Hogwarts Legacy Transfiguration Spells: How To Unlock & Use

Become an Interior designer in Hogwarts Legacy through Transfiguration Spells; no, this is not Sims!

It is quite easy to unlock all of the Transfiguration Spells but you just have to know how to get each of them throughout the main quest of Hogwarts Legacy. Not all three Transfiguration spells are unlocked together or in a single quest. In order to unlock the Conjuring and Evanesco spells you must complete the main quest known as “The Room Of Requirement” in Hogwarts Legacy. But in order to unlock the Altering Spell you must do a side quest known as “Interior Designing” in Hogwarts Legacy

Key Takeaways

  • There are Three Transfiguration Spells, the Evanesco Spell, the Conjuring Spell, and the Altering Spell.
  • Evanesco Spell vanishes items and returns the Moonstones spent on them.
  • Conjuring Spell conjures items like Potion Stations and Potting Tables in the Room Of Requirement.
  • Altering Spell changes the physical form or color of an item.
  • The Evanesco and Conjuring spells are unlocked in the Room Of Requirement quest.
  • Altering Spell is unlocked in the Interior Decoration side quest. 
How To Unlock All Transfiguration Spells In Hogwarts Legacy
Hogwarts Legacy: All Transfiguration Spells – Image Captured by eXputer


The Map chamber In Hogwarts Legacy
Hogwarts Legacy: Map Chamber Location – Image Captured by us

Now before you go around wanting to find the Room Of Requirement you must first the quest is known as the “Map Chamber”.

  1. Map Chamber Quest: Start by completing the “Map Chamber” quest. You can find the Map Chamber just down the Spiral Staircase.
  2. Report to Professor Fig: After discovering the Map Chamber, report this discovery to Professor Fig.
  3. Take Professor Fig: Bring Professor Fig with you to the Map Chamber.
  4. Place the Book on the Pedestal: Inside the Map Chamber, place the Book on the Pedestal.
  5. Introduce Professor Fig: Introduce Professor Fig to Professor Rakham’s portrait.

To be eligible for this quest, you need to meet certain requirements:

  • Character Level: You must be at least level 6 or above to unlock the Transfiguration Spells in Hogwarts Legacy.
  • Flying Classes: You should have completed your flying classes from Madam Kogawa. These flying lessons are a prerequisite for the quest.

Once you’ve met these prerequisites and completed the “Map Chamber” quest, you should be able to access the Room of Requirement in the game.

Room Of Requirement 

The Room Of Requirement Quest
Hogwarts Legacy: Room Of Requirement Location – [Image credit: eXputer]
The quest is the main part of the storyline, so there isn’t a chance for you to miss it accidentally. Only in this quest, you will learn and unlock the Conjuring and Evanesco spells in Hogwarts Legacy. The quest starts with a task to meet Professor Weasley. Track the quest through the map in order to find the location easier. Use the nearest Floo Flame which is in the Astronomy Ring.  Once you have done that just, simply follow the golden streak until you reach the desired location. 

Here is step by step guide to Room of Requirements:

  1. Starting the Quest: The quest that leads you to the Room of Requirement is an integral part of the storyline, so you won’t miss it accidentally. It is during this quest that you will learn and unlock the Conjuring and Evanesco spells in Hogwarts Legacy. Begin by following these steps:
    • Start with a task to meet Professor Weasley.
    • Track the quest through the map for easier navigation.
    • Use the nearest Floo Flame located in the Astronomy Ring.
    • Follow the golden streak on your map to reach the desired location.
  2. Discovering the Room of Requirement: Upon reaching the location indicated by the quest marker, a room opens up to you. This room is the Room of Requirement, known to open only to those who are in great need of it.
  3. Learning the Evanesco Spell: Inside the Room of Requirement, you’ll meet Professor Weasley. After some dialogue, you’ll encounter a pile of chairs blocking your way. Professor Weasley will teach you the Evanesco Spell. Trace the spell’s movement to unlock it. This spell allows you to make objects disappear, and you’ll receive Moonstone as a reward.
    Learning The First Transfiguration spell In Hogwarts Legacy
    Hogwarts Legacy: Learning Evanesco – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer
  4. Finding Deek: Your next task is to find Deek, a house-elf, within the messy tunnels of the Room of Requirement. Use spells like Accio and Flipendo to clear rubble blocking your path. The Evanesco Spell will be particularly useful here. While searching for Deek, open chests along the way to obtain various rewards and gear.
    Deek The House Elf
    Hogwarts Legacy: Deek – Image by eXputer
  5. Personalizing the Room: Eventually, you will find Deek, who will assist you in personalizing the Room of Requirement. You can decorate it as you wish, adding Potting Tables and Potion Stations. This becomes your own space to practice magic and more.
  6. Learning the Conjuring Spell: Before completing the quest, Professor Weasley teaches you the Conjuring Spell. You must trace the spell’s symbol by pressing the correct buttons at the right time. Be cautious of the Red Streak following you, as failure requires you to try again. Once successfully traced, the Conjuring Spell is unlocked. It allows you to conjure objects within the Room of Requirement, but these objects do not affect the outside world.
    The Conjuring Spell In Hogwarts Legacy
    Hogwarts Legacy: Unlocking Conjuring Spell – Image Captured by us
  7. Unlocking the Altering Spell: After unlocking the Evanesco and Conjuring Spells, you have one more Transfiguration spell to learn, the Altering Spell. It is unlocked as a reward for completing the Interior Decoration Side Quest, which activates after the Room of Requirement quest.
    • To complete this side quest, gather approximately 50 Moonstones for Professor Weasley.
    • Use your Flying Broom to explore the open world of Hogwarts Legacy and find Moonstones.
    • Return to the Room of Requirement after collecting enough Moonstones.
    • Professor Weasley will teach you the Altering Spell, completing your set of Transfiguration Spells
      Learning Altering Spell
      Hogwarts Legacy: Unlocking Altering Spell – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

Uses Of Transfiguration Spells 

Conjuring Tables
Hogwarts Legacy: Using The Conjuring Spell – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

Here’s how you can utilize these spells:

  1. Evanesco Spell:
    • Refund Spell: Evanesco serves as a refund spell within the Room of Requirement. When you use this spell to make items vanish, the Moonstones you initially used to create those items are returned to you. This allows you to recover Moonstones when you want to rearrange or remove items from the room.
    • Clearing Obstacles: The Evanesco Spell can be used to clear obstacles and debris within the Room of Requirement.
  2. Conjuring Spell:
    • Resourceful Creation: The Conjuring Spell is highly resourceful and allows you to create various items for your room. These items can include Potting Tables, Potion Stations, decorations like carpets, and more.
    • Customization: You can customize the entire Room of Requirement to your liking using the Conjuring Spell. It provides flexibility in decorating the room with combat plants or other objects.
  3. Altering Spell:
    • Item Modification: The Altering Spell is used to modify items by changing their size, shape, design, or color. It allows you to redesign and customize each item according to your preferences within the Room of Requirement.

These Transfiguration spells offer a range of options for personalizing and modifying your space in the Room of Requirement.

Wrap Up

So this is how you unlock the Transfiguration Spells in Hogwarts Legacy without much hassle. If you were to take our opinion, the Transfiguration Spells are hella important to improve the overall gameplay of Hogwarts Legacy. The aspect of such detailed designs and conjuration makes it worth going to the trouble to get the spells. If you feel like wanting to jump straight to learning unforgivable curses like Avada Kedavra and Crucio, check out our detailed guides over them.


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