Hogwarts Legacy: All Main Quests List

Complete All Main Story Quests To Fascinate All Spells And Tame Magical Beasts in Hogwarts Legacy!

All walkthroughs in Hogwarts Legacy identify the locations of chests and other crucial things during the Main Quest. You have a vast world to discover, fascinating spells to master, and even the chance to tame magnificent Magical Beasts that you may fly with. All of these are given life through an extensive list of Main Story quests and several Side quests to fully develop the colorful Hogwarts Legacy universe.

There are 12 Assignments, 23 Relationship quests, 57 Side quests, and 42 Main Storyline quests in Hogwarts Legacy. 13 separate chapters make up the remaining 42 Main Story quests. When the story is over, you may still walk freely to do side quests and visit any locations with collectibles or items related to trophies.

Key Takeaways

Hogwarts Legacy features a total of 12 Assignments, 23 Relationship quests, 57 Side quests, and 42 Main Storyline quests, with the latter consisting of 13 separate chapters.

  • "The Path to Hogwarts" unlocks Lumos, Revelio, Protego, and Stupefy Spells.
  • Completing "Weasley After Class" grants 260 XP, Ancient Magic Throw, and Ancient Magic.
  • "Secrets of the Restricted Section" at level 3 gives 260 XP and a Disillusionment Spell.
  • "Jackdaw's Rest" opens after "Professor Hecat's Assignment 2" and acquiring the Expelliarmus Spell.
  • The Room of Requirement" at level 6 rewards 260 XP, Conjuring spell, Evanesco, and more.
  • "Lodgok's Loyalty" leads to "San Bakar's Trial" at level 23.
  • "In the Shadow of the Mine" by Sebastian Sallow rewards 260 XP.

Here is a complete list of all the main quests in Hogwarts Legacy alongside its rewards and requirements:

Quest NameRewardsRequirements
The Path to Hogwarts- Lumos
- Revelio
- Protego
- Stupefy
Make a custom character & play Hogwarts Legacy
Welcome to Hogwartsx260 EXPFinish The Path To Hogwarts
Charms ClassAccioFinish Welcome to Hogwarts
Defence Against The Dark Arts ClassLeviosoComplete The Path To Hogwarts
Weasley After ClassNone- Get to Level 2
- Finish Defense Against the Dark Arts Class
- Complete Charms Class
Professor Ronen’s Assignment- Reparo
- x150 EXP
Finish Charms Class
Welcome to Hogsmeade- Ancient Magic Throw
- Ancient Magic
- 260 EXP
- Obtain Level 2
- Learn Reparo
The Locket’s SecretNone- Finish Welcome to Hogsmeade
- Look at the Owl Post by Professor Fig
Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1- Incendio
- x150 EXP
Finish The Locket's Secret
Secrets of The Restricted Section- Disillusionment
- 260 EXP
- Obtain Level 3
- Learn Incendio
Tomes and Tribulations260 EXPFinish Secrets of the Restricted Section
Herbology Class- 260 EXP
- Potting Table
- Get to Level 3
- Finish Tomes and Tribulations
Potions Class- 260 EXP
- Potions Station
- Obtain Level 4
- Wrap up Tomes and Tribulations
The Girl from Uagadou260 EXP- Get to Level 4
- Read the Owl Post by Natty
- Complete the Herbology and Potions Class
Trials of Merlin- 260 EXP
- Trials of Merlin
- Finish The Girl from Uagadou
- Get to Level 4
Ollivander's Heirloom (Ravenclaw)260 EXP- Finish Trials of Merlin as Ravenclaw
- Obtain Level 5
The Hunt for The Missing Pages (Gryffindor)260 EXP- Finish Trials of Merlin as Gryffindor
- Obtain Level 5
Prisoner of Love (Hufflepuff)260 EXP- Reach Level 5
- Finish Trials of Merlin as Hufflepuff
Scrope’s Last Hope (Slytherin)260 EXP- Reach Level 5
- Finish Trials of Merlin as Slytherin
Professor Hecat's Assignment 2- Expelliarmus
- 150 EXP
Finish Ollivander's Heirloom
Jackdaw’s Rest- 260 XP
- Professor Sharp’s Assignment 1
Learn Expelliarmus
Flying Class- 260 EXP
- Brooms can now be purchased
- Get to Level 6
- Finish Jackdaw's Rest
The Room of Requirement- Conjuring Spell
- Evanesco
- Conjuration Spellcraft
- Room of Requirement
- 260 EXP
- Get to Level 6
- Finish Jackdaw's Rest
In The Shadow of The Undercroft- Confringo
- 260 EXP
- Reach level 8
- Finish the Flying Class
The Map Chamber260 EXP- Get to Level 10
- Finish In The Shadow of the Undercroft
Percival Rackham's Trial260 EXP- Get to Level 11
- Wrap up The Map Chamber
Beasts Class- Beast Petting Bursh
- Beast Feed
- 260 EXP
- Obtain Level 13
- End Percival Rackham's Trial
The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament- Alohomora Spell 1
- Demiguise
- 260 EXP
- Obtain level 14
- Finish Percival Rackham's Trial
Professor Sharp’s Assignment 1Depulso- Wrap up Percival Rackham's Trial
The Helm Of Urtkot260 EXP- Get to Level 12
- Learn Depulso
- Finish Percival Rackham's Trial
In the Shadow of The Estate260 EXP- Finish The Helm of Urtkot
- Beasts Class
- The Caretaker's Lunar Lament
The Elf, The Nab-Sack, and The Loom- Nab-Sack (2)
- Conjuration Spellcraft (2)
- 260 EXP
- Get to Level 15
- Finish In the Shadow of The Estate
Astronomy Class- 340 XP
- Astronomy Tables
- Get to Level 16
- Finish in the Shadow of the Estate
Professor Garlick’s Assignment 1- 150 EXP
- Wingardium Leviosa
- Venomous Tentacula
- Mandrake
Finish Astronomy Class
The High Keep- 260 EXP
- Hippogriff Mounts
- Hippogriff Beast
- Learn Wingardium Leviosa
- Get to Level 17
- Finish in The Shadow of the Estate
Back on The Path260 EXP- Obtain Level 18
- Finish The High Keep
Charles Rookwood's Trial- 260 EXP
- Professor Howin's Assignment
- Get to Level 18
Fire and Vice- 260 EXP
- Weasley’s Assignment
- Defender of Dragons
- Professor the Plight of the House-Elf
- The Tale of Rowland Oakes
- Obtain Level 19
- Finish Charles Rookwood's Trial
Professor Weasley's Assignment- 150 EXP
- Transformation Spell
- Achieve Level 20
- Finish Fire and Vice
In The Shadow of the Mine260 EXP- Get to Level 22
- End Professor Weasley’s Assignment
It’s all Gobbledegook260 EXP- Finish In The Shadow of the Mine
- Read The Owl Post by Lodgok
The Headmistress Speaks260 EXP- Obtain Level 23
- Finish It's All Gobbledegook
The Polyjuice Plot260 EXP- Get to Level 23
- Finish The Headmistress Speaks
Niamh Fitzgerald’s Trial- 260 EXP
- The Hallowed Hero
- Death Shadow x3
- Get to Level 23
- Wrap up The Polyjuice Plot
In The Shadow of The Mountain260 EXP- Get to Level 24
- Finish Niamh Fitzgerald's Trial
- Learn Bombarda
Lodgok’s Loyalty260 EXP- Obtain Level 24
- Finish In The Shadow of The Mountain
- Read the Owl Post by Lodgok
San Bakar’s Trial- Graphorn Beast Mount
- Graphorn Beast Entry
- 260 EXP
- Get to Level 24
- Finish Lodgok's Loyalty
Wand Mastery300 EXP- Achieve Level 24
- Finish San Bakar's Trial
The Final Repository260 EXP- Get to Level 24
- Wrap up Wand Mastery


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