What Is The Level Cap In Hogwarts Legacy [Explained]

Learn about the maximum level that can be achieved through grinding!

Hogwarts Legacy’s progression is based on your character’s level, which increases by earning XP in the game. However, there is a certain limit to which you can increase your level. The level cap in Hogwarts Legacy makes it so that you can obtain a limited number of skills in the game and that you can attempt only those quests which you are not under-leveled for.

Key Takeaways

  • The maximum level that you can achieve in Hogwarts Legacy is 40, and you cannot increase your level beyond that.
  • After level 5, you will get a Talent Point every time you level up in the game.
  • Talent Points can be used to purchase skills within five different Talents that can buff your spells, stealth, and physical attributes.
  • However, you cannot purchase all of the skills due to the level cap of Hogwarts Legacy.
  • You can also farm XP at the Dark Arts Battle Arena if you want to level up faster in the game.

What Is The Level Cap

You can only increase the level of your character to a maximum limit, and that is known as the level cap. Once you reach this specific level in the game, you will not be able to upgrade or increase your level further. And so the level cap in the game is actually 40.

Most players will reach level 35-37 for their character right near the end of the game as some late-game quests require you to be level 37 additionally. Every time you level up in the game, you get Talent Points, but this only happens after Level 5. 

By the end of the game, you will have 36 talent points that you can spend in Hogwarts Legacy’s skill tree to get spell upgrades or other buffs. However, there are a total of 48 talents, so you’ll have to choose wisely, as you can never get all of them since the level cap is 40.

Talent Points And Level Cap

hogwarts legacy level cap
The Five Talents In Hogwarts Legacy (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

As we have mentioned before, you can get a total of 36 talent points that you can utilize to gain new skills in the game. Hogwarts Legacy has a total of 5 different kinds of talents, and they are;

  • Spells talent has skills that will increase the effectiveness of your normal spells in the game, and that includes spells like Incendio, Bombarda, Descendo, and Glacius.
  • Dark Arts talent has skills that will buff up your unforgivable curses, which are a type of forbidden magic in the game, and these include spells like Crucio, Imperio, and Avada Kedavra. Spells like Expelliarmus can also be buffed with curses using dark arts talent.
  • Core talent has skills that will improve the physical attributes of your character, like reducing the cast time on some of the spells or increasing the effectiveness of parrying, dodging, and blocking. Investing in Core can also help you increase the effectiveness of healing potions in the game.
  • Stealth talent has the least number of skills to offer, but these are pretty useful as they make you almost invisible to enemies while using the right spells in the game. It will also increase the effectiveness of spells that are useful in stealth.
  • Room Of Requirement talent has skills that will mainly buff up the effectiveness of different types of potions that you can use in the game, such as the Edurus Potion and Invisibilty Potion.

All 5 of these talents consist of a total of 48 skills that you can get by using talent points. However, the level cap in the game is 40, and you only earn talent points by leveling up after level 5. So the maximum number of talent points obtainable in Hogwarts Legacy through leveling up is 36.

Make sure to invest only in those skills that are useful for your own playstyle in the game and not to get anything useless. If you end up purchasing a skill that isn’t useful, then you won’t be able to refund it or change which is why you need to be extremely careful while using talent points in the game.

How To Level Up Faster

The game itself grants a huge amount of XP for completing quests and killing enemies. However, if you still want to level up faster, then try framing XP at the Dark Arts Battle Arena. You can even lower the difficulty mode to make farming even easier. Aside from that, keep doing side quests as well, as some of these will net you better gear and new spells to learn in addition to earning XP.


Hogwarts Legacy is one of the best launches of 2023 so far and is a dream game to play for Harry Potter Fans. The attention to detail in the openworld of this game is impressive, and the open world itself is vast, which can be explored while flying on a Broom additionally. Hogwarts is also filled with a plethora of secrets and puzzles for players to find, and the castle makes up for hours of content.

This concludes our guide on the Level Cap in Hogwarts Legacy. We have also mentioned the benefits of leveling up in the game and have also entailed the uses of Talent Points, which you get by increasing your level in the game. We hope that the guide was helpful in understanding the progression system and the maximum level that you can achieve in the game. Let us know what you think about Hogwarts Legacy in the comments below!


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