Hogwarts Legacy: Unlock All Unforgivable Curses

Learn how to unlock all the unforgivable spells to become one of the strongest Wizard or Witch Hogwarts has ever seen!

Unforgivable Spells are some of the strongest spells in the Harry Potter universe. Capable of twisting one’s actions to even killing them in an instant, they’re so strong that they’re considered taboo in the wizarding world. But in Hogwarts Legacy, you can use the unforgivable spells or curses by unlocking them as you progress further in the game.

Key Takeaways
  • There are three Unforgivable Curses in Hogwarts Legacy.
  • Each of the curses can be acquired by going through Sebastian Sallow’s “In the Shadow Of…” questline
  • After you’re Level 16 and complete the “Welcome to Hogsmeade” main quest, you’ll get an Owl Post from Sebastian, which will start the quest line.
  • The first unlockable curse, through “In the Shadow of the Study,” is Crucio which is the torture curse and causes damage over time to enemies.
  • The second unlockable curse, through “In the Shadow of Time,” is Imperio, which lets you use your enemies to attack others and requires you to be Level 17.
  • The final curse, Avada Kedavra, requires you to be Level 28 and can be unlocked through “In the Shadow of the Relic.” It acts as an instant kill on almost all enemies. 

What Are All Of The Unforgivable Spells

Sebastian Questline to unlock the unforgivable curses

Let’s summarize everything regarding the Unforgivable Spells in Hogwarts Legacy:

SpellTypeUsesHow to Unlock
CrucioTorture spellInflict pain on an enemyUnlocked after completing “In The Shadow Of The Study" quest.
ImperioMind-controlManipulate enemiesUnlocked after completing "In The Shadows of Time” quest.
Avada KedavraInstant kill spellKill the opponents with a direct spell hitComplete “In The Shadow Of The Relic” quest for getting it

There are three unforgivable spells in the Harry Potter universe and in Hogwarts Legacy as well. These are Avada Kedavra, Imperio, and Crucio. They’re capable of causing severe effects to whomever you cast them on, and if you don’t care for the ramifications, they can be extremely useful.

Here is what each of the Unforgivable spells does, according to the lore:

  • Imperio: Imperio is essentially a mind-control-styled spell where whomever you cast it on becomes enslaved by your demands. This is a spell that even Harry has used in the main series.
  • Crucio: You wouldn’t really be considered evil without actually torturing innocent individuals, which is exactly what Crucio does. It is a torture spell, capable of inflicting pain on even the strongest foes, and can get them to reveal almost anything.
  • Avada Kedavra: The favorite spell of he-who-must-not-be-named. It is a bright green spell that can instantly kill anyone that it touches. Avada Kedavra, according to lore, is undeflectable and leaves no trace of any form of attack on the target; they simply die on the spot.


Hogwarts legacy all unforgivable curses
Option to learn Crucio [image by eXputer]
The first unforgivable curse that you’ll come across is the Crucio spell (Cruciatus Spell), also known as the torture spell. The purpose of the spell is to inflict pain on a foe slowly so that they don’t immediately die but can feel enough pain to reveal any information that you might need for them.

Following that similar philosophy, the Crucio spell in the game damages enemies over time. The first time you get to use the spell or see it in action, you can actually ask to get inflicted by the spell yourself. Once inflicted, your character will feel “excruciating pain,” and your life will be half empty.

How To Unlock Crucio

Sebastian Sallow questline for dark arts and unforgivable spells hogwarts legacy
Letter which starts Sebastian Sallow questline [image be us]
To unlock Crucio and other spells in Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll need to follow a side questline with Sebastian Sallow. Here are the steps to unlock Crucio:

  1. Initiate the Side Quest:
    • To start the side questline with Sebastian Sallow, you need to have completed the main quest, “Welcome To Hogsmeade.”
  2. Receive an Owl Post:
    • After encountering Sebastian Sallow, he will mention sending you an owl post to get to know you better. Keep an eye on your letters in the Owl Post section.
  3. Check for Sebastian’s Letter:
    • Eventually, you’ll receive a letter from Sebastian, initiating the questline. Ensure you are at least level 16, as this is a requirement for progressing in Sebastian’s questline.
  4. Complete the Quest:
    • Each quest in Sebastian’s questline starts with “In the Shadow of…” followed by different details. To unlock Crucio, you need to complete the “In The Shadow Of The Study” quest.
  5. Learn Crucio:
    • During the quest, you’ll explore Slytherin’s Scriptorium with Sebastian and Ominis Gaunt. Investigate the situation involving Noctua Gaunt. You’ll encounter a door that requires the Crucio spell.
    • You can choose to either perform Crucio on Sebastian, have him perform it on you, or opt not to learn the spell.
    • After completing the quest, you will be able to use the Crucio spell as desired. 

Follow these steps, and you’ll unlock Crucio and other spells in Hogwarts Legacy through Sebastian Sallow’s questline.


Quest for unlocking Imperio [captured by eXputer]
The next unforgivable spell or curse that you can learn in Hogwarts Legacy is the Imperio (Imperius) spell. You can come across it almost immediately after learning Crucio, and can be quite useful. According to the lore, it is meant to be used to get others to obey your command and to manipulate them to do your bidding.

How To Unlock Imperio

You can unlock Imperio immediately after acquiring Crucio through Sebastian Sallow’s questline. Specifically, complete the “In The Shadows of Time” quest, where you join Sebastian on a journey to Feldcroft, his childhood home. In a catacomb there, you discover an ancient relic, granting access to the Imperio spell.

Ensure you’ve finished the Crucio quest, and if the Imperio quest doesn’t appear, it’s likely due to not reaching the required level, which is level 17. Engage in other side activities to gain XP and reach the necessary level for Sebastian’s post and the quest to become available.

Avada Kedavra

how to unlock hogwarts legacy all unforgivable curses
Quest for unlocking Avada Kedavra [image by eXputer]
The final spell that you get access to is the Avada Kedavra, also known as the killing spell. Appropriate to its name, Avada Kedavra immediately kills anyone unfortunate enough to get hit by the spell.

The game remains faithful to that concept and actually lets you immediately kill anyone that you use the curse on, making it an extremely powerful spell to have in your arsenal.

How To Unlock Avada Kedavra

Unlocking Avada Kedavra, the most challenging Unforgivable Curse, requires substantial grinding and is part of Sebastian Sallow’s questline. To access the quest, reach a high enough level (minimum level 28) and complete “In The Shadow Of The Relic.”

During this quest, navigate a cave teeming with Inferi and engage in a boss-fight-like battle, after which you gain the option to learn the killing curse. Notably, the level requirement surpasses the final main storyline quest, usually completed by levels 24-25, making it likely for players to acquire Avada Kedavra post-game.

Despite this, unlocking the curse before completing the game is worthwhile, as you can utilize it in the final boss fight. To meet the level requirement, grind levels through various means, with collecting all field guide pages being the most effective method near the endgame.

Consequences For Using Unforgivable Spells

dark arts and how to unlock the unforgivable spells in hogwarts legacy
Sebastial Sallow using the Dark Arts [screenshot by eXputer]
In the Harry Potter universe, using unforgivable curses for harm can lead to a one-way ticket to Azkaban. However, in Hogwarts Legacy, there’s no strict morality system, and the developers have made it clear that you can use these dark spells without fear of Dementors coming after you. While there are no severe consequences for using them, your actions won’t go unnoticed, potentially unlocking different cutscenes and eliciting reactions from NPCs.

It’s worth considering unlocking these spells, perhaps in a second playthrough, as they can be highly useful, even against the final boss, leading to various cutscenes. However, keep in mind that the game offers a wide range of powerful spells beyond the unforgivable curses. Spells like Expelliarmus and Arresto Momentum are effective against enemies, and you can learn various spells in the Room of Requirement. Additionally, using a flying broom can help you navigate the game world efficiently.

In summary, the unforgivable curses are potent tools in the game, but there are many other strong spells to discover and master. While they can make you a formidable wizard or witch, unlocking them comes with high requirements, particularly for Avada Kedavra.

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