Hogwarts Legacy Crashing Fix [PC, XBOX, PS5/PS4]

I'll pinpoint every possible reason for Hogwarts Legacy crashing issue and explore some effective fixes for them on your PC and consoles.

The day is finally here when I can say with confidence that this is the best game I’ve played set in the Harry Potter universe…Oh, it crashed; well, I still stand by my word. The crashing issue is real and it’s coming in a lot of players’ way into living their wizarding world fantasies. The game randomly crashes either to the desktop or gives off a black screen on startup. It’s a similar situation on consoles, and players keep wondering if there are any dark arts at play here. The answer is yes; it’s called technical issues that plague almost every AAA game out there. 

Key Highlights

Here are some of the fixes you can try to solve the crashing issue in Hogwarts Legacy:

  • On PC, you can resolve this by updating your GPU drivers, running Hogwarts Legacy as admin, disabling app overlays, and whitelisting the game in your AV software. 
  • On PS4/PS5, you can fix the Hogwarts crashing issue by updating firmware, rebuilding the database, and reinstalling the game. 
  • On Xbox, you can fix the Hogwarts crashing issue by updating your console, changing up your user profile, clearing up persistent storage, and reinstalling the game.

You can find the most common problems in Hogwarts Legacy listed below: 

  • Crashing Error
  • Black Screen 
  • The Game Won’t Launch
  • Out of Video Memory Bug/Error
  • Video_Scheduler_Internal_Error
  • Hogwarts Legacy Disk Write Error
  • Out-of-Memory Allocation on Shared Compilation
  • Server Is Not Reachable Error
  • Crashing After Tutorial
  • Ram Usage 100% crash

Fix Hogwarts Lega

cy Crashing Issues on PC

Try Running Hogwarts Legacy as an Admin

Usually, game files have problems communicating with the system resources or each other which can lead to abrupt crashing or black screen. This is a common issue that can be fixed simply by providing higher access privileges to the game. This means you can try running Hogwarts Legacy as an administrator to see if the issue prevails.

You can learn how to run Hogwarts Legacy with Administrative Pirviliges by checking my dedicated guide on it.

After giving administrative privileges to the game, try launching Hogwarts Legacy now and see if you’re getting the crashing issue. If it’s resolved, then great, otherwise keep following the upcoming fixes.

Reference: For several players on this Steam Forum, this is one of the most effective fixes to prevent crashing issues.

Verify Hogwarts Legacy Files Integrity in Steam

If you’ve tried running the Hogwarts legacy as admin and still facing crashes, chances are you’ve got a case of missing or corrupted files.

Files can get damaged or simply deleted due to several reasons. It’s a common issue in games and game clients like Steam have a built-in verification utility that goes through each and every file. Once its inspection is complete, steam will automatically re-download any missing or damaged files that lead to the crashing issue.

Fix#4: Eliminate Background Applications Interference

Windows is one of the most powerful OS to do a plethora of things, among which gaming is one. Hence, when you launch Hogwarts legacy, there are a ton of applications using your system resources and running in the background. While most applications are harmless and light on resources, some may cause interference with the game.

Our dedicated guide on terminating unnecessary background programs will aid you performing this fix.

Fix#5: Disable Third-Party Application Overlays

As a gamer, you’ll have tons of applications installed on your system that keep running in the background. Even though you’ve disabled some in the previous, there are these special too menus called overlays that remain active. You can pop up an overlay by hitting a specific key and performing various quick actions or simply getting some vital information. 

Now, even though these application overlays sound helpful, they can cause problems with a few games. So, the issue might be caused by one of these overlays disrupting your game’s operation.

Want to learn how to properly disable overlays for popular third-party applications? Here’s a dedicated guide by our tech expert

Fix#6: Whitelist Hogwarts Legacy In Antivirus

Antivirus software shields your PC from various dangers and viruses. It is, however, Antivirus software does tend to react too strongly to games and reveal false positives that end up eliminating important game files. That could result in one of the primary causes behind the Hogwarts Legacy crashes and you’ll have to deal with this.

First, turn off your Antivirus software completely and then launch Hogwarts Legacy. You should play for about 10 minutes, and then check whether the issue of crashing occurs once more. If the game doesn’t crash anymore, you’ve identified the cause.

But, you don’t have to uninstall or permanently disable your Antivirus solution. Just look through the settings and then whitelist Hogwarts Legacy’s installation folder. This will keep your Antivirus software from interfering with your game’s local files, and then eliminate the files.

Fix#7: Edit Engine.INI File and Increase Windows Page File

This is one of the most recent fixes that I tried and tested and found it to be extremely effective for this issue.

All you need to do is follow my lead and simply tinker with the Engine.INI file that you can find in the local game files. This will prevent your RAM from maxing out its usage and preventing an abrupt crash.

Let me show you how to apply this fix: 

  1. Go to the following folder (You may have the game installed in a different directory, go there):
    < C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Hogwarts Legacy\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor >
  2. Here you’ll find an “Engine.ini” file. Open it with Notepad.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the file and add the following lines of parameters:
    • [SystemSettings]
    • r.TextureStreaming=1
    • r.Streaming.PoolSize=3096
  4. Save and close. Open the game. I was able to compile my shaders.

First, try the parameters exactly like above and see if it works well for you. If they don’t then you’ll need to adjust the Pool Size according to your GPU VRAM. You can try increasing or decreasing it to see what works best for you. Set this Pool Size to half of your VRAM value.

Here are a few settings for popular GPU cards.

  • RTX 3090 > set pool size to 9000
  • RTX 3080 > set pool size to 3096
  • RTX 3060 > set pool size to 400
  • GTX 1080ti >set pool size to 6192

After applying this fix, you must tinker with the Windows Page File. Simply go to the Paging File menu by following the steps below: 

Windows Paging File
Windows Paging File Menu
  1. In Windows Search, enter Advanced system settings and click on the first result. 
  2. When advanced system settings open up, go to the Advanced tab and click on the Change button under the Virtual Memory section. 
  3. In the Virtual Memory menu, uncheck the option that says Automatically manage paging file size for all drivers. 
  4. Once you uncheck the previous option, click on the custom size right under the space available. 
  5. Put the size of your RAM in MBS in the initial size, double it, and put that number in the maximum size. 
  6. Click OK and reboot your PC for changes to take effect.

Please note that these numbers work best for me; your mileage may vary for the paging file. This will stop your RAM from maxing out and causing the crashing. </p>

Fix Hogwarts Lega

cy Crashing on PS4/PS5

Although there aren’t many players that have reported crashing issues on their Playstation consoles, however, it tends to happen every now and then. Since consoles aren’t as customizable as PCs, you’ll have limited fixes to try, but they’re effective nonetheless. 

Update Your PS4/PS5

Most of the time, outdated firmware can cause several game issues, and the Hogwarts Legacy issue is one of them. Some players ignore console updates because they take time and focus on booting up games. However, not updating your console every time an update shows up can cause crashing and several other game issues.

Here’s how you can update your PS4/PS5:

  1. On the home screen, go to the PS Settings menu. 
  2. Go to the System Software Update section and select Check for Updates. 
  3. If there are any available updates, install them after closing down every other application or game you might use in the background. 

Rebuilding Database

Rebuilding your Database using PS5 is a great way to boost your console’s performance. Doing this will remove any problems that might be plaguing your games and causing them to crash.

The Rebuilding Database process analyzes your drive, indexes the files, and creates a completely new database with every single item in it. You may try rebuilding the database since it could help in solving various issues in the system, including game icons that are missing, games that don’t work, or the crashing issue.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Close Your PS5 console first.
  2. Press then hold down the power button for approximately 7 seconds until you get the sound. After the second beep, release the button and let your console restart.
  3. Connect your PS5 controller with cables to the console, and then hit the PS button to change to safe mode.
  4. There will be an option that is titled Rebuilding Database option. Select it, and then you’ll be informed that your PS5 is building a database. Click OK to start this process.

This process could take some time to complete. Once the procedure is complete, you can restart your console and then play Hogwarts Legacy to see if the crash has subsided. I hope it does following this method.

Reinstalling Hogwarts Legacy

Lastly, if nothing else works for you, you can try uninstalling and then reinstalling Hogwarts Legacy. Sometimes, the files can get corrupted due to an abrupt shut-off of the console or game. Corrupted files can lead to issues.

So, to solve this, you’ll need to uninstall the game entirely and then download it again from the PS Store. This will get you all the fresh files from the server and hopefully resolve any issues that were plaguing your experience in the wizarding world. 

Reference: Reinstalling the game has worked for several players as evidenced from this Reddit Forum</a>.</p>

Fix Hogwarts Lega

cy Crashing on Xbox

Updating Your Xbox Console

Keeping your Xbox firmware up-to-date is essential for running the latest games without problems. Xbox releases the most recent firmware that comes with a variety of configurations to run the latest games that are released.

Therefore, you must look for updates for the firmware of your Xbox first. Here’s how:

  1. On the Xbox home screen, click the settings tab.
  2. Select from the All Settings options.
  3. Visit the Updates section in the settings and look for updates on your Xbox. If they are, then click Update Console.

The process can last up to a couple of minutes, depending on the update size. Be sure to close all other applications running in the background because you’ll have to restart your console after the update has finished.

Using a Different Xbox Profile

Sometimes, corrupted profile information could trigger crashing issues on Xbox. If you want to determine whether your profile is causing the crash, you can try using a different account to log in to the Xbox to play your game. If you do not have a different profile, make a new one for a test play.

If the Hogwarts Legacy works perfectly when using a different ID, the original profile information is probably damaged. 

To fix this issue, you must follow the steps below:

  1. Click the Xbox button on your controller to navigate to Profile & System.
  2. From here, choose Add or Switch and select Add a new option.
  3. Enter your credentials here and create a new profile. After that you can start Crisis Core FF7.

Clearing Up Persistence Storage

It is recommended to clean persistent storage frequently since it can help to keep your Xbox gaming system running at a high speed. It’s a safe procedure that eliminates any remaining garbage memory from the cache of your system. The junk you have left can cause problems and can cause problems such as crashing. 

o eliminate Persistent Storage on Xbox, Follow this procedure:

  1. Start System settings, then navigate into the Devices and Streaming section.
  2. Go to the Blu-Ray menu and choose Persistent Storage.
  3. Clear the cache three times before you restart your Xbox.

Then your Xbox may feel a bit more responsive, and hopefully, you won’t have to worry about further crash issues within Hogwarts Legacy.

Reinstalling Hogwarts Legacy

This fix is an option last resort in case none of the solutions above are working for you. The install files for Hogwarts Legacy may have become corrupted. This is the reason why you’re always experiencing game crashes. To fix this issue, remove this game from your computer and then download it again. It may take a while. However, you’ll eliminate the corrupted version and repair the crash issue.

Reference: This fix was also suggested by an Xbox Ambassador and an independent advisor on this Microsoft Forum.

My Thoughts On The Crashing Issue

I think Hogwarts Legacy is now quite optimized with the updates to date. So, you can rest easy knowing the developers already fixed most of the problems.

However, if you’re still facing issues, you can try any of the solutions that I’ve listed above according to the platform you’re playing the game on.

I’m fairly confident that at least one of the fixes will help you resolve your Hogwarts Legacy’s crashing issues on either your PC, Xbox, or Playstation. 


<p>Now that you’ve finally resolved your crashing issue in Hogwarts Legacy, why not unlock some cool spells next? Here are our guides for each one:

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