Hogwarts Legacy Ghost of Our Love [Walkthrough]

Time to interrupt a Candlelit Dinner for a treasure chest.

Hogwarts Legacy takes the players back to the Wizarding World. Now they don’t follow Harry Potter but a new protagonist with a new set of quests. There are some interesting quests that are different according to the house you selected. One of these quests in Hogwarts Legacy is the Ghost of Our Love quest. Although the quest will be the same for all houses, its pre-requisite quest will be different for all houses.

Key Takeaways
  • Ghost of Our Love is a side quest in Hogwarts Legacy.
  • In the quest, you will have to read a treasure map to get the rewards.
  • You can get the quest through unique quests for each house.
  • For Gryffindor, you will have to complete the quest ‘Hunt for the Missing Pages’.
  • As for Slytherin, the unique quest is named ‘Scrope’s Last Hope.’
  • Whereas the Hufflepuff students will have to complete the ‘Prisoner of Love’ quest.
  • Ravenclaw students will have to finish the ‘Ollivander’s Heirloom.’
  • You will have to follow the candles using Lumos spell and get to the treasure location.
  • In the treasure, you will be rewarded with unique gear, Galleons, and XP.

Ghost Of Our Love

Ghost of our love is a side-quest in Hogwarts Legacy. It is one of the few quests that is affected by the house that you choose. But in the end, the reward will be the same. You’ll have to perform the same steps and head toward the same location to complete the quest.

It isn’t a quest in which you will have to defeat your opponents or anything like that. Nor will you have to solve a puzzle. Instead, in the quest, you will have to identify a location using a treasure map. How to acquire the treasure map in the game will be different as it depends on which house you joined in Hogwarts Legacy.

Completing The Quest Step By Step 

You’ll have to get the Treasure Map that leads you to where the treasure is. If you complete the questline, you’ll eventually come across the map, but if you haven’t, then we’ve mentioned below how you can get it.

  1. Get the Treasure Map: To start this questline, you’ll need to acquire the Treasure Map. If you haven’t already obtained it through the questline, there’s a way to get it.
    Ghost of our love treasure map hogwarts legacy.
    The Treasure map in the quest. [Image by eXputer]
  2. Locating the Quest Area: Once you have the map, you won’t have a quest marker. Instead, you’ll need to decipher the hints on the map to find the quest location.
  3. Finding the Quest Location: The treasure map will provide clues about where to go. In this case, the location is near the Forbidden Forest Floo Station. Look for a small bridge and a crumbling arch. Once there, go to the lamp post.
    floo station for ghost of our love.
    The Forbidden Forest Floo Station. [Image by eXputer]
  4. Wait Until Night: The quest won’t begin until nighttime. Open the map and wait by pressing the specified button (right analog button on controllers or the F button on a computer).
  5. Casting the Lumos Spell: When it’s nighttime, go to the lamp post and cast the Lumos Spell. Floating candles will appear, indicating the start of the quest.
    Follow candles in Ghost of our love.
    Follow the Candles. [Image by eXputer]
  6. Follow the Candles: Follow the path of the floating candles as they lead you into the Forbidden Forest. Despite its dangers, this specific trail will be safe.
  7. Reach the Romantic Dinner Area: Continue following the candles until you reach a romantic candlelit table dinner. Although it’s lovely, your goal is to access the treasure.
  8. Open the Chest: When you arrive at the dinner area, a chest will appear. Open the chest to receive a random gear piece, a substantial number of Galleons, and 180 XP as your reward for completing the quest.
    The rewards of the quest. [Image by eXputer]


You need to meet specific requirements:

  1. Attend Opening Classes: Make sure you’ve attended all the opening classes, which involves meeting with professors and sometimes completing their assignments as part of the story progression.
  2. Complete “Trails of Merlin” Main Quest: Head to Lower Hogsfield and finish the first “Trails of Merlin” main quest. Upon completing it, you will receive an Owl Post.
  3. Complete House-Specific Quests: You must complete each of your house-specific quests to initiate the “Ghost of Our Love” quest. These quests will lead you to acquire the Treasure Map during or after their completion.

The exact location and method for acquiring the Treasure Map can vary depending on your chosen house, but completing the house-specific quests is the key to obtaining it.


To obtain the Gryffindor house map in Hogwarts Legacy, follow these steps during the “Hunt for the Missing Pages” quest. Nearly Headless Nick approaches you, suggesting he may have information about the missing pages you’re seeking from the book found in the Restricted Section of the Library.

However, before he reveals the pages’ location, he asks you to retrieve Rotten Meat from the kitchen beneath the Great Hall since, as a ghost, he has no sense of taste except for Rotten Meat.

After obtaining the Rotten Meat, you’ll discover that it was intended for the Headless Hunt leader, Sir Patrick Delaney-Podmore. While conversing with Patrick, you can access a crypt where you’ll find the map required for the “Ghost of Our Love” quest.

Location of Gryiffindor map.
You will find the map in the Graveyard at Hogsmeade. [Image by eXputer]


If you’ve chosen Slytherin House, you’ll acquire the Treasure Map during the “Scrope’s Last Hope” quest. Follow these steps:

  1. Find Scrope’s Note: In the Clock Tower Courtyard, find Scrope’s Note on a statue. It mentions Scrope’s knowledge of the Restricted Section book and leads you to the next note.
  2. Locate the Second Note: Outside the bridge area, find the second note near boulders. Use Accio or Wingardium Leviosa to move a crate close to the boulder to read the note. It guides you to the Pumpkin Patch.
  3. Pumpkin Patch: Go to the Pumpkin Patch and find the third note inside a pumpkin. Break the pumpkin with a basic attack to reveal the note.
  4. Meet Scrope: Find Scrope, who tells you about the missing pages’ possible location in a cave. Enter the cave and place toast on a pedestal inside.
  5. Find the Treasure Map: Inside the cave, discover the Treasure Map in a chest. Collect it to progress in the quest.
  6. Complete the Quest: Finish the quest by talking to Richard and then to Scrope.
Slytherin map location.
As a Slytherin, you’ll find the map in a cave. [Image by eXputer]


To obtain the Treasure Map as a Hufflepuff, follow these steps during the “Prisoner of Love” quest:

  1. Talk to Eldritch Diggory’s Portrait: Get a message that Eldritch Diggory’s portrait in the Hufflepuff Common Room wants to meet you. Eldritch asks for help in solving a murder case linked to the missing book pages from the Restricted Section.
  2. Speak with Helen: Go to Hogsfield and talk to Eldritch Diggory’s niece, Helen. She reveals that the murder victim was Jackdaw, who visited Anne before his death. Anne is in Azkaban, and your task is to meet her for answers.
  3. Visit Azkaban: Encounter Dementors when you reach Azkaban. Helen uses Expecto Patronum to save you both. Talk to Anne, who discloses info about a vault in Upper Hogsfield.
  4. Explore Upper Hogsfield: Go to Upper Hogsfield and find Claire Beaumont’s Vendor Stall. Behind it, check next to the house’s door to discover a chest with the Treasure Map. Collect it to obtain the Treasure Map as a Hufflepuff.
Hufflepuffs map.
Hufflepuffs can find the map in Upper Hogsfield. [Image by eXputer]


To obtain the Treasure Map as a Ravenclaw in Hogwarts Legacy, follow these steps during the “Ollivander’s Heirloom” quest:

  1. Start the Quest: Visit Gerbold Ollivander in Hogsmeade, who asks for your help in finding a missing wand. He suggests searching near the Owlery.
  2. Search Inside the Owlery: Enter the Owlery and use Accio spell on owl alcoves. You’ll collect 3 Jackdaw statues.
  3. Place the Jackdaw Statues: Put the 3 statues in their designated spots within the Owlery.
  4. Retrieve More Jackdaw Statues: Afterward, grab 2 more Jackdaw statues.
  5. Reach the Top of Owlery: Wind carries you to the Owlery’s top in a cutscene.
  6. Meet Richard Jackdaw: On top, meet Richard Jackdaw, who helps you find the missing wand and pages from a book from the Restricted Section.
  7. Find the Treasure Map: After cutscenes, search for the Treasure Map on the Owlery’s top floor. This is how you get the Treasure Map as a Ravenclaw.
Ravenclaws map.
Ravenclaw’s map is on the top floor of Owlery. [Image by eXputer]

Final Words

Hogwarts Legacy has shown promise for Harry Potter Fans. The game is so good that we have given it a solid score in our Hogwarts Legacy Review. Once started, there is a lot for the fans to explore; check out our Beginner’s Guide, which is useful even if you’ve spent a few hours in the game. Likewise, check out the Best Settings for Hogwarts Legacy to get the highest FPS.

You can move around the map using a Broom. Or you can get different Wand Handles along with a fully customized wand (within the limited options). There is a lot for you to explore, whether it’s learning powerful spells like Avada Kedavra or Confringo or learning useful spells like Alohomora. You can check out different Treasure Vaults or get the Best Legendary Gear; it all depends on you and how you want to proceed.

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