Hogwarts Legacy: All Horklump Juice Locations

The Best Location Where You May Find The Horklump Juice Easily in Hogwarts Legacy

Horklump juices are essential materials that are found in various places. The materials in Hogwart Legacy can be either bought or they can be found by looking for several places all across the map. This material can be easily found in wild areas like treasure chests, vaults, or even caves.

The Horklump Juice is quite vital for players who are playing on hard difficulty. As the potions tend to help you get through the difficult stages, you should know how to get the Horklump Juice. All the locations of Horklump Juice are mentioned below.

Key Takeaways
  • The best way to get the Horklump Juice is to search for chests in the Horklump Hollow area
  • you can also harvest for underground materials which will sometimes get you the horklump juice
  • The easiest way is to just buy the juice from J Pippin’s Potions shop this way you will have to pay but if you search for the juice, you won’t require financial costs.
  • You can use the Horklump Juice to obtain Wiggenweld Potion which will aid you in battles by restoring your health. 

Horklump Juice Location

The Horklump Juice plants are blue in color and you can identify them easily as they will show their spikes when you move near them. You can find the juice in several places and these are mentioned below. Mostly you will obtain the Horklump juice underground so you need to harvest it.

Hogwarts Legacy
How to get the Hogwarts Legacy

Here are all the locations summarized: 

Horklump HollowNorth Hogsmeade, cave, wait 3 days for respawn, Floo Flame teleporter.
The Mine’s Eye EntranceAnother potential location, challenging item.
AranshireSoutheast, treasure chests, harvest juice, wait 3 days.
Buying Horklump JuiceJ Pippin’s Potions shop, Hogsmeade, 50 Gold, restocking.
Checking the CavesSearch spider caves, find Horklump Juice.

Horklump Hollow 

The best place to find Horklump Juice is Horklump Hollow. The name itself gives you a hint about the presence of Horklump Juice. This is located in the north of Hogsmeade and this place is like a cave. You will find the material inside and outside of the cave. After you have harvested the item, you should wait for three working days in the game.

You can also use Floo Flame teleporter so you can travel fast in time and get those items that are respawned.

The Mine’s Eye Entrance 

This is another location that is the potential for finding the Horklump juice but don’t expect too much from this place as it might be tough to get the required item from this place.


This is located on the southeast side of the map. You may find a lot of treasure chests in this area. The required material that you are looking for will be available near the chests if searched properly. You can harvest in this area; every single harvest will give you at least one juice that can be utilized. Once, you have harvested the area, you should wait for at least 3 days for the juice plants to grow back to harvest it.

Buying Horklump Juice 

Hogwarts Legacy Horklump Juice
Buying the Horklump Juice

Some players might just prefer to use their finances on the Juice and simply buy it. the players can simply visit the shop, J Pippin’s Potions which is located in Hogsmeade. You can find the shop if you travel the bridge on the opposite side of the Magic Neep. For your ease, the shop is also denoted by a potion symbol on the map. Players can buy seeds from the shop. You can buy it multiple times at the same time.

You can buy the material for a price of 50 Gold coins but you should know that the shop does not allow you to buy in bulk. There is a period for the restocking of the material.

Checking the Caves 

The caves in this game have some hideous things. You should particularly search for spider caves. These caves usually have items spawned at the end of the caves. This might require you to fight some spiders and then only you might obtain the Horklump Juice.

How To Use Horklump Juice In Hogwarts Legacy 

Horklump Juice is an item required to make a potion named Wiggenweld Potion. This potion requires you to have at least one Dittany Leaves and one Horklump Juice. After you get both items, you should mix them and you will get the Wiggenweld Potion. You should get these items in bulk so you can use the potion on enemies.

This juice can be used to restore the health of the player, therefore making this item quite valuable. The Wiggenweld Potion requires a brewing time of 15 seconds. Players can also use other spells which are more offensive and defensive so you may require less Horklump Juice for the Wiggenweld potion. You can use other potions as well like the Depulso Spell which can be helpful as well. You can also read our article regarding all the spells and how to unlock them.


There is plenty of Horklump juice available and they will respawn outside the 100 different chest vaults. Once they are harvested or collected, they will respawn later in 2 or 3 days so go back to check for them. The best way is to travel to Horklump Hollow to get the item by harvesting it from the underground. If you are in hurry or can’t travel much so the easy way is to just buy the horklump juice so you can make the Wiggenweld potion.

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