Hogwarts Legacy BEST Traits [Top 10]

Equipping the right traits can be the one thing saving you from certain death in some scenarios.

Hogwarts Legacy has taken the gaming world by storm, and unlike in the movies, players would need to upgrade their armor and equip the proper traits as well if they wish to survive. Thus, it is important to know about the best traits in the game so you can make your adventure through the wizarding world a bit easier.

Important: Players will need to unlock the enchanted loom first in the Room of Requirments before they can start equipping traits.
Key Takeaways
  • There are about 75 different traits in Hogwarts Legacy.
  • Concentration, Unforgivable, Control, Destruction, Herbology, Ancient Magic, Laceration, and Ambush are the best attack-based traits in the game.
  • In terms of defensive traits– Anti-Venom, Goblin Silver Resistance, and Protego Shielding are the best.
  • Players can equip these traits by interacting with the enchanted loom in the Room Of Requirments.

Best Traits In Hogwarts Legacy

best trait hogwarts legacy
Traits in Hogwarts Legacy [Image Captured by eXputer]
There are around 75 traits in the game. That’s a huge amount; thus, for the convenience of the players, we will be listing ten traits that we believe are the best traits in the game. By all means, this is not a ranking of traits because every trait is unique and is made for different types of builds and players.

That is the reason why we will be listing the ten best traits so players can gain knowledge about each of them and choose on their own which traits work best for them and which one they should put in the effort to unlock. Starting off with:

Concentration III

The Concentration trait can very easily be considered one of the best traits, if not the best trait. All this praise is due to the fact that this trait increases the damage of all damage spells in the games. It is a deadly combo if you pair it with Expelliarmus or other offense skills. 

Players will need a Kneazle Fur to craft this trait, and they can actually gain the crafting recipe from one of many bandit camps in the game.

Unforgivable III

The Unforgivable is another trait worthy of being on this list. It works in a similar manner as concentration; however, it only increases the damage dealt to cursed targets. Since this trait only excels in a specific category. It will only be useful for you if you plan on learning all the unforgivable curses. Why not read our guide on how to unlock all unforgivable curses in Hogwarts Legacy while you are at it?

Just like Concentration III, players will need a Kneazle Fur to craft this trait, and they can gain the crafting recipe from one of many bandit camps.

Control III

The Control trait increases the damage of Ancient Magic Throw, which is preferred when you wish to break the enemy’s shield. However, this trait is still situational, and only players with a specific type of playstyle will find this trait useful.

The item required to craft this trait and the location of the crafting recipe is the same as the two traits written above.

Destruction III

The Destruction III trait greatly increases the amount of damage you will inflict while using Confringo, which is already an extremely useful spell as it is. In case you haven’t unlocked the Confringo spell yet, then do consider reading our guide on how to unlock and use the Confringo spell in the game.

Funnily enough, the item required to craft this spell and the location of the recipe is the same as every other trait we have stated previously in this article.

Herbology III

The Herbology trait increases the damage of all plants in the game. Like most traits listed here, this one is also meant for players with a certain type of build that prioritizes plant-based damage or, in other words, using plants in combat.

We would once again like to say the Herbology III trait also requires Kneazle Fur to craft, and its crafting recipe is found in one of the bandit camps.

Ancient Magic III

The Ancient Magic trait greatly increases the amount of damage that your character will inflict while using Ancient Magic. So, if you have designed a build that specializes in Ancient Magic, then this trait is more than recommended for you.

Crafting this trait also requires the Kneazle Fur, and its recipe can be obtained from one of the bandit camps.

Laceration III

The Laceration trait is extremely powerful, but only if you have the right spell. This trait greatly increases the damage of already one of the most punishing spells in Hogwarts Legacy named Diffindo. If players are curious about how to unlock this spell, then our guide on how to unlock the Diffindo spell can help them out.

If you don’t have the Diffindo spell and have no interest in it, then this trait is useless for you, and you shouldn’t pay any mind to it. The method to craft it is the same as every other trait on this list.

Ambush III

The Ambush trait is great for those who are rocking a stealth build and using the Disillusionment. This trait increases the damage of all spells that you use during stealth. Ambushing your enemies has never been more satisfying.

It is also crafted by using the Kneazle Fur, and its recipe is obtainable from one of the bandit camps. And that brings an end to all the attack-based traits on this list. Now let us move on to the defense.

Anti-Venom III

The Anti-Venon trait is the first defense trait on this list. It decreases the damage you will take from Spiders, and since you will be facing spiders quite frequently in the game, it is well deserved to be on this list.

Players can craft this trait by using the Kneazle Fur, but unlocking the Anti-Venom requires you to defeat 100 spiders. So, be ready to cause spider genocide if you really want to obtain this trait.

Goblin-Silver Resistance III

The Goblin-Silve Resistance trait works in the same manner as the Anti-Venom but with goblins. Since you will also be facing Goblins quite frequently in the game, be sure to equip this trait before you you take them on.

The method to obtain it is also the same as the Anti-Venom. It requires a Kneazle Fur and the death of 100 goblins. And that covers all the top 10 traits we planned to cover; however, we still have one bonus trait for you.

Bonus Trait- Protego Shielding III

After covering both the Anti-Venom and the Goblin Silver resistance, we thought it would be unfair to leave out the Protego Shielding trait, as it does the same thing as the former two stats, but only if you are facing against Dark Wizards. And while you will not face dark wizards as frequently as spiders or goblins. We believe it is still a trait worth mentioning.

You know the drill. If you want to craft this trait, get a Kneazle Fur and kill 100 Dark Wizards.

How To Equip The Traits

best traits hogwarts legacy
The Enchanted Loom [Image Credit: eXputer]
Once you have collected your preferred traits, the question still remains of how you can actually equip them. The answer is very straightforward. First things first, players would need to unlock the enchanted Loom in the Room of Requirments. Players will unlock the enchanted Loom in the questThe Elf, The Nab-Sack, and the Loom.

After unlocking it, you interact with it, and you will be presented with the option to equip traits to your gear.

Wrap Up

And that neatly wraps up our guide on the top 10 best traits in Hogwarts Legacy. Since equipping the right armor and the proper traits is directly proportional to your survival in the game. Do consider reading our guide on how to find and upgrade gear in Hogwarts Legacy, thus, increasing your odds of survival.

By preparing ahead and equipping the proper traits, players can most of any situation they may find themselves in. We hope our guide helped you out. Hogwarts Legacy is available now on PS5, Xbox Series S/X, and PC. Do let us know what you think about the game in the comment section below, and if you think we missed a trait worth mentioning, let us know about it as well.


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