Hogwarts Legacy: Best Legendary Gear [In-Depth Guide]

Hunting down the best legendary gear can make your master magician stand out with style and grace!

The Best Legendary gear in Hogwarts Legacy can help you overcome the most dubious of challenges with ease, as most quests and bosses will require a specific level threshold to complete. It is worth noting that the legendary gear in this game is certainly not unique unless you apply traits to it, or in rare circumstances, the gear drops with these traits pre-equipped on them. Without these traits, they are almost cosmetic-based with defense or offense stats, which will be my main focus as I list them individually.

Key Takeaways
  • Hogwarts Legacy boasts a range of legendary gear, with a select few standing out as optimal choices for both early and late-game adventures.
  • Players can customize legendary gear with unique traits, primarily enhancing Defense or Offense stats alongside visual enhancements.
  • Traits come in three levels, with each piece of legendary gear featuring level 3 trait slots.
  • Legendary gear’s gear score varies based on the player’s current game level when obtained in the world.
  • Players can acquire legendary gear through quests, special chest looting, or purchasing directly from vendors.

Hogwarts Legacy Legendary Gear Comparison 

Here is a quick comparison between some of the Best Legendary Gear that you can find in Hogwarts Legacy:

GearBest ForGear TypeItem LevelDefenseOffence
Velvet House CloakThe Most Elegant Gear.Cloak and Robes16.043.00
Celtic Hero CapeBest Gear For Enhancing Visual Appearance.Cloak and Robes14.0041.0
Charcoal Lock ScarfBest Aesthetic-Offensive Hybrid Gear.Neckware14.0033.0
Ornate Two-Tone GlovesBest Early-On Gear For Offense Boost.Handwear7.0016.0
Embroidered Formal UniformBest Classy Looking Defensive Gear.Neckware14.035.00

Velvet House Cloak

The Most Elegant Gear.
hogwarts legacy early game legendary gear
Velvet house cloak (Image Captured by Us)
Gear Type Item Level Buy Price Sell Price Offense Rarity
Cloak and Robes 16 500 200 43 Superb, Extraordinary, and Legendary
  • Why I Chose This: The elegant look and the legendary rarity on top of the offensive bonus.

The Velvet House Cloak is one of many legendary gear pieces that you can obtain via unique chests scattered across the world, which will also more than likely prove to be one of the easiest ways to obtain legendary gear in the early game of Hogwarts Legacy.

As the name implies, the velvet color, along with the golden lacing and insignias, allow your character to achieve an elegant look if that’s what most players are looking for in an armor piece. Furthermore, I found that the dark color also went great with my other gear, which had a similar tonality of shade.

  • Legendary rarity offering high value.
  • Elegant appearance and ease of acquisition.
  • Limited offensive bonus.

Celtic Hero Cape

Best Gear For Enhancing Visual Appearance.
hogwarts legacy celtic hero cape
Celtic hero cape (Image by eXputer)
Gear Type Item Level Buy Price Sell Price Offense Rarity
Cloaks and Robes 14 500 200 41 Superb, Extraordinary, and Legendary
  • Why I Chose This: The visually appealing design that adds a touch of elegance to your character.

As shown in the image above, the Celtic Hero Cape offers another decorative feel to your character, as the light pink tonality of the cape, along with the gold embroidery, is sure to please almost anyone. One of my co-workers found this legendary piece of gear in the early game via the in-game vendors, but you can find it practically anywhere in the world via chest drops.

  • Legendary rarity plus a decorative design aesthetic.
  • Easily availability.
  • Limited offensive bonus.

Charcoal Lock Scarf

Best Aesthetic-Offensive Hybrid Gear.
hogwarts legacy scarves
Charcoal lock scarf (Image by eXputer)
Gear Type Item Level Buy Price Sell Price Offense Rarity
Neckwear 14 500 200 33 Common, Well-Appointed, Superb, Extraordinary, and Legendary
  • Why I Chose This: The aesthetic appeal plus the practical benefits with the bonus in offense.

The Charcoal Lock Scarf is just one of the various scarves that you can equip for your character in the game. Just like the name implies, the charcoal coloring might not be as accurate, but who knows? You might even slowly adore its dark colors and maybe even receive a trait pre-equipped on it, just like I did in the image above.

  • Versatile rarities and good offensive bonus.
  • Enhances character’s abilities with other benefits.
  • Not as easy to obtain as some other gear choices.

Ornate Two-Tone Gloves

Best Early-On Gear For Offense Boost.
hogwarts legacy Ornate two-tone gloves
Ornate Two-Tone Gloves (Image by eXputer)
Gear Type Item Level Buy Price Sell Price Offense Rarity
Handwear 7 500 200 16 Legendary
  • Why I Chose This: The offensive boost this gear provides early-on in the game with the distinct look.

As shown in the image above, the Ornate two-tone gloves feature two distinctive colors. I found them pretty early on in the game, and alongside the Stinger dueling gloves, which we’ll mention later in my list, they are fantastic gloves that can be paired with almost any kind of getup of your Witch or Wizard.

  • Legendary Rarity.
  • Unique aesthetics allowing for some customizable options.
  • Limited offensive bonus and availability.

Embroidered Formal Uniform

Best Classy Looking Defensive Gear.
hogwarts legacy gear
embroidered formal uniform (Image by eXputer)
Gear Type Item Level Buy Price Sell Price Defense Rarity
Neckwear 14 500 200 35 Superb, Extraordinary, and Legendary
  • Why I Chose This: The classy look this gear provides on top of the enhanced defensive capabilities.

The Embroidered Formal Uniform is an excellent choice for players who are looking to achieve a classy or just an upper-class style for their character. The jacket of the uniform will also feature your house insignia on the chest, allowing you to represent with utmost grace while exploring the world.

  • Versatile rarity options.
  • Great defense boost with a classy appearance.
  • Hard to get your hands on due to the higher rarity.

The Best Ways To Get Legendary Gear Early

While I have mentioned it a few times already, I strongly suggest keeping your eyes peeled for large treasure chests when completing certain puzzles or even going off the beaten path during quests. These treasure chests will reward you with legendary gear, and you can, of course, apply the save-scum exploit, where you load your save file prior to opening the chest to receive the specific legendary gear piece that you want for yourself.

hogwarts legacy hogsmeade
Gladrags Wizardwear shop (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

To acquire Legendary gear early in the game, visit Gladrags Wizardwear in Hogsmeade. The shop may have rotating inventory, so check back frequently for new legendary items. While pricey, selling low-level or unused gear regularly can help you accumulate coins quickly for purchases.

Video Guide

Our Video for quick info as well:

YouTube video

While on the subject, it is also crucial to upgrade your Full Gear Slots so that your character may equip the maximum amount of armor or accessories on it. The Best Talents In Hogwarts Legacy go hand-in-hand with a few powerful spells, such as Incendio and Flipendo, both of which are excellent options to use during combat.

Still, if you want to feel more overpowered, then consider unlocking the Unforgivable Curses, which includes the quests to not only unlock Crucio but also to unlock Avada Kedavra, one of the most iconic dark sorceries of the entire Harry Potter universe. Aside from that, this wraps up my guide on the Best Legendary Gear in the game and how you can go about obtaining it.

If you have any other questions or queries related to the topic, then let me know about it in the comments section below! I hope you enjoy playing the game, and as always, eXputer wishes you luck!

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