Hogwarts Legacy: BEST Talents To Unlock

Enhance your character's magical knowledge by acquiring the Best Talents in every magical department!

Hogwarts Legacy implements multiple mechanics that can be used by the player to enhance the abilities of their character. Hence, it is essential to know the Best Talents in Hogwarts Legacy that can help your wizard improve in several different departments, such as Spells, Stealth, Dark Arts, Core abilities, and Room of Requirement functionalities. These Talents can be equipped by spending talent points in the game, which are earned by increasing your Wizarding level.

Key Takeaways
  • Talents are the skills that players can unlock in Hogwarts Legacy by spending Talent Points.
  • These talent points can be earned every time your Wizarding level increases in the game.
  • The Talent system in the game is unlocked after completing the main quest called “Jackdaw’s Rest“. 
  • There are five different Talent Categories that players can choose to spend their talent points in, these include;
    • Spells.
    • Dark Arts.
    • Core.
    • Stealth.
    • Room of Requirement.
  • Within these Talent categories, talent points become available in three different levels (Levels 5, 16, and 22).
  • Some of the Best Talents in the game include; Spell Knowledge, Swift, Wiggenweld Mastery, Incendio Mastery, Accio Mastery, Disarming Curse, Blood Curse, Avada Kedavra Mastery, Headache, and a few more.

Best Talents In Hogwarts Legacy

Talent categories
Talent Categories in the game [Image Credit: eXputer]
Talents in Hogwarts Legacy serve as skills and abilities which can be unlocked by players after spending talent points in the game. The skill system is quite common in RPG titles, hence, if you’re a polished player in the genre, then you’d understand the mechanism easily. These Talents can help your Wizard improve their Spell abilities, and stealth maneuverability, and even enhance their core skills. All of these Talents are highly crucial in the playthrough. Without them, you’ll surely face a tough time as you enter the mid and late-game areas.

Talents can be accessed by going to the “Field Guide” menu. From here you can spot the “Talents” tab to open up the different sets of skill categories in the game. Although, it is to be noted that Talents are not available right from the start. You will need to play through the main storyline for a while until you unlock the Talents tab.

Nevertheless, once you reach the Talents menu, you will notice 5 Skill Categories that you can explore. These Skill Categories include:

  • Spells (Enhances Spell abilities).
  • Dark Arts (Enhances the Dark Art curses effect).
  • Core (Enhances overall stats of the character).
  • Stealth (Enhances stealth-related skills).
  • Room of Requirement (Enhances the capacity inside Room of Requirement).

Inside each of these Talent Categories, players will be able to review tons of different Talents. Since we are at the topic of discussing the Best Talents in Hogwarts Legacy, we think it’s important to mention that you should first focus on the Core Talents as much as you can. These Talents will immensely help your Wizard build in the game. 

Other than that, it is worth knowing about each Talent Category and the Best Talents found within it. Each category holds a different number of Talents within it. These talents are further divided into three levels. Players will unlock new talents within each category after reaching the following levels.

  • Level 5
  • Level 16
  • Level 22

By now, you should be well aware of the basics of the Talent system in the game. Core Talent is by far the Best Talent Category that players can go for. However, since there are up to 48 sub-talents within these categories, it is important to know some of the most useful ones so that you don’t end up wasting your Talent Points on something insignificant.

The Talent points are quite scarce in the game which means you won’t be able to get all the talents in a category. So it’s best to know the best ones in each of them so that you can invest wisely. 

Core Talents

Hogwarts legacy core skills
Core Talents menu [Screenshot by eXputer]
Since it’s the most crucial one, we will cover the Core Talents category first. It is the most packed out of all the other Talent Categories. You can acquire up to 16 Talents within the Core section. The Core Talents will hand out useful buffs to your wizard, such as reducing its spell cooldown time, adding a new spell set, enhancing the effects of the Wiggenweld potion, etc. 

The 16 Talents are further divided into three sections. The first one unlocks when you reach Level 5, the second one at Level 16, and the last one at Level 22. Nonetheless,

Here are all the Best Core Talents in Hogwarts Legacy.

  • Spell Knowledge 1 (Level 5): This is by far one of the Best Talents to get early on in the game. The Spell Knowledge will allow you to add another Spell Set in the bottom right corner of your screen. Hence, you won’t need to unequip and equip spells repeatedly. Instead, you can simply make another Spell set that can be equipped quickly during duels.
  • Spell Knowledge 2 (Level 5): Similar to the first Spell Knowledge Talent, Spell Knowledge 2 adds yet another spell set to your character’s build.
  • Basic Cast Mastery (Level 5): Another talent that you should try getting early on in the game. The Basic Cast Mastery will reduce the cooldown time for your spells.
  • Swift (Level 5): One of our favorite Talents in the game. Players can use the Swift Talent by holding down dodge and moving away. It will make them disappear for a few seconds and reappear.
  • Wiggenweld Potency 1 (Level 5): The Wiggenweld potion, which you will use countless times to heal yourself during duels, will heal more of your health with the Wiggenwelk Potency talent. Therefore, you can never go wrong with the Wiggenweld Potency 1, so try to get it as early as you can.
  • Wiggenweld Mastery 2 (Level 16): You can also unlock the Wiggenweld Mastery 2 Talent in the Core category to further increase the effect of the healing potion. However, this variant will only get unlocked after your Wizarding level is at, or above, 16.
  • Protego Expertise (Level 16): Parrying and blocking is oddly satisfying in Hogwarts Legacy. Apart from the satisfaction, they do a whole lot for you during battles. After you’ve managed to get good at timing your blocks, consider getting the Protego Expertise talent which allows the player to throw back projectiles toward the enemy after a successful block. The defensive talent unlocks at Level 16.
  • Stupefy Mastery (Level 16): In our opinion, Stupefy is one of the most useful spells when you’re facing multiple enemies at once. Using Stupefy will stun the enemies on the spot. Additionally, if you manage to get the Stupefy Mastery Talent, the stun duration will further increase.
  • Spell Knowledge 3 (Level 16): Just like the previous Spell Knowledge Talents, the third variant adds the 4th and final Spell set for your character. After this, you’ll be able to access 4 Spell Sets, which means a total of 16 spells, without having to open up the Spells menu.
  • Protego Mastery (Level 22): Last but not least, between the final two level 22 Talents in the Core Category, Protego Mastery stands out for us. It adds to the previous Protego Expertise talent. With the Protego Mastery, whenever you perfectly block a spell your character will send back a blast that will break enemy shields.

So these were the Best Core Talents that you should go for as soon as you can in the game. Among all the categories, we believe the Core Talents are the most crucial since it allows your player to perfectly set up and buff its passive abilities for the rest of the journey in Hogwarts Legacy.

Spell Talents

hogwarts legacy spell upgrades
Spell Talents menu [Screengrab by Us]
Next up, we have the Spell Talents. The Spell Talents will help improve your character’s spell-casting techniques and skills in the game. As you complete the quests in Hogwarts, you will begin to travel to treacherous lands with tough enemies. At these points of the game, the Spell Talents will become ever-so crucial for you. Therefore, it is advised that you invest in some of the Spell Talents beforehand so that you’re well prepared.

In the Spell Talents section, players will be able to access ten sub-talents. Just like the Core category, these talents are divided between the three wizarding level milestones: Level 5, 16, and 22.

With that said, here are some of the Best Spell Talents to acquire in Hogwarts Legacy:

  • Incendio Mastery (Level 5): Incendio is a spell that you’ll find yourself constantly using. With the Incendio Mastery Talent unlocked, whenever you conjure the spell, a ring of fire will emerge around you. The ring of fire will ultimately damage enemies in close vicinity.
  • Confringo Mastery (Level 5): Confringo is a Damage spell used in Hogwarts Legacy. When players use the spell, their wands will emit a long-range bolt that will deal damage on impact. If you unlock the Confringo Mastery Talent, then each impact will produce additional bolts, which will hit another enemy in the duel zone.
  • Accio Mastery (Level 5): Accio is a force spell that players unlock in the Charms class. Even though the spell may seem insignificant in battle but as you’ll play through the game, you will realize how useful it is. With Accio, you can pull an enemy close to you, which is a great strategy to initiate a spell combo. Once you unlock Accio Mastery Talent, your character will be able to pull several enemies at once.
  • Bombarda Mastery (Level 16): Bombarda is another damaging spell. Even though this isn’t a popular choice among many players but we believe that the heavily damaging spell is worth using in fights. If you plan to do so, then it is recommended to get the Bombarda Mastery Talent as well. The Talent skill will help create a bigger explosion whenever the spell hits a target. 
  • Descendo Mastery (Level 16): Froce spells are a great way to get the upper hand in battle. Hence, you should never feel bad about investing some Talent points into them that improve their performance. The Desceno Mastery Talent will create a shockwave every time you pull an enemy down to the ground. 
  • Transformation Mastery (Level 22): At Level 22, there’s only one Talent that will become available in the Spell Talent category. Hence, if you plan to spend a Talent Point on the top sub-talent in the Spell category, then feel free to get the Transformation Mastery. With this talent, the enemies transformed into an object will automatically explode after a while.

So that’s about it with the Best Spell Talents in the game. In our opinion, these are the ones you should focus on while playing through Hogwarts Legacy.

Dark Arts Talents

hogwarts legacy dark arts skills
Dark Arts Talents menu [Screenshot by eXputer]
Not all of us can be righteous wizards in Hogwarts Legacy. There will come a side when you get attracted by the brutal force of Dark Arts. Those looking to dive deeper into the Dark side can also invest some of their Talent Points in the Dark Arts category. In the Dark Arts Talents, the Unforgivable Spells will get powered up or have the “Curse” effect added to them. Cursed enemies will take more damage in battle as compared to normal enemies.

Just like the Spell Talents, the Dark Arts category also holds 10 Sub-talents that players can choose from. Some of the Best Dark Arts Talents include:

  • Disarming Curse (Level 5): The first Best Dark Arts Talent, in our opinion, has to be the Disarming Curse. The Disarming Curse Talent will buff the Expelliarmus Spell by adding the Curse effect to it. After unlocking the talent, every time you hit an enemy with an Expelliarmus, they will instantly get cursed and take more damage.
  • Blood Curse (Level 5): One of the most important talents to get in the Dark Arts category. The Blood Curse Talent is a must-have, especially if you’re investing your talent points in the Dark Arts section. Whenever you hit a cursed enemy with a damaging spell, all the other cursed enemies in the battle zone will also receive damage.
  • Stunning Curse (Level 5): The Stunning Curse talent will further add to your collection of unforgivable curses. When equipped, the Stupefy spell will inflict the Curse effect on the target.
  • Enduring Curse (Level 16): Another great talent to have if you’re a fan of the Dark Arts Talents section. The Enduring Curse talent unlocks at Wizarding level 16; with this, the curse duration on the enemies will increase.
  • Curse Sapper (Level 22): The Level 22 Dark Arts Talents offer two pretty great options to invest in. The first one has to be the Curse Sapper talent. With the talent in your locker, you will heal a part of your health every time you take down a cursed enemy while dueling. 
  • Avada Kedavra Mastery (Level 22): How can you resist yourself without committing the most heinous acts in Hogwarts Legacy? The Avada Kedavra Mastery Talent is a game-changing talent to have. With this unlocked, every time you kill an enemy with the Avada Kedavra spell, all the cursed enemies will get killed as well. 

The Dark Arts Talents offer some great buffs for the player. These talents can easily change the tide of the battle in your favor. As per our experience, these talents are great for battles where there are multiple enemies.

Stealth Talents

stealth upgrades in Hogwarts Legacy
Stealth Talents menu [Screengrab by Us]
Moving on, we have the Stealth Talents category. From time to time, we will test our stealth skills while carrying out missions. Apart from that, there are many players who like to carry out missions with the Disillusionment ability. Hence, if you’re one of these players, then you can also spend some of your Talent points in the Stealth category.

As compared to the other categories, the Stealth section is one of the smallest. It only holds 4 Talents. Two of these are available from the start, whereas the other two unlock once you reach Levels 16 and 22, respectively.

Nonetheless, despite the low amount of choices, here are some of the Best Stealth Talents you should go for in Hogwarts Legacy.

  • Human Demiguise (Level 5): When you’re being stealthy in Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll find yourself using the Disillusionment ability a lot. However, at times when things go south, you won’t be able to move quickly enough while the invisibility ability is activated. Hence, having the Human Demiguise Talent unlocked you will be able to sprint while having Disillusionment activated.
  • Petrificus Totalus Mastery (Level 22): The Petrificus Totalus is a spell that is used after sneaking up behind enemies. With the Petrificus Totalus Mastery, you will be able to sneak up behind an enemy and use the spell, which will also affect the other enemies in a certain AoE.

Apart from these two, players can also opt for the Sense of Secrecy 1 & 2 Talents. These talents decrease the chances of detection while in Disillusionment. However, in our opinion, these are not worth going for since they add very little to the current detection level. Regardless of that, as a whole, we think that it’s best to invest the talent points in the other categories rather than the Stealth section.

Although, if you prefer stealthy playthrough or feel like trying different strategies in the game, then there’s no harm in acquiring some of these Stealth Talents.

Room Of Requirement Talents

hogwarts legacy room of requirements upgrades
Room of Requirement Talents menu [Screenshot by eXputer]
Last but not least, we have the Room of Requirement Talents. Right around when you unlock the Talents system in the game, you will also acquire the Room of Requirement. The secret room will serve as a safe haven for your wizard, where they can brew potions and grow plants, among many other things. With the Room of Requirement Talents, you will be able to enhance the effects of these potions and plants.

In total, there is 8 Room of Requirement Talents that players can unlock. Three of these will be available at Level 5; two will unlock at Level 16, and the final three at Level 22. Of course, like every other Talent category, each sub-talent will cost you a single Talent Point.

Nonetheless, here are some of the Best Room of Requirement Talents to look out for.

  • Invisible Potion Potency (Level 5): Some missions in Hogwarts Legacy will only get completed with the Invisibility potion. Other than that, you can also use the Invisibility potion whenever you feel like it or when you want to get out of a sticky situation. Hence, it is best to invest a talent point into Invisibility Potion Potency to increase the invisibility duration.
  • Edurus Potion Potency (Level 5): The Edurus potion is a very useful concoction that players can use once they get their hands on a brewing stand. With Edurus, you’ll be able to boost up your defense during batt;e. On top of that, acquiring the Edurus Potion Potency talent will make things even better for you. With this talent, the potion effect will nullify any damage coming your way. On top of that, any projectile launched by the enemy will get fired back at them while the potion effect is active.
  • Maxima Potion Potency (Level 16): The Maxima Potion is known to increase your damage to enemies for a certain period. You already know this potion will come in handy a lot when you travel to areas with tougher enemies. Hence, make sure to get the Maxima Potion Potency talent because it will enhance the damage and will also allow you to break enemy shields easily.
  • Headache (Level 16): Mandrakes literally do cause headaches in the wizarding world. These shrieking little magical plants can be used in the game to stun and damage enemies within a certain AoE. However, first, you’ll need to grow them at a potting table. Nonetheless, unlocking the Headache Talent will enhance the damage and stun duration of Mandrakes during battle.
  • Focus Potion Potency (Level 22): After unlocking tons of different spells, you’ll constantly get annoyed by some of their cooldown time. These cooldowns can even mess with your spell combos in Hogwarts Legacy. Therefore, the Focus Potion Potency talent has to be one of the best fixes for that. The Focus Potions decrease the spell cooldown time for a while, and with the talent, at hand, the cooldown will get reduced even more.
  • Noxious (Level 22): The Venemous Tentacula is yet another hostile plant that you can use inside battles. They will shoot out spiky branches which have venomous contents in them. With the Noxious Talent, the venomous tentacula will deal extra damage and will also break down enemy shields.

So there you have it, all the Best Room of Requirement Talents you can get in the game. The Thunderbrew Potency talent is another great option that unlocks at Level 22, and it boosts up the damage and range of the Thunderbrew potion. However, in our opinion, the Noxious talent is a tad bit better. 

How To Unlock Talents In Hogwarts Legacy?

how to unlock talents
Jackdaw’s Quest in Hogwarts Legacy [Image Credit: eXputer]
It is worth knowing that the Talents are unlocked after you have played the main storyline for a good few hours. Therefore, if you’re in the early bits of the game, then chances are you haven’t unlocked the talent system yet.

Players can unlock the Talents in Hogwarts Legacy after completing the main quest called “Jackdaw’s Rest.” During the mission, you will make your way into the Forbidden Forest, where you’ll have to face numerous enemies along the way. By the end of the quest, the player will get to interact with the painting of Percival Rackham. 

After the conversation with Percival concludes, the players will unlock the Talent system in the game. Every time you level up, you will gain one talent point. The skill point can be used to acquire a single talent within the five categories we mentioned above. Since there are about 48 Talents up for grabs in the game, it isn’t possible for the player to get all of them. Hence, you’ll need to pick the most important ones carefully.

Can You Reset Talents In Hogwarts Legacy?

Most RPGs now give you the option to Respec or reset all your skill points. This is a great feature as it allows players to reallocate their skill points into the skill which they think is worth getting. Unfortunately, Hogwarts Legacy does not provide the same leniency to its players.

So far there is no function in Hogwarts Legacy that allows players to refund their talent points and reinvest them into other talents. Therefore, it is very important to think before you spend your talent points because they are scarce. 

Round Up

With that, we reached the end of our thorough guide, which covered the Best Talents in Hogwarts Legacy. We listed down the Best talents in each category so that you know which ones to go for. Knowing these things is crucial because you can not get all the talents during your first playthrough of the game. Hence, it is best to know the top talents in Core, Spells, Dark Arts, Stealth, and Room of Requirement Categories.

The Hogwarts Legacy does a great job of providing the true wizarding experience to the Potterheads, where they get sorted in one of the 4 Houses. If you’re just starting off your journey, then make sure to get in line with the Hogwarts Legacy Beginners Guide. During your playthrough, you will get the chance to fly a broom and learn spells such as Crucio and Arresto Momento. Players can even Fast Travel between Hogwarts and its surrounding areas by using the famous Floo Flames technique. 

Thank you for reading through this definitive Talent guide. For more magical takes on Hogwarts Legacy, feel free to drop by at eXputer at any time!

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