New Hogwarts Legacy Mod Unlocks Overly Fun 10-Player Co-Op

The mod is still in early development and is only compatible with the PC version of Hogwarts Legacy.

Story Highlights 

  • A team of independent modders, known as The Together Team, has been able to make a Hogwarts Legacy Co-Op mode that allows up to 10 players in a single session.
  • The mod, known as Hogwarps, is still in early build and modders are yet to work out the way to incorporate the features of the main campaign into it.
  • The mod is only compatible with the PC version of the game.
  • The modders also haven’t given the schedule for the release of their co-op mod.

A new Hogwarts Legacy co-op mod allows up to 10 players to play the game in a single session. The mod is still in its early build and the programmers behind it are still trying to carve out the rough edges to make it playable with all the perks of the campaign.

The co-op mod is known as HogWarp and is being developed by a team of independent programmers, The Together Team. Reportedly, it took them less than a week to come up with a basic build of the mod.

Given the constraints of working with console games, the Hogwarts Legacy Co-Op mod is only being developed for PC. The mod is also far from complete. It is also still in its beta form and is not available for download. The modders also haven’t specified the workability of their creation.

Nevertheless, the build looks impressive given the short amount of time it has taken them to program it. It can be witnessed in the 10-minute video uploaded by the modding team on their YouTube channel.

YouTube video

The Together Team has high expectations from this mod. They want to allow Hogwarts Legacy players to experience the immersive open world of the game with their friends.

Upon its launch, Hogwarts Legacy players were quick to point out the immense multiplayer potential of the game. But they were left disappointed to learn that the developer, Avalanche Games, had no plans to integrate multiplayer in the game.

But despite that, they were very vocal in their demands for one. Now the development of HogWarps has given them a ray of hope. Because if this independent co-op mod were to succeed, the developers would surely want to make an official multiplayer mod of Hogwarts Legacy.

The fans are more optimistic because, according to recent rumors, Warner Bros. clearly intends to continue to work on expanding the game. The optimism was boosted in particular by the rumors of a possible Hogwarts Legacy-based TV series for HBO max

This is not the first time The Together Team has developed a multiplayer mod. In the past, they have successfully programmed a multiplayer mod for Skyrim known as Skyrim Together Reborn.

They also worked on developing a co-op mod for Fallout 4, but the development was derailed due to the team shifting their focus to improving the Skyrim mod.

How long will The Team Together take to develop a fully working co-op mod for Hogwarts Legacy? We would love to hear your opinions in the comments section below.

For more on Hogwart Legacy, watch our preview video about the game: 

YouTube video

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