Hogwarts Legacy’s PC Port Is Loaded To The Brim With Performance Issues

The PC experience is proving to be a hit-or-miss for most users.

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  • Hogwarts Legacy is an AAA Wizarding World experience recently launched in early access. It has received great reviews from game critics and players alike, but its PC performance issues are prevalent.
  • The title suffers from frame rate drops and stuttering during the cutscenes and while traversing the Hogwarts Castle.
  • Many users are experiencing issues despite matching the required specifications. The leading cause is noted to be Nvidia GPUs’ “memory management,” which explains why players using AMD GPUs are not experiencing similar problems.
  • The developers have not officially addressed the bugs, and a day-one patch may fix them all.

Hogwarts Legacy has proven to be a hit-or-miss venture for PC players in terms of performance, with some users managing to run the game smoothly on a decent system while others toil with frame drops on high specs. Many game critics have also alluded to the same views in game reviews, and now fans are discussing the impediment.

The user u/OllyOllyOxycontin took to Reddit to share their experience with the new entry, noting how the alleged smooth FPS worsened after taking the first step in Hogwarts Castle.

Olly tested Hogwarts Legacy in two diverse builds, one using “a 13700K, 3080ti, 32 GB 6000MHZ RAM,” and the other “5800x, 3060ti, 32 GB 3600 MHz RAM.

The game runs amazingly well when you first start and up until you get to Hogwarts Castle. From there you are greeted with CONSTANT stuttering. Just running from one area to the quest marker will have your frametime graph going crazy,” noted Olly in the Reddit post.

Olly further notes that some cutscenes cause the frame rate to decline by 80%, but that is not all. Other problems also persist, including “GPU usage being incredibly inconsistent, Raytracing being inconsistent and worse than normal performance, and DLSS being weird.

Several users have also agreed with Olly; many are undergoing parallel symptoms without any official explanation. Having RAM less than 32GB is certainly not the main culprit here, as many utilizing that amount are also included among the frame rate drop affectees.

However, users with Nvidia GPUs seem to be the most affected, while those utilizing AMD GPUs are free from the mishaps. Thus, many players have theorized the most logical reason behind the stuttering. Nvidia’s “Memory management” is said to be the major cause, which is why Nvidia GPUs are causing Hogwarts Legacy to run badly. 

I am like 90% sure that this is a memory management issue where the Nvidia driver manages memory differently than the AMD driver,” replies one user in the post.

Many performance testing videos also appear to emphasize similar discussed issues in the Hogwarts Legacy PC version, further signifying how the gameplay may not be smooth for every player boasting recommended specs. There are also a few visual issues, but they are not prevalent enough to hinder the user experience.

YouTube video

eXputer’s reviewer Asad also shared similar sentiments regarding the poor PC performance, which appears to be the only hindrance causing Hogwarts Legacy’s review score to suffer. 

There are, however, a number of technical issues plaguing the game. I ran into a number of framerate drops as I was exploring the world, and some loading screens can pop up pretty often as well. For example, a few loading screens while opening a door can take an annoyingly long period of time.”

Hogwarts Legacy is an ethereal AAA reimagining of the Wizarding World universe, and its early access on PC has been out for two days for users owning the Deluxe edition. It is an enchanting experience; however, playing the game early has also exposed some of its covert defects hiding beneath the crevices of all the fun to be had.

Alongside the reviewers and critics, the early release for a set of players has allowed them to test and relish the alluring panorama of Hogwarts Castle and other locations. No doubt, Hogwart Legacy’s critic and player reviews have proven to be positive otherwise, and we can expect it to shatter various milestones moving forward.

Nevertheless, Hogwarts Legacy could be held back by its lingering performance hiccups if Avalanche Studios fails to resolve the bugs and graphical anomalies in the awaited updates. The developers have not yet officially addressed the issues, but a day-one patch may address them all.

What are your thoughts about Hogwarts Legacy suffering through various performance issues on PC ahead of its global launch? Do you think a day-one patch can fix the alleged memory management issue for all players? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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