Hogwarts Legacy All Gobstone Locations

Help out poor Zenobia by finding her Gobstones in Hogwarts Legacy!

There are many collectibles in Hogwarts Legacy, such as the Demiguise Statues and the Treasure Vaults. Completing all of them tends to offer you certain rewards, such as higher tiers of the Alohomora or just generally great loot. The Gobstones in Hogwarts Legacy is another type of collectible with many locations spread across Hogwarts.

You can start collecting Gobstones as part of a side quest called the “Gobs of Gobstones.” The quest will be available to you shortly after you complete your first Charms and Defence Against the Dark Arts Class and will let you show off your newly learned spell, Accio.

Key Highlights
  • There are 6 total Gobstone Locations in Hogwarts Legacy, and they’re all part of the Gobs of Gobstones side quest, which can be started after acquiring the Accio spell.
  • The first Gobstone is found in the Transfiguration Courtyard on top of a small roof, and the second one is found on top of the wooden beam with the Slytherin Flag near the Divination Classroom.
  • The third Gobstone is found on a Chandelier at the bottom of the Divination Classroom, and the fourth one is found on a pillar near the Ravenclaw Tower Floo Flame.
  • The final two are found near the Trophy Room Floo Flame location in the outer location and inside the inner Trophy Room as well, on top of a blue shelf and in between two silver trophies.
  • Returning all Gobstones to Zenobia will grant you 180 XP and the Orbicular Violet Wand Handle.

All Gobstone Locations

Here is a summary of all the Gobstone Locations in Hogwarts Legacy with a detailed explanation entailed below.

Gobstone #1On top of the walkway roof in the Transfiguration Courtyard where multiple owls are perched.
Gobstone #2On a wooden beam above the Slytherin Flag in the Central Hall, on the way to the Divination Classroom.
Gobstone #3On a chandelier to the left of the Divination Classroom’s silver ladder.
Gobstone #4On a pillar next to the Ravenclaw Tower Floo Flame.
Gobstone #5On a pillar on the opposite side of the Trophy Room, Floo Flame.
Gobstone #6On top of a blue shelf and in between two silver trophies in the Inner Trophy Room, just past the Trophy Room Floo Flame.

There are 6 total Gobstones that are to be found. They’re all located inside of Hogwarts and are part of the “Gobs of Gobstones” side quest. You can initiate the quest after taking your first two classes as part of the main quests. After you’ve learned Accio, you’ll get the chance to talk to Zenobia Noke.

Zenobia is a first-year student who struggles to make friends. She’ll tell you how she played a game in her house’s common room with Gobstones, and after winning a couple of games, her “friends” decided to hide all of her Gobstones on high platforms throughout the castle. Your first instinct might be that you’d perhaps need a flying broom to fly up to such locations to acquire the Gobstones, but you can actually just use Accio when near them to collect the stones.

As mentioned, there are six different locations throughout Hogwarts. If you track the quest, it’ll actually reveal the general area where to look for each of the Gobstones. And to make things easier, your character will mention Zenobia’s Gobstones whenever you’re in the general area.

However, the search area is still quite wide, and the Gobstones are usually hidden quite well in high areas that you need to position yourself just right to be able to use Accio to collect them. 

Gobstone #1 – Transfiguration Courtyard

hogwarts legacy all gobstone locations
Transfiguration Courtyard Gobstone Location [image by eXputer]
After you’ve initiated the quest, follow your field guide to the nearest location from Zenobia. You’ll be led to the Transfiguration Courtyard. Start looking from the Floo Flame and walk a few steps northeast. Look upwards towards the low roof of the walkway to your right, as shown in the image above. The Gobstone will be in between two perched owls. Use Accio to grab it.

Gobstone #2 – Central Hall

slytherin flag
Gobstone behind the Slytherin Flag [captured by eXputer]
The next Gobstone can be found by following the path from the Transfiguration Courtyard to the Central Hall by tracking the quest. From the Transfiguration Courtyard, go through the northeast door and take the first stairs to your right. Then take the next set of stairs upwards, and once you reach the topmost area where you can see the different house banners, take the stairs to the left, which will lead you towards the divination classroom.

But just before you go towards the divination classroom, turn left onto the balcony-like area, as shown in the image above. You’ll be able to spot a flying field page in this area as well if you’ve not already collected it, that is. From that balcony, look upwards towards the wooden beams from which the house flags are hanging. Just behind the Slytherin Flag, you should be able to spot the Gobstone. Use Accio to grab the stone.

Gobstone #3 – Divination Classroom

divination classroom area
On the chandelier at the bottom of the Divination Classroom

From the previous location, start following the marker and take the spiral stairs upwards toward the Divination Classroom. You’ll come across the Divination Classroom Floo Flame along the way as well. Once you reach the bottom of the Divination Classroom, the silver stairs will drop. But rather than taking the stairs upward. Look to your left and on the chandelier. You’ll find the Gobstone in between the chandelier, as shown in the image above.

Gobstone #4 – Ravenclaw Tower

all gobstone locations in hogwarts legacy
On pillar near the Ravenclaw Tower Floo Flame [screenshot by eXputer]
After collecting the Gobstone at the base of the Divination Classroom, head back down the stairs and towards the central hall. Rather than going all the way down, take the stairs that lead toward the Ravenclaw Tower. It should be directly in front of the stairs that lead towards the Divination Classroom.

Take the spiral stairs upwards and then go through the bridge-like walkway, which ultimately leads into the Ravenclaw Tower. From the base of the Ravenclaw Tower, take the spiral stairs upwards, and you’ll find yourself in the hallway where the Ravenclaw Tower Floo Flame can be found as well. From the Floo Flame, look southeast, and you’ll find the gobstone on top of the right pillar, as shown in the image above.

Gobstone #5 – Trophy Room

To the left of the Trophy Room Floo Flame [image by eXputer]
From the previous Gobstone location, head directly forward toward the Grand Staircase. Take the spiral stairs upwards, which will appear to your left. Take the next spiral stairs upwards, which will also appear once you reach the platform. Then, take the stairs left of the Arithmancy Puzzle Door (the one with spinning icons) and then take a right to take another set of stairs to ultimately end up in the Trophy Room.

Once you make your way through the corridor, you’ll come across the Trophy Room Floo Flame. Look northwest from the Floo Flame, and you’ll spot the Gobstone on top of a pillar next to the armor and swords hung up on the inwardly-inclined wall. Use the image above as a reference to get a better idea of the location.

Gobstone #6 – Inner Trophy Room

inner trophy gobstone location hogwarts legacy
On top of blue shelf between two trophies [image by eXputer]
The final Gobstone is quite close to the previous location. Starting from the previous Gobstone location, head down the curved corridor, and you’ll find a room to your right that will lead you inside the inner trophy room.

As soon as you enter, you’ll find the Gobstone to your right on top of the blue shelf with a bunch of trophies. It’ll be at the very top, in between two silver trophies. But if you can’t find it, head to the middle of the room, and move a bit to the left. Then, look toward the north, and you’ll spot the gobstone, as shown in the image above. The shelf is on the same side of the room where you can find the Hogwarts Herbology Award document.


completing the Zenobia Gobstone Locations quest in Hogwarts Legacy
Meeting Zenobia at the end [image by us]
After you’ve got all the Gobstones, you can head back to Zenobia to claim your prize. You can also choose to be a bully and not return the Gobstones at all, which will cause her to lash out and claim that she hates the school and no one is ever nice to her. But if you choose to be nice and return the Gobstones without annoying her too much, you’ll get the Orbicular Violet Wand Handle and 180 XP.

The Gobstones side quest is just the beginning of many side quests and collectibles. You’ll later get the chance to follow side quests like In The Shadow of Time, where you’ll get the chance to unlock unforgivable curses like Crucio or Avada Kedavra. You can also participate in the dark arts arena, where you can use your best talents to fight against many strong duelists!

But with that, you now know every single Gobstone location in Hogwarts Legacy. It is a good starter quest to get you accustomed to collecting many items with the use of Accio, and you also get rewarded with a nice Wand Handle and a fair amount of XP for a starter character. 

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