Black Ops 1 In 1000 FPS Make For An Experience Like No Other

Playing on the moon has never felt more realistic.

Call Of Duty has always been one of the more known first-person franchises to have ever hit the shelves. With a new game every year, they always try to push out content, even if it isn’t up to mark. A great example is the Black Ops franchise, and how mixed it has been with the community.

Although their new content hasn’t been as impressive as some other titles, it is the fact that their older titles were almost perfect. The greatest example we have is Modern Warfare and Black Ops.

With Black Ops being one of the highest-rated Call Of Duty games, it has never disappointed. It was so good that even after years of release, people still come back to these older games. Well, a user did a unique experiment on one of the maps in Black Ops 1, and the results were very unique.

The user by the name of Import – Ieu makes a lot of content featuring previous COD games. His videos mostly include glitches, secrets, and many other unique things. But out of everything that he has done, one of his frequent videos shows us a new experiment, one that would lead to a lot of popularity.

This video shows us the power 1000 frames can have on an older title. Import – Ieu decided to test these frames on a map with lower gravity, and as more frames are added, the slower the animation occurs to show every individual frame, and suddenly, it’s as if the player has thrusters.

The game suddenly shifts in character, since movement like this has never been something COD ever attempted, it shows that the games mechanics need to be twisted abd fling around in order for the title to reach a new height.

A Zombies map in COD has always been entertaining, but jumping around like you do in APEX LEGENDS may make for an experience like no other, even if its been done before. Although we may never see this happen as an actual feature, it may as well be something a fan did, out of curiosity of course.

The video ends by showing how the player is now able to float around the map with ease. This could spark some type of new mode in future games, seeing how accessible and easy it could be to manipulate this.

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