Hogwarts Legacy: How To Open The Main Gate [SOLVED]

Worrying that a huge wooden gate is barring your progress? No need to worry! We got it all covered.

You will come across the High Keep quest as one of the main quests in the game. In order to progress through the quest, you need to make it past a huge gate. We have entailed all that you need to know in order to open the main gate in Hogwarts Legacy.

Key Highlights
  • Make your way to Falbarton Castle and talk to Natty in order to initiate the High Keep quest.
  • Climb up the battlements to the right of the castle and make your way inside the main gate room. 
  • Use Depulso and Accio in order to open the main gate and make your way through the castle.
  • Fight off Harlow’s group and save Highwing from being tortured.
  • Once you save Highwing, you will unlock the ability to use magical beasts to fly around the map in Hogwarts Legacy.

How To Open The Main Gate

open the main gate Hogwarts Legacy
The High Keep Quest. (Image Credits eXputer)

After talking to Natsai Onai, otherwise known as Natty, you will unlock the High Keep Quest. We will now explain the steps you need to take in order to talk to her at the right location, as well as unlock the main gate that is barring you from progressing this quest in the game.

Approaching Falbarton Castle

open the main gate Hogwarts Legacy
Talking to Natty. (Image Credits eXputer)

Falbarton Castle is where the main gate lies. In order to make your way to the main gate and open it, here is how to get to it. The details are as follows:

  • Make your way to Falbarton Castle, and Natty will be waiting for you over there. Initiate conversation with her, and she expresses her gratitude to you for coming over after receiving her owl. She warns you that you need to stay low and hidden in order to make your way through the main gate.
  • Get up to the castle, and you will notice a path that you can take. Over here, you can climb the battlements toward the right side of the castle and make your way up.
  • You will come across a mechanism that locks a small gate. Be sure to have the Depulso Spell equipped and cast it on the mechanism, so it starts spinning and opens the gate.
  • You need to have Wingardium Leviosa equipped as well in order to use it on the crate inside and then use the spell to float the crate toward the right side of the room. You can now climb the crate and use it to get to the upper level of the battlements.
  • You will notice a narrow entrance that you can take to make your way into the castle, but the entrance is covered with wooden planks. You can use any of your offensive spells to get rid of the planks. Attacking the planks will remove them, but that isn’t the end of the problem. You still cannot get in because the entrance is blocked by a box. 
  • Make your way around the room toward the opposite side of it, where you can use the spell Accio in order to pull the box that is blocking your entrance to the other side of the room.
  • You can now crawl through the narrow entrance and find yourself in the main gate room of Falbarton Castle. This is the main gate in Hogwarts Legacy that you need to get past in order to progress the main quest.

Opening The Main Gate

open the main gate Hogwarts Legacy
Opening the main gate. (screegrab by eXputer)

Now that you have made your way to the main gate room, all you need to do is open it. Keep in mind that you need to have a couple of spells equipped in order to get past this gate. You most likely already have them equipped, but just in case, make sure that you have the Depulso Spell and the Accio Spell on you. Once you’ve done that, here is how you can open the main gate:

  • You will notice that the main gate has a similar mechanism, albeit much bigger in size, to the one that you just got past using the Depulso Spell. That is all you need to do here as well. The only difference here is that, since the mechanism is larger, you need to cast Depulso on it multiple times till it starts spinning.
  • As soon as you start hitting it with a barrage of Depulso, you will see that it has started to spin. When that happens, aim towards the big ring on the gate and use the Accio Spell in order to pull it down. This will make it so that the gate doesn’t come fully crashing down, allowing you to crawl through it.
  • Join Natty and exit through the main gate. This will trigger a cutscene showing Highwing The Hippogriff being attacked by some wizards. These wizards belong to Harlow’s group, and you and Natty decide to do something about it to save Highwing. 
  • When the cutscene finishes, you will regain control of your character as you have to make your way to the roof of the High Keep.

The Roof Of The High Keep

open the main gate Hogwarts Legacy
Highwing is being attacked. (Image Credits eXputer)

To conclude the quest, you need to get past Harlow’s group and make your way to the top of the High Keep in order to save Highwing. Here is everything you need to do:

  • You will notice two large doors in the middle. Navigate to the right of the doors and climb up the ledge over there. Continue to move straight ahead till you reach a crate. 
  • Use your Depulso Spell in order to push the crate below.
  • Now, use Wingardium Leviosa once again and then use Levioso in order to put the crate in between a crack in the stairs. Use the crate to climb up to the other side in order to reach higher ground. Be aware you will come across some enemies in this area that you can deal with however you prefer. 
  • If you are someone who prefers to play stealthily, you can use the Disillusionment Spell in order to hide and secretly knock out the enemies with the Petrificus Totalus Spell. This will make it so that you will get to the top without engaging in direct combat.
  • But if you are someone who prefers to go in with guns blazing, you can take that route as well. Use offensive spells like Bombarda or Confringo in order to make quick work of your enemies. There are also explodable barrels in this area in order to aid you in your combat.
  • No matter how you deal with the enemies, once you are done with that, make your way to the top, and you will come across a locked gate. Use the Alohomora Spell in order to unlock the door and get inside.
  • Climb up the stairs in the room. Keep your eye out for a wooden pallet on one side of the wall. Break it with any of your spells, and you will find a treasure chest inside. Grab the loot and keep going up the stairs.

Once you are at the roof of the High Keep, a cutscene will be triggered, and you will escape along with Natty on the back of Hippogriffs. This will unlock the ability to fly using these creatures for the rest of the game.

Summing It Up

We have entailed all there is to know about the High Keep quest and how to open the main gate in Hogwarts Legacy. You can use the stealthy approach to make your way past the enemies in the High Keep or blast your way through them with powerful spells. Once you are at the top, you will save Highwing and unlock a really cool feature for the rest of the game. 

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Hogwarts Legacy feels like a love letter to fans of the Harry Potter franchise. The game is extremely well-made and enjoyable and has references scattered throughout its levels. In order to enjoy the game to the fullest, be sure to check out this optimization guide if you are playing on a PC in order to tweak the settings that give you the best results.

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