Hogwarts Legacy: How To Unlock Wingardium Leviosa

The Levioso spell? No, my guy, you're trying to learn about the Wingardium Leviosa and its effects!

Hogwarts Legacy offers up a plethora of spells that players can use to progress further in their storyline, alongside which Hogwarts Legacy Wingardium Leviosa is one such spell. Players might need assistance figuring out how they can obtain the spell and how they can use it since it can be quite a hassle. 

Key Highlights
  • With Wingardium Leviosa, players can levitate opponents, rendering them temporarily helpless.
  • The spell also allows players to lift objects, aiding in solving challenging puzzles.
  • To obtain Wingardium Leviosa, players must complete Professor Garlick’s Assignment 1 questline.
  • This utility spell enhances gameplay by providing useful abilities.
  • During the quest, players must first acquire and use a Venomous Tentacula, available at the Dogweed And Deathcap store, a magical plant shop.
  • Additionally, players need Mandrake to affect multiple enemies simultaneously, with Mandrake seeds available for purchase at the shop.
  • Attending Herbology class is another requirement before returning to Professor Garlick for spell instruction.

You can watch our video guide & quickly learn how to get the Wingardium Leviosa spell in Hogwarts Legacy.

Professor Garlick’s Assignment 1 

Professor Garlick's Assignment
Professor Garlick’s Assignment (Image Credits Exputer)

First, let’s see what players need to do to get their hands on the Hogwarts Legacy Wingardium Leviosa spell. The main thing that players need to do is to fully complete Professor Garlick’s Assignment 1, which is crucial if you want to get the spell. 

Players can’t skip the quest line; neither can they skip through major parts of it. Therefore, let’s go in-depth about the entire quest and how to unlock the Wingardium Leviosa in Hogwarts Legacy

Acquire And Use A Venomous Tenatacula

Buying Venomous Tentacula
Buying Venomous Tentacula (Image Credits Exputer)

One of the first things players need to do whenever they trigger the questline is to do the first objective, which asks them to acquire and use a venomous Tenatacula

  • Whenever players open the map, they can take a look at the Hogsmeade map area, and if they are zoomed out, then they can also take a look at the Hogsmeade valley area, North Hogwarts Region, South Hogwarts Region, North Ford Bog as well as the Forbidden West. 
  • From there, players want to zoom into the Hogsmeade Valley area until they get a 3D view of the Hogsmeade area. 
  • As you see the 3D Map, the Hogsmeade will be marked on the map, and a popup will appear on the bottom right of the screen, which describes Hogsmeade as the only all-wizarding village present in all of Britain. 

Once you’re in the area, you want to open up the map whereby players can take a look at the entire area properly, and they are also able to see the different shops and stores that are made available to the players. 

  • Towards the northern end of the map, there is a small black icon, and if players however over it, they can see the popup on the bottom left of the screen, which says that it is the “Dogweed and Deathcap,” which is described to be a plant shop that has all sorts of magical seeds and flora. 
  • Players can identify the building by the faded green doors, and the sign on the top of the door, which has the words Dogweed And Deathcap written on separate slacks of woof. 

Talking To Beatrice Green 

Dogweed And Deathcap
Dogweed And Deathcap (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving into the shop, players can take note of Beatrice Green, who is the shop owner, and she greets players by saying that they should watch their step as she hopes that you leave there alive. 

Dogweed And Deathcap Beatrice
Dogweed And Deathcap Beatrice (Image Credits Exputer)
  • After a bit of dialogue, she can show you her wares, through which players can see a screen pop up on the left which has the Dogweed & Deathcap icon on the top, with items like Seed packets, room of requirement items as well as combat tools that are present below for sale. 
  • If you cannot buy items, you can also sell out your gear that is no longer needed anymore, and the shop owner might grant you gold ranging from 60 or even more based on the rarity. 

Purchasing Venomous Tentacula

Once you have enough money, if you look at the combat tools, you can see the Venomous Tentacula being sold here. It is described to be a tool that can shoot out acid at opponents that are nearby whenever it has been activated, and its seeds are also available to purchase and are present on top of the Seed Packets section

  • The Venomous Tentacula is sold for a total of 600 gold. 
  • Besides that, we also have Mandrake, which is also required for the questline, and it is described as a magical plant that can shriek whenever used, and it can cause the enemies to get stunned and harm opponents for a little bit in a certain radius. Players can also buy the seeds here. 

Heading To The Room of Requirement

Room Of Requirement
Room Of Requirement (Image Credits Exputer)

After you’ve purchased it, you want to head over to the Room of Requirement, which is described to be a secret room in Hogwarts that can only appear anytime the seeker needs it. 

  • From there, go ahead and head towards your potting table, whereby you can plant down seeds that you have bought or acquired otherwise. 
  • Choose the Mandrake which you want to plant down from your collection, which could have been purchased back at the shop as Mandrake Seeds. 
  • When you open your collection, it showcases the total time that it takes for the seeds to grow, and it tells you that it will take a total of 10 minutes to grow out, and the plant size is that of a small plant
  • Go ahead and plant that; it tells you it will yield one. Players can see a text that is written below that tells them that they can add fertilizer to the plant to enhance the yield. 

Using Venomous Tentacula 

Planting Venomous Tentacula
Planting Venomous Tentacula (Image Credits Exputer)

fter planting the Mandrake seeds, players can access the Venomous Tentacula in their wheel.

  • In the wheel, they must release L1 to equip it for use.
  • Once equipped, it appears in the player’s left hand, with a purple/pink bottle ready for release.
  • Upon release, it plants a tree with yellow leaves and robust roots.
  • One of the branches bears four distinctive Venus trap-like plants.
  • These plants feature vertical mouths with sharp edges that can swiftly close and capture objects with ease, scattered throughout the bush.
  • The purple/pink plant also opens and closes its mouth, revealing sharp teeth.
  • When the Tentacula’s duration ends, it instantly dissipates into smaller parts, leaving behind only floating leaves.

Acquiring The Mandrake 

Planting Mandrake Seeds
Planting Mandrake Seeds (Image Credits Exputer)

After the 10-minute timer, players can get one step closer to knowing how to get Hogwarts Legacy Wingardium Leviosa

  • Once the 10-minute timer is close to being up, players can take note that at the potted table, there is no longer the presence of just seeds, but rather there is a small plant that is sprouting as well. 
  • Once the timer is up, the sprouted plant becomes a proper potted plant, and right on the player’s screen, they can see the option to collect the Mandrake by clicking on the square button. 
  • Once you’ve managed to acquire the Mandrake, you want to head over to a location where you can find a few enemies, and from your screen, you want to release L1 to equip the Mandrake. 

The Mandrake itself is known to be a plant that can shriek out whenever it has been unearthed, and mandrakes can come in handy to stun or even harm opponents that are present in its general radius

Go ahead and equip the Mandrake, and once you do so and you use it, the player is able to take it out of their pocket and hold up the plant high. 

  • Once you do that, you are able to cause the opponent that is present in its radius to be stunned, and the enemy will end up holding its head in its hands, trying to figure out what the hell just happened. 
  • One thing that players need to keep in mind is that they need to use the Mandrake on multiple enemies, not just one. 

Attend Herbology Class During The Day 

Completing Professor's Assignments
Completing Professor’s Assignments (Image Credits Exputer)

Once players have done both the Mandrake and Tentacula objectives, the next one that they get is to attend the Herbology class during the day

  • Whenever players open up their map, they can take note of the greenhouses, which are described to be Hogwarts Greenhouses which is the center where the Herbology class is taught, and players are able to set a waypoint as well. 
Using Wingardium Leviosa
Using Wingardium Leviosa (Image Credits Exputer

After that, players need to head back to Professor Garlick, who can teach them the spell. 


And there we have it! Everything the players need to know in order to learn Hogwarts Legacy Wingardium Leviosa spell, and with that, we will wrap up our guide! Make sure to read up on our Hogwarts Legacy Wand Handles guide so that you are able to know what the location for the wand handles might be and whether there is customization available or not. For players that are absolute nerds and want to be 100% the game’s treasure, why not check out our Hogwarts Legacy Arithmancy Puzzles guide so that you can know where each door is located?

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