Hogwarts Legacy: How To Unlock Broom & Fly

For all Harry Potter veterans and newbies alike, learn where and how you can get your hands on the Flying Broom!

Hogwarts Legacy is finally on the release radar for all the Hogwarts fans, and for players that are veterans and lore-nerds alike, the flying broom is nothing new to them. Such did the game introduce it as well. However, players might need help in figuring out how they can get their hands on the Hogwarts Legacy Flying Broom

Key Highlights
  • Hogwarts Legacy grants players the opportunity to attain the Flying Broom by surpassing a few questlines that they need to clear beforehand. 
  • Players that are playing on the Playstation 5 need to press down the L1 and Circle button to use the broom. 
  • As for Xbox Players, they can hold down on LB and B together so that they are also able to use the broom. 
  • The main quest that players need to complete to get the broom is known as Flying Class, in which Madam Kogawa is known to test and review the player’s basic broom flight as well as maneuver abilities while using the broom. 
  • After players are done with the quest, they can head over to the Hogsmeade area, where they can buy the broom from the Spintwitches Sporting Needs shop that is present just inside the village area. 
  • The shop itself can be identified through its asymmetrical windows and colorful banners that run through the middle of the shop. 
  • Players can purchase from a selection of five brooms that range from the Ember Dash Broom, Hogwarts House Broom, Wind Wisp Broom, Yew Weaver Broom, and the Moon Trimmer Broom. 
  • Players need to spend a total of 600 gold to purchase each broom. 

Flying Class Quest  

Flying Class Quest
Flying Class Quest (Image Credits Exputer)

Before getting started, one thing that players need to know is that there are quite a few main quests that players will need to go through to reach the quest, which grants players the ability to get access to the flying broom. In short, players must first complete the Flying Class main quest, which cannot be skipped over no matter what. 

  • The Flying class quest is part of the Complete The First Keeper Trial part in the main objectives, which players can open up on their screen. Alongside flying class, there are also two more quests that players can take a look at the In the Shadow of the Undercroft and The Room of Requirement questline. 
  • Nonetheless, when players open their objectives list, they can look at the flying class questline that is on the right of the screen. Right below it is a description that states, “in today’s Flying Class, Madam Kogawa will review basic broom flight and the ability to maneuver.” 
  • In short, the description entails the teaching of survivability while riding the broom, how players can safely ride it, and how to see how players can catch a flight and move from one side to the other while being able to use their broom. 
  • Right below that, players can take a look at their objective, which is to head over to the flying class, and below that, the requirements for the level through which players can access the quest is also written. Players must be at least level 6 to qualify for the Flying Class questline. 

Taking A Look At The Map

Map (Image Credits Exputer)

When players open up the map, they can take a look at the Floo Flames locations towards the left side of the map, and with the 7 locations are as follows: 

  • The Astronomy Wing
  • The Bellow Tower Wing 
  • The Grand Staircase
  • The Great Hall
  • The Library Annex 
  • The Secret Room 
  • The South Wing 

When you click on The Bell Tower Wing, players can take note of the flying class objective that is present towards the right end of the screen.

Starting The Quest 

Starting The Quest
Starting The Quest (Image Credits Exputer)

While heading to the area where the quest is located, players are to stand beard a mortar and brick building, and two people are present towards the right of the player, standing a few feet away. Players can click on Square on their controller to start the quest line. 

  • Once the player starts the quest, they immediately tilt their hand to listen to the person speaking to them. 
  • Players can hear Madam Kogawa’s line play out, whereby she addresses everyone in her vicinity and says that everyone in this area needs to go ahead and grab a broom. Then they can get started. 

After that, a cutscene ends up playing out, whereby there are a total of 11-12 people who are standing in a line, and there are six people who are in one line and five who are standing across from the six people, and all of them have a broom that is present beside them. 

  • The instructor walks in the middle of the people and explains everything, and players need to complete the full quest. 
  • Once the quest has been completed, they can see a symbol pop up on their screen, which showcases that the “quest complete” and the “Flying Class” are written below it. 

Buying The Broom 

Buying The Broom
Buying The Broom (Image Credits Exputer)

After you’re done with that, the next thing that players need to go ahead and do is to make their way over to the Hogsmeade area that is present on the map. 

Hogsmeade Area
Hogsmeade Area (Image Credits Exputer)
  • When they open up the map, towards the left end of the screen, players can see a box that opens up that showcases the Hogsmeade area. Right below the area name, it displays the text that Hogsmeade is perhaps the only all-wizarding village that is present in all of Britain
  • Below that, players can note the different items they can attain, most of which are 5 collection chests, 55 field guide pages, and 9 Demiguide statues
  • Below that, players can also see the quests that are made available to them, such as the flight test, Ghost of Our love, and a few more quests, and players can even set down a waypoint if they feel like it. 

While being in the area, players need to make their way over to a shop called the “Spintwitches Sporting Needs,” which is described to be a sporting goods shop that can sell a few options of brooms that players can buy. 

  • If players zoom into the map even more, they can look at the different buildings that are present besides the sporting needs. There is a major building that is present infront of the sporting needs, while there are a few buildings that surround the sporting shop. 

Identifying The Shop 

To identify the shop, there are a few key things that players can look out for so that they don’t end up walking into the wrong building. 

  • When players stand infront of the building, two opposing windows have 16 glass panels spaced out and shaped as squares. The two windows are placed with a door-length gap in between them, and the windows themselves are asymmetrical. 
  • The windows end up curving in, which showcases a small lamp/ item that is present towards the left side of the building where the left window curves in to meet the wall. 
  • Right below the glass panels is a design that is made, represented by green circles that are pastel and lines that go down through the middle of each green circle. The pastel green design also curves to fit the windows’ natural shape. 
  • As the curve of the left and right window is in, players can see a wooden door with nine glass panels in the middle. 
  • On top of the door, in the middle of the building, some banners are hanging all across the width of the building. The banners are pretty colorful, and they are triangle shaped. The banners also meet at a point in the middle of the building before curving towards the end of the building. 
  • The building then continues further with a typical style going up, with the same triangular rooftop. 

When players head inside the shop, they can look at the different items that are present inside that decorate the shop pretty well. There are many barrels, tables, and smaller bits and bobs. 

  • As you go inside the shop. Albie Weekes, standing just a few inches ahead of the carpet, greets you by saying, “you’re back!” and saying it’s nice to see you again. 
  • After that, players can see which items he has as a screen pops up which showcases a more zoomed-in version of him. 
  • Towards the left of the screen, there is a title that displays the “Spintwitches sporting needs” logo, and below that, players can see the brooms that players can buy. 

Brooms Available 

One of the first brooms that will be made available to the players will be the Ember Dash Broom, which sets back players’ 600 coins, and it is described to be the perfect broom for players who have a bit of a fiery temperament. 

  • If players have 600 coins/gold, then you can go ahead and click on the X button on your controller in order to purchase the Ember Dash Broom. 

After you purchase the broom, Albie Weekes will end up saying that you are bound to be thrilled once you get to use the broom, and this is one of his promises to you. 

  • Another broom that is made available to the players is the Hogwarts House Broom, which also costs 600 gold, and it is described to be a broom that has been enchanted in order to help players celebrate their particular Hogwarts house pride. 
  • As for the next broom, it is the moon Trimmer Broom, and with that, it also costs back players 600 gold, and it has been crafted finely from ash itself, and the broom is specifically made with the player in mind as it helps them with stability quite well. 
  • As for the Wind Wisp Broom, it is a stylish broom that looks pretty light, and it costs the player 600 back as well. 
  • Lastly, we have the Yew Weaver Broom, which is a pretty comfortable broom that is also pretty fast, and it has a particular woven design element present to it, and it also ends up costing the players 600 gold if they want to buy it. 

Once the Hogwarts Legacy Flying Broom has been bought, it will be in your arsenal for good. 

Interaction With Albie

Interaction With Albie
Interaction With Albie (Image Credits Exputer)

As you exit the shopping screen, Albie Weekes ends up addressing you once again. He mentions that while any broom will end u being a step up and an improvement from the broom that has been handed over to the players as practice while being in Kogawa’s Class, they all have their cons and limitations no matter what. 

After that, Albie says that for someone who wants brooms, you might end up being like a flyer that might want to get their hands on a few enhancements. And if the player agrees, then Albie says that he was right about you, and he ends up saying that we’ll be quite happy with any broom’s performance if we are at lower altitudes. 

  • With that, he also mentions that players can easily notice that the overall speed consistency ends up faltering as the player starts to rise up higher into the air and that he has the remedy and solution for this issue as well. And he then says that he has a few enchantments and upgrades that players can get that will greatly empower any of our brooms. 
  • In order to get the properly applied upgrades, players need first to go ahead and carry out a broom flight as a test so that Albie can test out the upgrades and see what needs to be perfected. 
  • , he also says that there is a person who is using a few abandoned broom course areas to test out the brooms, and that might be an excellent idea to do it. He tells us to compete for the best time, and if we end up succeeding, then we can get back to Albie and see how the broom operates. 
  • As he asks for your opinions, there are four options that players can check, with the first one, “Sounds worth a try, Mr. Weekes,” the second one saying, “How did your passion for brooms begin” the third one, “why am I the right person for this” as well as the fourth option being “You took Madam Kogawa’s class?”. 
  • If players agree, then Albie responds with a simple Thank you, after which he says that it’ll be worth our while, and if it ends up being right, then the new upgrade should enhance the broom in every aspect, and he can even give you a special price. 

Albie then tells you to head over to the Quidditch Pitch, where you can find the person, and she can tell you what to do next. 

How To Use The Broom In Hogwarts Legacy 

While being from the item wheel, players can go ahead and select the broom from the item wheel, and while being on a Playstation, players can go ahead and click on L1 and Circle, and on an Xbox, they can click on Lb and B together. 

  • Players cant use the broom while being inside the city. Therefore players need to start heading back and running outside of the vicinity a little bit before they can start using it. 


And there we have it! All that players need to know about how to get flying Broom in Hogwarts Legacy, and with that, we will wrap up our guide! For players that want to know which spells are present in the game, they should read up on our Hogwarts Legacy Spells guide! If players are just getting started with the game and want to know which quests they need to do and how long it will take to get through the storyline, why not check out our Hogwarts Legacy How Long To Beat guide?

While you’re at it, do not miss out on our Hogwarts Legacy PC Requirements guide so that you know whether your PC is compatible or not!


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