Fan Creates Ambitious Hogwarts Legacy-Inspired Demo Project

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The upcoming Hogwart’s Legacy RPG has been sized down to a strikingly resembling project by a fan. The name of this ambitious development is Henwards Legacy and it comes from a PC game modder called Arnie. What we have here at our disposal isn’t something that’s intended to be released, so don’t get your hopes up just yet. 

As per the man, Arnie has been working in the Sims Modding Community for quite a while now but has quit his latter occupation to work on projects of his own. The first of many happens to pertain to Hogwarts—quite possibly one of the most anticipated releases of 2023. 

The Rundown: 

  • Henwards Legacy is a parody project of Hogwarts Legacy created by a YouTuber called Arnie. 
  • The demo game is not to be released and is just intended to be developed for a learning purpose. 
  • The project has been created with the Unity game engine. 

Arnie has taken to YouTube and released a 21-minute long video going over the whole thing. At the beginning of the project, he makes it clear that he is not affiliated with WB (Warner Brothers) and is not to be taken as an impersonation of the real deal.

YouTube video

Comprising a total of 4 chapters minus the intro and the outro, Arnie takes us along with his journey and details fans as to how we came about developing Henwards Legacy. The first major part of the video goes over world-building where the project is shown in a barebones state with consistent tweaks and additions flowing its way.

From adding animated grass to instilling a 3D Hogwarts model, it’s no doubt that a serious amount of work has been put into Henwards Legacy right from the get-go. We’re not sure about how Hogwarts Legacy — the actual game — is going to look as a finished product, but the project at hand has sure done made us overly thrilled.

Henwards Legacy Under the Works
Henwards Legacy Under the Works

Now, if you skip past the preliminary stages of Henward Legacy’s development, you’ll come across the “Cinematic Footage” chapter. This is the section that you need to concern yourself with. It starts off by exhibiting a character who walks up to a seemingly breathtaking front-row view of Hogwarts castle. 

Henwards Legacy's Cinematic Footage
Henwards Legacy’s Cinematic Footage

From the spiral stairways to the very dining hall where the Sorting Hat sorted students out, Arnie being a due Harry Potter fan has paid much attention to detail with Henwards Legacy and it easily shows. Feel free to sift through the gameplay walkthrough of the demo to get an idea of further advancements.  

The very vibe that the demo game gives off makes us drool at the Hogwarts Legacy release date incessantly. After all, the actual title’s release date was shifted to early next year in the wake of an unfortunate delay. Do explain in the comments below why delays hit those games the hardest which we anticipate the most. 

In relatively recent times, Hogwarts Legacy even had its Collector’s Edition leaked, which suffice to say, showcased a hefty price tag and got fans of the IP all worked up. We’re yet to see how this plays out when the game nears its release, so fingers crossed. 

Slated for being under the works by Avalanche Software with Warner Bros. Entertainment being at the publishing helm, Hogwarts Legacy is the latest iteration in the Harry Potter video gaming series. It was officially revealed in 2020 and has suffered from one delay since then. 

The RPG is now scheduled to release on February 23, 2023, for all major consoles and PC. Do let us know whether you’re as excited for pulling out your wand early next year as us in the comments section down below. 

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