Hogwarts Legacy: BEST Talents [Detailed Comparison]

Enhance your character's magical knowledge by acquiring the Best Talents in every magical department!

Hogwarts Legacy implements multiple mechanics that the player can use to enhance the abilities of their character. Hence, it is essential to know the Best Talents in Hogwarts Legacy that can help your wizard improve in several different departments, such as Spells, Stealth, Dark Arts, Core abilities, and Room of Requirement functionalities. These Talents can be equipped by spending talent points in the game, which are earned by increasing your Wizarding level.

Key Takeaways

Talents in Hogwarts Legacy are skills that can be acquired using Talent Points, earned upon leveling up your Wizarding character. The Talent system becomes accessible after completing the main quest “Jackdaw’s Rest.” There are five Talent Categories to allocate your points into:

  1. Spells
  2. Dark Arts
  3. Core
  4. Stealth
  5. Room of Requirement

Talent points are granted at different Wizarding levels (5, 16, and 22). Some top talents in the game include Spell Knowledge, Swift, Wiggenweld Mastery, Incendio Mastery, Accio Mastery, Disarming Curse, Blood Curse, Avada Kedavra Mastery, and Headache, among others.

Best Talents In Hogwarts Legacy

Talent categories
Talent Categories in the game [Image Credit: eXputer]
In Hogwarts Legacy, talents are skills unlocked using talent points. These skills enhance spell abilities, improve stealth, and boost core stats. Access talents via the “Field Guide” menu after reaching a certain point in the main storyline. There are 5 skill categories: Spells, Dark Arts, Core, Stealth, and Room of Requirement. Focus on Core talents first, as they are crucial for character development.

Each category contains various talents divided into three levels: 5, 16, and 22. While Core talents are recommended, understanding the best talents in each category is essential due to limited talent points. Choose wisely to make the most of your points.

Everything you need to know about the Talents: 

Talent CategoryTalent NameLevel RequirementEffect
CoreSpell Knowledge 1Level 5Add another Spell Set to the bottom right corner for quick spell changes.
Spell Knowledge 2Level 5Add yet another Spell Set for quick access during duels.
Basic Cast MasteryLevel 5Reduce the cooldown time for your spells.
SwiftLevel 5Hold down dodge and move away to disappear and reappear for a few seconds.
Wiggenweld Potency 1Level 5Increase the healing effect of the Wiggenweld potion for better health restoration during duels.
Wiggenweld Mastery 2Level 16Further increase the effect of the Wiggenweld potion for better healing.
Protego ExpertiseLevel 16After a successful block, throw back projectiles toward the enemy.
Stupefy MasteryLevel 16Increase the stun duration of the Stupefy spell when facing multiple enemies.
Spell Knowledge 3Level 16Add the 4th and final Spell Set for your character, totaling 16 spells.
Protego MasteryLevel 22Send back a blast that breaks enemy shields upon perfectly blocking a spell.
SpellIncendio MasteryLevel 5Create a ring of fire around you when using the Incendio spell, damaging nearby enemies.
Confringo MasteryLevel 5Add additional bolts to the Confringo spell, hitting multiple enemies.
Accio MasteryLevel 5Pull multiple enemies toward you with the Accio spell, useful for initiating combos.
Bombarda MasteryLevel 16Increase the explosion size of the Bombarda spell, dealing more damage.
Descendo MasteryLevel 16Create a shockwave when pulling enemies down to the ground with Descendo.
Transformation MasteryLevel 22Enemies transformed into objects will explode after a while.
Dark ArtsDisarming CurseLevel 5Buff the Expelliarmus spell by adding the Curse effect, dealing more damage to enemies.
Blood CurseLevel 5When hitting a cursed enemy with a damaging spell, all other cursed enemies receive damage.
Stunning CurseLevel 5Add the Curse effect to the Stupefy spell, inflicting it on the target.
Enduring CurseLevel 16Increase the duration of curses applied to enemies.
Curse SapperLevel 22Heal a part of your health when taking down a cursed enemy in battle.
Avada Kedavra MasteryLevel 22Kill cursed enemies upon killing an enemy with the Avada Kedavra spell.
StealthHuman DemiguiseLevel 5Sprint while the Disillusionment ability is activated.
Petrificus Totalus MasteryLevel 22Use the Petrificus Totalus spell on an enemy and affect others in a certain area.
Room of RequirementInvisible Potion PotencyLevel 5Increase the invisibility duration of the Invisibility potion.
Edurus Potion PotencyLevel 5Nullify damage and reflect projectiles while the Edurus potion effect is active.
Maxima Potion PotencyLevel 16Increase damage to enemies with the Maxima potion effect, breaking enemy shields easily.
HeadacheLevel 16Increase damage and stun duration of Mandrakes when using the Headache Talent.
Focus Potion PotencyLevel 22Decrease spell cooldown time with the Focus potion effect.
NoxiousLevel 22Increase damage and break enemy shields with the Venomous Tentacula spell.

Core Talents

Hogwarts legacy core skills
Core Talents menu [Screenshot by eXputer]
Let’s focus on the Core Talents category, the most essential one with up to 16 talents. These talents provide valuable buffs, like reducing spell cooldowns and enhancing potion effects. They’re divided into three sections unlocked at levels 5, 16, and 22. Here are the best Core Talents in Hogwarts Legacy:

  1. Spell Knowledge 1 (Level 5): Adds another spell set for quick switching in duels.
  2. Spell Knowledge 2 (Level 5): Adds yet another spell set to your character’s build.
  3. Basic Cast Mastery (Level 5): Reduces spell cooldown times.
  4. Swift (Level 5): Allows your wizard to briefly disappear and reappear using dodge.
  5. Wiggenweld Potency 1 (Level 5): Boosts the healing effect of the Wiggenweld potion.
  6. Wiggenweld Mastery 2 (Level 16): Further enhances the healing potion’s effect.
  7. Protego Expertise (Level 16): Enables you to throw back projectiles after successful blocks.
  8. Stupefy Mastery (Level 16): Extends the stun duration of the Stupefy spell.
  9. Spell Knowledge 3 (Level 16): Adds a 4th spell set, giving access to 16 spells without menu navigation.
  10. Protego Mastery (Level 22): Amplifies the effects of Protego, reflecting blasts on perfectly blocked spells.

Core Talents are pivotal for setting up and enhancing your character’s passive abilities throughout your Hogwarts Legacy journey.

Spell Talents

hogwarts legacy spell upgrades
Spell Talents menu [Screengrab by Us]

Now, let’s delve into Spell Talents, essential for improving your spell-casting skills in Hogwarts Legacy. As you face tougher enemies, these talents become crucial. Here are some of the best Spell Talents to invest in:

  1. Incendio Mastery (Level 5): Unleashes a damaging ring of fire when casting Incendio, harming nearby enemies.
  2. Confringo Mastery (Level 5): Enhances Confringo by causing additional bolts to strike enemies upon impact.
  3. Accio Mastery (Level 5): Allows you to pull multiple enemies toward you with Accio, enabling strategic spell combos.
  4. Bombarda Mastery (Level 16): Amplifies the power of Bombarda, creating a larger explosion upon impact.
  5. Descendo Mastery (Level 16): Enhances force spells by creating a shockwave when pulling enemies down.
  6. Transformation Mastery (Level 22): The only Level 22 Talent in the Spell category, it causes transformed enemies to explode after a while.

These Spell Talents are invaluable for mastering spells and facing formidable foes in the game.

So that’s about it with the Best Spell Talents in the game. In my opinion, these are the ones you should focus on while playing through Hogwarts Legacy.

Dark Arts Talents

hogwarts legacy dark arts skills
Dark Arts Talents menu [Screenshot by eXputer]
For those tempted by the darker side of magic in Hogwarts Legacy, the Dark Arts category offers talents that power up Unforgivable Spells or add a “Curse” effect, dealing extra damage to cursed enemies. Here are some of the best Dark Arts Talents:

  1. Disarming Curse (Level 5): Enhances Expelliarmus by adding the Curse effect, causing cursed enemies to take more damage.
  2. Blood Curse (Level 5): A crucial talent in the Dark Arts category, it deals damage to all cursed enemies in the battle zone when you hit one with a damaging spell.
  3. Stunning Curse (Level 5): This talent adds the Curse effect to the Stupefy spell, further expanding your arsenal of unforgivable curses.
  4. Enduring Curse (Level 16): Increases the duration of curses on enemies, making it a valuable talent for Dark Arts enthusiasts.
  5. Curse Sapper (Level 22): Allows you to heal a portion of your health when defeating a cursed enemy during duels.
  6. Avada Kedavra Mastery (Level 22): Unleash the devastating power of Avada Kedavra, instantly killing cursed enemies upon its use.

These Dark Arts Talents provide significant advantages in battles, especially against multiple foes.

Stealth Talents

stealth upgrades in Hogwarts Legacy
Stealth Talents menu [Screengrab by Us]
For those who appreciate stealth in Hogwarts Legacy, the Stealth Talents category offers enhancements to your sneaky skills. Despite being one of the smaller categories, here are some of the best Stealth Talents to consider:

  1. Human Demiguise (Level 5): Allows you to sprint while the Disillusionment ability is active, giving you increased mobility during stealth missions.
  2. Petrificus Totalus Mastery (Level 22): Enhances the Petrificus Totalus spell, enabling you to sneak up on an enemy and use the spell, affecting nearby enemies in an area of effect.

While there are also Sense of Secrecy 1 & 2 Talents that reduce the chances of detection while in Disillusionment, they may not provide significant benefits. Overall, it’s advisable to invest talent points in other categories unless you specifically prefer a stealthy playstyle or want to explore different strategies in the game.

Room Of Requirement Talents

hogwarts legacy room of requirements upgrades
Room of Requirement Talents menu [Screenshot by eXputer]
Finally, let’s explore the Room of Requirement Talents category. Once you unlock the Talents system in the game, you’ll also gain access to the Room of Requirement. This hidden room serves as a sanctuary for your wizard, where you can brew potions, grow plants, and more. The Room of Requirement Talents enhance the effects of these potions and plants. Here are some of the best Room of Requirement Talents to consider:

  1. Invisible Potion Potency (Level 5): Increases the duration of the Invisibility potion, which is essential for completing certain missions and escaping tricky situations.
  2. Edurus Potion Potency (Level 5): Enhances the Edurus potion, which boosts your defense during battles. With this talent, the potion will not only enhance your defense but also reflect enemy projectiles while active.
  3. Maxima Potion Potency (Level 16): Boosts the damage dealt to enemies by the Maxima Potion, making it effective against tougher foes and allowing you to break enemy shields more easily.
  4. Headache (Level 16): Improves the damage and stun duration of Mandrakes, which can be used to stun and damage enemies within a specific area of effect.
  5. Focus Potion Potency (Level 22): Reduces spell cooldown times, especially useful when you have a variety of spells with different cooldowns. The talent further decreases spell cooldowns for efficient spell combos.
  6. Noxious (Level 22): Enhances the Venemous Tentacula plant, increasing its damage output and effectiveness in breaking enemy shields.

While the Thunderbrew Potency talent (Level 22) is another option that boosts the Thunderbrew potion’s damage and range, the Noxious talent is generally considered a slightly better choice. These talents will help you make the most of the Room of Requirement and its various magical resources.

Can You Reset Talents In Hogwarts Legacy?

Most RPGs now give you the option to Respec or reset all your skill points. This is a great feature as it allows players to reallocate their skill points into the skill which they think is worth getting. Unfortunately, Hogwarts Legacy does not provide the same leniency to its players.

So far there is no function in Hogwarts Legacy that allows players to refund their talent points and reinvest them into other talents. Therefore, it is very important to think before you spend your talent points because they are scarce. 

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