Hogwarts Legacy: Is It Coming To PC?

Learn if and when Hogwarts Legacy is going to be released on PC.

Prepare yourselves, Potterheads; Hogwarts Legacy will finally be launched in February, ending the long wait. Fans have been asking a variety of questions about the release date and the platforms it will support on Twitter and the subreddit. Despite it seeming that Hogwarts Legacy will only be available on new-generation consoles, PC Gamers are in luck.

Key Highlights
  • Yes, Hogwarts Legacy is going to be launching on PC on 10th February.
  • You can get 72 hours of early access if you pre-order the deluxe edition.
  • There is also a collector’s edition that you can get on 7th February if you can afford its steep price
  • Make sure you have the minimum PC requirements to run the game.

Is Hogwarts Legacy Coming To PC?

Hogwarts Legacy Coming To PC
PC Release Of Hogwarts Legacy – Screenshot Captured by eXputer

For all fans of the Harry Potter and Hogwarts universe, there is great news. The game will be released on PC and is available on the Steam and Epic store right now. You can pre-purchase the game and get ready to play it when it releases on the 10th of February. However, the good news doesn’t end there. Hogwarts legacy will be available on PC for early access as well. 

  • You can pre-order the deluxe edition of Hogwarts legacy on PC, which is only $10 more expensive than the standard edition.
  • Pre-ordering the deluxe edition makes you eligible for 72-hour early access to the game.
  • That means you will have three whole days ahead of the competition, and you can get a head start.
  • That is great value for a hardcore fan who doesn’t want to wait three extra days for the day to release. 

The Early Acess for Hogwart Legacy is only available for the deluxe edition. If you pre-order the standard edition, it will unlock on the 10 of February with the official launch of the game. So pre-order the deluxe version on steam, make sure to have a good internet connection on the 7th of February, and get ready for some magic, wizard, and witches at Hogwarts

PC gamers have quite an advantage since the game is only released for PS5 and Xbox Series X on the 10th of February. The older generation of consoles won’t be able to access the game till April. Moreover, it is confirmed that the game will be released on July 25 for the Nintendo Switch

PC Requirments And Collector’s Edition

PC Collector's Edition Hogwarts Legacy
Hogwarts Legacy Requirments And Collector’s Edition – Screenshot Captured by eXputer

Early Access Hogwarts Legacy- Screenshot Grab: eXputerFor Hardcore gamers who are fans of the franchise, there is even a collectors edition. The collector edition of Hogwarts Legacy will be released on 7th February for the PC, and it will be a physical copy of the game.

However, the main difference between the collector edition and other versions is the price.

  • The price for the collector edition of Hogwarts legacy for PC is a whopping $289.99.
  • So if you have extra cash and really want the collector’s edition go for it. 

Make sure your PC can run Hogwarts Legacy and has at least the Minimum system requirements.

  • You are required to have a 4 GB GPU
  • and a 3.3 GHz processor, for example, an Intel Core I5 6th gen.
  • Moreover, you will need at least 16 GB of ram to run the game smoothly.
  • Don’t forget to have a fast internet connection, so you don’t have to wait any longer.
  • An SSD will reduce load times significantly; however, it is not necessary, and an HDD should work just fine.

Final Words

Hogwarts Legacy PC is much awaited since the game was scheduled to launch in 2020 but kept getting delayed. The fans of the Harry Potter world are eager to play in the magical world of Hogwarts. The game is going to be a prequel to the Books and movies, so you aren’t going to see many familiar faces. However, magic, spells, and fun sports are all the same. You’ll get to play this amazing game on all of the mainstream platforms

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