Hogwarts Legacy VA Teases “Falling Off A Broom” And “Fried By A Dragon” In-Game Deaths

Getting fried by a dragon and falling from a broom are among the ways you can die in the game, apparently.

Story Highlights
  • Hogwarts Legacy voice actor reveals you can die from dragon fire and can fall of your broomstick.
  • Dragon battles have been confirmed from the game so seeing this animation will be interesting.
  • Fans theorize that players will have the option to manually jump off broomsticks or will get knocked off by spells.

When we talk about big AAA games coming out in 2023, Hogwarts Legacy is one name we can’t leave out. Harry Potter is already one of the biggest media franchises on the whole planet due to the movie series. And now, it seems like the game will allow the series to set its stronghold in another medium of entertainment.

Excitement for Hogwarts Legacy is palpable, and the game topping Steam best-seller charts shows just that. With a stellar voice cast including Simon Pegg, the game promises to be a masterpiece. A voice actor for the RPG has revealed that you can die in horrible ways, including Dragon fire and falling from a broomstick. 

The Voice Actor of the female player character, Amelia Gething, shared this info with the masses. In a post on her Instagram account, the voice actor revealed she is voicing one of the two-player avatar options in Hogwarts Legacy. But what catches our eye is the end of her Instagram post.

At the end of the post, Gething mentions some interesting situations she voiced in the game. These include some gruesome death scenes, and they have certainly piqued our interest. In her Instagram post, Gething said:

So get yourself a copy if you’d like to hear me getting fried by a dragon or falling off a broom to my inevitable death!

Hence, we can die via Dragon fire in Hogwarts Legacy, which is new information. Ratings do suggest that the game will not be PG and will have a Mature 16+ rating. That is certainly a requirement because something a dragon burning you to crisps is going to be hard to see.

Something even more interesting is in the post, and that is the death from falling off a broomstick. If you have watched any of the harry Potter movies or read even a single book, only Quidditch or evil Wizards can make you fall off your broom. Hence it will be very interesting to see how that happens. 

Quidditch is not going to be playable in Hogwarts Legacy as we already know. It is a bummer as it could have been only a mini-game for the fans of the series to enjoy. However, the question it raises is how are the player characters going to fall from their broom.

Hogwarts Legacy Voice Actor
The Instagram post from Hogwarts Legacy voice actor Amelia Gething.

A whole Reddit thread about this has started since the news came out of these deaths. The theories are pretty interesting and we will tell you some of them here. One user said that Hogwarts Legacy might have an option to just jump off your broom in mid-air.

It is just like the mechanic in GTA games and can be one way this death happens. Another hypothesis is other wizards knock you out with spells, which is a common theme in the franchise. However, the leading theory is dragon battles, which are a big part of Hogwarts Legacy.

YouTube video

Whatever it is, it will be interesting to see how this mechanic comes into play in the game. If it’s one thing gamers like, it is randomly killing themselves in games when they are bored. So, hopefully, this mechanic is present in Hogwarts Legacy.

We will be able to see this and much more in play when the game releases on February 10, 2023. Hogwarts Legacy will launch on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, and Windows. Tell us in the comments what your thoughts about these deaths are.

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