Hogwarts Legacy Confringo: How To Unlock & Use

Blow through your enemies with the help of this explosive spell in Hogwarts Legacy!

Confringo is one of the offensive spells in Hogwarts Legacy. It is a damage-type spell similar to Bombarda or Diffindo. Upon unlocking this spell, you will easily deal with hoards of enemies, as this spell causes a huge explosion, blowing anyone away.

Key Takeaways

  • The spell can be unlocked as a reward by completing the In The Shadow Of The Undercroft quest
  • Sebastian will teach this spell to you if you have progressed up to a certain point in the story.
  • The Undercroft also has a lot of treasure for you to obtain besides the spell, so be sure to explore the location.
  • Mimic the motion of Sebastian’s wand in order to learn the spell finally.
  • Confringo excels at dealing with multiple enemies at once, and you can pair it with Bombarda to make a devastating combo!

How To Unlock Confringo In Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy confringo
Sebastian in the Undercroft. [image by eXputer]

Confringo is one of the many spells in Hogwarts Legacy, and it has earned itself a reputation for being one of the strongest offensive spells in the game. With the help of this spell, players can utilize the devastating capabilities of fire and burn their foes. This powerful spell isn’t available to players right off the bat, and to unlock it, players have to complete a quest.

The quest that must be completed to unlock Confringo is In The Shadow Of The Undercroft. Upon successfully completing this quest, players will be rewarded with this spell and the ability to use it. Once you start tracking the quest, it will guide you toward Sebastian. Players should be familiar with him by now as he has helped our character before as well.

In The Shadow Of The Undercroft

Hogwarts Legacy confringo
Following the motions of Sebastian’s wand. [screenshot by eXputer]

Here are the steps you need to take in order to learn Confringo:

  • You will find Sebastian at his usual spot, near the Defense Against The Dark Arts Classroom.
  • Once you approach Sebastian, you will inform him that you have something to say but are concerned about prying eyes.
  • Sebastian has just the solution to this issue and leads you to an underground location. According to him, even the teachers do not know about this place, and you can discuss anything over there without the fear of anyone overhearing.
  • He leads you towards a secret passage, and you are prompted to enter the Undercroft. Upon entering the place, you ask Sebastian how he came across such a place. He tells you that his friend, Ominis Gaunt, discovered the place originally and named it the Undercroft. It was a place where they would retreat to in order to play Gobstones all the time. 
  • There are a lot of chests in the room, so be sure to collect all the treasure before you initiate your conversation with Sebastian. To make this step easier, you can use the Revelio spell if you have it equipped. As the name suggests, it will reveal all of the chest’s locations to you.
  • Once you are done looting the room, you can talk to Sebastian, and he will teach you the spell. 
  • He asks you to mimic the movement of his wand, and you will be prompted with a quick-time event. Follow along the pattern and time your button presses in order to learn the spell successfully.

And that does it! Now you are able to use the powerful spell Confringo in combat and blow away your enemies with ease. 

Using Confringo

Hogwarts Legacy confringo
Confringo in the game. [image by eXputer]

Confringo is a very simple spell to use in the game. Here are the main things that you need to know about using it:

  • Confringo shoots a long-range bolt from the user’s wand onto the enemy that you are targetting. 
  • Due to its range, you can pick at a hoard of enemies from a distance while keeping yourself safe. It is a very effective strategy if you want to play safely.
  • Another thing worth noting about this spell is that all the enemies that are hit with it will continue to take damage for a couple of seconds. While this effect is active, all the collisions will cause huge incendiary bursts, dealing massive damage to your foes.
Upon learning the spell. [screenshot by eXputer]


After learning Confringo, you can always use this spell in tandem with other offensive spells, such as Bombarda or Diffindo. Experiment and see what works best for you; there are a lot of combinations of spells that can help you steamroll through the game. A community member has listed out such combinations that seem to work for their build, which you can find here.

Keep in mind that these combinations are dependent on your build, so you will have to see what works for your build specifically. We have entailed how to unlock Confringo in Hogwarts Legacy so you can make use of this powerful spell. The Confringo spells excel at dealing with hoards of enemies. If you are someone who goes in headfirst into combat, then this spell is for you.

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