Hogwarts Legacy: How To Unlock Arresto Momentum

Slow down time to cheat death with this quick and easy spell in Hogwarts Legacy!

Hogwarts Legacy is filled with all kinds of spells that help you excel at Hogwarts. One of these handy spells is going to be Arresto Momentum. It is linked closely to Quidditch and flying in the game however you will find it more useful while you are on the ground. It’s a handy slowing charm that might just help you escape death and slow things down. Here is everything you need to know about Arresto Momentum in Hogwarts legacy and how to unlock it. 

Key Takeaways
  • Arresto Momentum is a spell that manipulates the speed and movement of objects and enemies. 
  • It is a Control type spell and allows you to influence the target’s movement
  • Arresto Momentum is a charm therefore it allows you to deal extra damage to enemies under its effects.
  • You will have to complete Madam Kogava’s second assignment to learn the Arresto Momentum.
  • Make sure you are at least level 5 or you will not be able to unlock this mission. 

How To Unlock Arresto Momentum

Hogwarts leagacy unlocking Arresto Momentum
Unlock Arresto Momentum – Image by eXputer

Since the spell was made specifically to reduce the number of injuries while playing Quidditch, it does require a bit of flying to unlock Arresto Momentum in Hogwart’s legacy. However, since Quidditch was not included in the game you will need to fly around and complete a flying test to prove your skills. You can learn Arresto Momentum with the help of your flying instructor Madam Kogawa. Moreover, the assignment you will receive is quite fun and simple. 

Madam Kogawa’s Assignment 2

Hogwarts Legacy Madam Kogawa Assignment
Assignment 2 Of Madam Kogawa – Screenshot Grab: eXputer

You will have to make your way to Madam Kogawa’s office where she will assign you some extra assignments so you can catch up to your classmates and learn new spells. Madam Kogawa is your flying instructor so it comes as no surprise that her task for you is to sharpen your flying skills. However, this is an activity you will love doing in Hogwarts Legacy to unlock Arresto Momentum. 

Assignment 2 will be pretty much the same assignment as the first one you get from Madam Kogawa but it’s set in a different location. Madam Kogawa has mustered up 10 balloons and set them up in two different locations. The two locations are going to be The Belltower Wing and the Flying Class Lawn. There are going to be 5 balloons scattered in both locations. 

Your task will be to maneuver your way around these locations on your broomstick. Fly up to the balloons and simply fly into them. Once you collide with the balloon, it will burst into confetti so it won’t harm you. Once you have popped all balloons placed at both locations you can head back to Madam Kogawa and she will teach you Arresto Momentum in Hogwarts Legacy. 

Learning The Spell 

Arresto Momentum Unlocking
Obtaining Arresto Momentum – Screenshot Captured by eXputer

Once you make your way back to Madam Kogawa’s room you can interact with her and inform her that you have completed the assignments. After that, she will teach you the Arresto Momentum. All spells are learned in the same so you will have to complete a small task to receive the spell. The task is pretty straightforward forward you have you use your mouse to guide the cursor in the right direction.

Along the path, you will see different buttons that you will have to press. Once the cursor reaches an icon press the corresponding button at that precise time to receive a speed boost and escape the red line following you. Keep in mind if the line catches you, the task will be failed and you will have to attempt it again. The speed of the line is dependent on the difficulty level you choose at the start of the game. 

After completing the task successfully you will receive Arresto Momentum in Hogwarts Legacy and with it, you get 150 Exp. You can practice the spell on the books flying around the room to get a field for it. When you receive the spell you can see a clip of Arresto Momentum in action. It shows you can completely stop a large boulder making it quite powerful. 


Hogwarts Leagacy Prerequisites
Arresto Momentum Prerequisites- Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

There are a few things that you should keep in mind that you will need to achieve before you can unlock Arresto Momentum in Hogwarts Legacy.  Firstly you will have to complete the First Assignment that Madam Kogawa has given you and secondly you will need to be at least level 5. 

You will be well prepared for the second task when you get to it because the first assignment will be the same as the second one. The balloons are going to be placed around Hogsmeade stadium and the Quidditch pitch for the first task. You just have to find them and pop them all. Once you complete the first assignment you can learn Glacius which is a freezing spell. 

Reaching level 5 should not be a problem since playing the game normally and completing the Main quests earns you enough XP to progress to level 5. You can also receive XP by completing side missions and complete pages that you reveal with Revelio. 

Arresto Momentum’s Effects

Hogwarts Legacy Arresto Momentum
Effects Of Arresto Momentum – Image Captured by us

One spell which has been seen in the books and movies saving the gang’s life is Arresto Momentum. It works a similar way in the game and can save your life as well. It is a spell with the capability to influence the speed and momentum of an object. Moreover, it can slow enemies and bring objects to a complete halt. Therefore it is extremely useful in battle and in puzzles with moving objects

According to Hogwarts Legacy’s dialogue, Arresto Momentum is a life-saving spell. It was invented to save students from descending to their death in Quidditch games. Therefore it is essential to learn Arresto Momentum when you are falling into Hogwarts legacy on your broom

However, the effects of the spell are temporary and vary from target to target. Arresto Momentum will have more or less of an impact depending on the size of the object or enemy. You won’t be able to freeze a troll with this spell however you can slow it down to get a fighting chance. 

Type Of Spell

Hogwarts leagacy Type Of Spell
Control Type Spell – Image by eXputer

There are many different types of spells in Hogwarts Legacy, each of which serves a specific purpose. Arresto Momentum is a Control Spell which means it allows you to manipulate the enemy’s movement to your advantage. Similar to your early game control spell Leviosa, you can use it to help in battle and try your enemies into sitting ducks. Moreover, with Arresto Momentum you will be able to control the momentum of the battlefield in Hogwarts Legacy. 

Some of the control spells are classified as charms in the game. Charms are effects or debuffs that are applied to an enemy making them drop their defenses. Moreover, Enemies that have been charmed are weaker and hence take more damage from incoming attacks. As a slowing Charm, Arresto Momentum will let you deliver more damage to foes while greatly slowing them down.

Final Words

Once you learn Arresto Momentum in Hogwarts Legacy you can slow down time. However, it is going to be a mid-game spell. Here are some Early Game tips that will help you progress faster when you are starting out. Also, learn how long to beat Hogwarts Legacy. The game has pretty high PC requirements so make sure to check if you can run it. 

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