Hogwarts Legacy: How To Visit Azkaban

Visit the creepy Dementors and the messed up prisons in the infamous Azkaban!

Azkaban is one of the most iconic locations in the Harry Potter universe, as it has held some of the greatest dark wizards, such as Bellatrix. If you’ve been wondering how to visit Azkaban in Hogwarts Legacy, then you’re not alone, as many players have been wondering the same, with only a few that actually know the answer, which is related to the Prisoner of Love side quest.

Slytherin and Gryffindor are some of the most popular houses chosen in Hogwarts Legacy. And if you fall into one of those categories or perhaps chose Ravenclaw, then you might not even ever get to see Azkaban, as only those that chose Hufflepuff to get the chance to visit it!

Before You Start: You need to be a Hufflepuff student, otherwise, you cannot play the side quest that takes you to Azkaban. 

Important: You’ll only get one chance to visit Azkaban, and once you leave, you will not be able to return. So explore as much of it as possible, or create a manual save if you want to return to the area some other time.
Key Takeaways
  • Players can visit Azkaban as part of the Prisoner of Love quest.
  • The side quest is only available for Hufflepuff students as it can only be initiated from the Hufflepuff Common Room.
  • After you talk to Eldritch Diggory, he’ll tell you to meet Helen Thistlewood in upper Hogsfield
  • Helen Thistlewood will tell you about Anne, a prisoner in Azkaban who got wrongfully imprisoned.
  • Helen thinks that you can help talk to Anne because of your link to the book that you find as part of the main quests. If you agree, you can apparate to Azkaban with her. 
  • You can explore the prisons inside Azkaban, as well as interact with prisoners.
  • After you talk to Anne, you’ll apparate out of Azkaban and won’t be able to visit it again. 

How To Visit Azkaban

As we mentioned earlier, only students of the Hufflepuff house will get the chance to visit Azkaban. Hufflepuff is one of the least chosen houses in the game, not because it is bad by any means but because the majority of the main cast was from other houses. That is likely why many of the players were inclined to choose some other house.

However, although there is no such thing as the best house in the game, there certainly are certain exclusives for each house. The Azkaban mission is simply another exclusive but for Hufflepuffs. However, simply joining the house is not enough, as there are a few things that you need to do to unlock the side quest that takes you to Azkaban.

It is also worth mentioning that you can only visit Azkaban during a side quest. Once it is over, you will not be able to return at any point later on in the game. With that said, here is the method on how you can unlock the side quest that takes you to Azkaban in Hogwarts Legacy.

Starting The Prisoner Of Love Side Quest

hogwarts legacy how to reach azkaban
Talk to Eldrich Diggory to start Prison of Love [image by eXputer]
In order to visit Azkaban, you need to play through the Prisoner of Love side quest as a Hufflepuff student. It can only be activated through the Hufflepuff common room, which is essentially why it is a Hufflepuff-exclusive mission. If any other student tries entering the common room, they will be denied access and also sprayed with vinegar, which is part of the many Easter eggs in the game.

To unlock the side quest, you need to progress a bit into the main storyline. Just a few quests after you’ve acquired the book and saved the old woman on the lakeside (Hogwarts’ Great Lake), you’ll get an owl post that will ask you to talk to the portrait of Eldritch Diggory in the Hufflepuff Common Room.

Eldritch Diggory is actually connected to a character that you might already know of. In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, we were introduced to Cedric Diggory, who was chosen as the representative of Hogwarts in the Triwizard competition. Cedric is the descendant of Eldritch Diggory, who also happened to be Minister for Magic at one point in his life.

Eldritch will inform you about an unsolved murder and will direct you to his great-niece, Helen Thistlewood. He thinks that with the possession of the book that you found as part of the main quest and the missing pages, you might be able to solve the murder mystery. That will take you to the next part of the quest, where you need to meet Helen.

Talking To Helen Thistlewood

helen in prison of our love
Talk to Helen to progress further in the Prisoner of Love quest in Hogwarts Legacy [screenshot by eXputer]
The side quest will take you to upper Hogsfield as you look for Helen. She lives in the house right in front of the Upper Hogsfield Floo Flame Fast Travel location. As soon as you enter the house, Eldritch Diggory will thank you for coming.

When you start talking to Helen Thistlewood, you’ll get to learn more about the murder mystery and how you can exactly help out in the situation. Essentially, there was a woman, Anne, who was friends with Jackdaw, the headless ghost, before he actually became a ghost.

One time, Jackdaw and Anne planned on meeting together; however, during their supposed meetup, Jackdaw ended up disappearing, and his body was never found. Eventually, his ghost appeared in Hogswart, and Anne was suspected and convicted of the murder of Jackdaw.

Anne claimed that she had never actually even met Jackdaw. They were meant to go on an adventure together, but Jackdaw had a series of puzzles for her to solve before they could actually meet and go on the adventure. But Anne never even figured out the first puzzle.

All of this ties in with us as we have the book, and the adventure that the two were meant to go on was in the pages that got ripped out of the book by Peeves and later acquired by Jackdaw himself. However, with a lack of evidence, and a testimony by Apollonia Black, who was supposedly jealous of Jackdaw and Anne, Anne was convicted of Jackdaw’s murder. She was then imprisoned in Azkaban.

Helen thinks that by now, Anne most likely figured out the puzzles that Jackdaw left for her, which could somehow help prove her innocence. The only issue is that Anne does not trust anyone, nor does she properly communicate with anyone. Helen believes that because we have a connection to the same pages that were meant to be used for Anne’s adventure, she might be willing to talk to us.

As Helen is an Auror, she can directly apparate to Azkaban. You can either agree or disagree to go with her. If you agree, you can ask her a few more questions about Anne, Apollonia Black, and Jackdaw before heading to Azkaban.  

What Happens At Azkaban?

Dementors in Hogwarts Legacy how to reach azkaban
Dementors attacking you in Azkaban in Hogwarts Legacy [image by eXputer]
After you figure out how to visit Azkaban in Hogwarts Legacy through the Prisoner of Love side quest, you can fully explore it and some of the prisons inside. But what exactly happens when you reach there?

As soon as you apparate to Azkaban, there will be a cutscene where we’ll get to see the infamous Dementors floating around the prison. Multiple of them will notice you and Helen once you arrive at Azkaban and will attempt to attack you. Helen will step in and use her hare Patronus to divert all of the Dementors away. She’ll claim that the Dementors are awful creatures and that they were needed in the first place.

After the cutscene, you’re instructed to go to the other end of the prison, where you’ll find Anne. But you can spend time exploring the prisons. You’ll find a prison cell which you can enter. There are also certain prisoners who will pass comments and even threaten to use Crucio on you. Whereas other prisoners will just be on the floor, struggling.

Meeting Anne Thisbe

hogwarts legacy events of azkaban when you reach there as part of Prison of Love quest
Anne Thisbe plotting to strike Helen as part of Prisoner of Love Hogwarts Legacy [captured by eXputer]
As you move towards the end of the prison, you’ll come across Anne Thisbe’s prison. Helen will request you to be smart with your words as she’s likely been broken down mentally and physically by the Dementors.

A cutscene will play out where you’ll get to see Anne’s condition. She’s turned into an old and bald woman who speaks in rhymes and is quite cryptic. You can talk about finding the book that’s related to her and Jackdaw’s adventure that never happened. She’ll claim that no one ever tried finding it and discuss a location of a cave with you.

After you’re done talking to her, she’ll eventually ask Helen to step forward. Helen approaches the prison rails, which turns out to be a mistake as Anne strikes Helen with harmful magic, which makes it hard for Helen to breathe.

Helen will apparate you and herself out of Azkaban and close to the cave that Anne talked about while apparating herself somewhere where you can help get rid of the effects of the magic. And with that, your adventure to Azkaban will conclude, though there is more to the Prisoner of Love side quest.


After you’ve visited Azkaban, you can visit the cave that Anne tells you about, and you’ll find the puzzle that she was meant to solve but failed to. You can easily solve it by using Accio and Revelio. You’ll find Jackdaw’s letter, which was intended for Anne. And after you leave the cave, you’ll meet Jackdaw himself.

He’ll tell you that he thought Anne had moved on from him. That’s why he disappeared from Hogwarts to mend his broken heart by going to various different places. He’ll also offer to help you find the secret pages by meeting you at the edge of the forbidden forest. With that, the side quest ends.

Although you can only visit Azkaban as part of just a side quest and never again, it is still quite interesting to actually see the prison from the inside and to even interact with some of the prisoners and Dementors there. We also get to see the Patronus spell in action, even though we can’t actually use it ourselves in the game. But that’s okay, considering we have other powerful spells, such as the Avada Kedavra, which is part of the unforgivable curses.

There are many collectibles in Hogwarts Legacy as well, such as the house tokens, which can be unlocked by acquiring the daedalian keys. You can explore the lands using the broom and even find all the landing platform locations to complete different challenges. 

With that you know how to visit Azkaban as part of the Prisoner of Love side quest in Hogwarts Legacy. The prison is quite gloomy and filled with threats such as Dementors and even prisoners which threaten to harm you if gotten the chance. 

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