Hogwarts Legacy: Hall Of Herodiana Puzzle Guide

Complete All The Three Puzzles To Pass The Mission Using Spells

The Hogwarts Legacy requires you to complete some puzzles at times to progress forward in the game. The hall of Herodiana Puzzle is considered the most difficult among all the available ones. It might even take you half an hour to complete the puzzle and you may also require some of the spells for assistance.

Key Takeaways
  • Equip spells before attempting the Hall of Herodiana puzzle, as spells are necessary to complete it.
  • Complete all three puzzles in difficulty order to finish the Herodiana puzzle.
  • Use the Accio and Depulso spells to pull and push boxes into the designated places.
  • Try to obtain extra chest boxes inside the chambers, but they may not always be present.
  • Follow all steps carefully in puzzle 3, considered the toughest by many, as missing a box can lead to mission failure.
  • The reward for completing the puzzle is Herodiana’s outfit, customizable to your preference

How to Solve the Hall of Herodiana Puzzle 

You are required to complete the mission by solving all three puzzles which revolve around moving boxes inside three different chambers. Each chamber will reward you with a chest and upon opening the chest, you will get some kind of reward.

Hogwarts Legacy Hall of Herdiana Puzzle
Map of Hall of Herdiana
Hogwarts Legacy Hall of Herdiana Puzzle
Hall of Herdiana

How to Complete the First Puzzle 

Once you have opened the door using the Depulso spell, you should enter the hall. You will notice a lot of specially shaped blocks that are movable.

Hogwarts Legacy Hall of Herdiana Puzzle
Using spells while solving the puzzle
  • There will be two huge blocks right in the middle of the room. You should approach them
  • You just have to use the Depulso spell on them. You can move the blocks in both directions, inwards and outwards as well.
  • Players should move them inside so there can be a space available above it to climb it.
  • You must climb up and upon reaching the top, you will find a chest containing Herodiana’s Cape cosmetic.

How to Complete the Second Puzzle

Once you have reached the second chamber, you should look around and notice a lot of boxes lying around. All you have to do is to move these boxes using Accio, which can be utilized to pull the boxes.

Hogwarts Legacy Hall of Herdiana Puzzle
Climbing the blocks after moving them
  • You will spot two boxes on your right, you should move them to the left side.
  • The next mission is to move the three currently formed boxes towards the exit side, again by using Depulso.
  • Then, use the Accio to pull the boxes back to the right side of the room.
  • These blocks can then be used to climb up and exit the room. While you exit, you will come across a chest containing Herodiana’s Attire.
Hogwarts Legacy Hall of Herdiana Puzzle
Obtaining the chest vault after completing the first puzzle

Sometimes, you can get another chest towards the entrance of the second chamber but this may vary as the chests spawn at random locations. Therefore, it is totally up to you if you want to get your hands on an extra chest, containing valuables.

Hogwarts Legacy Hall of Herdiana Puzzle
Solving the second puzzle

How to Complete the Third Puzzle 

The third puzzle is the last one for solving the Hall of Herodiana Puzzle. However, this is considered as the toughest among all the three puzzles so just follow the instructions step by step.

  • You must use the same spells, firstly by using the Accio to move the blocks to the right side.
  • Then, the Depulso spell should be used to push them near the sphere which is continuously spinning
  • Again, use Accio to pull the blocks to the left-hand side of the room
  • Finally, climb onto the boxes and off you go towards the farthest wall in the room.
Hogwarts Legacy Hall of Herdiana Puzzle
Hogwarts Legacy Hall of Herdiana Puzzle

This will aid you to reach the wall easily but if you want to complete the mission, you must obtain the last chest for the third puzzle to be solved.

  • You should use any normal spell on the sphere which is spinning so all the moveable blocks can be back to their original place.
  • Then, use the Accio to move blocks back to the wall which is much closer to the exit.
  • Use the Depulso again to shift the boxes back to the wall located towards the right side of the room. Now use Accio on the same blocks to move them in such a manner that they just barely touch the spinning Sphere.
  • For the last time, pull the boxes (using Accio) and then place them near the exit wall (using Depulso).
Solving the third puzzle

If players perform all the instructions in the order, then they will reach the final chest which will contain Herodiana’s Cap. This item is just a cosmetic item and you can even customize it according to your preference.

This puzzle is considered the toughest among all the ones present in the game but if you follow all the instructions and use the correct spells on the boxes, then this seems pretty easy. You should continuously use the Accio and Depulso spells on the boxes to move them around the chambers.

It will take you around less than a minute in the first puzzle but the rest two might require some time. The tip is to be patient and move boxes in a specific order. Your task is to just simply move the boxes using the Accio and Depulso spells.  

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