Hogwarts Legacy: House Tokens Locations [All 16]

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In Hogwarts Legacy, the players will explore the massive world and complete a lot of missions given to them by quest givers, which allows them to get a lot of rewards upon completion. One such mission is the Daedalian Keys quest in Hogwarts Legacy, where the players have to collect 16 House Tokens scattered all over the Hogwarts castle. You will need to collect all the house tokens in order to unlock a chest that will contain a relic House Uniform. You will get the uniform according to the house you have chosen at the start of the game. 

Key Takeaways

There are 16 House Tokens that can be obtained in different cabinets scattered throughout Hogwarts Castle. 

  • These can be collected as a part of the Daedalian keys quest given to the players by Nelli Oggspire. 
  • After getting all house tokens, the players will be able to unlock a house chest with a relic Legendary Uniform in it. 
  • Some of the house tokens can be found in the Astronomy Wing, Great Hall, and Grand Staircase. 
  • Other house tokens can be found in the South Wing, Library Annex, and the Bell Tower Wing in Hogwarts Legacy. 
  • The players will need to use the Revelio spell in order to reveal all the Hidden Keys nearby. 
  • The legendary robe that the players will get can be used for Transmogrification and will have the colors and symbol of the house that the players have chosen at the start. 

House Tokens Locations

House TokensRegions Locations
1stThe Astronomy WingAstronomy Tower
2ndThe Grand StaircaseGrand Staircase Tower
3rdThe Great HallDining Room
4thThe Great HallGreat Hall
5thThe Grand StaircaseSlytherin Dungeons
6thThe Grand Staircase Quad Courtyard
7thThe Library AnnexCentral Hall
8thThe Bell Tower Wing Bell Tower Courtyard
9thThe Bell Tower Wing Upper Dungeons
10thSecret RoomsThe Map Chamber
11thThe Astronomy WingTransfiguration Courtyard
12thThe Library Annex Central Hall
13thThe Library Annex Potions Classroom.
14thThe South WingClock Tower Courtyard
15thThe South WingFaculty Tower
16thThe South WingHospital Area

First, the players will need to start the Daedalian keys side quest in the game period. For that, they will have to talk to her student called, Nelli Oggspire. You will be able to find her and interact with her by locating her in the Transfiguration Courtyard Area.

Hogwarts Legacy House Tokens Locations
Starting Quest (Image Credits eXputer)

There she will be standing behind a tree, and you need to interact with her to start the quest. She will tell you that you need to collect 16 house tokens in order to unlock a special chest called house chest found in the Hogwarts House. The players will only be able to open these house chests after finding the 16 house tokens and completing the Daedalian keys side quest. 

Below you will see all the house token locations and how to get them in Hogwarts legacy. 

1st Token 

The first Token is in the Astronomy Wing, allowing you to see all house tokens. Get it in a classroom on the top floor of the Astronomy Tower.

Map Location
Map Location (Image Credits eXputer)

2nd Token 

Find the second Token in the Grand Staircase using the Grand Staircase Floo, at the dead end with a painting of an animal.

Opening the cabinet
Opening the cabinet (Image Credits eXputer)

3rd Token 

Head to the Great Hall using the Great Hall floo flame. In the dining room, collect the 3rd house key, then find the cabinet with a puzzle in the corridor for the 3rd house token.

Hogwarts Legacy House Tokens Locations
Getting the house token (Image Credits eXputer)

4th Token 

Obtain the 4th house key in the entrance hall after using the Great Hall Floo. The cabinet is downstairs.

5th Token 

For the 5th house token, you will need to take the Quad Courtyard Floo. Use the Quad Courtyard Floo and go upstairs to find the 5th house token. The cabinet is nearby. 

6th Token 

Visit the Quad Courtyard, go through the arched entrance, and find the 6th house token on a staircase. The cabinet is near a tool shed.

7th Token 

Go to the Central Hall and use the Library Floo. Find the 7th house key near some bookcases and the cabinet near a fireplace.

Hogwarts Legacy House Tokens MapLocations
Map Location (Image Credits eXputer)

8th Token 

Visit the Bell Tower Courtyard and go to the music room for the 8th house key. The cabinet is downstairs in the History Of Magic Classroom.

9th Token 

Use the Bell Tower Floo and head to the upper dungeons. Descend stairs to find the cabinet with the 9th house token.

Hogwarts Legacy House Tokens and Cabinets Locations
Using Revelio (Image Credits eXputer)

10th Token 

In the lower dungeon, use the Map Chamber Floo, exit the map chamber, and enter the dungeons. Descend stairs to find the cabinet with the 10th house token.

11th Token

Use the Central Hall Floo and descend to the Unicorn Fountain. Follow the path to the Greenhouse, where you’ll find the 11th house key. The cabinet is nearby in the Transfiguration Courtyard.

House Cabinet
House Cabinet (Image Credits eXputer)

12th Token 

Use the Central Hall Floo, go past a painting, and find the 12th house cabinet on the left. The key is between pillars under the staircase.

13th Token 

Go to the Potions Classroom using the Potions Classroom Floo. The 13th house key is outside the classroom, and the cabinet is downstairs.

14th Token 

Visit the clock tower using the Clock Tower Courtyard Floo, unlock a door with Alohomora, and find the 14th house key on the next floor. The cabinet is on the level above.

15th Token 

Use the Faculty Tower Floo, unlock the tower with Alohomora, and find the 15th house key. The cabinet is under the stairs.

Hogwarts Legacy House Cabinets and House Tokens Locations
House Chest (Image Credits eXputer)

16th Token 

Go to the hospital area of the South Wing, reach the dead-end hallway, and collect the 16th house key. Find the cabinet outside the Prefects Lavatory.

How To Open The House Chest 

After getting all the 16 Tokens, you can then be able to open the house chest. The house chest will have the relic house uniform that will have the player’s relevant house colors and symbols.

Hogwarts Legacy All House Tokens Locations
Legendary House Uniform (Image Credits eXputer)

To interact with the house cabinets, the players will need to use Revelio. Doing so will reveal anything hidden nearby. 

Summing It Up 

With this, we conclude our detailed guide on house tokens in Hogwarts Legacy and how to obtain them and unlock the house chest. Don’t forget to check out our guides on Wand handles and how to complete the in the shadow of time quest.

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