Hogwarts Legacy Unicorn Locations [Full Guide]

Tame the majestic beast and add them to your collection in the Room of Requirement!

The fantasy world of Hogwarts Legacy is filled with many things to discover. From the mysterious Arithmancy Puzzles to the use of flying brooms, there’s something magical in every corner. Part of that magic is fantasy creatures such as the Unicorn, whose location we’ll be discussing in this Hogwarts Legacy guide.

Unicorns are found in almost any fantasy-based story, which is the same case with Hogwarts Legacy. These fantastic beasts are quite rare and can be quite hard to obtain as they’ll run immediately when they see you. But with a few smart techniques and the use of some handy spells, you’ll be able to collect Unicorns in no time!

Key Highlights
  • Unicorns can be found in the Unicorn’s Den in the Forbidden Forest, next to the Upper Hogsfield Floo Flame Fast Travel point.
  • To collect a unicorn, you’ll need the Nab-sack and Vivarium in the Room of Requirement.
  • Obtain the Nab-sack during “The Elf, the Nab-sack, and the Loom” quest.
  • Stay hidden using invisibility potion or Disillusionment spell to approach without spooking the unicorn.
  • Immobilize it with Levioso, Glacius, or Arresto Momentum.
  • Capture it with the Nab-sack and release it in the Vivarium to care for it and obtain Unicorn hair.
  • Consider the Unique Unicorn side quest to apply your knowledge to a real unicorn.

How To Tame Unicorns

hogwarts legacy unicorn locations
Unicorn in the Vivarium [image by eXputer]
Unfortunately, taming Unicorns in Hogwarts Legacy is not quite straightforward, as there are a bunch of items and spells that you’ll need beforehand to ensure that you don’t mess up. Furthermore, there is only one particular location where you can find Unicorns. So, if you’re not aware of it, you’ll likely be searching for them aimlessly. Let’s get into everything that you need to do before even attempting to tame a Unicorn, and then the actual locations and methodology.


Useful spells for capturing Unicorns [captured by eXputer]
To capture Unicorns, you’ll need to meet these prerequisites:

  1. Beast Class Knowledge: Ensure your character has at least one Beast Class knowledge to be aware of Unicorns.
  2. Room of Requirement: Unlock the Room of Requirement to have a place to store the captured Unicorn.
  3. Nab-sack: Obtain a Nab-sack, which is part of the main quest. Reach Level 15 and complete “The Helm of Urtkot” quest, then unlock “The Elf, the Nab-Sack, and the Loom” quest to learn how the Nab-sack works.
  4. Vivarium: Understand how the Vivarium works in the Room of Requirement. It acts as a place to house your fantastic beasts, including the Unicorn.
  5. Capture Spell: Use a spell to immobilize the Unicorn. Spells like Glacius, Accio, or Levioso can work. Disillusionment can help you get close without being spotted.

Meeting these prerequisites will enable you to successfully capture Unicorns in your magical adventures.

Unicorn Locations

hogwarts legacy unicorn den location
Unicorn Den Location [captured by eXputer]
There is actually only one single location where you can find Unicorns in Hogwarts Legacy. And that is on the northwest edge of the Forbidden Forest. It is labeled as the Unicorn Den, and you’ll likely be able to find a unicorn almost every time that you enter this location.

Additionally, you’ll likely be able to come across the location while completing the “Unique Unicorn” side quest, which we’ll discuss in detail below. If you’ve got the Floo Flame locations unlocked in the outer areas, then the closest location to the Unicorn’s Den will be the Upper Hogsfield Floo Flame fast travel point. Additionally, there are the Mooncalf Dens nearby as well.

Taming Unicorn

hogwarts legacy hazel the unicorn location
Hazel the Unicorn [image by us]
Now that you’ve got all the prerequisites and know where you can find Unicorns, it’s time to actually try and tame one for yourself. To tame a Unicorn successfully, follow these steps:

  1. Locate a Unicorn: Use your broom to fly around and spot a Unicorn in its den without being detected.
  2. Stay Invisible: Make yourself invisible using either the Invisibility Cloak, an invisibility potion, or the Disillusionment spell to ensure the Unicorn doesn’t spot you.
  3. Immobilize the Unicorn: Use one of these spells to immobilize the Unicorn and prevent it from running away:
    • Levioso to make it float and unable to move.
    • Glacius to freeze it in place.
    • Arresto Momentum to slow it down.
  4. Capture with Nab-sack: Approach the immobilized Unicorn with your Nab-sack equipped and use it on the Unicorn. You may need to use the Nab-sack action button multiple times.

With patience and the right spells and tactics, you’ll be able to successfully capture a Unicorn and transport it to your Vivarium in the Room of Requirement.

Unique Unicorn Side Quest

hogwarts legacy unique unicorn side quest mission start
Betty Bugbrooke side quest initialisation [screenshot by eXputer]
If you want an easy way to discover the Unicorn’s Den while also completing an interesting side quest, then you can opt to do the Unique Unicorn Side Quest. It will require you to save a particular Unicorn, and you’ll get to try out everything that we discussed on how to tame a Unicorn.

  1. Start the Quest: Talk to Betty Bugbrooke in Hogsmeade. You can find her west of the North Hogsmeade Floo Flame fast travel point. She’ll tell you about her injured Unicorn friend, Hazel.
  2. Locate the Unicorn Den: Betty will instruct you to go to the Unicorn Den, which is west of the Upper Hogsfield Floo Flame in the Forbidden Forest.
  3. Find Hazel: Look for Hazel in the Unicorn Den. Hazel will have a distinct bright and shiny coat. Ensure you capture Hazel specifically, as capturing any other Unicorn won’t progress the quest.
  4. Equip Spells: Equip the Nab-sack, Disillusionment, and Levioso (or Glacius and Accio) spells before approaching Hazel.
  5. Tame Hazel: Approach Hazel while invisible, immobilize it with a spell, and use the Nab-sack on Hazel. If you spook Hazel during any of these steps, you’ll need to track it down and try again.
  6. Return to Betty: Once you’ve successfully captured Hazel, return to Betty Bugbrooke in the same location where you first talked to her.
  7. Claim Your Rewards: Inform Betty that you’ve captured Hazel. You’ll receive a reward for completing the quest, including 180XP, Wooden Maiden, and Hazel the Unicorn.

Taming Hazel and completing this side quest allows you to add Hazel to your Vivarium in the Room of Requirement. There, you can take care of Hazel and collect Unicorn hair, which is necessary for crafting high-level gear

There are many other spells that you can use in Hogwarts Legacy that aren’t exactly effective in taming a Unicorn, but can be useful in many other situations, such as Depulso and the Unforgivable curses like Crucio. You can also go around acquiring collectibles such as the Daedallion Keys or the Gobstone locations. You can acquire some useful loot by sneaking up on the eyeball chests as well.

But with that, you now know everything about the Unicorn locations in Hogwarts Legacy and everything you need to do to successfully tame one. The setup can be quite tricky but by the time you’ve acquired the Nab-sack, you should have every item needed to tame a Unicorn!

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