Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List [All Cookies Ranked]

Players may become puzzled as to which cookie to select, fortunately, our Cookie Run Kingdom Tier list can serve as a perfect team-building guide!

Our Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List will teach you how to create the perfect squad in both PvE and PvP game modes with the best cookies. Cookie Run: Kingdom is a city-building combat simulator and role-playing game. The game is primarily played by constructing the Cookie Kingdom and acquiring Cookies using the game’s gacha to battle in various game modes. 

We have checked and reviewed our Tier List rankings as per the latest Version 5.2.

Key Highlights

Cookie Run Kingdom features more than 90 Cookies for players to choose a perfect playing squad from. 

We have ranked all the Cookies of the game based on their overall effectiveness and strength across every Cookie Run Kingdom level and how much of a chance of success they offer. 

Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List Ranking

Players may become puzzled as to which character to select from such a wide range of characters. In our Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List, It’s easy for gamers to pick a character based on

  • S+: Overpowered Cookies!
  • S: Brilliant performance with no major problems.
  • A: A good performance with a few issues.
  • B: Average performance.
  • C: Below-average/Worst Performing Cookie.

Ranking Table



S+ Tier  Eclair Cookie, Sea Fairy Cookie, Sorbet Shark Cookie, Pure Vanilla Cookie, Cotton Cookie, Clotted Cream Cookie, WildBerry Cookie, Dark Cacao Cookie, Moonlight Cookie, Blueberry Pie Cookie, and Stardust Cookie.
S-Tier  Strawberry Crepe Cookie, Frost Queen Cookie, Pumpkin Pie Cookie, Holly Berry Cookie, Oyster Cookie, Crunchy Chip Cookie, Caramel Arrow Cookie, Parfait Cookie, Beet Cookie, and Captain Caviar Cookie.
A-Tier  Black Raisin Cookie, Cherry Blossom Cookie, Pastry Cookie, Cream Unicorn Cookie, Financier Cookie, Kumiho Cookie, Cocoa Cookie, Tea Knight Cookie, Cream Puff Cookie, Affogato Cookie, Dark Choco, Latte Cookie, Herb Cookie, Mint Choco Cookie, Vampire Cookie, Tiger Lily Cookie, Twizzly Gummy Cookie, Mala Sauce Cookie, Milk Cookie, Licorice Cookie, Rye Cookie, Squid Ink Cookie, Raspberry Cookie, Mango Cookie, Almond Cookie, Pomegranate Cookie, Snow Sugar Cookie, Moon Rabbit Cookie, Espresso Cookie, Madeleine Cookie, Princess Cookie, Adventurer Cookie, Avocado Cookie, and Prophet Cookie.
B-Tier  Werewolf Cookie, Poison Mushroom Cookie, Lilac Cookie, Chilli Pepper Cookie, Devil Cookie, Knight Cookie, Blackberry Cookie, Gumball Cookie, Cherry Cookie, Pancake Cookie, Custard Cookie III, Carrot Cookie, Clover Cookie, Ninja Cookie, Muscle Cookie, Space Doughnut.
C-Tier Sparkling Cookie, Purple Yam Cookie, Angel Cookie, Wizard Cookie, Ginger Brave, Alchemist Cookie, and Onion Cookie.

Cookie Run Kingdom Comparison Table

For your convenience, we have also added a comparison table showcasing the Stats of every Cookie:

Cookie Tier Type Rarity HPATKDEF
Cotton CookieS+SupportEpic2,816473.0766.0
Pure Vanilla CookieS+HealingAncient3,410527.0960.0
Sorbet Shark CookieS+Ambush AmbushEpic2,1511,0281,137
Eclair CookieS+Support SupportEpic2,396955.0683.0
Dark Cacao CookieS+Charge ChargeAncient5,624955.01,709
Carol CookieS+Healing HealingEpic2,957422.0833.0
Sherbet CookieS+Ranged RangedSuper-Epic2,6621,1971,504
Caramel Arrow CookieS+Ranged RangedEpic4,1861,0791,403
Black Pearl CookieS+Ambush AmbushLegendary2,4681,4781,020
Stardust CookieS+Ambush AmbushSuper-Epic2,4461,2851,245
Blueberry Pie CookieS+Magic MagicEpic2,3451,0411,281
Moonlight CookieS+Magic MagicLegendary2,2681,467980.0
Oyster CookieS Support SupportSuper-Epic2,7921,051855.0
Pumpkin Pie CookieS Magic MagicEpic1,2691,179796.0
Clotted Cream CookieS Magic MagicSuper-Epic2,3931,2861,124
Vampire CookieS Ambush AmbushEpic1,966989.01,049
Wildberry CookieS Defense DefenseEpic5,598637.01,646
Strawberry Crepe CookieS Defense DefenseEpic4,796431.01,644
Sea Fairy CookieS Bomber BomberLegendary2,2041,3501,187
Parfait CookieS Support SupportEpic2,855473.0793.0
Squid Ink CookieS Magic MagicEpic1,9961,194977.0
Milky Way CookieS Charge ChargeEpic5,056497.01,486
Milk CookieS Defense DefenseEpic5,365492.01,754
Crunchy Chip CookieS Charge ChargeEpic4,327612.01,549
Licorice CookieS Magic MagicEpic1,8201,072964.0
Herb CookieS Healing HealingEpic2,401398.0618.0
Captain Caviar CookieS Bomber BomberEpic2,0841,0901,055
Beet CookieS Ranged RangedCommon1,248637.0672.0
Financier CookieADefense DefenseEpic5,638540.01,657
Purple Yam CookieACharge ChargeEpic4,841568.01,675
Frost Queen CookieAMagic MagicLegendary2,3911,4181,187
Cream Unicorn CookieAHealing HealingEpic2,894419.0733.0
Cherry Blossom CookieAAmbush AmbushEpic2,392951.01,116
Affogato CookieABomber BomberEpic2,1411,0801,080
Macaron CookieAMagic MagicEpic1,9651,072993.0
Cream Puff CookieASupport SupportEpic3,271509.0760.0
Tea Knight CookieACharge ChargeEpic4,604807.01,670
Latte CookieAMagic MagicEpic2,0821,1791,080
Mala Sauce CookieACharge ChargeEpic5,264802.01,899
Twizzly Gummy CookieARanged RangedEpic1,9781,0771,076
Tiger Lily CookieARanged RangedEpic1,345980.0922.0
Mango CookieAMagic MagicEpic1,8651,141995.0
Raspberry CookieACharge ChargeEpic4,774674.01,659
Rye CookieARanged RangedEpic2,175990.01,142
Espresso CookieAMagic MagicEpic1,9341,1181,010
Pinecone CookieABomber BomberEpic2,325981.01,145
Princess CookieACharge ChargeRare3,648350.01,337
Prophet CookieASupport SupportEpic2,715625.0712.0
Avocado CookieADefense DefenseRare3,780323.01,398
Adventurer CookieAAmbush AmbushRare1,714840.0878.0
Devil CookieBMagic MagicRare1,441952.0776.0
Dark Choco CookieBCharge ChargeEpic4,299375.01,583
Pomegranate CookieBSupport SupportEpic2,899390.0773.0
Candy Diver CookieBSupport SupportEpic2,291390.0614.0
Chili Pepper CookieBAmbush AmbushEpic2,4011,0691,009
Sparkling CookieBHealing HealingEpic2,980402.0736.0
Cocoa CookieBDefense DefenseEpic5,131341.01,626
Hollyberry CookieBDefense DefenseAncient6,349537.02,692
Kumiho CookieBCharge ChargeEpic4,148396.01,552
Black Raisin CookieBAmbush AmbushEpic2,0551,0571,158
Lilac CookieBSupport SupportEpic1,921461.01,025
Poison Mushroom CookieBBomber BomberEpic2,0821,0721,050
Red Velvet CookieBCharge ChargeEpic5,376500.01,713
Pancake CookieBAmbush AmbushRare1,680853.0883.0
Cherry CookieBBomber BomberRare1,646832.0923.0
Gumball CookieBBomber BomberRare1,672870.0869.0
Blackberry CookieBMagic MagicRare1,544946.0844.0
Knight CookieBDefense DefenseRare3,742336.01,357
Space DoughnutBCharge ChargeEpic4,301569.01,560
Muscle CookieBCharge ChargeCommon2,646247.0950.0
Ninja CookieBAmbush AmbushCommon1,188630.0615.0
Clover CookieBSupport SupportRare2,068328.0582.0
Carrot CookieBSupport SupportRare2,016343.0571.0
Custard Cookie IIIBHealing HealingRare2,111338.0554.0
Angel CookieCHealing HealingCommon1,538245.0382.0
Pastry CookieCRanged RangedEpic1,7291,0371,045
Mint Choco CookieCSupport SupportEpic2,892445.0820.0
Snow Sugar CookieCMagic MagicEpic1,7841,0781,001
Madeleine CookieCDefense DefenseEpic5,614537.01,669
Moon Rabbit CookieCDefense DefenseEpic5,185444.01,690
Almond CookieCSupport SupportEpic2,737408.0705.0
Sonic CookieCAmbush AmbushSpecial2,2031,0371,057
Werewolf CookieCCharge ChargeEpic5,203589.01,855
Fig CookieCSupport SupportEpic2,871392.0621.0
Tails CookieCAmbush AmbushSpecial2,2251,0351,087
Wizard CookieCMagic MagicCommon1,034683.0549.0
Alchemist CookieCBomber BomberRare1,630874.0887.0
Onion CookieCSupport SupportRare2,131326.0568.0


Cookies from S+ Tier
Cookies from S+ Tier

The S+ tier of our Tier list contains cookies that are the strongest to pick from. This tier of cookies is the most effective, strong, and valuable of all the levels, as well as the most adaptable.

S+ Tier Cookies WHY S+ TIER?
Cotton Cookie S+ Tier overall in both PvE and PvP modes, heals teammates and increases summoned creatures’ ATK.
Pure Vanilla Cookie Best Healing Cookie, capable of healing teammates and applying Shields to benefit the entire team. Ranks S+ in both PvE and PvP.
Sorbet Shark Cookie Strong middle-line unit in PvP, excels in both PvP and PvE modes. Deals Area Damage.
Eclair Cookie Analyzes opponents and weakens top 3 highest ATK opponents, boosting damage they receive. Ranks S+ in both PvP and PvE.
Dark Cacao Cookie Top-tier in both PvP and PvE, leads from the front with the skill Solemn Judgment. Safe from interruptions during skill.
Carol Cookie Excels as a healer and boosts Crits and Crit damage while healing. Effective in PvP as a game savior against lethal foes.
Sherbet Cookie Hard-hitting frost shards quickly freeze opponents, preventing hefty bonus damage. Optimal toppings include Searing Raspberry or Swift Chocolate.
Caramel Arrow Cookie Front-positioned ranged attacker, resistant to debuffs during ranged attacks. Gains immunity to interruptions during ability.
Black Pearl Cookie Maestro of excellent power rating, dominates especially in PvP surroundings.
Stardust Cookie Tremendous damage-rendering Cookie, potential to do up to 450K crits with its Wrath of the Stars skill.
Blueberry Pie Cookie Latest addition to the collection of Cookies, boasts a high spot in the tier list.
Moonlight Cookie Boasts the highest energy stack in Cookie Run Kingdom, pairs well with Solid Almond for increased durability and damage resistance.


Cookies from S Tier in our Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List
Cookies from S Tier

These Cookies are an excellent choice because they are ferocious on the battlefield and have no drawbacks.

S Tier Cookies WHY S TIER?
Oyster Cookie Super Epic Rear Support, summons powerful soldiers to boost allies’ CRIT DMG and CRIT%.
Pumpkin Pie Cookie Epic Middle Magic Cookie, deals great Melee Area Damage and increases ATK Speed of allied summoned creatures.
Clotted Cream Cookie Super Epic Middle Magic Cookie, boosts allies’ CRIT DMG and DEF, ranks S in both PvP and PvE.
Vampire Cookie Epic Rear Ambush Cookie, notable for life-steal ability, deals DMG while restoring HP, excels in both PvE and PvP.
WildBerry Cookie Epic Front Defense Cookie, excels in both PvE and PvP, deals area damage and reduces incoming damage.
Strawberry Crepe Cookie Epic Front Defense Cookie, decreases Damage received by X2 cookies with smallest max HP, damages surrounding area.
Sea Fairy Cookie Legendary Middle Bomber Cookie, causes immense damage and stuns nearest opponents, excels in both PvP and PvE.
Parfait Cookie Epic Rear Support Cookie, heals, provides resistance to debuffs, and increases Defense.
Squid Ink Cookie Epic Middle Magic Cookie, specializes in inflicting damage on opponents.
Milky Way Cookie Epic Front Charge Cookie, sends considerable AoE damage to opposing units, excels in both offense and defense.
Milk Cookie Epic Front Defense Cookie, noted for tanky performance in both PvP and PvE, reduces incoming damage.
Crunchy Chip Cookie Epic Front Charge Cookie, excels in both PvE and PvP, deals area damage and taunts enemies.
Licorice Cookie Epic Middle Magic Cookie, summons minions to deal damage and boosts party’s protection.
Herb Cookie Epic Rear Healing Cookie, heals allies and removes debuffs, essential for PvE.
Captain Caviar Cookie Epic Middle Bomber Cookie, delivers powerful AoE damage, resistant to debuffs, excels in PvP.
Beet Cookie Common Rear Ranged Cookie, renders good damage and debuffs enemies’ healing potential, suitable for new players.


Cookies from A Tier in our Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List
Cookies from A Tier

In the A-tier, we have cookies, and we have cookies that give a good performance but have a tiny bit of a problem.

A Tier Cookies WHY A TIER?
Financier Cookie Epic Front Defense Cookie, protects allies while boosting ATK, CRIT Resist, and DMG.
Purple Yam Cookie Epic Front Charge Cookie, noted for its damage-over-time ability.
Frost Queen Cookie Legendary Middle Magic Cookie, excels in both PvP and PvE with freezing abilities.
Cream Unicorn Cookie Epic Rear Healing Cookie, reduces CRIT DMG received by allies and recovers HP.
Cherry Blossom Cookie Epic Rear Ambush Cookie, rains cherry blossoms down on foes, increasing allies’ Attacks.
Affogato Cookie Epic Middle Bomber Cookie, curses foes, intensifies debuffs, and spreads poison.
Macaron Cookie Epic Middle Magic Cookie, deals substantial damage with extensive animal army, suitable for PvE.
Cream Puff Cookie Epic Rear Support Cookie, replenishes health of allies and causes area damage.
Tea Knight Cookie Epic Front Charge Cookie, buffs allies and becomes immune to interrupting effects.
Latte Cookie Epic Middle Magic Cookie, uses CC abilities to draw enemies and deal damage.
Mala Sauce Cookie Epic Front Charge Cookie, deals AoE Damage and applies burn debuff to opponents.
Twizzly Gummy Cookie Epic Rear Ranged Cookie, unleashes a devastating laser beam and zaps opponents.
Tiger Lily Cookie Epic Rear Ranged Cookie, paralyzes enemies and allows for quicker regular attacks.
Mango Cookie Epic Middle Magic Cookie, increases attack of teammates and deals good damage.
Raspberry Cookie Epic Front Charge Cookie, reduces damaged opponent’s attack and needs toppings to survive longer.
Rye Cookie Epic Rear Ranged Cookie, targets opponent with most HP and deals solid damage.
Espresso Cookie Epic Middle Magic Cookie, creates whirlwind to drag foes into center and deal damage.
Pinecone Cookie Epic Front Bomber Cookie, summons a huge fighting unit to raise HP and heal allies.
Princess Cookie Rare Front Charge Cookie, shrinks enemy’s defenses and deals massive area damage.
Prophet Cookie Epic Rear Support Cookie, summons prophecies to amplify buffs and inflict debuff-coupled damage.
Avocado Cookie Rare Front Defense Cookie, tanky abilities make her ideal for Charge Frontline combinations.
Adventurer Cookie Rare Middle Ambush Cookie, serves as the best alternative for single-target attacker in early and mid-game.


Cookies from B Tier in our Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List
Cookies from B Tier

In the B-tier, we have cookies that are neither too good nor too terrible, and they give an average fight.

Character Name WHY B TIER?
Devil Cookie One of the best Mages in the game, centered in the Middle, with the skill “Devilish Rune” dealing massive damage and reducing enemy stats.
Dark Choco Cookie A frontline tank with the skill “Sword of Darkness” which reduces opponents’ defense and deals high damage.
Pomegranate Cookie A support character boosting team attack power from the back row with the skill “Pomegranate Magic.”
Candy Diver Cookie Provides random buffs or heals the team, but lacks reliability compared to other support options like Eclair or Cotton.
Chilli Pepper Cookie Deals area damage to the enemy’s rear line, an average option in the game.
Sparkling Cookie A healing cookie but not preferred by many players.
Cocoa Cookie A front-standing cookie from the defense class with healing abilities and stun resistance.
Holly Berry Cookie Ranks high in PvE mode but slightly lower in PvP, absorbs damage and becomes immune to interrupting effects.
Kumiho Cookie Front-line damage dealer with temporary charm effects and flame attacks.
Black Raisin Cookie Middle-positioned cookie specializing in area damage.
Lilac Cookie Increases teammates’ attack damage proportional to their attack speed.
Poison Mushroom Cookie Specializes in poison damage, effective against guild bosses.
Red Velvet Cookie Top choice for PvE gameplay with splash damage and stun effects.
Pancake Cookie Deals AoE damage and boosts Attack Speed but limited in utility.
Cherry Cookie Offers solid value in early-game with substantial area damage and stun effects.
Gumball Cookie Falls slightly behind Cherry Cookie but offers better ATK and single-hit damage.
Blackberry Cookie A good Magic Cookie choice, easier to obtain than Epics, focusing on crit rate.
Knight Cookie Utilizes Blast Jellies for quick blasts forward and increases defense.
Space Doughnut Delivers decent damage and DEF shrinking effects, specialized for PvE.
Muscle Cookie Boasts impressive Muscle King Power skill but falls short in actual performance.
Ninja Cookie Shines in targeting hurdles, with skills for continuous jumps and area damage.
Clover Cookie Best Support option among Rare cookies, with healing and debuff removal abilities.
Carrot Cookie Excels in early-game utility support, with skills for area damage and defense boosts.
Custard Cookie III Provides healing buffs and HP shield, recommended for long levels with Swift Chocolate for cooldown reduction.


Cookies from C Tier in our Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List
Cookies from C Tier

The Cookies in the C-Tier do not perform well at all. They are below average and are not that resourceful.

Character Name WHY C TIER?
Angel Cookie Common rarity healer cookie, positioned at the rear. Special ability: Celestial Light – restores HP of allies and grants 50% ATK. C Tier due to high cooldown.
Pastry Cookie Epic rarity ranged cookie, positioned at the rear. Skill: Battle Prayer. Formerly strong, now fallen short. Regular attack deals 75% damage.
Mint Choco Cookie Epic rarity support cookie, positioned at the rear. Skill: Battlefield Symphony – heals teammates and increases Attack Speed.
Snow Sugar Cookie Epic rarity magic cookie, positioned in the middle. Skill: Blizzard – decreases attack speed of frozen adversaries and deals AoE damage.
Madeleine Cookie Epic rarity defense cookie, positioned at the front. Skill: Commander’s Honor – restores health, attacks from a distance, and becomes invincible to debuffs. C Tier.
Moon Rabbit Cookie Epic rarity defense cookie, positioned at the front. Skill: Giant Rice Cake Bunny – specializes in AoE damage, self-healing, and healing allies by eliminating foes.
Almond Cookie Epic rarity support cookie, positioned at the rear. Skill: Almond Handcuffs – arrests opponent with lowest max health, applies Damage link debuff.
Sonic Cookie Special rarity ambush cookie, positioned in the middle. Skill: Sonic’s Spin Dash – inflicts decent damage, boosts teammates’ attack speed.
Werewolf Cookie Epic rarity charge cookie, positioned at the front. Skill: Transformation – transforms into werewolf for area damage. Weak in later game stages.
Fig Cookie Epic rarity support cookie, positioned in the middle. Skill: Jelly Horn – reduces enemy attack by 20%. Limited usefulness compared to other options.
Tails Cookie Special rarity ambush cookie, positioned in the middle. Skill: Tails’ Spin Dash – similar to Sonic, slightly inferior. Searing Raspberry provides effective boost.
Wizard Cookie Common rarity magic cookie, positioned in the middle. Skill: Magic Storm – deals overtime magic damage to nearby opponents.
Ginger Brave Common rarity charge cookie, positioned at the front. Skill: Brave Dash – deals area damage with forward dash action. Initial performance good but struggles later.
Alchemist Cookie Rare rarity bomber cookie, positioned in the middle. Skill: Unstable Formula – inflicts Poison damage. Ranked lower due to rarity and performance.

Best Cookies For Arena And Guild Battle 

In Guild battle, you will have to take down a massive dragon with your teammates and it will take multiple attempts for you to win the battle. Therefore, it is important that you have the best cookies from our tier list for the Cookie Run Kingdom so you can take on the Guild battle and the arena mode efficiently.  

Ambush Cookies 

For effective ambush cookies, Vampire Cookie and Black Raisin Cookie are strong choices with powerful attacks.

  • In the early game, Sorbet Shark Cookie is also a great ambush option.
  • Vampire Cookie’s Vampirism Ability allows for health-draining attacks and deals 15% damage to enemies when healing, providing better survivability against Dragons.
  • Black Raisin Cookie’s Shadow Watcher ability deals significant damage to Dragons.
  • In PvP modes, Sorbet Shark Cookie’s Shark Splash ability makes it one of the best cookies, earning a top spot in our tier list.

Bomber Cookies 

The only bomber cookie that will last in the Guild battle, is the Poison Mushroom cookie that can deal a lot of damage to enemies. The attacks that poison mushroom cookies possess are not only good for Guild battles but also for arena battles. 

Magic Cookies  

We suggest using Licorice Cookie as a magic cookie for the Guild battle as the licorice servants the cookie can produce will take down any enemy you are facing. The Licorice cookie is not only the best cookie for Guild battle, but they can also do great in Arena Mode as well. 

Support Cookies 

For the support cookie, we will recommend you use the Pomegranate Cookie as her magic powers Pomegranate Magic will allow her to buff all her allies and restore their health as the battle progresses. Also, the Pomegranate Cookie can increase the power of her allies by 20%. 

Ranged Cookies  

Rye cookie is a good cookie for ranged attacks and the Final Showdown ability of the cookie can deal a lot of damage to enemies. Also, you can increase the Rye cookie’s attack speed for a short period of time and deal heavy damage to a single target. 

Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List Criteria

Our Tier List has taken a lot of time and work to create. Each character’s abilities and skills to succeed in gameplay were thoroughly researched. This Tier List was made to assist newbies to the game in selecting the best Cookie for them.

In fact, we strive to create tier lists that are as neutral as possible, based on the character’s combat capability and potential in the battle arena. While tier lists are primarily subjective, our team puts a lot of time, effort, and experience into assessing a character’s potential and allocating them to ranks. Let us know who your favorite cookies are in the comments section below.

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