Hogwarts Legacy: All Brooms [Location & Stats]

Here is everything you need to know about all the brooms in Hogwarts Legacy including how to unlock and how to upgrade them.

Choosing your first broom can be tough, but we are here to help as there are 13 brooms in Hogwarts Legacy, and they all have their own unique look. However, looks are mostly the only thing that is different about them. The stats of all the Brooms are the same, and the brooms act like skins. You can also upgrade your broom to increase its speed, and upgrading one broom upgrades them all. 

Key Takeaways

There are 13 brooms in Hogwarts Legacy that you can obtain. All these brooms have identical stats and function as skins for customization. You can acquire them by purchasing or completing challenges.

Here’s a list of some brooms and their prices:

  1. Aeromancer: Costs 3000 coins, available at Rohan Prakash’s shop.
  2. Bright Spark: Unlocked by popping 15 sets of balloons across the map.
  3. Ember Dash: One of the five brooms purchasable on your first visit to Albie Weekes’ shop.
  4. Family Antique: Purchase from Pryia Treadwell for 2500 coins.
  5. Lickety Swift: Unlocked by popping five sets of balloons.
  6. Moon Trimmer: Costs 600 coins, available at Spintwitches Sporting Needs shop.
  7. Night Dancer: Unlocked by popping two sets of balloons.
  8. Silver Arrow and Sky Scythe: The most expensive brooms in the game, priced at 5000 Gold coins.
  9. Wild Fire: Unlocked by popping ten sets of balloons.

You can enhance your brooms’ speed by upgrading them with coins. Upgrading one broom also boosts the speed of all others. Completing Side Missions and awaiting a letter from Albie Weekes is necessary for upgrading.

All Brooms In Hogwarts Legacy

Here are all the Brooms in Hogwarts Legacy, their location and cost:

BroomsAcquiring Location Cost
AeromancerBought from Rohan Prakash in Poidsear Coast, south-west of Marunweem Bridge3000
Bright SparkChallenge Reward for popping another 15 Sets of Balloons (32 total).N/A
Ember DashBought from Spintwiches Sporting Needs in Hogsmeade600
Family AntiqueBought from Priya Treadwell in Feldcroft Region, south-west of the battle arena2500
Hogwarts HouseBought from Spintwiches Sporting Needs in Hogsmeade600
Lickety SwiftChallenge Reward for popping another 5 Sets of Balloons (7 total)N/A
Moon TrimmerBought from Spintwiches Sporting Needs in Hogsmeade600
Night DancerChallenge Reward for popping 2 Sets of Balloons.N/A
Silver ArrowBought from Arn in Hogwarts Vally region5000
Sky ScytheBought from Leopold Babcoke in Hogsmeade Valley5000
Wild FireChallenge Reward for popping another 10 Sets of Balloons (17 total)N/A
Wind WispBought from Spintwiches Sporting Needs in Hogsmeade600
Yew WeaverBought from Spintwiches Sporting Needs in Hogsmeade600

Flying is one of the most fun parts of the game, so it’s essential to learn about all the Brooms. Knowing all the information will help you make the correct choice and choose the broom that fits you Best. All brooms in the game have a few characteristics you should keep in mind while choosing your favorite one. Most of the brooms will cost you money, so make sure you are opening those Eyeball Chests

 Brooms In Hogwarts Legacy
Hogwarts Legacy All Brooms- Image Captured by eXputer
  • Firstly, to keep things simple, the developers have decided to keep the stats of all the brooms the same.
  • No matter what broom you choose, its speed and boost will remain the same as others.
  • Secondly, Brooms are upgradeable, and you can increase their speed and travel faster. 
  • Thirdly, you can either purchase a broom from a seller or get them by popping balloons located all over the map.
  • Lastly, all brooms in Hogwarts Legacy have their own unique look, and that will be the only disguising feature between them. 

Here is a list of all the Brooms available in the game in alphabetical order.

  • Aeromancer
  • Bright Spark
  • Ember Dash
  • Family Antique
  • Hogwarts House
  • Lickety Swift
  • Moon Trimmer
  • Night Dancer
  • Silver Arrow
  • Sky Scythe
  • Wild Fire
  • Wind Wisp
  • Yew Weaver


Broom Aeromancer
Hogwarts Legacy Aeromancer- Image by eXputer

The first broom on the list is going to be the Aeromancer. Since the brooms have similar stats, the aeromancer is no difference in speed or handling. However, its design is a bit unique and makes it attractive to the players. It comes with a saddle that has back support for the wizard riding it. The cauldron on the front end will guide you in the darkest of nights. It’s a fine choice for a night owl.

  • Aeromancers is one of the best brooms, style-wise, out of all the Brooms in Hogwarts Legacy. However, it comes at a price and an expensive one at that.
  • You can purchase the broom for 3000 gold coins from a little shop. Make sure you have saved up for this broom.
  • You can purchase Aeromancer from Rohan Prakash. He is a vendor you will encounter while exploring the south part of the map.
  • However, there is no marker for his location on the map. The closest location you will find near Rohan’s Shop is going to be Cragcroft.
  • You can fly to Cragcroft and use Revelio to see all the checkpoints in the area.
  • Once you locate the shop, you can interact with Rohan to take a good at the items he is selling and get the Aeromancer broom. 

Bright Spark

Broom Bright Spark
Hogwarts Legacy Bright Spark- Screenshot Grab: eXputer

Another broom that will light up the night sky is Bright Spark. Bright Spark earns its name due to the two glowing stars that are hanging in front of the broom. If you are flying around at night, you will seem like a shooting star to those who look up at the sky. It seems to have a pretty comfortable seat, so you won’t be getting tired of riding around on it anytime soon.

  • Bright Spark is one of the Brooms in the game that can not be purchased and can only be unlocked by completing its challenge.
  • The challenge is pretty simple, and all you have to do is pop 15 sets of balloons located all over the map.
  • The Challenge will start once you have popped a set of red balloons.
  • One set of these red balloons can be seen floating near the Hogsmeade Station.
  • Bright Spark is the final reward for completing the challenge, and it might be hard to find all the Balloons. 
  • The Challenge can only be started once you have completed the ‘Flight Test’ main mission, so make sure you have completed that. 

Ember Dash

Broom Ember Dash
Hogwarts Legacy Ember Dash- Screenshot Captured by eXputer

One of the most Stylish brooms that you can get at the beginning of the game is the Ember Dash broom. Although its seat and wood aren’t anything special, the firey embers on the hay of the broom give it an exotic look. It looks great when you are flying around on it. However, since it’s one of the best-looking brooms, a lot of players will be going for it. 

  • Ember Dash is one of the five brooms that you can purchase after completing the Flight Test Quest.
  • The brooms’ bright Embers make it stand out in the coward of pretty bland brooms.
  • However, the price of the broom is the same as the other. It will cost you 600 Gold coins to purchase the broom from Spintwitches Sporting Needs shop.
  • You are allowed to go and purchase a broom from Albie Weekes once you have learned how to fly them.
  • His shop is located in Hogsmeade, and you and fast travel there via Floo Flame.
  • Once you have reached the shop, you are presented with five brooms, all of which will have the same price.

Family Antique

Broom Family Antique
Hogwarts Legacy Family Antique- Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

If you are looking for a quite simple and witch-like broom, the Family Antique might be the right fit for you. It’s nothing flashy and looks like a good old fashion witch’s broom. The bristle of the broom seems to be made out of death twigs giving it a bit of a scary aesthetic. If you are playing a dark and evil character, the Family Antique will help you complete your personality. 

  • The Broom is not as expensive as the Aeromancer; however, it still isn’t cheap.
  • It will cost you about 2,500 gold coins to purchase the Family Antique broom.
  • It is a bit expensive, seeing that the design is nothing special, although being an antique does increase its price a bit.
  • You can purchase this one from Pryia Treadwell, who will be a vendor at the South Sea Bog.
  • There is a Floo Flame right next to the shop, which is indicated on your map by the vendor icon.
  • Once you are at the Floo Flame, you can head over to the shop and interact with Pryia Treadwell and get your brand new Family Antique Broom. 

Hogwarts House

All Brooms Hogwarts Legacy House
Hogwarts Legacy Hogwarts House- Image Captured by us

If you really want to represent your House in Hogwarts Legacy, one Broom outshines all the others. The Hogwarts House broom is nothing special at first glance.

However, it has a unique feature. It is a bit different and changes according to the House you are in. For example, it will be green for Slytherin with the snake emblem and red for Gryffindor with the Loin emblem. 

  • The Hogwarts House Broom comes pretty cheap, and you can get it early on in the game. The broom will only cause 600 gold coins and can be your first ride in the game.
  • Considering the challenges and prices of the others on the list, you are getting a pretty good deal with this one. 
  • Once again, you can head over to Hogsmeade and make your way to the Spintwitches Sporting Needs shop.
  • Here you have five options to choose from. You can only purchase a broom and roam freely once you have mastered flying.
  • So make sure you have completed the Flight Test main Quest

Lickety Swift

Broom Lickety Swift
Hogwarts Legacy Lickety Swift- Image Captured by eXputer

Flying around is always more fun when you have a basket full of warm baked goods. The Lickety Swift broom will allow you to do exactly that in Hogwarts Legacy. The broom comes in a distinctive white for the seat and has silver wrapped around the stick for a better grip. In the back, you have a small basket for your pleasantries. The broom will be the perfect fit when going for a picnic. 

  • You can acquire the Lickety Swift pretty easily in the game, and you don’t have to spend a penny to get it.
  • The broom will be unlocked by completing the second phase of the Pop the balloons challenge.
  • It will require you to pop five sets of balloons which is an easy task for a skillful rider such as yourself. 

Moon Trimmer

Broom Moon Trimmer
Hogwarts Legacy Moon Trimmer- Image by eXputer

The Moon Trimmer is going to be a great choice for you if you are a night owl. It is made from ash and has a dark wood color. The broom comes with two sachels on either side. However, they are just decoration and won’t be useful. At the front of the broon, you can find a street lamp hanging, which gives you a bit of light at night. The only drawback is it doesn’t come with a comfortable seat. 

  • You can get the Moon Trimmer from Albie Weekes for the low price of 600 gold coins.
  • It will be presented to you in the Spintwitches Sporting Needs shop when you are choosing your first broom.
  • These brooms are important as they will allow you to complete the balloon challenge and unlock new brooms and learn spells. 

Night Dancer

All Brooms Hogwarts Legacy Night Dancer
Hogwarts Legacy Night Dancer- Screenshot Grab: eXputer

One broom that will be hard to spot in the night sky is the Night Dancer. Its black aesthetic makes it a perfect fit if you are playing a Goth or Dark character in the game. Night Dancer is quite a stylist broom and comes with a comfortable black seat made for long rides at night. The bristles are tightly wrapped with silver strips making the broom more aerodynamic. The stick even has a quality grip for better stability. 

  • It is the first broom that you can unlock by popping two sets of red balloons placed around the map.
  • The broom is pretty easy to get and is a great one to have early on.
  • You can equip the skin in your gear menu and try it out once you have unlocked it.

Silver Arrow

Broom Silver Arrow
Hogwarts Legacy Silver Arrow – Screenshot Captured by eXputer

The most expensive broom in the game is the Silver Arrow. It has the most fascinating and eye-catching design in the game. The dark wood of the broom is contrasted beautifully with the silver seat and cover on the bristles. However, the seat does not look very comfortable, but it does look elegant. The tip of the broom has a well-crafted handle showing the skill of the maker.

  • The elegant broom comes at a steep price and will make a dent in your wallet, so make sure you open as many eyeball chests as you can.
  • The price of the Silver Arrow broom will be 5,000 gold coins. If you save up enough, you can get it fairly quickly, considering an eyeball chest will give you 500 gold Coins.
  • The vendor for the Silver Arrow broom will be Arn, who is a goblin.
  • You will have to do a side mission and retrieve his carts for him.
  • Once you have done that, he will be more than happy to trade with you.
  • You can find the Silver Arrow broom in his shop.
  • Arn will be located south of Hogwarts near the bridge and will be indicated by the vendor icon.  

Sky Scythe

Broom Sky Scythe
Hogwarts Legacy Sky Scythe- Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

Another elegant Broom in the game will be the Sky Scythe. It is also one of the more well-designed brooms in the game. The seat looks quite comfortable compared to the metal saddle of Silver Arrow Broom. The stick of the broom has a red spiraling design all the way to the tip. The bristles have a green color with a black strip which is the perfect look for a Slytherin

  • The Sky Scythe shares another quality with Silver Arrow; they both have the exact same price.
  • The Sky Scythe broom will also cost you 5,000 gold coins, making it the most expensive broom in Hogwarts Legacy.
  • If you want both of them, you might want to hold off purchasing anything else for a while.
  • You can purchase the Sky Scythe broom from Leopold Babcocke.
  • His shop will be located on the top right side of the map; you can see a floo flame located here titled “East North Ford Bog.”
  • The vendor’s shop will be on the left of the Floo Flame on the map. You can fast-travel to the vendor and purchase the broom from here. 

Wild Fire

Broom Wild Fire
Hogwarts Legacy Wild Fire- Image Captured by us

If you like the Ember Dash broom, another similar design can be found on the Wild Fire Broom. The Bristles have the familiar brunt red glow of the Ember dash. The Stick has a very natural and root-like look to it and feels rough and adventurous. The red and grip and bell add to its wild aesthetic. This broom feels like the perfect fit for a Gryffindor student

  • The Wild Fire has a similar design to the Ember Dash broom; however, you will not be able to purchase the broom.
  • The great news is that you can unlock it for free by completing the third phase of the balloon challenge.
  • Once you have popped ten pairs of balloons, the broom is all yours, and you can claim it in the challenges menu.
  • You can avoid buying Ember Dash and get another broom at the start since they are both quite similar. 

Wind Wisp

All Brooms Hogwarts Legacy Wind Wisp
Hogwarts Legacy Wind Wisp- Image Captured by eXputer

Another early-game broom is the Wind Wisp Broom; they will be available when you are first choosing brooms. The Wind Wisp is a fine choice; indeed, it has a soft seat and crooked shaft giving it quite a balance and adventurous appeal. The bristles hardly seem enough. However, the lantern on the front will illuminate your path at night. You can’t get lost with Wind Wisp at your side. 

  • As previously mentioned, you will be able to purchase Wind Wisp when you first enter the Spintwitches Sporting Needs shop.
  • Albie Weekes will be selling the broom for 600 gold coins, and you can purchase it if you feel like it is the broom for you.
  • The stats will be the same for all the brooms, so you are paying for looks here.

Yew Weaver

Broom Yew Weaver
Hogwarts Legacy Yew Weaver- Image by eXputer

The last and the least attractive broom in the bunch will be the Yew Weaver. It has no real distinguishing features that set it apart from an ordinary household broom. However, if simplicity is your thing, this might be the perfect fit for you. The only real decoration it has is the cloth around the bristle of the broom, and that’s about it. There is a bit of a spiral twist going on at the shaft, which does add a bit of appeal. 

  • You will be able to purchase the Yew Weaver Broom from the Spintwitches Sporting Needs shop.
  • When you are first choosing brooms, Yew Weaver will be at the end of the list.
  • It has the same price as 600 Gold Coins, and the stats will be the same.
  • So even if you go with the Yew Weaver, you will not be nerfed on speed or handling.

Upgrading Brooms 

How To Upgrade Brooms
Broom Upgrades – Screenshot Grab: eXputer

Upgrading the Brooms is quite simple and easy. There are side missions designed for you to complete, which allow you to unlock upgrades for your Brooms. The Side missions such as ‘Sweeping the Competition’ and ‘The Sky is the Limit’ will need to be completed. Once you have done the Side Missions, you will receive a letter from Albie Weekes, who will inform you that an upgrade for your broom is ready. 

  • All the side missions have the same quest but get harder each time you attempt it.
  • The Quest will require you to beat Imelda’s time to complete the course. The course has hoops and yellow bubbles.
  • You have to fly through the hoops to stay on the path of the course.
  • If you fail to fly through and go past it, you get a time penalty of +5 seconds.
  • The yellow bubbles are also essential for getting a good time.
  • Popping these bubbles will not only refill your boost bar, which allows you to stay in boost continuously, but it also gets you a burst of speed for a limited time.
  • Both of these will be significant in completing the side quest. 

Once you complete each quest, keep checking your mail to receive a letter from Albie Weekes. If you upgrade one broom, all of your other brooms will also receive the upgrade. However, the upgrades do not come for free. Each time you upgrade, the price will increase, so you will need to save up a bit. 

  • First Upgrade: Costs 1,000 gold coins
  • Second Upgrade: Costs 4,500 gold coins
  • Third Upgrade: Costs 7000 gold coins

Final Words

You can see in this Reddit Post that players discuss that all brooms are purely cosmetics. When you are not flying around, you can look for the Daedalian keys, which are flying inside Hogwarts. Use the Keys to open House Cabinets and collect House Tokens. Also, learn how to solve the bridge puzzle and find unicorns in the game.

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