Hogwarts Legacy: Rowland’s Map [Complete Guide]

The map is very abstract but it will surely lead to better fashion while roaming Hogwarts Legacy!

Hogwarts Legacy has many side quests. Because it is an open-world game many quests require the player to explore. These quests can be puzzles and even locating a particular item. They may also require the player to save someone from trolls or goblins. Rowland’s Map quest is one such quest in Hogwarts Legacy. You need to find someone named Rowland Oakes and you need to do so using his map. 

Before You Start: To start Rowland’s map quest you must have made some progress in the main story of Hogwarts Legacy. To be exact you need to complete the “The Helm of Urtok” mission to be able to access this side quest.
Key Takeaways
  • Rowland’s Map quest is one of the many side quests in Hogwarts Legacy.
  • The players need to complete the Helm of Urtok mission in the main story to unlock this side quest.
  • Players can find Adelaide Oakes in the Transfiguration Courtyard to start this quest.
  • Head to the place marked on the map to find a camp where you can find Rowland’s Map.
  • Follow the path drawn by Rowland to a few ruins which you can enter to free Rowland.
  • Find Rowland in the cell, find his wand, and get him out of the cell to complete the quest.

How To Start Rowland’s Map Quest

Adelaide oaks
Adelaide Oakes can be found in the Transfiguration Courtyard to start the quest.

You need to head to the Transfiguration Courtyard in Hogwarts. There you will find yourself a girl named Adelaide Oaks. She will tell you about her uncle named Rowland Oakes.

In addition, she tells the player how she hasn’t been able to get in touch with her uncle. Hence she is worried that her uncle has been hurt or kidnapped by someone. Rowland is supposedly popular with Goblins and is a metal trader. He also keeps a journal and draws maps wherever he is going. Once you complete this conversation, the quest will start and you will see a mark on the map leading you to Rowland’s Map.

How To find The Map

You can see the location of the last place Rowland was at once the quest has started. You must visit this area to find him and see what he has been up to. The location is marked on your map and all you have to do is follow it. Once you have followed the marker you will reach a campsite. However, instead of Rowland, you will find a bunch of Goblins.

In fact, these Goblins have taken Rowland captive somewhere else. Defeat the goblins and search camp. As we know Adelaide mentioned Rowland’s Journal and map.

Important: Use Revelio and find the map’s exact location. You find two items in that camp.

  • Rowland’s Journal 
  • Rowland’s Map

Both of these items specify what and where Rowland is. The journal tells us that he was going to meet up with Ranrok. And the map specifies the location where Rowland is being held captive. 

How To Use Rowland’s Map

Hogwarts Legacy Rowland's Map
The map that you find in the last campsite of Rowland.

Rowland’s map helps you locate where Rowland actually is. Hence, to find him the player must follow the path specified on the map. However, the map is a bit vague about it and is only drawings of a few landmarks. There are 2 ways you can reach the area Rowland is held captive. 

  • You travel by foot and spot each and every landmark that has been drawn by Rowland and you can find the place in no time. However, this method is a bit slow.
  • Take out your broom and fly over to the end of the river. Fly upwards and if you can see ruins this is where you can find Rowland. 

The ruins are a Goblin hideout. Moreover, these goblins are actually Ranrok’s Goblins and have captured Rowland to steal his metals. You need to be prepared to enter these ruins because there are a lot of Goblins in this fort. You should have the best traits on you so see our Hogwarts Legacy Best Traits Guide.

Rowland’s Location And How To Free Him

First, you must enter the ruins and move to your left. You can see a ladder leading up to the upper level. Once you have climbed this ladder you will see a few Goblins in front of you. Defeat them move to the inside area of the upper level and you will see more goblins. Defeat them as well and enter the Kurrow Ruins. These ruins are very big and the player might feel a bit lost.

However, you can see the marker on your map which will lead you straight to the room Rowland is kept in. Run through the ruins as you keep defeating the Goblins. Once you have reached the room you can go ahead and take to Rowland and try to break him free. Unfortunately, the door is protected by magic so you cannot break the door through magic.

Yet, Rowland himself is a master of this type of magic and can open the door easily. The wand is somewhere in the ruins. Like last time just keep following the marker and make your way to the huge room filled with Goblins. Defeat all of these Goblins and go to the small room on the right where you will find the wand. Make your way back to Rowland and this will free him and complete the quest.


That wraps up everything you needed to know about Rowland’s Map quest in Hogwarts Legacy. Completing this quest will award you with the “Hand Crafted Necklace” which you can now wear and fashion yourself in whatever manner you like. 

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