How To Get Crucio In Hogwarts Legacy

Get your hands on an unforgivable curse that helps you torture your enemies!

Crucio which is also known as the Cruciatus Curse is part of the three unforgivable curses that you can get in Hogwarts Legacy. These unforgivable curses are extremely powerful spells and should actually not be learned by students as they are curses. But the game gives you a choice if you want to go down the path of dark wizardry. 

Key Takeaways
  • Crucio is the first unforgivable curse that can be learned by following Sebastian’s Questline.
  • After completing the Welcome To Hogsmeade quest, keep looking out for Sebastian’s messages in the Owl Post.
  • The side quest In The Shadow Of The Study will pop up after you get the message from Sebastian to meet up.
  • Completing this quest will lead you to learn the Cruciatus Curse in Hogwarts Legacy.
  • You will have to go through Slytherin’s Scriptorium and solve some puzzles.
  • At the end of the Scriptorium, Sebastian will teach you the Crucio spell in the game.
  • Crucio is one of the strongest forbidden curses that you can learn in the game and it can be used to torture your enemies which is done by stunning and constantly damaging them.
  • Lastly, you can keep following Sebastian’s questline to learn the other two unforgivable curses as well.

Getting Crucio In Hogwarts Legacy

Crucio is learned in a side quest in Hogwarts Legacy that involves Sebastian from the Slytherin House in the game. He will eventually teach you this unforgivable curse but the quest cannot be initiated until you’ve reached a certain level in the game.

You will also need to follow special steps and select the correct dialogue options in order to learn Crucio. Sebastian is actually the companion who will teach you all of the unforgivable curses including Crucio, Imperio, and Avada Kedavra.

Unlocking In The Shadow Of The Study Side Quest

spell in game
The In The Shadow Of The Study Side Quest (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

You need to complete the In The Shadow Of The Study Side Quest in order to learn the Crucio or Cruciate curse in the game. However, this side quest only pops up once you’ve completed the Welcome To Hogsmeade quest and have had a chat with Sebastian.

hogwarts legacy crucio
Checking The Owl Post For Sebastian’s Message (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

At the end of that quest, Sebastian tells you that he will be in touch with you and that you should keep checking your Owl Post for his messages. After you’re done with Hogsmeade, do other quests in the game and keep reading Sebastian’s messages in the Owl Post tab.

The Shadow Of The Study side quest will eventually pop up. Additionally, you need to be at least Level 16 in order to attempt the quest so make sure that you are not under-leveled at that point.

Entering The Slytherin’s Scriptorium

  • Start the quest by meeting Sebastian and talking to Ominis.
  • Convince Ominis to reveal the entrance to the Scriptorium.
  • Ominis hesitates due to his Aunt’s unsuccessful attempt and the forbidden Dark Magic.
  • Choose the first dialogue option to persuade Ominis to share the location
hogwarts legacy crucio
Lighting Three Pillars To Unlock Entrance (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

Go meet up with Sebastian and then Ominis will reveal that opening the entrance is tied to 3’s. What that actually means is that you’ll have to light up three pillars with fire using your spells and these pillars are located right next to where Ominis is standing. Once you light these pillars up, the entrance to the scriptorium will open in the game.

Traversing The Slytherin’s Scriptorium

Lumos will be your best spell while traversing Slytherin’s Scriptorium in Hogwarts Legacy. It gets quite dark inside and once Ominis opens up the main door you’ll have to solve a puzzle before you can learn the Crucio spell in the game.

spell in game
Unlocking The Locked Doors Using Dials (Image by eXputer)

Ominis will once again question you if you really want to proceed and you need to assure him with your dialogue that you’re confident in doing this additionally. Next, you will find three locked doors in the scriptorium and three dials next to these doors.

There will be two symbols on all of these doors and you’ll have to rotate the dials so that the same symbols appear that are present on the door as shown in the image above. Keep traversing through the scriptorium whilst unlocking these locked doors by rotating the dials.

Learning Crucio

hogwarts legacy crucio
The Fourth Locked Door In The Scriptorium (Image Captured by eXputer)

After going through the third locked door, you will arrive at a pitch-black fourth door that cannot be opened by any dials as shown in the image above. This door can only be opened by casting the Crucio spell and that is very quickly realized by Sebastian.

Sebastian will first force you to make Ominis cast the spell as he knows about it but Ominis will refuse since he knows that it is forbidden magic and should not be played around with. Ominis will not comply no matter how hard you try.

hogwarts legacy crucio
Learning Crucio In The Game (Image Captured by Us)

Then Sebastian will offer to teach you the Crucio spell that you can cast on him in order to open the door. Here you have two choices but both will lead you to learn the Crucio spell in the game.

No matter the choice you make, it is at this point that Sebastian will teach you the Cruciatus Curse and you can utilize it to overcome stronger enemies in the game.

Rewards Inside The Scriptorium

After the Crucio spell has been cast, the final door will open up and you will enter inside the Main Scriptorium where you can collect a few goods for yourself as well. So doing the side quest to learn the powerful unforgivable curse also nets you additional rewards in Hogwarts Legacy and these include;

  • Field Guide Page
  • Slytherin’s Spellbook
  • Additional Gear

Lastly, don’t forget to follow up Sbeastian’s questline until the end so that you can learn all three of the unforgivable curses in the game.


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