Hogwarts Legacy: All Spells & How To Unlock Them

All Hogwarts veterans unite! And for all the noobs out there, let's see if you have what it takes to acquire all the spells!

Hogwarts Legacy offers players a ton of spells to choose from, ranging from Damage, Essential, Force, Control, Transfiguration, Unofrigvale, and even more types of spells, and it can be quiet to know how to Hogwarts Legacy Unlock All Spells, therefore, players might require help in figuring out how all spells can be unlocked! 

Hogwarts Legacy All Spells
  • There are quite a few types of spells that players are able to get their hands on in Hogwarts Legacy, and it all can get quite challenging to figure out how to unlock them. 
  • Players can unlock spells in Hogwarts Legacy by:
    1. Quests
    2. Assignments
    3. Progressing Main Storyline
    4. Attending Classes

All Hogwarts Legacy Spells 

Here are all the Hogwarts Legacy Spells, their spell, effect, and how to unlock them:

Control Spells 

Control Spells
Control Spells (Image Credits Exputer)

First, we have the control spells, for which there are a total of 4 spells, ranging from the Apresto Momentum, Glacius, and Transformation, as well as the Glacius spells. 

Here’s a quick summary on all the spells on Hogwarts Legacy: 

SpellType of Spell Effect How to unlock
GlaciusControlFreezes its targetComplete: Madam Kogwa's Assignment 1
LeviosoControlLifts small animals and objects up in the airCan be learned at the Defence against the Dark Arts class by following the symbol's path
TransformationControl Transforms objets and enemies into alternate formsComplete: Professor Weasley's Assignment
Arresto MomentumControlCauses targets to slow downComplete: Madam Kogwa's Assignment 2
ConfringoDamageCauses it target to explodeComplete: In the Shadow of the Undercroft
ExpelliarmusDamage Forces the target to drop its weapon or wand.Complete: Professor Hecat's Assignment 2
IncendioDamageCauses targets to burnComplete: Professor Hecat's Assignment 1
BombardaDamage Used tp deals heavy damage, and destroy obstacles Complete: Professor Howin's Assignment
DiffindoDamage Used to precisely cut an objectComplete: Professor Sharp's Assignment
RevelioEssential Reveals hidden things in the worldDuring the first Main Quest of the game "The Path To Hogwarts"
StupefyEssential Counter-attack that stuns a target and renders it unconscious..During "The Path to Hogwarts Quest"
Petrificus TotalusEssential Causes the victim to become immobileComplete the main quest: "Secrets of the Restricted Sections"
ProtegoEssential Conjures up a magical protection barrier.Complete the main quest: "The Path to Hogwarts"
Basic CastEssential Deal minor damage to enemies and objectsComplete the main quest: "The Path to Hogwarts"
Ancient MagicEssential Deal massive damage and break Shield CharmsComplete the main quest: "Welcome to Hogsmeade"
Ancient Magic ThrowEssential Summons and then throws special environmental objectsComplete the main quest: "Welcome to Hogsmeade"
AlohomoraEssential Used to open locksComplete The Caretaker's Lunar Lament
FlipendoForce Pushes back a target or moving an object.Professor Garlick's Assignment 2
DescendoForce Pushes the target to the groundComplete Professor Onai's Assignment
DepulsoForce Sends objects away from the casterComplete Professor Sharp's Assignment 1
AccioForce Pushes objects closer to the userCharms Class Quest
EvanescoTransfigurationVanishes items and returns moonstone Complete the main quest: "The Room of Requirement Main Quest"
Altering SpellTransfigurationAlter the physical forms and features of items Interior Decorating Side Quest
Conjuring SpellTransfigurationConjures items into existence Complete the main quest: "The Room of Requirement Main Quest"
ImperioUnforgivable Temporarily forces enemies to fight as if they were your companion.Can be learned In the Shadow of Time
Avada KedavraUnforgivable Instantly kills the targetCan be learned during In the Shadow of the Relic
CrucioUnforgivable Inflicts intense, excruciating physical pain to the targetCan be learned during In the Shadow of the Study
Nab-SackUtility Used to rescue and hold BeastsObtained from Deek during The Elf, the Nab Sack and the Loom
Beast Petting BrushUtility Conjures a brush for grooming beastsObtained from Poppy Sweating during Beasts Class
Beast FeedUtility Conjures some food for BeastsObtained from Poppy Sweating during Beasts Class
ReparoUtility Fixes broken objectsComplete Professor Ronen's Assignment
Wingardium LeviosaUtility Lifts small objects and animals up in the airComplete Professor Garlick's Assignment 1
LumosUtility Allows you to see in dark areas or solve puzzles that require extra lightDuring "The Path to Hogwarts" main quest
DisillusionmentUtility Causes you to blend into your surroundingsComplete Secrets of the Restricted Section quest


Glacius (Image Credits Exputer)

One of the first spells is the Glacius, and the spell itself can freeze up opponents, enhancing the total damage that they intake from the attacks that are incoming towards them from your end. 

  • To get to know how to unlock all Hogwarts Legacy like Glacius, players will need to complete Madam Kogawa’s Assignment. 

You can also watch our video & learn easily about how to get Glacius spell in the game here.

YouTube video


Levioso (Image Credits Exputer)

When it comes to the next spell it is the Levioso spell, and whenever it is used, players can levitate objects as well as opponents alike. And it can come in handy to solve puzzles and take opponents by surprise. 

  • To unlock the Levioso spell, players need to learn it at the questline that is called “Defense against the Dark Arts Class” whereby players need to follow the main quest. 


Transformation (Image Credits Exputer)

With the Transformation spell, players can transform opponents as well as any objects that they so desire to do so into their different forms, and it can make it all the easier to take them out. 

  • To unlock the spell, players need to finish Professor Weasley’s Assignment quest.

Watch our video guide and learn how to get the transformation spell in Hogwarts Legacy.

YouTube video

Arresto Momentum 

Arresto Momentum
Arresto Momentum (Image Credits Exputer)

With the Arresto Momentum, players can cause opponents, as well as objects that are present near them, to slow down, which can grant players ample time to figure out what they want to do next. 

  • To get your hands on Hogwarts Legacy Unlock All Spells, including the Arresto Momentum, players need to figure out a way to get done with Madam Kogawa’s Assignment 2 questline. 

YouTube video

Damage Spells 

When it comes to damage spells, players can use up a total of 5 spells which range from Confringo, Diffindo, Incendio, Expelliarmus well as Bombarda


Confringo (Image Credits Exputer)

One of the first damage spells includes the Congringo spell, which allows players to launch out a long-range bolt that ends up dealing a bit of damage upon impact with the enemy. Opponents that end up taking in fire-based hits continue to burn for a bit. 

  • To unlock Confringo, players need to fully get done with the In The Shadow of The Undercroft questline. You can watch our video here to learn more about it.

YouTube video


Expelliarmus (Image Credits Exputer)

With the Expelliarmus spell, players can take away the weapons that are being used by enemies, and it also causes enemies to take in damage. 

  • Expelliarmus can be unlocked by completing Professor Hecat’s Assignment 2 questline. 


Incendio (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving on, let’s take a look at Incendio, which can come in handy to cause harm to opponents, and objects that are close to you can also be lit up on fire or it can also light up your entire vicinity. 

  • To get their hands on the spell, players need to complete Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1 questline


Bombarda (Image Credits Exputer)

When it comes to the Bombarda spell, players can cause enemies to take in extra damage, and it also carries out a deadly explosion that can cause obstacles that are on the heavier end to be destroyed. 

  • Players can get the Bombarda spell by fulfilling Professor Howin’s Assignment questline


Diffindo (Image Credits Exputer)

As for the final spell from the damage spells, we have the Diffindo Spell, which can come in handy to carry out slashes against enemies as well as objects and make them intake damage. 

  • To get the Diffindo, players need to complete Professor Sharp’s Assignment 2 questline. 

Essential Spells 

As for the next line of spells that players want to Hogwarts Legacy Unlock All Spells, we have the Essential Spells, which will range from 9 spells including Alohomora, Ancient Magic Throw, Ancient Magic, Basic Caast, Petrificus Totalus, Protego, Stupefy as well as Revelio. 


Revelio (Image Credits Exputer)

With the Revelio spell, players can highlight targets that are present out in the open world, and it is cast by clicking on the left button on your controller. 

  • Players can attain the Revlio spell during one of the first quests that are done in the game, “The Path To Hogwarts”. 


Stupefy (Image Credits Exputer)

For all Harry Potter veterans alike, Stupefy is no new spell, as it can cause it to stun opponents and allows for easier casting on them. 

  • Players can get their hands on it while they are doing The Path To Hogwarts questline which we mentioned before. 

Petrificus Totalus 

Moving on, let’s take a look at Petrificus Totalus, which can bind up opponents, but for enemies that are on the stronger end will end up intaking damage still but can be freed pretty easily. 

  • Players can get the spell by doing the secrets of The Restricted Section questline


Protego (Image Credits Exputer)

As for the Protego spell, players can use it to guard themselves against attacks that are launched at them. 

  • To know how to unlock Hogwarts Legacy spells including Protego, players need to do “The path to Hogwarts” questline, during which it can be attained. 

Basic Cast 

Basic Cast
Basic Cast (Image Credits Exputer)

As the name suggests, the Basic Cast spell doesnt do much except cause enemies to take in a bit of damage. 

  • Players can get it during “The Path to Hogwarts” questline. 

Ancient Magic 

With the Ancient magic spell, players can need to first wait until a bit of their Ancient magic meter is full, after that, they can carry out Ancient Magic attacks against enemies that continue to deal damage to them and it will also break apart any shield charms that they might have. 

  • Players can get the spell by finishing up with the Welcome To Hogsmeade questline. 

Ancient Magic Throw 

When it comes to the Ancient Magic Throw spell, players can summon forth objects that are targeted at opponents, and it can come in handy to break apart shield charms with ease. 

  • To get the spell, players need to get done with the Welcome To Hogsmeade questline. 


Alohomora (Image Credits Exputer)

With the Alohomora spell, players get access to a few locked rooms that cannot be opened otherwise in the open world, but players still need magical abilities to use the spell properly. 

  • To get the spell, players need to do “The Man Behind The Moons” questline. 

You can watch our video & learn how to get Alohomora spell in the game.

YouTube video

Force Spells 

Moving on, we have the Force Spells, for which there are a total of 4 spells ranging from Accio, Descendo, Depulso as well as Flipendo


Flipendo (Image Credits Exputer)

Kicking things off with the Flipendo spell, players can flip both opponents as well as objects and cause them to flip. it can also come in handy to solve tougher puzzles. 

  • Players can get the spell during Professor Garlick’s Assignment 2


Descendo (Image Credits Exputer)

As for the Descendo spell, while it does not actual deal any damage, it can come in handy to slam enemies towards the ground, which can make them intake impact damage still. 

  • Players can get the spell while doing Professor Onai’s Assignment. 


Depulso (Image Credits Exputer)

With Depulso in hand, players can repel different opponents and enemies using amiable force. While the spell doesn’t cause direct damage, enemies that are slammed against each other can take damage. 

  • Players can get the spell during Professor Sharp’s Assignment 1 questline

YouTube video


Accio (Image Credits Exputer)

As for the final spell, we have the Accio spell, which can be used to summon forth a few objects and opponents. 

  • Players can attain the spell during the Charms Class questline

Transfiguration Spells 

When it comes to the Transfiguration Spells there are a total of 3 spells that players can use, which are the Altering SpellConjuring Spell as well as Evanesco. 


Evanesco (Image Credits Exputer)

With the Evanesco spell, players can use it in order to vanish objects, and it can also return back moonstone if it summons forth when you are in the Room of Requirement. 

  • Players can get it after getting done with The Room of Requirement questline. 

Altering Spell 

Altering Spell
Altering Spell (Image Credits Exputer)

With the Altering Spell, players alter the features of items anytime it is used while players are in the Room of Requirement. 

  • Players can get the spell by getting done with the Interior Decorating side questline. 

Conjuring Spell 

As for the final spell, players can conjure items and bring them into existence if are used within the Room of Requirement. 

  • Players can get it once they complete The Room of Requirement quest

Unforgivable Curses 

When it comes to the Unforgivable Curses, players get to access 3 spells called Imperio, Avada Kedavra as well as Crucio


Imperio (Image Credits Exputer)

With Imperio, players are able to make their opponents become their allies, and while they are under your spell, they will be able to intake decreased damage as long as they stay your ally. 

  • In order to know how to unlock Imperio spell in Hogwart’s Legacy, players need to use it while they are in the Dark Arts Battle Arena

Avada Kedavra 

Avada Kedavra
Avada Kedavra (Image Credits Exputer)

With Avada Kedavra, players are able to kill off opponents with little to no difficulties and players can unlock the spell while they are on a mission that has Sebastian Sallow in it. 

For more on how to get Avada Kedavra in Hogwarts Legacy, watch our video guide here:

YouTube video


Crucio (Image Credits Exputer)

Lastly, the Crucio spell can be used in order to cause opponents to feel a lot more pain and cause them to take DoT while also being able to curse the victim. 

  • Players can get their hands on the spell by using it while they are in the Dark Arts Battle Arena

Utility Spells 

Last but not least, we have the utility spells which include Reparo, Lumos, Disillusionment, Beast Petting Brush, Wingardium Leviosa, Beast Feed as well as Nab-Sack. 


Nabsack (Image Credits Exputer)

With the Nab-Sack, players can use a bag that can come in handy to either rescue or hold down beasts. 

  • Players will be given the spell by Deek when they are doing the Elf, The Nab-Sack, and The Loom

Beast Petting Brush 

Beast Petting Brush
Beast Petting Brush (Image Credits Exputer)

As for the Beast Petting Brush, it is simply a brush that can come in handy to groom beasts and can be given to you by poppy Sweeting while doing the beast’s class

Beast Feed 

As for this spell, players can use it in order to feed beasts, and Poppy Sweeting will grant it to players when they are doing the Beasts Class


Reparo (Image Credits Exputer)

As for Reparo, players can use it to bring back objects that have been damaged to their original state, and to get it, players need to complete Professor Ronen’s Assignment quest

Wingardium Leviosa 

Wingardium Leviosa
Wingardium Leviosa (Image Credits Exputer)

With the Wingardium Leviosa, players can make use of it in order to levitate into any object and also cause to move around. 

  • Players can gain access to it after doing Professor Garlick’s Assignment 1

You can watch our video guide as well and learn how to get Wingardium Leviosa spell.

YouTube video


Lumos (Image Credits Exputer)

As far as Lumos is concerned, players can use it in order to allow players to see in areas that are on the darker end and can be obtained during The Path to Hogwarts quest. 


Disillusionment (Image Credits Exputer)

Last but not least, we have Disillusionment which can come in handy to blend in with your environment, and those who are after you will find it more difficult to do so. Players need to get done with the secrets of the Restricted section quest. 

And there we have it! All spells and how to get them, and with that, we will wrap up our Hogwarts Legacy Unlock All Spells guide! For players that are completely new to the game, you might want to read up on our Hogwart’s Legacy Beginner’s Guide to get to know more about the ins and outs of the game! Make sure to read up on our Hogwart’s Legacy Flying Broom guide while you’re at it!

Check out our Hogwart’s Legacy Everything We Know So Far guide as well!

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