieAMagic MagicEpic1,8651,141995.0
Raspberry CookieACharge ChargeEpic4,774674.01,659
Rye CookieARanged RangedEpic2,175990.01,142
Espresso CookieAMagic MagicEpic1,9341,1181,010
Pinecone CookieABomber BomberEpic2,325981.01,145
Princess CookieACharge ChargeRare3,648350.01,337
Prophet CookieASupport SupportEpic2,715625.0712.0
Avocado CookieADefense DefenseRare3,780323.01,398
Adventurer CookieAAmbush AmbushRare1,714840.0878.0
Devil CookieBMagic MagicRare1,441952.0776.0
Dark Choco CookieBCharge ChargeEpic4,299375.01,583
Pomegranate CookieBSupport SupportEpic2,899390.0773.0
Candy Diver CookieBSupport SupportEpic2,291390.0614.0
Chili Pepper CookieBAmbush AmbushEpic2,4011,0691,009
Sparkling CookieBHealing HealingEpic2,980402.0736.0
Cocoa CookieBDefense DefenseEpic5,131341.01,626
Hollyberry CookieBDefense DefenseAncient6,349537.02,692
Kumiho CookieBCharge ChargeEpic4,148396.01,552
Black Raisin CookieBAmbush AmbushEpic2,0551,0571,158
Lilac CookieBSupport SupportEpic1,921461.01,025
Poison Mushroom CookieBBomber BomberEpic2,0821,0721,050
Red Velvet CookieBCharge ChargeEpic5,376500.01,713
Pancake CookieBAmbush AmbushRare1,680853.0883.0
Cherry CookieBBomber BomberRare1,646832.0923.0
Gumball CookieBBomber BomberRare1,672870.0869.0
Blackberry CookieBMagic MagicRare1,544946.0844.0
Knight CookieBDefense DefenseRare3,742336.01,357
Space DoughnutBCharge ChargeEpic4,301569.01,560
Muscle CookieBCharge ChargeCommon2,646247.0950.0
Ninja CookieBAmbush AmbushCommon1,188630.0615.0
Clover CookieBSupport SupportRare2,068328.0582.0
Carrot CookieBSupport SupportRare2,016343.0571.0
Custard Cookie IIIBHealing HealingRare2,111338.0554.0
Angel CookieCHealing HealingCommon1,538245.0382.0
Pastry CookieCRanged RangedEpic1,7291,0371,045
Mint Choco CookieCSupport SupportEpic2,892445.0820.0
Snow Sugar CookieCMagic MagicEpic1,7841,0781,001
Madeleine CookieCDefense DefenseEpic5,614537.01,669
Moon Rabbit CookieCDefense DefenseEpic5,185444.01,690
Almond CookieCSupport SupportEpic2,737408.0705.0
Sonic CookieCAmbush AmbushSpecial2,2031,0371,057
Werewolf CookieCCharge ChargeEpic5,203589.01,855
Fig CookieCSupport SupportEpic2,871392.0621.0
Tails CookieCAmbush AmbushSpecial2,2251,0351,087
Wizard CookieCMagic MagicCommon1,034683.0549.0
Alchemist CookieCBomber BomberRare1,630874.0887.0
Onion CookieCSupport SupportRare2,131326.0568.0


Cookies from S+ Tier
Cookies from S+ Tier

The S+-tier of our Tier list contains cookies that are the strongest to pick from. This tier of cookies is the most effective, strong, and valuable of all the levels, as well as the most adaptable.

Cotton Cookie

RarityTypePositionBest Topping(s)
EpicSupportRearraspberry, almond, swift chocolate
SkillA Warm Light

Cotton Cookie comes in the S+ tier because she is one of the best cookies in the Cookie Run Kingdom. She ranks S+ Tier overall in both PvE and PvP modes. She is from the Support Class, can heal her teammates, and increase the total amount of summoned creatures’ ATK.

Pure Vanilla Cookie

RarityTypePosition Best Topping(s)
AncientHealingRearAlmond, swift chocolate 
SkillLove & Peace

Pure Vanilla cookie is the best Healing Cookie in the game, capable of healing at least half of a teammate’s health while simultaneously applying Shields to benefit the entire team. This cookie ranks S+ in both the PvE and PvP game modes. The best toppings to use with her are CD(for quick healing purposes) or full ATK(for more healing)

Sorbet Shark Cookie

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
SkillShark Splash

The Sorbet Shark Cookie is one of the strongest middle-line units to use in PvP. It ranks S+ overall in both the PvP and PvE game modes. It is from the Ambus Class, and Area Damage is this cookie’s skill.

Eclair Cookie

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
EpicSupportMiddleSearing Raspberry and Swift Chocolate
SkillBook of History

Eclair cookie is an epic-grade cookie, and she falls in the S+ rank in both the PvP and PvE game modes. This Cookie analyzes and finds the opponent’s weakness using all of her expertise and study accumulated over the years. Unleashes the weakening effect/debuff on X3 opponents with the highest ATK (targets cookies first), increasing the Damage they receive and inflicting DMG. All friendly forces obtain an HP shield if the opponent is defeated while under the Weakness debuff.

The duration of Eclair Cookie’s weakness debuff is replenished by adding more stacks; one stack lasts 10 seconds, while two stacks extend it by 8  seconds.

Dark Cacao Cookie

RarityTypePositionBest Topping(s)
Ancient ChargeFrontSolid Almonds and/or Swift Chocolate 
SkillSolemn Judgement

The Dark Cacao Cookie gets an overall ranking of S+ in both the PvP and PvE game modes. The Dark Cacao Cookie is from the Charge class and leads in the front position, and its skill is Solemn Judgment.

Dark Cacao Cookie swings the Grapejam Chocolate with incredible power, causing thunder and lightning to strike opponents in range, dealing DMG. This potentially reduces the foe’s ATK/DEF and delivers Zap and damage. Hurt foes’ maximum HP will be reduced, and the wound debuff ignores immunity and dispelling effects, except injury particularly. When Dark Cacao Cookie uses his skill, he becomes temporarily immune to interrupting attacks.

Carol Cookie

RarityTypePositionBest Topping(s)
EpicHealingRearswift chocolate, almond
SkillMagic Songs

The cookie is a viable healer for full parties as she even buffs Crits and Crit damage along with healing. The Carol Cookie stands out thanks to its skill of switching to the berserker mode, ‘Song of Change.’ The mode allows Carol to inflict massive damage alongside effective ally buffing moves and decreases its cool-down. 

Carol the Cookie is spectacular for PvP, where it hails as a great last-minute game savior by making its way through lethal foes instantly. The most ideal toppings for this Cookie are Solid Almonds and Swift Chocolates. 

Sherbet Cookie

RarityTypePositionBest Topping(s)
Super Epic RangedMiddleSearing Raspberry and/or Swift Chocolate 
SkillFrost Shards

The Sherbet is known for its really hard-hitting frost shards, as you can quickly freeze the opponents, which otherwise can knock you off by rendering hefty amounts of bonus damage.

As far as the most ideal Cookie Run Kingdom team dynamic is concerned, we recommend pairing Sherbet with the Frost Queen Cookie. Since the more the frost stacks, the better output one can expect from Sherbet, Frost Queen’s instant Enemy freezing gameplay will only do more good than harm. 

That being said, don’t forget to stack up an influential tank up front to deal with the shortcoming. For instance, Wildberry Cookie and Financier Cookie are optimum choices. As far as toppings are concerned, we prefer choosing the Searing Raspberry or Swift Chocolate for Sherbet.

Caramel Arrow Cookie

RarityTypePositionBest Topping(s)
EpicRangedFrontSearing Raspberry and/or Solid Almonds 
SkillArrow of Resolution

The Caramel Arrow Cookie is a ranged front-positioned cookie. When the twin blades transform into a bow, few foes can retain their cool! Caramel Arrow Cookie attacks from a distance (targets cookies first) and leaves an Arrow Mark on the opponent’s hit.

When Caramel Arrow Cookie rushes towards the target after the ranged attack, the Arrow Mark bursts, delivering Damage according to the enemy’s maximum HP (this DMG is capped at 300K). Caramel Arrow Cookie obtains a perk that makes her resistant to debuffs throughout the ranged Attack. Caramel Arrow Cookie will grow immune to interrupting effects while performing her ability.

Black Pearl Cookie

RarityTypePositionBest Topping(s)
Legendary AmbushMiddleSearing Raspberry, Solid Almond and/or Swift Chocolate 
SkillDuskgloom’s Sovereign

The Black Pearl Cookie is simply a maestro of excellent power rating. Even without a fitting treasure piece of toppings, Black Pearl Cookies hail as the top options of Cookie Run Kingdom. 

Making up for an overall adequate endurance, Black Pearl’s HP base stats are also exemplary for both game’s arenas–PvP or PvE. Nevertheless, the Cookie is known for dominance, especially in the PvP surroundings, so don’t miss out on picking it for situations alike.

Stardust Cookie

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
Super EpicAmbushMiddleApple Jerry and/or Searing Raspberry 
SkillWrath of the Stars

With the potential to do up to 450K crits with its Wrath of the Stars skill, Stardust is a tremendous damage-rendering Cookie to start with. Since the cookie is definitely meta, we recommend pairing it with as many crit toppings like the Juicy Apple Jelly as possible, so a never-ending sleep takes the enemies. 

Others might like to avail the total DMG capacity offered by Stardust, and the Raspberry toppings are best for them. In case you don’t have enough Moonkissed toppings available, go with the regular choices.

Blueberry Pie Cookie

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
EpicMagicMiddleSwift Chocolate and/or Searing Raspberry
SkillCursed Tome

Yet another latest addition to the collection of Cookies that deserves a high spot in our tier list. Blueberry Pie Cookie’s Cursed Tome skill summons a damage-dealing and debuff-inflicting spirit. Simultaneously the skill also improves DMG Resist and HP for the Cookie herself. 

Upon a whole stack of Greed collected by this skill, Blueberry Pie Cookie activates a secret power to revamp its ATK, and DMG dealt instantly. Swift Chocolate and Searing Raspberry will help reduce Blueberry Pie Cookie’s CD skill and lead to swift Greed stacks. 

Moonlight Cookie

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
LegendaryMagicMiddleSolid Almonds, Swift Chocolate, and/or Searing Raspberry 
SkillDream of the Night Sky

The Moonlight Cookie comes with the highest stack of energy in the Cookie Run Kingdom. It is usually paired with multiple toppings starting with Solid Almond which helps swell the cookie’s durability and DMG resistance over time.

Second is Swift Choco, which will reduce the skill CD for Moonlight however we think focusing on the perks offered by Almond Topping is more worthwhile for the later, more critical part of the game.

Anyways coming to the Dream of the Night Sky skill housed within this cookie which is simple yet very effective. When activated, the Moonlight Cookie is shown dreaming in which it drops serious damage dealing and debuffing stars over enemies.


Cookies from S Tier in our Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List
Cookies from S Tier

These Cookies are an excellent choice because they are ferocious on the battlefield and have no drawbacks.

Oyster Cookie 

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
Super EpicSupportRearSwift Chocolate and/or Solid Almonds 
SkillMight of House Oyster

The Oyster Cookie is one of the Super Epic Cookies in our tier list that was released in the version of the 3.2.001 Crème Republic update in the Cookie Run Kingdom. She is a great Support character that holds the Rear position

Her signature skill is called the Might of House Oyster. The skill is extremely powerful and can summon soldiers of House Oyster. Being a Support she increases the allies’ CRIT DMG and CRIT%.

The soldiers she summons can deal a lot of damage and have an extra DEF as well in case the HP of their shield becomes 0. Additionally, the charge damage is a whopping 94 percent, so you can take your enemy down in just a few hits. 

Pumpkin Pie Cookie

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
EpicMagicMiddleSolid Almonds and/or Searing Raspberry
SkillPompon, help!

The pumpkin Pie Cookie ranks an overall S in this tier list. However, in the PvP mode, it has the ranking of S, and in the PvE mode, it falls in S+. It is a middle-positioned cookie, and this cookie is from the Magic class. The Pumpkin Pie Cookie deals great Melee Area Damage, and it increases the ATK Speed of all the allied summoned creatures.

Clotted Cream Cookie

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
Super Epic MagicMiddleSearing Raspberry, and/or Solid Almonds 
SkillConsul’s Orders 

The Clotted cream cookie is of a Super Epic Rarity and is from the Magic Class. She does well in the middle of the battlefield. The clotted Cream Cookie ranks S in both the PvP and PvE game modes in this game.

Vampire Cookie

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
EpicAmbushRearSearing Raspberry 

Vampire Cookie is an epic-rarity rear-line cookie character notable for its life steal ability, which deals DMG while also restoring HP. In both PvE and PvP, this is indeed an awesome unit.

WildBerry Cookie 

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
EpicDefenseFrontSolid Almonds and/or Searing Raspberry 
SkillWild Punch

The Wildberry cookie is of Epic rarity; this cookie is from the Defense Class and does well in the front of the battle arena. It ranks S in both the PvP and PvE game modes.

Strawberry Crepe Cookie

Rarity Type Position Best Topping(s)
Epic DefenseFrontSolid Almonds and/or Searing Raspberry
SkillCrepe Thrust

The Strawberry Crepe Cookie ranks S in this tier list; however, in the PvP game mode, it has a ranking of A+, and it has a ranking of S in the PvE game mode. She can decrease the Damage received by X2 cookies with the smallest max HP, and she can damage the surrounding area. You should get the (damage resist topping) to get the most out of this cookie.

Sea Fairy Cookie

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
Legendary BomberMiddleSearing Raspberry, Solid Almonds, and/or Swift Chocolate 
SkillSoaring Compassion

Sea fairy Cookie also ranks S in both game modes, she does well in the middle position, and she is a bomber in this game. She causes immense damage and stuns X5 nearest opponents with a stream of water. A full moon-shaped pool of water generated underneath the targets surges up with the might of eternity after a specific length of time, causing severe DMG.

Parfait Cookie

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
Epic SupportRearSwift Chocolate and/or Solid Almonds

In our Cookie Run Kingdom tier list, the Parfait cookie ranks an overall S. She is a rear-positioned cookie and plays a support role in this game. She can heal, provide resistance to debuff to her allies, and Increases the Defence.

Squid Ink Cookie

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
EpicMagicMiddleSearing Raspberry and/or Swift Chocolate
SkillInk Tentacle Slap

The Squid Ink Cookie is a middle-standing cookie in the Cookie Run Kingdom. This cookie is from the Magic class and specializes in inflicting damage to her opponents.

Milky Way Cookie 

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
EpicChargeFrontSolid Almonds, and/or Swift Chocolate 
SkillSugarcloud Express

Milky Way Cookie is a terrific all-around option if you are searching for charge cookies in particular. She literally excels in both sectors–offense and defense and sends considerable AoE damage to every opposing unit in the combat, even if hidden far in the back enemy rows. 

The best of defenses that this Cookie carries is perhaps the stun resistance capacity which, combined with the other Milky Way’s damage-resist buffs, pulls up a spectacular hybrid between a charge and a tank.

Milk Cookie

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
EpicDefenseFrontSolid Almonds and/or Swift Chocolate 
SkillNoble Sacrifice 

Milk Cookie is one of the leading cookie characters. It is noted for its tanky performance in both PvP and PvE game types. It stands in front and helps by inflicting area damage, “taunting enemies” to defend teammates, and reducing incoming damage.

Crunchy Chip Cookie

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
EpicChargeFrontSolid Almonds, Apple Jelly, and/or Searing Raspberry 
SkillWolf Squadron

Crunchy Chip Cookie is a front-positioned cookie. He is from the charge class, and he is of the Super Epic Rarity. The Crunchy Chip Cookie is ranked an S on our tier list.

Licorice Cookie

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
Epic MagicMiddleSwift Chocolate and/or Searing Raspberry 
SkillLicorice Servants

You should assign this cookie a slot in your team if you’re seeking a mid-line damage dealer like the Espresso Cookie. Licorice Cookie is recognized for its magical abilities, which include summoning minions to deal damage and casting a powerful spell to boost the party’s protection. Licorice is one of the top-tier epic-grade middle-line characters in the Cookie Run Kingdom game.

Herb Cookie

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
Epic HealingRearSwift Chocolate, Solid Almonds, and/or Searing Raspberry 
SkillSunny Garden

In the Cookie Run Kingdom, Herb Cookie is one of the healers. It is “Epic” in terms of its rarity. A competent healing character would be essential in your squad, especially in PvE, as healers specialize in restoring teammates’ HP and eliminating debuffs. Herb, in our perspective, is a top-tier healing cookie. This cookie not only heals allies but also removes their debuffs.

Captain Caviar Cookie

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
EpicBomber MiddleSwift Chocolate, Searing Raspberry, and/or Solid Almonds 
SkillBlack Shark Torpedo

Via his Black Shark Torpedo skill Captain Caviar Cookie hits hard and, in addition, causes area damage which is quite helpful, especially for the Cookie Run Kingdom’s PvP meta where the opposition tends to charge from much closer than ever.

The Captain Caviar Cookie’s resistance to debuff and defense-reducing effects is an added highlight to its performance profile. This further couples with the fact that he particularly chooses targets with the lowest HP, making him the most dreaded option for your DPS opposition in PvP and the best for you.  

Overall the Caviar Captain Cookie, though not as cool a Bomber Cookie as Sea Fairy, is still a pretty mighty available option. If built correctly, your team with Caviar can take almost all the big meats from the opposition down in seconds.

Beet Cookie

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
CommonRangedRearSwift Chocolate 
SkillHunter’s Sense

This one’s a severely underrated cookie in the Cookie Run Kingdom that not only renders good damage but also debuffs the enemies’ healing potential. His Hunter’s Sense skill primarily targets opponents with the lowest HP to first unleash these skills in the form of several bolts shot in a row. 

We found the Beet Cookie to work exceptionally smoothly for new players who will simply love to experience more excellent value out of their Rear lineup thanks to the Cookie’s potential. However, note that you will soon meet the Rare classed Bomber Cookies that might replace Beet later in the game.


Cookies from A Tier in our Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List
Cookies from A Tier

In the A-tier, we have cookies, and we have cookies that give a good performance but have a tiny bit of a problem.

Financier Cookie 

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
EpicDefenseFrontSolid Almonds, and/or Swift Chocolate 
SkillPaladin Protection

She is one of the newest cookies in our Cookie Run Kingdom tier list for 2023 and was released in an update of Cookie Odyssey. Financier is an Epic Cookie with a front position and works as a Defense character in the team. When in a battle she will prioritize protecting the Clotted Cream however if he is not in the team, she will help an ally with the highest attack power.  

Additionally, her signature attack makes her one of the best characters in our tier list for PvP and arena in the Cookie Run Kingdom. Financier cookie is known to protect herself while increasing the ATK, CRIT Resist, and DMG of her allies. Light Shield attack of the Cookie will act as a shield, blocking most of her attacks. Moreover, Light Judgement gives fixed damage of 50 percent to allies.

Purple Yam Cookie

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
EpicChargeFrontSolid Almonds and/or Searing Raspberry 
SkillPurple Tornado

Purple Yam Cookie is an epic-rarity front-line character who is noted for its damage-over-time ability. It does not give a good performance at all.

Frost Queen Cookie

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
Legendary MagicMiddleSearing Raspberry, Swift Chocolate, and/or Solid Almonds 
SkillFreezing Squall

The Frost Queen Cookie ranks an overall A, but it ranks A in the PvE game mode and S in the PvP game mode. Frost Queen Cookie is from the Magic class. She can Damage her enemies by freezing them.

Cream Unicorn Cookie 

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
EpicHealingRearSolid Almonds, Swift Chocolate, and/or Apple Jelly
SkillMidsummer Night’s Dream

One of the latest cookies that was released in version 3.4.001 is the cream Unicorn cookie and she is one of the best healer cookies in the Cookie Run Kingdom. She can reduce the CRIT DMG received by any of her allies and can also recover their HP. Furthermore, she has a 17-second base cooldown with Silence ability that will last for 1.0 seconds. 

Cherry Blossom Cookie

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
EpicAmbushRearSearing Raspberry, and/or Swift Chocolate 
SkillCherry Blossom Rain

Cherry Blossom Cookie is a rear-positioned cookie with the Ambus role. Prepare for a downpour of cherry blossoms! Cherry Blossom Cookie lines up to rain cherry blossoms down on her foes, creating area Damage. Non-Cookie opponents will take additional Damage, and all friends’ Attacks will be increased. The extra value will be determined by how many foes are hit by the ability.

Affogato Cookie

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
Epic BomberMiddleSearing Raspberry and/or Swift Chocolate 
SkillSweet Scheme

The Affogato Cookie is a middle-positioned bomber in the Cookie Run Kingdom. She uses her skill “Sweet Scheme” to curse her opponents in secrecy with the highest Attack (Targets cookies first). For a certain period, the cursed target cannot get to any buff effects (limited to buff effects that can be dispelled).

The cursed target will further suffer increased debuffs and will spread poison to surrounding adversaries and themselves, causing periodic DMG. If poison is dispersed, it deals a lot of damage to close opponents.

Macaron Cookie

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
EpicMagicMiddleSwift Chocolate and/or Searing Raspberry 
SkillMighty Macaron Parade

Macaron Cookie equips some of the best AOE skills. Her massive animal army takes up every nook and corner to render awesome DMG to every enemy. Though this doesn’t pull up a one-shot kind of scenario, it’s enough. 

The more damage the Macaron  Cookie inflicts, the more the happy parade stack she will be able to fill, ultimately reserving sufficient healing for the entire team. Nevertheless, note that the healing isn’t as good as an S+ tier-rated effect.

All in all, the cookie is exceptionally viable for PvE. Though this charm even extends to PvP, Macaron Cookie is not especially recommended for that case, given that she can’t really manifest her full strengths in close combat. Macaron Cookie is also not good against most middle-row magic units.

Cream Puff Cookie

RarityTypePositionBest Topping(s)
Epic SupportRearSwift Chocolate and/or Apple jelly 
SkillJellius Extremus!

Cream puff is a cookie that is in the support class. she stands in the back of the battle arena. Her primary ability is replenishing the health of her allies. Her Jellius Extremus ability summons a tornado of Jellies that causes area damage over a vast area. The spell’s power replenishes her teammates’ health.

Tea Knight Cookie

Rarity TypePosition PositionBest Topping(s)Best Topping(s)
EpicChargeFrontSearing Raspberry, and/or Solid Almonds

The Tea Knight Cookie is an Epic Rarity Cookie. Tea Knight Cookie deals Damage to the nearest enemy (targets Cookies first) and leads the battle, buffing his allied troops and allies. There are numerous types of buff effects available; each type is applied to the Cookie that meets the requirements.

The wrath of the commander effect is activated after a friendly unit cookie is eliminated. The Commander’s Wrath is unremovable and stacks up to four times. Tea Knight Cookie will become immune to interrupting effects at maximum stacks.

Latte Cookie

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
EpicMagicMiddleSearing Raspberry and/or Swift Chocolate 
SkillCare for a Latte?

Latte Cookie stands in the middle of the battlefield. Her main power is CC (Crowd Control); players may earn a Latte Glyph by using her abilities. The opponents will be drawn to the center of the latte glyph, where they will be dealt harm and silenced.

The glyph generates DoT (damage over time) on both the inner and outer surfaces. You may enhance Latte Cookie’s DMG by upgrading this ability.

Mala Sauce Cookie

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
EpicChargeFrontSearing Raspberry, and/or Solid Almonds
SkillSpicy Mala Strike

Mala Sauce Cookie is a front-standing character who is from the charge class. She uses her skill Spicy Mala Strike striking her mace to hit the ground, breaking it, and inflicting AoE Damage. L Slava will erupt from the crack, applying the burn debuff to the opponents and dealing DMG over time.

Additionally, the CRIT percent of the two friendly units with the greatest CRT stats is increased by this ability.

Twizzly Gummy Cookie

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
EpicRangedRearApple Jelly and/or Searing Raspberry 
SkillTwizzly Beam

Twizzly Gummy Cookie is a ranged rear-standing cookie. She overloads her electrojelly gun and unleashes a devastating laser beam. Twizzly Gummy Cookie’s CRIT DMG increases as she uses her ability, and opponents struck by her laser beam are zapped.

This is a non-stackable debuff that deals with periodic Damage and disables the HP shield for a short time. Twizzly Gummy Cookie will temporarily become immune to interrupting effects while charging it later.

Tiger Lily Cookie

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
EpicRangedRearSwift Chocolate 
SkillTiger Rider

Tiger Lily Cookie is a highly regarded epic-grade cookie in the game, known for paralyzing enemies, inflicting damage, and allowing for quicker regular attacks with active skill.

Mango Cookie

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
Epic Magic MiddleSwift Chocolate and/or Searing Raspberry 
SkillMango Juice Wave

Mango Cookie is a middle-positioned cookie in the Cookie Run Kingdom. She can increase the attack of teammates and deal good damage.

Raspberry Cookie

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
Epic ChargeFrontSolid Almonds and/or Swift Chocolate 
SkillSearing Raspberry Reprise

Raspberry cookie can deal damage to an opponent and reduce the damaged opponent’s attack with her abilities. She does need toppings to survive longer.

Rye Cookie

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
Epic RangedRearSearing Raspberry 
SkillFinal Showdown

Rye is an epic-level rear-line damage specialist with the ability to target and damage the opponent with the most HP. This is a solid unit. Exceptionally effective against booses.

Espresso Cookie

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
Epic MagicMiddleSearing Raspberry 

Espresso Cookie is recognized for its ability that deals with AoE Damage and CC. This Cookie’s Grinding ability creates a whirlwind that drags foes into the center while simultaneously doing damage. It has a middle location and the role of “magic Damage.”

Pinecone Cookie 

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
Epic BomberFrontSearing Raspberry and/or Solid Almonds
SkillPinecone Bomb

Just like the Pumpkin Pie Cookie, Pinecone Cookie is also known for summoning a huge fighting unit in battles. Nevertheless, this one’s evidently better than the other, as her Pine Golem summoning tends to raise the Cookie’s HP while also healing up to two allies. 

What’s more? The summoned beast literally only targets one of the most lethal enemies hence ensuring a threadless path to success relatively early in the game. Nevertheless, you must remember that Princone is relatively defenseless, which makes her front-row position even more dangerous if the Golem is not already called. 

Princess Cookie

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
RareCharge Front Solid Almonds 
SkillRoyal Swing

The Princess Cookie is one of the best Charge cookies in the game with an overall powerful offense-oriented kit thanks to the Royal Swing skill on board. It shrinks the enemy’s defenses while also ensuring they are served with massive area damage. 

Altogether the skill makes up for 319.0% of base damage paired with an extra 4.4% per level DMG. Princess Cookie proves especially good in the early Cookie Run Kingdom game.

Prophet Cookie

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
EpicSupportRareSolid Almond and/or Swift Chocolate 
SkillSeven Prophecies

This one’s a decent support cookie to board on your team. With every prophecy it summons via its Seven Prophecies skill, Prophet Cookie can both amplify buffs and render healing effects to an ally. Even more exciting is how the skill might also inflict debuff-coupled damage to enemies, proving the cookie an all-around option. 

Regarding toppings, a combination of solid Almonds and Swift Chocolate toppings will help pull up a better-playing version of the Prophet Cookie; otherwise, you may go with the regular options.

Avocado Cookie

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
RareDefense Front Solid Almonds and/or Searing Raspberry 
SkillBattle Smithing

The Avocado Cookie is one of the best Defense characters you can get from the group of rare buddies of the game. If equipping an Epic Defense Cookie isn’t possible, especially in the Early game, choose this one without a second thought. 

Besides Defense, Avocado’s style suits Charge Frontline combinations too thanks to her tanky abilities. Especially worth mentioning is the onboard Battle Smithing skill that will increase both buff ATK strength and AoE output of an ally Cookie of the highest Attack Stat.

To support Avocado’s offense, pair it up with the Searing Raspberry toppings or choose Solid Almonds to boost Defense. You can even board both together.

Adventurer Cookie

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
RareAmbushMiddleSearing Raspberry 
SkillRope Master

This one’s such a Cookie in the game that is way stronger than it might look at first. Fans of Vampire Cookie would especially love the Adventurer Cookie since it is the best alternative they can get of the best single-target taker in the game. 

Perhaps the biggest perk of the Adventurer is that it can be availed pretty early in the game, therefore boosting one’s early and mid-game like crazy. The Cookie’s Rope Master ability is known to incapacitate the rearmost enemies by attacking them with a rope.


Cookies from B Tier in our Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List
Cookies from B Tier

In the B-tier, we have cookies that are neither too good nor too terrible, and they give an average fight.

Devil Cookie 

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
RareMagicMiddleSearing Raspberry and/or Swift Chocolate 
SkillDevilish Rune

One of the Rare Cookies in the Cookie Run Kingdom is the Devil Cookie which is considered one of the best Mages in our tier list. Devil Cookie was released with the Red Velvet Cookie during the Tiers of Chaos update in the Cookie Run Kingdom. The Magic Cookie is centered in the Middle. 

Their special skill is the Devilish Rune. The skill deals massive damage and reduces the enemy’s ATK, Movement speed, and SPD. Devil Cookie deals about 160 percent DMG per second.

Dark Choco Cookie

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
EpicChargeFrontSwift Chocolate and/or Solid Almonds 
SkillSword of Darkness

Dark Choco is a frontline cookie that is among the best tank characters in the game. Its skill can reduce opponents’ defense and do a lot of damage.

Pomegranate Cookie

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
EpicSupportMiddleSearing Raspberry and/or Swift Chocolate 
SkillPomegranate Magic

Pomegranate Cookie is an epic-level support character that stands in the back row and helps the team in battle by buffing their attack. Great asset for boosting teammates’ ATK power.

Candy Diver Cookie

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
Epic SupportRearSweet Candy and/or Swift Chocolate 
SkillDeep-sea Diver

Hailing as a decent Support type option, Candy Diver Cookie is known for pulling up random buffs or healing the team on crucial occasions. Though this may seem helpful, get ready to welcome any buff anytime and anywhere, making the Cookie a bit too unexpected. 

Personally, we found Candy Diver Cookie’s surprising and random nature interesting; however difficult to grade against the other support champs of Cookie Run Kingdom like Eclair or Cotton. These choices offer similar outputs with a little more reliability than the Candy Diver Cookie. 

Chilli Pepper Cookie

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
Epic AmbushMiddleSearing Raspberry 
SkillCheap Shot

Chili Pepper Cookie is an epic-level cookie in the Cookie Run Kingdom with the ability to do area damage to the enemy’s rear line; Chillie Pepper cookie is an average one in the game.

Sparkling Cookie

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
Epic HealingRearSwift Chocolate 
SkillSparkling Cocktail

Sparkling Cookie is a healing cookie in the Cookie Run Kingdom. This Cookie is not the most effective; neither many people like to run this cookie.

Cocoa Cookie

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
EpicDefenseFrontSolid Almonds and/or Swift Chocolate 
SkillCocoa is Love

The Cocoa Cookie is a front-standing cookie, and she is from the defense class. Cocoa Cookie dives into a massive cocoa cup and spins about for a certain amount of time, hitting the adversaries. Simultaneously Cocoa Cookie restores the HP of all allied cookies, excluding summoned minions like Pompon, and makes them resistant to the effects of stun.

Cocoa Cookie will become briefly resistant to disrupting effects when performing her skill. The standard attack of Cocoa Cookie heals X3 teammates with the lowest health.

Holly Berry Cookie

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
Ancient DefenseFrontSolid Almonds 
SkillOath on the Shield

The Holly Barry cookie ranks A in our tier list, but in the PvE mode, it ranks S, and it ranks A in the PvP game mode. The Holly Berry Cookie Charges ahead, absorbing a part of the Damage taken by all of her Cookie friends, except continuous and indirect Damage. Hollyberry cookie becomes immune to interrupting effects when utilizing her ability.

Kumiho Cookie

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
Epic ChargeFrontSolid Almonds and/or Swift Chocolate 

Kumiho Cookie is a front-line unit that specializes in dealing damage to opponents. It exists in two variants: marshmallow fox and cookie. Cookie form deals area damage and charms foes in the close surroundings (enemies affected with the charm effect would not be able to unleash any offensive action). Kumiho’s appeal is merely temporary; it only lasts a few seconds. On opponents, the fox forms flames.

Black Raisin Cookie

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
EpicAmbushMiddleSearing Raspberry 
SkillShadow Watcher

Black Raisin Cookie has the Ambush role and is a middle-positioned cookie. Her biggest strength is Area Damage. We recommend you use the Full Attack Build/Searing Raspberry Topping.

Lilac Cookie

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
EpicSupportMiddleSwift Chocolate 
SkillChakram Throw

The Lilac Cookie is a center-positioned cookie that is from the support class in the Cookie Run Kingdom. Lilac Cookie increases teammates’ usual attack damage proportional to their attack speed Boost Rate.

Poison Mushroom Cookie

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
EpicBomberMiddleSearing Raspberry 
SkillPoison Cloud

The Poison Mushroom Cookie is middle-positioned. This cookie specializes in poison damage, and she does well in fighting guild bosses. It ranks at the B-tier in our Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List.

Red Velvet Cookie

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
Epic ChargeFrontSolid Almonds and/or Swift Chocolate 
SkillCrimson Hand

This one’s certainly the top most fantastic cookie for Cookie Run Kingdom’s PvE gameplay and also an option that pairs significantly well with support options of the game. Given its charging role, Red Velvet Cookie usually occupies the frontal attack sector to deal reasonable amounts of splash damage.

The Red Velvet Cookie also packs a decent 5-second stun effect for opponents, ultimately creating a brief extra damage-dealing opening for allies. Anyways, we recommend the X5 Swift Chocolate and Solid Almond as the best possible toppings for Red Velvet as they will efficiently reduce CD and induce effective Damage resistance.

Pancake Cookie

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
RareAmbush RearSearing Raspberry and/or Bouncing Caramel 
SkillTake an Acorn!

Thanks to the interesting Take an Acorn! ability in-house, the Pancake Cookie cleverly inflicts a large skill area damage followed by providing a boost to the team’s Attack Speed by throwing acorns. 

Nevertheless, inflicting just this AoE damage is the only cool thing this option can pull out, therefore ranking lower in front of the many mighty choices of Cookie Run Kingdom.

In that case, ensure the Pancake Cookie gets enough bonus damage by pairing it with toppings like the Bouncing Caramel and Searing Raspberry. Players can also combine both toppings at once to avail a balanced build filled with enough ATK Speed and Bonus Damage.

Cherry Cookie

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
RareBomber RearSwift Chocolate 
SkillHuge Cherry Bomb

The Cherry Cookie is one of the few options beginners get to lay their hands on very first. Honestly, the Cookie itself is also good only for that time hence the lower rank. In fact, it’s spectacular we would say as long as you don’t drag it to the end game. 

Cherry Cookie will help players unleash amazing value out of the rear line of their collection. Its Huge Cherry Bomb skill can output massive area damage while also rendering enough Stun effect for all enemies. This set of attacks comes with a 146% base damage rating (swell by 2% with every level upgrade) while the Stun effect lasts 2 secs.  

Gumball Cookie

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
RareBomber RearSearing Raspberry 

Like the Cherry Cookie, Gumball’s also a decent option that awaits beginners in the Cookie Run Kingdom game. Nevertheless, it is not as good as Cherry, therefore, ranking lower. This is because Gumball Cookie seems to cover just a single line, unlike the former. 

Most players still, however, like Gumball’s better ATK and the single-hit damage potential. Gumball’s Art-illery ability is also worth mentioning, which adopts a charging action to inflict enemies with area damage and Attack Speed reducing debuff thrice in one go. 

Overall, Gumball struggles with the fact that it’s not an Epic Cookie hence can put only a limited amount of offense on the table.

Blackberry Cookie

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
RareMagicRareSearing Raspberry and/or Apple Jerry
SkillGhost Servants 

One of the best Magic Cookies in the Cookie Run Kingdom game unless you have an Epic available. Yes, Blackberry is rare and will always fall short in terms of base stats when compared to Epic so choose wisely. 

Anyways on the bright side, the Blackberry Cookie is way easier to board and makes a great pick for the early stages of the game when mustering a decent crit rate is all that you need. The Cookie’s Ghost Servant skill does exactly that by continuously striking enemies.

Overall, the Blackberry Cookie is niche specific and hence recommended for specific team builds and situations only. 

Knight Cookie

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
RareDefense Front Solid Almonds and/or Hard Walnut 
SkillCavalry Charge

Different from Tea Knight, this only “Knight” Cookie makes use of Blast Jellies to manifest quick blast forward actions. The agility consequently earns you Speed Points.

It also empowers Knight’s Cavalry Charge skills that, followed by a similar forward action, deals decent area damage and forces the enemies to attack their own side. Though not for every situation, we think the Hard Walnut toppings prove best in this Cookie’s case as they will help increase the available defense.

Space Doughnut

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
EpicChargeFront Solid Almond
SkillDoughnut Beam

Though not as meta-breaking as its fellow release Stardust Cookie proved to be, Space Doughnut definitely deserves your attention. Via the skill Doughnut Beam, this cookie renders decent damage and DEF shrinking effects. 

In fact, if they aren’t bosses and cookies, all targets will turn into donuts when hit while also experiencing a debuff increase effect. When topped with Solid Almond toppings, we pulled up better stats for this Cookie. 

All in all, you will find Space Doughnut more specialized for PvE content than PvP. This restriction leads us toward Space Doughnut’s average rank. 

Muscle Cookie

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
CommonChargeFrontSolid Almonds
SkillMuscle King Power

Given Muscle Cookie’s very impressive Muscle King Power skill, this option looks pretty damaging on paper. Nevertheless, we saw it falling short when it came to demonstrating potential in actuality, consequently resulting in a lower rank. That being said, building Muscle is not what you should really be investing in; however, if the idea of damaging through shockwaves caused by throwing dumbbells sounds amusing, we won’t stop you.

Ninja Cookie

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
CommonAmbushMiddleSearing Raspberry 
SkillSwift Strike

The Ninja Cookie is a decent option in the Cookie Run Kingdom game, probably the only cookie that can manifest continuous jumps over time. Nevertheless, we think he only shines when there are a lot of hurdles to target otherwise, his usage is pretty narrow. His Swift Strike skills make him jump, followed by a Shuriken throwing action that causes area damage. 

Clover Cookie

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
RareSupportRearSearing Raspberry and/or Chocolate Chip
SkillBard‘s Song 

The Clover Cookie is the best Support option you can find amongst Rare cookies. Though its performance is commendable if weighed against Rare fellows, the healing seems very slow in front of the Epics. 

Anyways one must still praise the fact that despite his rarity, Clover offers over time healing effects and efficient debuff removal with his Bard’s Song ability. Players are recommended to couple the advantage with toppings like Swift Chocolate, so Clover could heal even faster.

Carrot Cookie

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
RareSupport Middle Chocolate Chip
SkillCarrot Harvest

If the Strawberry Crepe Cookie or Pomegranate Cookie ain’t coming for the resources you have, we are glad to tell you that the Carrot Cookie makes a good alternative for them. Carrot cookie packs a lot of utility support, especially if picked for the early game.

Carrot Harvest is this cookie’s highlight skill that rips off the bulkiest carrot from within the ground only to send it shooting toward enemies. The action causes decent area damage and simultaneously buffs the team’s Defense stats. Moreover, the Carrots collected afterward lead to HP restoration too! 

What ranks Carrot Cookie lower, then? The damage renderings aren’t quite extraordinary and can be easily matched by most Cookies. 

Custard Cookie III

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
RareHealingRearSearing Raspberry, Hard Walnut, and/or Swift Chocolate 
SkillKing’s Favor 

A decent healer choice for the early game but certainly not worth picking if the Clover Cookie is already there. Nevertheless, the Custard Cookie III has got a unique skill called the King’s Favor that provides healing buffs to the weakest Coolies of the party while simultaneously summoning an HP Shield for a brief time. 

Players can pair Custard Cookie III with any topping they like but recommended is Hard Walnut, Searing Raspberry, and most of all, Swift Chocolate. The last mentioned can reduce King’s Favor Skill’s cooldowns, ensuring better Cookie performance in long levels of the game. 


Cookies from C Tier in our Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List
Cookies from C Tier

The Cookies in the C-Tier do not perform well at all. They are below average and are not that resourceful.

Angel Cookie 

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
Common HealingRearSwift Chocolate 
SkillCelestial Light

The polar opposite of the Devil Cookie in the Cookie Run Kingdom is the Angel Cookie which belongs to the common cookies of our tier list. Angel Cookie is a Healer and holds the Rear Position. Her special ability is the Celestial light skill. Using the skill, she restores the HP of all allies and provides 50 percent ATK to them. The cooldown rate is high, which is not very ideal thus bringing the Angel Cookie all the way down to C Tier.

Pastry Cookie 

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
Epic RangedRearSearing Raspberry 
SkillBattle Prayer

Pastry Cookie used to be one of the best-ranged characters and uses a bow to attack her enemies. However, after the release of so many other cookies, her prowess fell short.

Nevertheless, when she launches a regular attack, the Pastry Cookie will fire an arrow of light at any of the nearby enemies. Moreover, her damage per hit is 75 percent making her a viable DPS unit. 

Mint Choco Cookie

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
Epic SupportRearSwift Chocolate 
SkillBattlefield Symphony

The Mint Choco Cookie is a rear-standing cookie that has a support role. This cookie can heal its teammates and increase the Attack Speed.

Snow Sugar Cookie

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
Epic MagicMiddleSwift Chocolate 

The Snow Sugar Cookie is a middle-standing cookie from the Magic Class. She can decrease the attack speed of frozen adversary and deals AoE damage. This Cookie can do good in some scenarios.

Madeleine Cookie

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
EpicDefenseFrontSolid Almonds and/or Searing Raspberry 
SkillCommander’s Honor

The Madeleine Cookie is an epic-rarity front-positioned cookie that has the defense role. This Cookie is recognized for its high health and defense attributes. With its “Commander” skill, it restores health and attacks from a distance instead of the normal ones. When this skill is being used, this cookie becomes invincible to debuffs. However, in recent time Madeleine has fallen gracefully down to C-tier.

Moon Rabbit Cookie

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
Epic DefenseFrontSolid Almonds and/or Swift Chocolate 
SkillGiant Rice Cake Bunny

Moon Rabbit Cookie is a front-positioned epic-rarity cookie from the defense class. She specializes in AoE damage and self-healing; she can also heal allies by eliminating foes by using her abilities.

Almond Cookie

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
EpicSupportRearSwift Chocolate
SkillAlmond Handcuffs

Almond Cookie is a support class rear line cookie. The Almond Cookie utilizes magical handcuffs to arrest the opponent with the lowest maximum Health and apply the Damage link debuff, which distributes a part of the Damage dealt with the apprehended foe among connected adversaries. It can’t be stopped; handcuffs wouldn’t work on summoned enemies.

Sonic Cookie

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
Special AmbushMiddleSearing Raspberry and/or Swift Chocolate 
SkillSonic’s Spin Dash

The Sonic Cookie has a super cool curling move called the Sonic’s Spin Dash, which sends the Cookie flash bundling toward opponents, inflicting decent damage while also boasting each teammate’s attack speed on the way.

Though this is okay for most parts of Cookie Run Kingdom, we think there are plenty of other ambush Cookies that can show just about the same level of performance, in fact, even better.

Werewolf Cookie

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
Epic ChargeFrontSolid Almonds 

As the name suggests, the Werewolf Cookie transforms into a werewolf to render decent area damage. While this makes her a strong Cookie contestant to begin with, Werewolf Cookie tends to perform really weakly in the later parts of the Cookie Run Kingdom game. 

Fig Cookie

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
EpicSupportMiddleSwift Chocolate 
SkillJelly Horn

This one’s a Support Cookie in the Cookie Run Kingdom and is often resorted up to the Middle only. Nevertheless, we found Fig Cookie’s skills hardly of much use to regard her as anything more than just a regular decoration cookie of the game. 

The most she can do, in our view, is reduce the enemy’s attack by 20%. Though this may sound decent, believe us, it mostly feels worthless, especially when better Support type Cookies are always at your disposal.

Tails Cookie

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
Special AmbushMiddleSearing Raspberry 
SkillTails’ Spin Dash

Tails is somewhat similar to Sonic in terms of moves. Therefore it’s safe to say that he is slightly excellent but still not competitive enough, given the other robust choices on offer in Cookie Run Kingdom. You can, however, use the Searing Raspberry to help the Tails Cookie with an effective boost.

Wizard Cookie

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
CommonMagicMiddleSearing Raspberry 
SkillMagic Storm

As the name suggests, this Cookie is a damage-dealing mage of Cookie Run Kingdom that’s good for opening. With time and better Cookies becoming available, Wizard Cookie doesn’t really stand a chance of being considered.

Nevertheless, some players might still like to avail the Wizard Cookie’s Magic Storm ability, which uses a forward-moving lightning storm to deal overtime magic damage effect to nearby opponents.

Ginger Brave

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
CommonChargeFrontSolid Almonds and/or Chocolate Chip
SkillBrave Dash

Ginger Brave Cookie is a relatively common grade option that will output well initially but start to struggle as you near the end. It comes with a minimalistic skill called the Brave Dash that deals area damage to every enemy in Ginger Brave’s way by doing a forward dash action. 

We recommend investing in the cookie only if you look forward to employing it for a short while when nothing serious is at stake. 

Alchemist Cookie

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
RareBomber MiddleSwift Chocolate 
SkillUnstable Formula

The Cookie is like Poison Mushroom Cookie but a Rare version, therefore, ranking lower. Her performance revolves around inflicting Poison damage through the Unstable Formula ability. 

This ability has three stages to it–the higher the stage reached, the more the area damage will be rendered, more in terms of amount and radii. 

All in all, if you have got better Cookies to spin, we won’t really recommend the Alchemist Cookie unless you just can’t help praising its looks.

Onion Cookie

Rarity TypePosition Best Topping(s)
RareSupport MiddleSwift Chocolate 
SkillUnstoppable Tears

The Onion Cookie in the Cookie Run Kingdom game ain’t the mightiest choice, but its Skill is definitely worth your attention. Unstoppable Tears skill is a handy utility for any team looking forward to having some interesting offense. It lets out a deafening cry, followed by inflicting a wide area damage effect. Enemies’ Attack strength is also lowered alongside the area damage. 

Best Cookies For Arena And Guild Battle 

In Guild battle, you will have to take down a massive dragon with your teammates and it will take multiple attempts for you to win the battle. Therefore, it is important that you have the best cookies from our tier list for the Cookie Run Kingdom so you can take on the Guild battle and the arena mode efficiently.  

Ambush Cookies 

For ambush cookies, you should select the vampire cookie and the Black Raisin cookie as they have very damaging attacks. Furthermore, the sorbet shark cookie is also a great cookie to select as an ambush early game. The Vampirism Ability of vampire cookie will allow you to attack enemies and drain their health as well. Also when the vampire cookie heals he will deal 15% damage to his enemies. So he can last against Dragons and have better survivability chances. 

Moreover, the Shadow Watcher ability of Black Raisin will also deal a lot of damage to the Dragon. The Shark Splash ability of Sorbet Shark cookie is great for the PvP modes and makes Sorbet Shark one of the best cookies for PvP mode in our tier list for the Cookie Run Kingdom. 

Bomber Cookies 

The only bomber cookie that will last in the Guild battle, is the Poison Mushroom cookie that can deal a lot of damage to enemies. The attacks that poison mushroom cookies possess are not only good for Guild battles but also for arena battles. 

Magic Cookies  

We suggest using Licorice Cookie as a magic cookie for the Guild battle as the licorice servants the cookie can produce you will take down any enemy you are facing. The Licorice cookie is not only the best cookie for Guild battle, but they can also do great in Arena Mode as well. 

Support Cookies 

For the support cookie, we will recommend you use the Pomegranate Cookie as her magic powers lie Pomegranate Magic will allow her to buff all her allies and restore their health as the battle progresses. Also, the Pomegranate Cookie can increase the power of her allies by 20%. 

Ranged Cookies  

Rye cookie is a good cookie for ranged attacks and the Final Showdown ability of the cookie can deal a lot of damage to enemies. Also, you can increase the Rye cookie’s attack speed for a short period of time and deal heavy damage to a single target. 

Changes Due To Patch Update

Last Updated: Version 4.5

Here are all the changes that are worth knowing regarding the characters in Cookie Run Kingdom.

  • Sparkling Cookie:
    • Increased base DEF by 15%.
    • Increased base HP by 30%.
  • Mint Choco Cookie:
    • Increased base DEF by 7.5%.
    • Increased base HP by 5.5%.
  • Pomegranate Cookie:
    • Increased base DEF by 6%.
    • Increased base HP by 3.5%.
  • Cream Puff Cookie:
    • Increased base DEF by 4.5%.
    • Increased base HP by 15%.
  • Parfait Cookie:
    • Increased base HP by 9.5%.
  • Cream Unicorn Cookie:
    • Increased base DEF by 11%.
    • Increased base HP by 17.5%.

Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List Criteria

Our Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List has taken a lot of time and work to create. Each character’s abilities and skills to succeed in gameplay were thoroughly researched. This Tier List was made to assist newbies to the game in selecting the best Cookie for them.

In fact, we strive to create tier lists that are as neutral as possible, based on the character’s combat capability and potential in the battle arena. While tier lists are primarily subjective, our team puts a lot of time, effort, and experience into assessing a character’s potential and allocating them to ranks. Let us know who your favorite cookies are in the comments section below.

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