How To Unlock Incendio Spell In Hogwarts Legacy

Master the fire-making charm to burn trolls & undead in Hogwarts Legacy.

When you first start in Hogwarts Legacy, you will be able to use some spells from the very start. However, most of the spells can be unlocked by progression, and you need to learn them to use them in your journey. These spells require different missions to be fulfilled and completed. One such spell is the Incendio Spell in Hogwarts Legacy. By using the spell, the players will be able to burn the enemies in the game. 

Key Takeaways
  • Incendio is a fire-making spell in Hogwarts Legacy.  
  • The players will need the Incendio spell to complete the find the Secret In The Restricted Section quest in the game.  
  • Before the players are able to unlock the Incendio spell, they need to reach level three.  
  • The first requirement in learning the Incendio spell is to win two rounds of Crossed Wands.  
  • The second requirement is to complete the Spell Combination Practice.
  • Then the players will be able to learn the spell by going to the defense against the Dark Arts Classroom and interacting with the professor. 

How To Unlock Incendio 

Incendio is a fire-making charm that can be unlocked on your second day at school. The players will need to learn the spell for a quest called to find the Secret In The Restricted Section. In the quest, there are two requirements that the players need to fulfill.

Hogwarts Legacy Incendio
Incendio – Image by eXputer

For the first requirement, the players need to reach Level 3 in the game. And for the second requirement, the players will have to learn a fire-making charm called Incendio.

However, the major reason why many players get stuck here is due to the fact that the game will not tell you directly what the fire-making charm is. So it is important to understand that the fire-making spell is called incendio, and it is a very popular spell similar to Disarm 

Therefore, if the players want to learn how to make a fire in Hogwarts Legacy, they will have to learn the Incendio spell first. Below you will see how you can unlock the spell in the game. 

Requirements For The Spell 

First, you will need to make your way to the Defence Against Dark Arts Classroom and interact with your professor. The professor will give you an assignment that has two tasks that you need to complete in order to complete the quest. 

In these two tasks, you will have to complete two rounds of crossed wands and complete a round of spell combination practice to unlock the spell. 

Crossed Wands 

This is a mini-game in Hogwarts Legacy. It can be accessed during this quest called Find The Secret In The Restricted Section. The players will need to complete the mini-game in order to win and complete the quest.

Hogwarts Legacy How To Unlock Incendio
Crossed Wands – Image by eXputer

In the mini-game, the players will have to duel against a bunch of students. In order to participate, the players need to interact with Lucan Brattleby. He can be found in the clock tower, and by interacting with him, you will be able to access the mini-game. In the clock tower, you will duel against some students.

You will have your companion to help you in the battle while you defeat the opposing students. In the mini-game, all you have to look out for is using the right spells at the right time and dodging any incoming spells when necessary. Furthermore, it is also important to counter and break Shields; otherwise, you will miss your chance to learn the incendio spell. 

Spell Combination Practice 

The next requirement to unlock the incendio spell is to complete a round of the spell combination practice. For the practice to begin, you need to talk and interact with Lucan. In spell combination training, you will be against a training dummy in the game.

Spell Combination Practice
Spell Combination Practice – Image by eXputer

You will need to perform the correct combinations by pressing the buttons at the right time and making sure that the dummy does not touch the ground. This is also part of the game where the players will master air juggling and spell cycling for them to use in future battles of the game. 

After you are done with both requirements, you need to head back toward the Defense Against The Dark Arts Classroom and talk to the professor.

She will display a pattern for the spell that you can learn. All you need to do is trace the pattern, which is a triangle, and you will be able to perform the incendio spell in the game. By using the spell, you will be able to burn your enemies and also break any Shields that are colored red.

Hogwarts Legacy How To Unlock Incendio
Talking to Professor Hecate – Image by eXputer

After learning this spell, you can explore the castle a bit before you proceed to your next quest, called The Secrets Of The Restricted Section main quest. After that, all you need to do is learn the spell by guiding your cursor along the path shown on the screen. 

Summing It Up 

With this, we conclude our detailed guide on how to get incendio in Hogwarts Legacy. Don’t forget to check out our guide on how to get Crucio and Glacius, which are some of the most important spells in the game. We have also formulated a detailed guide that will help you unlock expelliarmus and Arresto momentum. If you’re just starting out in Howard’s Legacy, don’t forget to read our guide on house choices and who to choose. We have also formulated a guide on the room of requirement in Hogwarts Legacy that you should definitely check out. 

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