Hogwarts Legacy Pre-Load Is Out On Xbox Series Consoles; File Size Revealed

The fantasy RPG will take up 76 GB of space on your Xbox.

Story Highlights

  • Hogwarts Legacy has started pre-loading on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.
  • The file size showing up in this update is 76 GB, a bit less than the 85GB on PCs.
  • Only Xbox has got the pre-load option as of now, as Epic and Steam don’t have it.

With only a few weeks left until release, the hype for Hogwarts Legacy is through the roof. The upcoming RPG has been soaring in the charts as pre-orders for the title continue to sell like hotcakes. Now, the game has started pre-loading on Xbox Series consoles around the globe. 

We also get our first look at how much space Hogwarts Legacy will take up on an Xbox console. You will have to spare 76 GB of space on your console if you want to download the game. Compared to other download sizes modern games have, this is not a surprising number.

Out of all the big games coming in 2023, Hogwarts Legacy is arguably the most anticipated. For reasons both good and bad, the game has always been in the headlines this past year or so. It’s hard to be unaware of the controversy surrounding the RPG due to the creator of Wizarding World J. K. Rowling.

But, even with all of the bad press, fans are still excited about the new adventure in the Harry Potter franchise. Hogwarts Legacy has been doing pretty well on the Steam pre-order charts, proving the fanfare around. And the pre-load now being available just makes the RPG’s arrival even more imminent. 

Hogwarts Legacy
The screenshot of Hogwarts Legacy downloading on Xbox Series (via NeoGaf)

We first got wind of this on the NeoGAF gaming forum. A user posted a screenshot of the game downloading on their Xbox Series console. Meaning Hogwarts Legacy is now available for players to pre-load on the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

In the screenshot, we can also clearly see the file size of the game. Hogwarts Legacy will have a download size of 76.67 GB on Xbox consoles. Compared to the PC version of the game, this is a little bit less.

On PC, Hogwarts Legacy will take up 85 GB of space, over 8 GB more than the size on Xbox Series. The game will also not have a pre-load on Steam and Epic Games like the Xbox version. So, the consoles did get the better part of the deal when we consider all of this. 

No news has come out about the pre-loading on PlayStation and the Nintendo Switch. As of now, only Xbox Series consumers who have pre-ordered the game have been able to download it. But we hope the other consoles can download it soon too.

Even on the Xbox Series, however, the RPG takes up a lot of space. It is among the heaviest games of the current gen, but its content backs it up. Hogwarts Legacy has a 35-hour main story for the players to complete. 

And that is before you factor in the 75 hours it takes to thoroughly finish the game. So, it will take a lot of space on the platform you play, but it is worth it. When we compare it to some other games which have come out in the past few years or so, 76 GB doesn’t look so bad.

NBA 2K22 has a whopping file size of 115.56 GB on the Xbox series consoles. Call of Duty Modern Warfare was an insane 103 GB on Xbox Series X. Another RPG we will compare is Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, which had a humongous 103 GB size.

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Hence, even though Hogwarts Legacy is a sizeable download, it’s a blessing compared to other AAA releases. Clearing up the space will be worth it when you can get killed by dragons and fall off your broom. And you won’t have to wait much longer to be able to do that.

Hogwarts Legacy releases on February 10, 2023, in just over two weeks. PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC, and Nintendo Switch will all get the game. We hope it lives up to the expectations of fans.

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