Hogwarts Legacy Descendo: How To Unlock & Use

Hulk Smash you enemies into the ground with this insanely powerful Spell.

One late-game Hogwarts Legacy spell that you need to learn is Descendo. It will allow you to make great combos with other spells and do increased impact damage with a Froce Spell. It is a bit of a late-game spell so will have to put in the work to reach it. The requirements for this spell are also a challenge so be prepared. Here is how to unlock Descendo in Hogwarts Legacy.

Key Takeaways
  • You will need to Complete Professor Onai’s Assignment to Unlock Descondo.
  • You need to defeat a troll and cast Depulso on a levitating enemy
  • You can find trolls in the Medium Bandit Camp at the South Sea Bog.
  • Descendo is a late-game spell and can be significantly useful in combat
  • It is a force-type spell that can deal impact damage which is increased if the target enemy is levitating.
  • Descendo picks up the enemy and smashes them into the ground damaging them

How To Learn & Unlock Descendo

Hogwarts Legacy How To Learn and Unlock Descendo
Unlock Descendo – Image Captured by us

Descendo is going to be one of the last spells that you can learn through completing assignments in Hogwarts Legacy. The Assignment for Descondo is going to be assigned to you by your Divination instructor, Professor Onai. These assignments are designed to catch you up to speed as you are joining Hogwarts as a fifth year. That means you need to put in extra effort to reach the same level of experience and skill as the other students.

Since it is a late-game spell, the assignment is not going to be easy. However, you should be skilled enough to handle such challenging missions after honing your skills while playing the game. The task will have you carry out combos and even fight terrifying trolls. Although that shouldn’t be a problem for a master wizard or witch such as yourself. 

Onai’s Assignment

Hogwarts Legacy Onai's Assignment
Onai’s Assignment- Image by eXputer

Hogwarts legacy has an enormous map and one mission that allow you to explore it is going to be “Professor Onai’s Assignment”. The assignment has two objectives for unlocking Descendo in Hogwarts Legacy. Both of which will require you to perform at your best on the battlefield. You will need your wits and your brain to excel in this mission and defeat both big and small enemies. So take out your ward and get ready for a fight. 

Once you have completed Percival Rackham’s Trial mission the assignment will appear to you via mail in the game. You can open up your book and view the requirements for the Assignment. The Quest has two tasks for you to perform. The first task will be to take down a troll and collect a troll bogey. This is a great contrast from the start of the game where the police chief was shocked that we could defeat a Troll alongside a friend. 

The second task will be to blast an enemy with Depulso while they are in the air. This task will require you to use some combos with other spells to achieve since enemies won’t start Levitating on their own. However, it is a great practice to make combos, which will come in handy when you unlock Descendo in Hogwarts Legacy.

Medium Bandit Camp

Hogwarts Legacy Medium Bandit Camp
Location Of Medium Bandit Camp – Screenshot Grab: eXputer

You will need to head out and wander far away from the school to unlock Descendo in Hogwarts Legacy. The book will not be guiding you to this location but you can still open your map and place a marker and follow that.  Head over to the World Map and scroll towards the south end. Here you will be able to see the South Sea Bog and the Coastal Cavern. When you zoom in right at the bottom will be the Medium bandit camp

At the campsite, you can find trolls and goblins that you can defeat to complete Professor Onai’s Assignment. You can do the assignment in any order. However, taking out the troll first will make it easier to deal with the Goblins without fear of getting pounded into the ground. Trolls are quite strong so it will make a bit of skill to defeat them.

A few things you should keep in mind while facing a troll is that it is significantly stronger than most enemies. Control and Froce spells have little to no effect on them so you will need to use as many damage spells as you can. You can not block their attacks so keep dodging them so you don’t get hit. Use your surrounding to your advantage and throw whatever object you can find at them.

The second part is going to be quite simple since you can just perform the combo and run away. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose the fight if you can complete the task. You can use Leviosa on an enemy to make them float them. Once they are airborne blast them away with Depulso to complete the second task. Leviosa and Depulso do not work on trolls.

Head To Professor Onai’s Class

Hogwarts Legacy Unlocking Descendo
Unlocking Descendo- Screenshot Captured by eXputer

Once the assignment has been completed you can head to the Divination Classroom. You can find this class at the end of a very tall ladder in the Library Annex. You have to visit the class in the daytime. If you reach there at night, you can just step in the circle and wait and it will change to daytime after a loading screen. Once the class is over you can approach professor Onai and inform her of your accomplishment.

Upon learning this Professor Onai will teach you how to unlock Descendo in Hogwarts Legacy. Simply draw the shape using your mouse. There will be icons throughout your path, these respond to buttons on your keyboard or control. Press the corresponding button at the right moment and receive a speed boost. The speed boost will help you avoid the fuse behind you. If it touches the cursor you will fail the task

Once you have completed the task you will unlock Descendo and also earn 150 XP. You are advised to practice on the dummy by the professor. You can add the spell to your arsenal and test it out of the practice dummy present in the room. It is a bit of an intense spell so you might be surprised to see the results at first. 

Prerequisites For Professor Onai’s Assignment

Complete Percival Rackham’s Trial
Professor Onai’s Assignment Prerequisites – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

There are two prerequisites for you to complete the task you are eligible for Professor Onai’ Assignment.

  1. You must emerge victorious in Percival Rackham’s Trial quest.
  2. You must be at least level 15

Percival Rackham’s Trial is going to be a late-game main quest and it will test your brains and brawn. The trails will have you solve complicated puzzles to build bridges in a location filled with ancient magic. You will have to fight many powerful enemies and hold your own against Sentinels and mighty Protectors. It’s not going to be an easy mission but you can get through it with a bit of practice.

After completing all of the previous missions and fighting numerous enemies you should be level 15 already. There are three main ways to get XP to level up. Firstly you can defeat enemies in missions and combat to gain quite a significant amount of XP. Secondly, completing quests also earn you XP so focus on both the main and side quest to level up fast. Lastly, learning new spells is a great way to earn extra XP and have a new trick up your sleeve. 

Effects Of Descendo 

Hogwarts Effects Of Descendo 
Effects Of Descendo – Image Captured by us

Since Descendo is a late-game spell is one of the strongest that you can unlock. It is a high-level combat spell that picks up an enemy and slams them into the ground. The spell does not do any direct damage but has impact damage on contact with the ground. If the enemy is already floating the spell does increased impact damage

Furthermore, Descendo has great team synergy with Leviosa in Hogwarts Legacy. you can you Leviosa to get enemies in the air and then use Descendo to concuss them and deal damage. Once they are weak you can use Incendio to land a heavy combo. Combing spells together is a great way to increase your efficiency in battle and defeat enemies easily. 

Type Of Spell

Descendo Type Of Spell
Force Type Spell – Image by eXputer

All of the spells in Hogwarts Legacy are categorized into certain groups. Each group has its pros and cons, all spells are useful but it depends on the situation you are in. You can also choose what spells you like best and make combos with them. There are Damage spells, defensive spells, and Force type spells among other types. Descendo is a Force-type spell and is extremely useful in combat. 

Using different types of spells and mix matching and matching to create your own combos is very important in the game. Force-type spells such as Descendo work best when paired with Control spells such as Leviosa and throw-in Damage spells to top things off. 

Final Words 

Once you have learned how to cast Descendo in Hogwarts Legacy you will be a Master Wizard indeed. You can also learn how to fly your broomstick and cover more ground quickly. If you are just starting out this spell is a bit advanced for you but here are some beginner tips to help you get started in the game. 

You can also try out some of the other interesting spells in the game such as Aressto Momentum or Expelliarmus. With all of these spells combine even the trolls will be afraid of you. 

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