Hogwarts Legacy: How To Upgrade & Find Gear

Wand-erful Wardrobe you got there!

Apart from customizing your character look-wise, the gear you apply to them is really advantageous on the battlefield. The enemies in Hogwarts Legacy can give some serious amount of damage to you but if you are wearing some good protection gear you can pretty much outlast every boss. It is extremely important to keep customizing your Character’s gear as you level up. That is because the boss fights get harder as well. So it is crucial to know how to upgrade your gear in Hogwarts Legacy

Key Takeaways
  • You can upgrade your gear and either increase their offense statistic or defense statistic.
  • Gears can only be upgraded through the Enchanted Loom, which unlocks in The Elf, The Nabsack, And The Loom quest. 
  • In order to upgrade your gear, you might need the help of resources that can be found around the open world of Hogwarts.
  • The Beasts captured in the Vivarium can help give you most of the resources you need.
  • Traits are amazing bonuses that can be added to your gear for special perks.
  • You may find about 6 types of gear in the gear section.
  • Only 20 gear slots are allotted to you in the game.
  • Make sure you have the best gear inventory to have offensive and defensive attacks maxed out in battles. 

How To Upgrade Gear

Upgrading gear In Hogwarts Legacy
Hogwarts Legacy: Upgrading Gear – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

In the start, you might think of just keep changing different rarity of clothes in order to gain benefit for them. But the whole upgrade system for these gears can literally provide you with that much-needed defense. The only way to upgrade your gear in Hogwarts Legacy without switching clothes each time is to use the Enchanted Loom. The Enchanted Loom is basically a table that you can utilize to upgrade either the statistics of your gear or add some Traits in Hogwarts Legacy.

The Prerequisite of this would be to unlock the “Room Of Requirement” as well because that is where you will conjure up the Enchanted Loom and not anywhere else other than that. Therefore you must complete the main quest and follow up by completing “The Elf, The Nabsack And The Loom” quest. Both of these quests will come along the main storyline of Hogwarts Legacy but mid-way through the game. That is why if you want to upgrade your gear In Hogwarts Legacy you must start grinding as soon as possible. 

The Elf, The Nabsack, And The Loom Quest

The Elf, The Nabsack, And The Loom Quest In Hogwarts Legacy
Hogwarts Legacy: The Elf, The Nabsack, And The Loom Quest – Screenshot Grab: eXputer

This is a major quest that comes about 12 hours into Hogwarts Legacy, so yeah, you have to be pretty patient with this quest. Nonetheless, if you are playing the game you would come across this quest on your own. In it, Deek will ask you to rescue some of the endangered beasts around the forests of Hogwarts. These beasts may be either stuck in the ground or getting attacked by some wild animal. The majestic animals are Puffskein, Jobberknoll, and Mooncalf.


Vivarium In Hogwarts Legacy
Hogwarts Legacy: Vivarium – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

When you are done capturing the majestic beasts, head back to the Room Of Requirements and meet Deek there. When you reach there Deek will help you create what’s called the “Vivarium”. As Deek says it is where your captured beasts will live. You will have to feed and take care of your beasts, especially the ones you’ve just collected. These beasts are important in the process of upgrading your gear In Hogwarts Legacy since they will provide you with the raw material. 

That is right; instead of buying such materials, you can gather them from your beasts. You have to tend to them and take care of them and collect as many Beasts as you can from the open world of Hogwarts Legacy. Capturing Beasts is easy just head over to the “Beast Dens” through nearby Floo Flames or your Flying Broom can capture them. Once you have collected the Magical Resources you can conjure up the Enchanted Loom from the Transfiguration Spell and complete Deek’s tasks.

Enchanted Loom 

Enchanted Loom Upgrading Gear In Hogwarts Legacy
Hogwarts Legacy: Enchanted Loom – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

Like said before, this is where you will mostly upgrade your gear in Hogwarts Legacy but you will be in need of Resources too. You can upgrade your precious gear with some required resources to go with it. The higher the level of your gear the more resources it takes to upgrade. You must spend your resources carefully and choose the right gear to upgrade for your situation. Once you upgrade a gear it boosts either the offensive power or the defensive. No such extra ability is provided with such upgrades just the statistics are boosted. 

You can only upgrade a particular gear thrice and not more than that. Each time you upgrade it, the next upgrade asks for a large number of resources. It varies from gear to gear and what kind of resource it requires to be upgraded. When you’re in battle, such upgrades heavily impact your gameplay especially when you have a defensive outfit on. You should use the Identification Station in the Room Of Requirement more often to inspect the gear and look for the traits it has and the resources it needs in Hogwarts Legacy.


Traits Bonuses In Hogwarts Legacy
Hogwarts Legacy: Traits – Screenshot Grab: eXputer

Now, these are better than your regular old statistical upgrade. All they do is just upgrade or buff up the numbers on either the offense or defense power of your gear in Hogwarts Legacy. But Traits can help you add special conditional effects on your gear as well. You can think of these Traits as some magical bonus applied to your gear to make it even more powerful in Hogwarts Legacy. Traits add very specific effects to your gear like making the Expelliarmus more powerful if you use it while wearing the gear. 

These traits can be found in the Bandit Camps or in chests or boss fights. The best part about these traits is that as you earn them, they get saved in an entire list of Traits you could use for your gear as seen above. It is easy to allot most of these Traits to their respective gear. Just simply head over to view the listings of traits when you drag the cursor to a specific gear. Some traits even decrease the damage given by certain evil spell-casting wizards so it can be called a pretty versatile feature in Hogwarts Legacy.

There are about three slots for Traits that can be added into three gears. When you first unlock the Enchanted Loom the resources you have will be enough to allow a Trait Slot 1 to your gears in the beginning. As you level up in the game try to find more rare beasts so that you can have more powerful Traits for your gear in Hogwarts Legacy. 

Rarities Of Gear

Rarities Of Gear In Hogwarts Legacy
Hogwarts Legacy: Rarities Of Gear – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

Many Reddit users shared some tips for beginners to get the best traits in Hogwarts Legacy. There are about Four Rarities of Gear. Only three of the Gear rarities can be upgraded and added traits too. The odd one out would be the Well-Appointed gear. It has a green hue to identify it and well looks very low quality too. You can only benefit from these when you are using them in the beginning. After that phase it becomes useless. You just have to sell it at that point, but even then it is sold at pretty low pricing. 

The next rarity is the Superb gear. These blue-hued gears can be upgraded in Hogwarts Legacy and only require easily found resources. It is pretty cheap to upgrade and can be upgraded three times to reach its max stage. You can even allot some of the level 1 traits to it. You can save the upgrade for the next high-tier rarity, which is the Extraordinary gear in Hogwarts Legacy. If you upgrade the Extraordinary gear you will surely have more points statistically added offensively or defensively. level 2 traits can be allotted to it.

Now for the highest most elite level of gear, you can get the Legendary Gear, Of course, it has a cliched Orange Hue and it is visually stunning. Like the game developers really put some serious thought into designing them. Level 3 Traits can be assigned to these gears and this makes them incredibly powerful. They are extremely rare so make sure you do not just sell them for currency if you get them early on in the game. You can upgrade the gear in Hogwarts Legacy as well but of course, it will take lots of resources. 

Gear Types

Gear Types In Hogwarts Legacy
Hogwarts Legacy: Gear Types – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

In Hogwarts Legacy, there are about Six Types of gear that can be upgraded and have traits added to them. You can collect each type of them as you play and move around the open world of Hogwarts. 

  • Neckwear
  • Cloaks and Robes
  • Outfits
  • Facewear
  • Headwear
  • Handwear

These pieces of clothing have their own specific health and benefit to them. It is really put preference what kind of clothing you want to choose for yourself. Yes, there are gears whose effects make them the best through technicality. But since you can pretty much change the look of the gears it doesn’t really matter what gear is carrying what trait. You can simply switch the traits of an ugly-looking gear to something you like yourself. 

Each gear has a different health, offense, and defense stat. Two things are unchangeable in the gear section. Which is that the Headwear, FaceWear, and Outfits have defensive statistics and no offensive effect to them. Vice versa Neckwear, Handwear, Cloaks, And Robes have offensive statistics to them so make sure you have their difference known. Now along with these types, there are three other options in the Gear Section which are not gear but have different functionality. 

On the left side of the section, you can see Wand Handles from where you can customize the wants in the game. We have written a complete guide over so make sure to check it out for more details. On the right, there are options for Flying Mounts from where you can choose magical beasts as your ride. And of course, we have a collection of different types of Brooms as well to choose from. The customization features are what make Hogwarts Legacy so fun to play around with. 

Gear Slots 

Gear Slots In Hogwarts Legacy
Hogwarts Legacy: Gear Slots – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

Each one of the gear shares a space in the gear section known as Gear Slots. People on Reddit have been disliking the fact that there are only 20 slots in the game. It is much less compared to other games like Skyrim where you have a good amount of storage facility for your fits. You must be able to manage your storage well and keep only the outfits you like the best and that provide you with the best effects. We have a guide over these Gear Slots that goes into detail about how you can upgrade gear slots. 

Apart from that method you can only just discard or destroy your respective gears. If you don’t have the heart to do that you can always sell them. The practice of selling these items is better than destroying them. You can sell any gear for a price from different vendors available in Hogsmeade Village.

The items will be sold at a high price if they are of higher rarity. Of course, it’s a no-brainer that the legendary item will be sold for the highest price so do have them in your inventory for such cases. 

Importance Of Gear 

Importance Of Upgrading Gear In Hogwarts Legacy
Hogwarts Legacy: Importance Of Gear – [Image credit: eXputer]
Having good gear on you or in your inventory is extremely important especially later in the game. You have to always keep your gear fully upgraded in Hogwarts Legacy. The boss fights will get much more intense later in the game, and the effects of your gear can impact your entire gameplay and how perceive your attacks. Many gamers might underestimate the use of gear which is why this article solely tells you the importance of having good gear up your sleeve. 

As you may know by now that your offense or attacking power can be heavily influenced by your gear. For example, if you wear a piece of clothing that improves your damage attack by 90, even your basic attacks can be lethal. Your attack power can be doubled through different gears! If you’re playing the game in hard mode your attacks need to be at high levels in order to kill the last bosses. So if you want spells like Bombarda or Incendio to have a maximum effect have maxed-out gears with such traits added to them.

You have to look at the game defensively as well. There is only one spell to protect you from attacks but how long can you rely on it? You want to have good upgraded gear on so that you may have a better chance against the bosses in Hogwarts Legacy. Legendary gear like the Embroidered Formal Uniform has good enough defense statistics to have a major impact on your game. Look out for the best pieces like this to have a slight edge over your opponents. 

Wrap Up 

Upgrading gear can be a lengthy process of gathering up ingredients and constantly maxing out items but it’s essential. It is up to you now to wander around the open world to find the best gear for yourself. Be it from the streets of Hogsmeade or the Halls of Hogwarts Houses. Other than that you also focus on upgrading important spells like the Unforgivable Curses. It will unlock spells like Crucio and Avada Kedavra that can help you defeat even the strongest of bosses.

If you are searching for the locations of Eyeball Chests, Gobstone, Unicorns, Daedalian Keys, and Leech Juice we have got you covered! It is necessary to unlock spells like Depluso, Glacius, Diffindo, Alohomora, Confringo, and Flipendo to use against your enemies. Quests and puzzles like The Bridge Puzzle, The Bell Tower Puzzle, In The Shadow Of Time, Arthimancy Puzzles, and The Room Of Requirement can be easily solved.


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