Pokémon GO Ultra League Tier List [Mar. 2023]

Best Pokémon GO Ultra League Ranking for Lead, Switch, and Closer

While Pokémon GO gives you a good punch of augmented reality, what challenges the innovative gamer in you to the core are definitely the GO Battle Leagues. Here’s an exclusive Pokémon GO Ultra League tier list for fans.

Key Takeaways
  • There are about 102 total Pokémon units to serve the Ultra League battles in Pokémon GO. Each playing unit is dedicated to a specific role out of three–Closer, Switch and Lead. 
  • Pokémons are ranked based on their general effectiveness determined by following each unit’s utilities, bulk, and typing potentials. 
  • Lead position Pokémons that will serve the fast-paced Ultra League theme well with their massive attack power include Abomasnow, Registeel, Alolan Ninetales, Cresselia Articuno, and Galarian Stunfisk
  • The best choices to populate the Switch positions in your team can be Registeel, Alolan Ninetales, Drifblim, Politoed, and Shadow Abomasnow. They have excellent glass cannon-like properties to fill the gaps that the Lead Role Pokémons might leave behind. 
  • Galarian Stunfisk, Registeel, Blastoise, Ho-Oh, Lugia, and Cresselia, on the other hand, are the best fillers for Pokémon GO’s closer roles. They offer decent bulk and defense capabilities just as needed. 
  • The better ranked Pokémon you choose, the more worthy of a  typing you can benefit from, as better typings are comparatively easy to build around.

Anyways, Reaching the point where you become the best of all Pokémon GO Ultra League champions is not a child’s play. You need determination, talent, and most of all, a correct head start.

By a correct head start, we mean putting up the most viable team of three Pokémons, and that’s exactly what we’ll be helping you with today. We will break our tier list into separate sections for the Lead, Switch, and Closer so you can know exactly the Pokémon that should be occupying each role. 

Pokemon Go Ultra Tier Lists

Pokémon GO Ultra League Tier List Ranking Table
TiersLead RoleSwitch RoleCloser Role 
S-Tier Abomasnow, Registeel, Alolan Ninetales, Cresselia Articuno, Galarian Stunfisk, Shadow Nidoqueen, Steelix, ScraftyRegisteel, Alolan Ninetales, Drifblim, Politoed, Shadow Abomasnow, Swampert, Shadow Suicune, Zangoose, Mew, Suicune, CresseliaGalarian Stunfisk, Registeel, Blastoise, Ho-Oh, Lugia, Cresselia, Regirock, Regice
A-Tier Talonflame, Drifblim, Charizard, Giratina (Altered), Mandibuzz, Lapras, Mewtwo (Armored), Meganium, SwampertLapras, Shadow Nidoqueen, Skuntank, Shadow Snorlax, Umbreon, Shadow MukSirfetch’d, Umbreon, Escavalier, Ludicolo, Typhlosion, Hitmonchan
B-Tier Umbreon, Clefable, Shadow Drapion, Shadow Zapdos, Shadow Politoed, ForretressDragalge, Genesect (Burn), Drapion, Machamp, Pelipper, Meganium, Shadow Magnezone, RegiceAlolan Muk, Heracross, Mewtwo (Armored), Skarmory, Shadow Venusaur, Steelix, Hitmontop, Swampert, Alomomola, Talonflame
C-Tier Venusaur, Alolan Muk, Primeape, Flygon, Shadow Gliscor, Snorlax, Ho-Oh, Likilicky, Regirock, SkarmoryTalonflame, Alolan Muk, Ho-Oh, Primeape, Shadow Gliscor, Snorlax, Excadrill, Crustle, Gengar, Skarmory, Hypno, Regirock, Lugia, Likilicky, Roserade, Flygon, Steelix, TangrowthExcadrill, Zekrom, Jellicent, Lapras, Kingdra, Shadow Zapdos, Gengar, Uxie
F-Tier Gyarados, Lucario, Hypno, Lugia, Suicune,  Obstagoon Aromatisse, Milotic, Shadow Crobat, Shadow Scizor, Shadow Poliwrath, Seaking, ClefableBanette, Lanturn, Poliwrath, Serperior, Shadow Muk, Snorlax, Melmetal, Dragalge

The Pokémon GO tier list will then be concluded with a discussion on the best-of-best names in the Ultra League, ultimately putting you on the road straight to victory. So let’s not waste a second and get right into it! 

Lead Tier List

PokemonGO Lead tiers
Pokémon GO Ultra League Lead Tier List

The Pokémon who’d be filling the Lead position in your team will be the first person to set foot in the battle. For that, they should be super potent in what they do. Bulky options are recommended for these kinds of roles as they can stand alone in the fight for much longer.  

With enough bulk, you should also ensure they have substantial attack power. Only this way will your lead pick be able to knock out most foes they face. Also, as the Lead role is the main frontline of the team, the fewer the flaws it has, the better survivability chances your team will have. 

Therefore stick to the top-tier only. Those who like to challenge themselves may still go for the rest, which is exactly why our Pokémon GO Ultra League tier list has tiers stretching till D. 

Pokémon GO Ultra League TiersLead Pokémons 
SAbomasnow, Registeel, Alolan Ninetales, Cresselia Articuno, Galarian Stunfisk, Shadow Nidoqueen, Steelix, Scrafty
ATalonflame, Drifblim, Charizard, Giratina (Altered), Mandibuzz, Lapras, Mewtwo (Armored), Meganium, Swampert
BUmbreon, Clefable, Shadow Drapion, Shadow Zapdos, Shadow Politoed, Forretress
CVenusaur, Alolan Muk, Primeape, Flygon, Shadow Gliscor, Snorlax, Ho-Oh, Likilicky, Regirock, Skarmory
FGyarados, Lucario, Hypno, Lugia, Suicune,  Obstagoon 

Switch Tier List

PokemonGO Switch tiers
Pokémon GO Ultra League Switch Tier List

The Pokémon fighting as a Switch is the number one alternative you’ll be looking on to when the Lead gets caught by one of its weaknesses. Needless to say, such Pokémons should hence be ready to take on the duty. 

The best Switch Pokémon should perform like a glass cannon, efficient enough to cut through any hostile Pokémon the Battle GO throws at them. Because they’ll mostly be facing issues that your Lead unit can’t look after, Switch Pokémons should have skills that the Lead one lacks.

Here are some of the best choices that equip abilities most powerhouses; we mean the Lead Pokémons don’t. 

Pokémon GO Ultra League TiersSwitch Pokémons 
SRegisteel, Alolan Ninetales, Drifblim, Politoed, Shadow Abomasnow, Swampert, Shadow Suicune, Zangoose, Mew, Suicune, Cresselia
ALapras, Shadow Nidoqueen, Skuntank, Shadow Snorlax, Umbreon, Shadow Muk
BDragalge, Genesect (Burn), Drapion, Machamp, Pelipper, Meganium, Shadow Magnezone, Regice
CTalonflame, Alolan Muk, Ho-Oh, Primeape, Shadow Gliscor, Snorlax, Excadrill, Crustle, Gengar, Skarmory, Hypno, Regirock, Lugia, Likilicky, Roserade, Flygon, Steelix, Tangrowth
FAromatisse, Milotic, Shadow Crobat, Shadow Scizor, Shadow Poliwrath, Seaking, Clefable

Closer Tier List

PokemonGO Closer tiers
Pokémon GO Ultra League Closer Tier List

The Closer position filler will be the last Pokémon you should be driving your brain for. However, that doesn’t make the role less significant, and you still need to be very cautious. At last, the Closer Pokémon will be one out of three in a team, therefore making a detrimental part. 

This Pokémon should be of the most considerable bulk and possess the best-in-class defenses. Make sure to choose a unit that can fight all by itself without any aid from the shields even.  

Pokémon GO Ultra League TiersCloser Pokémons 
SGalarian Stunfisk, Registeel, Blastoise, Ho-Oh, Lugia, Cresselia, Regirock, Regice
ASirfetch’d, Umbreon, Escavalier, Ludicolo, Typhlosion, Hitmonchan
BAlolan Muk, Heracross, Mewtwo (Armored), Skarmory, Shadow Venusaur, Steelix, Hitmontop, Swampert, Alomomola, Talonflame
CExcadrill, Zekrom, Jellicent, Lapras, Kingdra, Shadow Zapdos, Gengar, Uxie
FBanette, Lanturn, Poliwrath, Serperior, Shadow Muk, Snorlax, Melmetal, Dragalge

All Pokémons Tier List

When curating a Pokémon GO Ultra League team of three, don’t forget to cover up your weak points and build an ultimate team full of every ability you think is necessary to excel. While populating the Closer, Switch and Lead roles are essential for the Battle GO meta and storyline, you can even go beyond the parameters to pick something different. 

Therefore here’s a complete unrestricted tier list of Ultra League Pokémons based on the PvP criteria. The ranking below is general and will help you understand the knowledge of forming an essential Pokémon team. 

We have discussed powerful units in tier-S and toured down to the average units of tier-C until finally concluding with tier-F. The long, direct jump was taken because we consider the rest of the Pokémons not fit for use in the Ultra League conditions at all. They may pull something in Pokémon GO but not on Battle GO grounds, hence falling into the F rank.  

Pokémon GO Ultra League TiersPokémons 
SRegisteel, Stunfisk, (Galarian), Talonflame, Swampert, Steelix, Umbreon, Ferrothorn, Perrserker, Ninetales (Alolan), Regirock, Venusaur (Shadow), Scrafty, Lugia, Articuno (Shadow), Politoed (Shadow), Forretress, Skarmory, Gengar, Giratina (Origin), Lapras (Shadow), Abomasnow (Shadow), Cresselia, Suicune, Charizard, Snorlax, Articuno, Swampert (Shadow), Giratina (Altered), Politoed, Abomasnow, Lapras, Regice, Meganium, Nidoqueen (Shadow), Mandibuzz, Drapion (Shadow), Magnezone (Shadow), Clefable, Lickilicky, Mewtwo (Armored), Skarmory (Shadow), Venusaur, Shiftry  (Shadow), Drifblim, Zapdos (Shadow), Sandslash (Alolan)
ABlastoise, Escavalier, Machamp, Drapion, Muk (Alolan), Granbull (Shadow), Primeape, Snorlax (Shadow), Gyarados, Zangoose, Flygon, Hitmontop, Cradily, Machamp (Shadow), Sirfetch’d, Charizard (Shadow), Piloswine (Shadow), Dragalge, Suicune (Shadow), Poliwrath (Shadow), Togekiss, Muk, Sceptile, Electivire (Shadow), Gliscor, Magnezone, Slurpuff, Bellossom, Pelipper, Typhlosion, Ninetales, Poliwrath, Cradily (Shadow), Jirachi, Bronzong, Toxicroak, Hypno, Honchkrow, Altaria, Melmetal, Scolipede, Deoxys (Defense), Hariyama (Shadow), Seaking, Stunfisk, Glaceon, Pinsir (Shadow), Dragonite, Goodra, Alomomola, Cobalio, Gastrodon (West), Cloyster (Shadow), Crustle, Granbull, Magneton (Shadow), Honchkrow (Shadow), Scizor, Gardevoir (Shadow), Raichu (Alolan), Lucario, Genesect (Burn), Mew, Nidoqueen, Shiftry, Milotic, Obstagoon, Ho-Oh, Gyarados (Shadow), Gliscor (Shadow), Piloswine, Skuntank, Flygon (Shadow), Skuntank (Shadow), Virizion, Hariyama, Whiscash, Bellossom (Shadow), Muk (Shadow), Serperior, Ninetales (Shadow), Raikou, Sylveon, Heracross, Aromatisse, Roserade, Zapdos, Hitmonchan, Raikou (Shadow), Jellicent, Chesnaught, Empoleon, Excadrill, Tangrowth, Crobat (Shadow), Scizor (Shadow), Tangrowth (Shadow), Pangoro, Blastoise (Shadow), Ho-Oh (Shadow), Glalie, Electivire, Forretress (Shadow), Crobat, Hitmonchan (Shadow), Dewgong, Ludicolo, Blaziken, Dragonite (Shadow), Cloyster, Mamoswine, Zekrom, Gastrodon (East), Victini, Raichu, Kingdra, Genesect, Gallade, Galvantula
BDurant, Froslass, Wigglytuff, Yveltal, Whimsicott, Mantine, Victreebel (Shadow), Mamoswine (Shadow), Rapidash, Staraptor (Shadow), Mr. Rime, Exeggutor (Alolan), Gallade (Shadow), Moltres, Barbaracle, Crawdaunt, Victreebel, Darmanitan (Standard), Krookodile, Banette, Bisharp, Wailord, Ampharos (Shadow), Quagsire (Shadow), Quagsire, Vaporeon, Groudon, Golduck (Shadow), Latios, Reshiram, Electabuzz (Shadow), Aggron, Bouffalant, Porygon2, Relicanth, Feraligatr, Banette (Shadow), Golduck, Palkia, Mewtwo (Shadow), Weavile (Shadow), Tangela (Shadow), Kingdra (Shadow), Celebi, Metagross, Entei (Shadow), Heatmor, Tangela, Hypno (Shadow), Houndoom (Shadow), Carracosta, Thundurus (Incarnate), Gothitelle, Vileplume, Rayquaza, Fraxure, Torkoal, Magmortar, Torterra (Shadow), Leafeon, Slowbro (Galarian), Zebstrika, Seismitoad, Tentacruel, Lanturn, Uxie, Ampharos, Pidgeot, Magneton, Pinsir, Noctowl, Landorus (Incarnate), Eelektross, Magmar (Shadow), Golem (Alolan), Magmortar (Shadow), Conkeldurr, Staraptor, Cryogonal, Klinklang, Dialga, Aggron (Shadow), Luxray, Simisage, Tropius, Kyurem, Stoutland, Golbat (Shadow), Sudowoodo, Leavanny, Golbat, Amoonguss, Carnivine, Probopass, Entei, Houndoom, Vileplume (Shadow), Arcanine, Probopass (Shadow), Moltres (Shadow), Arcanine (Shadow), Hippowdon, Cherrim (Sunshine), Gardevoir, Seviper, Porygon2 (Shadow), Golem, Garchomp, Rapidash (Galarian), Electrode, Qwilfish, Weavile, Heatran, Weezing, Manectric (Shadow), Omastar, Torterra, Omastar (Shadow), Machoke (Shadow), Scyther (Shadow)
CMachoke, Braviary, Ursaring (Shadow), Nidoking, Kyogre, Beartic, Delphox, Spiritomb, Slowking, Greninja, Pyroar, Simisear, Breloom, Mismagius, Ursaring, Masquerain, Haxorus, Jolteon, Hydreigon, Weezing (Shadow), Gigalith, Manectric, Golurk, Vespiquen, Zweilous, Exeggutor (Shadow), Dusknoir, Sharpedo (Shadow), Mismagius (Shadow), Blissey, Magmar, Mewtwo, Grumpig, Armaldo (Shadow), Unfezant, Dodrio, Gurdurr, Metagross (Shadow), Infernape, Donphan, Sandslash, Venomoth (Shadow), Latias, Landorus (Therian), Vigoroth, Beedrill (Shadow), Chimecho, Rotom (Wash), Electabuzz, Kangaskhan, Nidoking (Shadow), Dusknoir (Shadow), Slowbro, Alakazam, Alakazam (Shadow), Beedrill, Kingler, Huntail, Marowak (Alolan), Sandslash (Shadow), Emboar, Kabutops, Scyther, Slowbro (Shadow), Slowking (Shadow), Sneasel
FVenomoth, Garbodor, Cinccino, Tyranitar (Shadow), Miltank, Armaldo, Rhyperior, Simipour, Sunflora, Sneasel (Shadow), Chandelure, Bastiodon, Lairon (Shadow), Darmanitan (Galarian), Graveler (Alolan), Exploud, Rhydon, Samurott, Grotle, Lunatone, Mienshao, Gligar (Shadow), Thundurus (Therian), Walrein (Shadow), Camerupt, Darkrai, Shelgon (Shadow), Sealeo, Marshtomp (Shadow), Cacturne, Mightyena (Shadow), Purugly, Swanna, Clawitzer, Terrakion, Flareon, Klang, Mightyena, Jumpluff, Basculin, Floatzel, Graveler, Arbok, Marowak, Jumpluff (Shadow), Accelgor, Runerigus, Octillery, Bibarel, Cofagrigus, Cherrim (Overcast), Misdreavus (Shadow), Lumineon, Rampardos, Girafarig, Magcargo, Misdreavus, Seadra, Ambipom, Gorebyss, Togetic, Azelf, Tauros, Reuniclus, Gabite, Chansey, Regigigas, Stantler, Hitmonlee, Furret, Audino, Porygon-Z (Shadow), Munchlax, Swalot, Aerodactyl, Tyranitar, Yanmega, Porygon-Z, Sawsbuck, Exeggutor, Aerodactyl (Shadow), Solrock, Walrein, Maractus, Grotle (Shadow), Sharpedo, Sawk, Tornadus (Therian), Lilligant, Lairon, Shelgon, Meowstic (Female), Gligar, Beheeyem, Salamence (Shadow), Salamence, Meowstic (Male), Archeops, Absol (Shadow), Sealeo (Shadow), Mr. Mime, Boldore, Sliggoo, Marshtomp, Noivern, Musharna, Mesprit, Azumarill, Pignite, Jynx, Claydol, Xatu, Marowak (Shadow), Throh, Sigilyph, Absol, Vanilluxe, Mr. Mime (Galarian), Starmie, Arbok (Shadow), Ambipom (Shadow), Dunsparce, Wormadam (Plant), Weezing (Galarian), Tornadus (Incarnate), Parasect, Wormadam (Sandy), Seadra (Shadow), Raticate (Alolan)FearowKlefkiXerneasDeoxys (Speed)Metang (Shadow), Espeon, Metang, Volbeat, Illumise, Hitmonlee (Shadow), Stantler (Shadow), Xerneas, Lopunny, Slaking

Strongest Pokémons of the Ultra League Tier List

Strongest Units of Pokemongo UL
Pokémon GO Ultra League Strongest Units

Below are the top picks of our Pokémon GO Ultra League tier list that are way stronger than the rest. An in-depth description of them will help you better understand which strongest Pokémon should make it to your team. 


Jellicent is commonly spotted in the Ultra League grounds hailing a relatively unusual typing combination–Water plus Ghost. All you want is to feed some extra XL Candy to the Pokémon, and its already interesting build will fuel up even more to make Jellicent second to none in Ultra League.

Main TypeWater
Second TypeGhost
Attack (ATK)159
Defense (DEF)178
Stamina (STA)225
Possible AttacksShadow Ball, Ice Beam, Bubble Beam, Hex, and Bubble
Damage Resistance Stats62.5% to Bug, Ice, Fire, Poison, Steel, and Water Damage. 

39% to Fighting Damage.

WeaknessesGhost, Dark, Electric, and Grass Damage

The Pokémon has also got balanced coverage and employing potent moves such as Shadowball, Bubble Beam, and Bubble makes it further worthy of your attention. Players will get eight types of resistance and decent bulk, consequently standing a good chance against high-tier opposing Pokémons like Talonflame, Galarian Stunfisk, Swampert, and Cresselia. 

In short, you don’t have to worry about any Rock, Ghost, or Fire-type Pokémon when you have the King Pokémon, Jellicent, onboard. As it’s Fast Move, choose the energy-gaining Hex only, whereas Bubble Beam is wearing down shields and Shadow Ball for enormous STAB damage. 

The only downside of Jellicent you should worry about is its vulnerability against Electric-type moves. Otherwise, this Pokémon is a worthy option for anyone trying to get an edge in the league.  


Snorlax manifests exceptional resistance against Ghost-type playstyle, therefore, hailing as the best counter Pokémon for mighty units like Cresselia, Trevenant as well as Giratina (Altered Forme). The Pokémon is also much easier to access than most in the Pokémon GO meta, perhaps because it’s the oldest one on board and almost every other trainer equips it.

Main TypeNormal
Second Type
Attack (ATK)190
Defense (DEF)169
Stamina (STA)330
Possible AttacksEarthquake, Body Slam, Yawn, Zen Headbutt, Lick, Superpower, Skull Bash, Hyper Beam, Heavy Slam, and Outrage
Damage Resistance Stats39% to Ghost Damage.
WeaknessesFighting Damage

Players can get their hands on two potent Fast Moves via Snorlax; however, Lick is the only worthy option recommended by most trainers. Whereas the Body Slam is also a decisive Charged Move that comes at a pretty low reasonable cost; therefore, don’t miss out on equipping that. 

For those who are up for bearing the cost of a secondary move, Earthquake is a good option to consider. It’s reliable and will inflict considerable colossal damage.


If you are searching for a Fire-type Pokémon to accompany you through Ultra League, look no further than Talonflame. Talonflame’s CP maxes at 2493 (just slightly below Ultra League’s criteria), as a result making it an expensive but perfect pick to consider.

Main TypeFire
Second TypeFlying
Attack (ATK)176
Defense (DEF)155
Stamina (STA)186
Possible AttacksIncinerate, Steel Wing, Peck, Fire Spin, Hurricane, Flame Charge, Fire Blast, and Brave Bird
Damage Resistance Stats62.5% to Fairy, Fighting, Fire, Steel, and Ground Damage. 

39% to Bug and Grass Damage.

WeaknessesElectric, Water, and Rock Damage

The Pokémon manifests a rare combination of fire and Flying-type hence being able to help the team with fast fire-hitting moves offered like never before. Its optimal Fast Move, called the Incinerate, is undoubtedly one of a kind, so much so that you will be forced to use an Elite TM to get it. 

For Charged Moves, consider the less hefty Flame Charge. You can spam it on any target you want and enjoy some Attack buff. Finally, cap it off with Hurricane, Brave Bird, or any other fire or Flying-type move to inflict more significant and quicker damage.  


This beat pick of our Pokémon GO Ultra League tier list is simply legendary, thanks to its fantastic Fast Move. Registeel’s Fast Move Lock-on is not some ordinary one but a potent energy-generating move that gives access to more praiseworthy utilities like the Flash Cannon and Focus Blast.

Main TypeSteel
Second Type
Attack (ATK)143
Defense (DEF)285
Stamina (STA)190
Possible AttacksHyper Beam, Zap Cannon, Focus Blast, Flash Cannon, Rock Smash, Metal Claw, and Lock-On
Damage Resistance Stats62.5% to Fairy, Bug, Dragon, Rock Flying, Steel, Grass, Ice, Psychic, and Normal Damage. 

39% to Poison Damage.

WeaknessesFighting, Fire, and Ground Damage

Both being Registeel’s Charged Moves benefit from STAB, whereas Focus Blast pairs some helpful Fighting-type coverage to the battle. Registeel also has for you a max CP of 2447 (very close to the Ultra League limit) and some massive amounts of resistance. 


Togekiss is the first Pokémon that pops into everyone’s mind when they are after bulk. Yes, it is indeed a bulky unit meant to take substantial hits before you actually have to start worrying. However, Togekiss is much more than just a strong punching bag. It’s equally spectacular in giving some in return too!

Main TypeFairy
Second TypeFlying 
Attack (ATK)225
Defense (DEF)217
Stamina (STA)198
Possible AttacksAncient Power, Aerial Ace, Hidden Power, Charm, Air Slash, Flamethrower, and Dazzling Gleam
Damage Resistance Stats62.5% to Dark and Grass Damage. 

39% to Bug, Fighting, Dragon and Ground Damage.

WeaknessesElectric, Poison, Ice, Steel, and Rock 

Trainers can avail Togekiss as a sturdy opponent to all dark and Fighting-types Pokémons. Most trainers make use of Togekiss against the powerful hitter Giratina. If you too fear a similar beast, Togekiss might be the solution for it. 


This is another worth-considering bulk pick to have in your Pokémon GO Ultra League team. Venusaur is a well-balanced Grass-type companion of excellent health as well as attack potential.

Main TypeGrass
Second TypePoison 
Attack (ATK)198
Defense (DEF)189
Stamina (STA)190
Possible AttacksFrenzy Plant, Solar Beam, Sludge Bomb, Petal Blizzard, Vine Whip, and Razor Leaf
Damage Resistance Stats62.5% to Fairy, Fighting, Electric, and Water Damage. 

39% to Grass Damage.

WeaknessesFlying, Psychic, Fire, and Ice Damage.

Its special moves like Razor Leaf, Vine Whip, and Sludge Bomb make it an even robust tanky build as well as a real cause of pain for most wild types.

However, don’t think of messing with any Steel-type Pokémon like the super solid Registeel with Venusaur alone onboard. This is because the Pokémon equip hardly any moves for that, as a result struggling to fight with its best potential if such Registeel-like foes come by. 


You get enough bulk that too from a Dragon-type Pokémon. What more does an Ultra League fan want? Anyways Altaria can adopt powerful Fairy and Flying-type moves too. The Pokémon has enough bulk to repel attacks coming from neutral matchups while also fire striking in return.

Main TypeDragon 
Second TypeFlying 
Attack (ATK)141
Defense (DEF)201
Stamina (STA)181
Possible AttacksMoonblast, Sky Attack, Dragon Pulse, Dazzling Gleam, Dragon Breath, and Peck
Damage Resistance Stats62.5% to Fire, Fighting, Bug, and Water Damage. 

39% to Grass and Ground Damage

WeaknessesDragon, Rock, Fairy, and Ice Damage

The biggest threats to Altaria, however, are its own fellow Dragon type and the fear of all Steel types. Therefore it is recommended to dispose of threats via quick striking and steer clear of a situation before it’s too late.


Like Jellicent, this best unit on our Pokémon GO Ultra League tier list also manifests a rather unusual typing combination. Galvantula is of the Electric/Bug-type who equips even peculiar but robust move combos like the Discharge and Volt Switch.

Main TypeBug
Second TypeElectric
Attack (ATK)201
Defense (DEF)128
Stamina (STA)172
Possible AttacksLunge, Discharge, Energy Ball, Cross Poison, Volt Switch, Bug Buzz, and Fury Cutter
Damage Resistance Stats62.5% to Electric, Steel, Grass, and Fighting Damage. 
WeaknessesRock and Fire Damage

Alongside electric moves, you also get special ones like Fury Cutter that seem to couple well with the overall style of Galvantula. Nevertheless, don’t forget to stay cautious against rock and Fire-type Pokémons when accompanied by Galvantula; it tends to be very vulnerable against such.


Sirfetch’d don’t only have an unusual combo but it is itself a unique Pokémon. Rather than concentrating heavily on defense stats like most Pokémons in Ultra League usually do, Sirfetch’d focus less on that and more on the raw power attack.

Main TypeFighting 
Second Type
Attack (ATK)248
Defense (DEF)176
Stamina (STA)158
Possible AttacksLeaf Blade, Close Combat, Brave Bird, Fury Cutter, Counter, and Night Slash
Damage Resistance Stats62.5% to Dark, Bug, and Rock Damage. 
WeaknessesPsychic, Flying, and Fairy Damage

It means you will be trading one heck of an offensive Pokémon if boarding Sirfetch’d. Anyways, Sirfetch’d isn’t less blessed in terms of Moves too. The Pokémon has got Close Combat, Counter, and Leaf Blade to easily outsmart the enemies.

Galarian Stunfisk

Don’t go on its appearance because that will definitely turn you down. Instead, look at the massive power that the Galarian Stunfisk Pokémon packs within, and you will indeed be left astounded.

Main TypeGround 
Second TypeElectric 
Attack (ATK)144
Defense (DEF)171
Stamina (STA)240
Possible Attacks 
Damage Resistance Stats62.5% to Flying, Rock, Poison, and Steel Damage. 

39% to Electric Damage.

WeaknessesGrass, Water, Ice, and Ground Damage

The Galarian Stunfisk is one of the best choices to employ in the Ultra League PvP meta. It is also great for the Great League. Outnumbering strong enemies like the Melmetal, Cresselia, or Togekiss is just a piece of cake for Galarian Stunfisk, primarily when powered up with XL.

Trainers prefer utilizing Mud Shot as the Pokémon’s Fast Move and witness solid energy generating. As far as Charged Move is concerned, there can be nothing better than Rockslide as it aids in disintegrating even the most potent shields that too at a low cost. 

Muddy Water and Earthquakes can also be used to deal plentiful STAB damage, so don’t ignore them either. Together these utilities allow Galarian Stunfisk to manifest a potent Steel/Ground type combo that can take down Registeel like Pokémons too. 

Nevertheless, adhering to the Pokémon GO nature, where every unit has at least some flaw, Galarian Stunfisk can fall short in front of Water-type moves.  


Abomasnov may not seem ideal to most trainers, but not until you feed some XL Candy to the buddy. The Pokémon mainly benefits from the exceptional tools in its arsenal, which cover up most of Abomasnow’s flaws.

Main TypeGrass
Second TypeIce
Attack (ATK)178
Defense (DEF)158
Stamina (STA)207
Possible AttacksOutrage, Energy Ball, Blizzard, Razor Leaf, Powder Snow, and Weather Ball
Damage Resistance Stats62.5% to Electric, Ground, Grass, and Water Damage. 
WeaknessesBug, Flying, Fighting, Poison, Steel, Rock, and Fire

On the other hand, Abomasnow’s super speedy move set allows it to take down multiple foes at once before they even realize what’s hit them. This way, the top performer becomes one of the most robust competitors for powerful names on the Pokémon GO Ultra League tier list. 

For Abomasnow, Powder Snow is the most energy-generating Fast Move. Charged Moves wise, trainers will be best served by a combination of Energy Ball for extra coverage and STAB damage and Weather Ball that comes at a low cost and can be efficiently spammed. 

Razor Leaf can also be considered. On the downside, Abomasnow lacks performance against seven stunning move types, so don’t put it into a battle where such conditions prevail.


Umbreon is one of the few Single-type units to rank as the best Pokémon for Ultra League, and believe us; it really deserves it. Being a Single-type Pokémon, Umbreon is surprisingly powerful for its kind. Trainers will be offered a complete skill set consisting of solid moves like Foul Play, Snarl, and Last Resort.

Main TypeDark
Second Type
Attack (ATK)126
Defense (DEF)240
Stamina (STA)216
Possible AttacksPsychic, Last Resort, Foul Play, Dark Pulse, Feint Attack, and Snarl
Damage Resistance Stats62.5% to Ghost and Dark Damage. 

39% to Psychic Damage

WeaknessesBug, Fighting, and Fairy Damage 

As if this wasn’t enough power to fight against Psychic and Dark-type Pokémons, Umbreon also offers the “Best Buddy” perk. The Best Buddy utility accounts for swelling Umbreon’s defense, making the Pokémon even more challenging to defeat.  

Pokémon GO Ultra League Tier List Criteria 

What makes a unit in Pokémon GO worth considering are its utilities, bulk, and typing; however, when it’s about competition in the Battle GO league, the criteria becomes much more particular. That’s exactly what our team adhered to when curating the Pokémon GO Ultra League tier list. 

We have sorted placements for each Pokémon across four tiers that go as: 

  • Tier-S: Includes Pokémons, who can become the pillar of any top-ranking Ultra League team. Most of them own fabulous typings that are relatively easy to build around.
  • Tier-A: Pokémons of this tier dominate the Ultra League’s battleground and all other Pokémons except those who dwell in tier-S. They are bulky and well-balanced hence being highly valuable for the meta in discussion.
  • Tier-B: Ranks all Pokémons who are pretty solid for use but don’t offer a usage as high as given by the tier-S and A. 
  • Tier-C: Pokémons here may not have an excellent typing as you saw in the above tiers, but they are still significant performers of Pokémon GO Ultra League. 
  • Tier-F: The least recommended Pokémons for Ultra League reside in this tier. Don’t go for them unless you have no other choice left. 

For putting forth the above ranking, we invested plenty of effort weighing each Pokémon and its general effectiveness on Ultra League’s set. Each unit’s pros and cons were closely examined, while the moveset was also tried to come up with a definitive hierarchy. 

Our team tried keeping majority preference in priority, too, for which help from authoritative sources on the web and thoughts of veteran Pokémon players and fans were consulted. Our only motive behind doing so was infusing the ranking with the least amount of biases but more popular preference. 

Why Trust Us? 

Exputer has been posting new tier lists every other day to match the frequently populating realm of video games. Our team’s primary intent is to give our utmost best to facilitate newbies as well as pro players to get the hang of the game before it’s too late. 

We try everything we could to get to you with a reliable piece of hierarchy as soon as a new release and its complexity starts messing with your brain. This way, you get honest advice about in-game elements, and the right head start every player needs to initiate the game. 

Nevertheless, tier lists have always been a subjective topping hence posing a chance that our ranking may or may not match your thoughts. That being said, our Pokémon GO Ultra League tier list is open for constructive discussion but closed for criticism.  

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